Institutional Failure Part 2: The method behind a learned madness

This is part two of an article I wrote two years ago, about the treacherous issue of institutional failure. When I write about the decline of teachers in public education it is not to pick on them, but to place into perspective the nature of their social destruction. (CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.)  In that previous article I discussed the reason why Key West is considered a paradise due to its lack of rules and any resemblance of institutionalism. 

When the discussion of merit between individuality and collectivism is considered, its social manifestations illuminate most dominate in our love of institutions. A love of institutions is collectivism, and carries the most blame for much of the world’s troubles. For instance, I was asked the other day how I felt about the up coming season for my favorite football team The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. My response was that I’d have to wait and see, because the coaching staff was new and I didn’t know what to think without them playing a game yet. The assumption was that I would blindly support The Bucs regardless of performance, which I would consider idiotic. I may root for them but I won’t blindly support any collective entity on the bases of an institutional name.

For instance, supporters of The Cincinnati Bengals have through their institutional support of a losing franchise allowed a bad owner to use tax payer money to fund his financial enterprise putting Hamilton County into serious debt funding Paul Brown Stadium for 8 games a year. The Bengals as an organization are doing the same thing that Lakota and Colerain public schools is doing and that is to use a publics loyalty toward sports to sell institutional support for a larger enterprise. When people support an institution just because of loyalty to a name, they allow themselves to become victims of institutional failure. Radicalized public unions in public school can hide their true intentions behind the patriotism of school pride unified behind a sports team. People do pass school levies over such silly presumptions. Just as they passed a stadium tax in the 90’s to keep the Bengals from leaving only to discovery it would bankrupt Hamilton County. Since the problems are too complex to grapple with fans of the Bengals have decided win, lose, or draw, they are going to support their home town NFL Football team no matter what it costs.

To understand the severity of institutional worship all one needs to do is look at the sex cover-up at Penn State involving Jerry Sandusky. To the degree that seemingly sane administrators protected the institution of Penn State Football, members of the media, and many years worth of alumni all chose to ignore the facts in favor of serving the institution as a collective whole.

The obvious confusion comes in mistaking patriotism with worship. There is a difference in honoring the President of the United States with respect and forgiving the crimes committed by a President because his position is one of institutional honor. Collectivists consider it honorable to show devotion even in the face of wrongdoing. The idea of “taking one for the team” is a commonly accepted rationale among collectivist thinking people. Notice the trend proclaiming that there no I in “team” is rooted in this commitment toward collectivism where the individual is secondary to the “the greater good.”

This is a disease in American culture that is not native to our country. America was founded on individuality and this is why no place else on the face of planet earth has societies of difference cultures, different religions, and different financial backgrounds where they mingle in a free society better than in The United States. The disease comes from the trend of collectivists who embrace a global society under the umbrella of collectivist political philosophies, to point out circumstances in American society where collective groups—such as women, gays, racial minorities are suffering an injustice at the hands individuals, or groups with their roots in classic American individuality.

The trouble is that this collectivism is taught in public education, and it is not healthy for building a strong American culture. When it is said that more money should be spent on education, the quality of the education is not being discussed. Do our schools teach young people to be more like John Wayne, or Alan Alda? Are young women learning to be more like Annie Oakley, or one of the Kardasian sisters? Are men learning to be Alpha males ore beta males? Are women learning to be feminazis or submissive sexual partners? CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAIL. The answer is of course young people are learning in public school to be collectivists in service to institutions. The only individuals who are honored are those who achieve esteem in sports, because sports is used to carry the illusion of goodness by unified sacrifice for the common good. Our society has allowed this to happen without realizing what was going on, because education was termed in the blanket term of being “good” due to money being spent on it, and jobs created to fill positions in the social endeavor. But it has not been considered if what was being taught is in fact good, and by the evidence of our society’s commitment to collectivism, it has obviously been a failure.

Collectivist tendencies are the direct result of our education system. They are to blame for why there is only a two party political system where one side roots for one set of ideas, while the other party roots for other ideas. Both political parties have the idea of what’s good for the party in their hearts over the well being of the individuals in that party. At the RNC Convention in Tampa the scripted delegates were expected to throw their support behind Mitt Romney instead of Ron Paul out of loyalty to their party, not the individuality of the delegates, and this is a fundamental flaw that has it’s tentacles in every aspect of American society, and it is fundamentally wrong.

The source of the failure is public education. It is there that all of society was taught incorrectly the merits of collectivism, which has turned the quality of education into a brainwashing session of future lost adults cheering on their children’s high school football team even if the coach and players of that team find themselves embroiled in a scandal. In public education, when such a scandal breaks, a sacrificial victim is picked and tossed to the public to appease the gods just as the Aztecs cut out the hearts of their victims hoping to bring rain to their villages. Ask Stacy Schuler about such sacrifices at Mason High School, because the scandal she was involved in involved the entire school. Yet only she went to jail for having sex with half the football team. The football players were looked upon as heroes, while she was disgraced and sent to the gallows so to speak, because she was expected to take one for the team, for the benefit of the Mason School System.

It’s bad on all levels, and yet we still continue to teach collectivism as though it was good for the future of our country, and it’s not. All institutions have the tendency toward collectivism, and are therefore vehicles for evil. Institutions are publicly considered honorable, yet deep in most hearts of human society there is an inherit distrust of them, because at a fundamental level it is acknowledged that the individual is being crushed by the evil encroachment of collectivism. There is an unease in group activities that says that what is happening is wrong, and people cope with it by drinking too much at social events. But it is known by all, even though it’s not understood consciously.

The villain of the matter is public education and it plagues almost every American citizen who came from public education. The modern problem is in understanding to what extent society has plummeted under the flag of collectivism in service of institutions. To understand what impact such a mentality has had on a country of individuals damaged by a philosophy that is fundamentally wrong the evidence is easy to see. To measure the impact, all that needs to be done is to see the damage that institutions inflict on society at large, and to admit that service to them is as foolish as worshiping some Mesopotamian god in the city streets of UR. Institutions are hokey concoctions built by collectivists on a half-baked journey to hells of their own making, upon the backs of individuals.


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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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