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What Samuel L. Jackson Really Means: Go back to sleep, just like his ‘Star Wars’ character Mace Windu

I found it ironic to see that Samuel L. Jackson put his namesake on a Obama advertisement targeting the immature youth of America with subtle inclinations of socialism in a catchy, gutter-strewn, Wake the F**k Up video that is circulating around YouTube. I have sat in the outdoor restaurants of Brand Blvd in Hollywood and spoke with entertainment types about philosophy till the small hours of the morning on occasion and what they believe is essentially communism as it was passed down to them from mouth to mouth during the Cold War. To their credit, they believe they are doing the right thing for humanity in advocating “fairness” but in reality they are simply mouthpieces for communism. Jackson’s role in this Hollywood position of socialist propaganda is ironic because one of his best roles over a long career is that of the Jedi Master, Mace Windu from the Star Wars films, a role that he appears to be living out in the real life.

In Star Wars the Jedi Order which Jackson’s character was one of the elite caretakers of, allowed itself to be seduced by a Sith Lord hungry for power who simply wanted to dismantle the Republic in favor of a dictatorship. The Jedi for all their wonderful intuition, special powers, and discipline could not see it coming because as a group of social protectors, they had fallen into neglect due to their collectivism, which allowed a Sith Lord to become Emperor of the entire galaxy right under their noses.

It would appear that Jackson was the perfect man to play such a role in Star Wars. Mace Windu was an outwardly strong man, just like Samuel Jackson, but his philosophy was flawed because he failed to act correctly due to his philosophic position. Jackson, like most of the Hollywood political left have been “seduced” by communism called now by the name of “progressivism” and they have paved the way to dictatorship through their philosophic ignorance.

But looking deeper this new Obama advertisement cleverly produced with Hollywood production standards reflects just how deep and how desperate Obama supporters are. It also shows exactly why many who oppose Obama wish to take the nation back to a period of time before progressives destroyed the values that made America such a unique place, void of European collectivism and communist philosophy. The Obama socialists of today must target the young and immature young people in America in the same way the Vladimir Lenin used the strain of World War I to motivate the young people of Russia to form the Bolshevik faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party to overthrow the government and usher in world-wide communism.

Democrats and any member of any Labour Party in the entire world are advocating socialism as their political philosophy. France just recently openly elected a socialist president so finally after many years of hiding their belief in communism and the embarrassments of Russia and China, communists and socialists are dusting off the name from behind the masks they have been wearing like “Democrats,” “progressives,” “Labour Party,” and other soft names for hard-core collectivist philosophies. Hollywood during the McCarthy hearings were not a witch-hunt as card-carrying communists in The United States cried out as they used the First Amendment to hide their true intentions of destroying American capitalism from within so the spread of global communism could flourish as Lenin had advocated on behalf of writers such as Karl Marx, Bernard Shaw, and H.G.Wells. Hollywood was seduced by the “fairness” of Russian communism as Lenin advocated it. Because of the independence culture in America, there was a lot of resistance to such collectivism, so it arrived later and much more slowly through the youth culture communicated through labor unions and actors like Samuel Jackson.

Like the Jedi in Star Wars actors such as Jackson have failed to see the threat of communism as it bloomed right under their noses under a weak philosophy of collective fairness. To this very day on Brand Blvd, and bars all over Santa Monica, California it is socialism that the creative types in Hollywood are advocating, but because they have little personal knowledge of history, they do not know that the Democratic platform of Barack Obama is not open communism because the names have been changed and hidden by the Civil Rights activism of the candidate’s skin color, using race guilt to usher in Lenin’s communism through mindless actors who simply read scripts for a living.

In Star Wars the threat to society is the Sith Order. The Jedi failed during The Clone Wars because of their sensitive, collective policies of “fairness” and the Sith use this to their tactical advantage. Order is restored in Star Wars when strong individuals join the battle to restore freedom to the galaxy that has become embroiled through collectivism under a tyrannical empire. Darth Vader does not become evil because of his brash and reckless ways; it’s because of his commitment to sacrifice himself for the sake of his pregnant wife. The Sith Lord uses this to turn Darth Vader into service to the state which he controls. Star Wars is a work of philosophy, not simple science fiction.

The failures are in philosophy. The Democrats like Jackson and his fellow actors are wrong in their position, just like the Jedi were wrong in the Star Wars films failing to see the Sith Lord they were helping to maintain power. Obama is the anti-colonial Sith Lord of communist reality to the Samuel Jackson’s of the world. Young people are particularly infected such as the actress Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway because they are too immature to know better, and the tyrannical Obama regime understands this, and they exploit it with ads pandering to their rebellious zeal.

My son-in-law and I had a long talk the other day about politics and the role of philosophy in the day-to-day lives of all people. As I told him, people can have differing opinions and the spirit of debate is wonderful for getting to the heart of the matter, but there is only one right answer. People can argue and debate on how to get there, but there are not multiple correct answers to any given problem only different ways at arriving at the correct answer. History shows us that the communist were very wrong in their utopian beliefs and the world has suffered for it in dramatic ways for over 100 years. That philosophic path must be rejected completely and scrapped now. The path toward a fully functioning society that advances instead of declines is along the lines of the video below and that is the most up to date trend in politics.

Samuel Jackson and those like him are behind the times following a flawed philosophy that can only lead to a dictatorship of the proletariat. This doesn’t make them bad people, it just means that their philosophy which governs their lives is a foolish one, because it has been proven incorrect, and one that is crushing the world wherever it rules. America, because of its roots in capitalism has held communism off for a very long time as the only bastion of freedom for the human race in the entire world. If America falls to the political labour parties masking communism humanity will regress backward in precisely the same manner as shown in the great American novel Atlas Shrugged. The people who hate Ayn Rand and that great classic book feel the way they do for all the reasons that Samuel Jackson showed in his pandering video advocating Obama socialism for America. It’s not that they want America to Wake the F**K Up. They in reality wish them to Go Back to Sleep, and to not pay attention to the work of the Sith Lords who wish to overthrow our Republic with mechanisms the touchy, feely Hollywood actors fail to see. Jackson like his Star Wars character Mace Windu has been tricked into supporting a dictator hungry for power with intentions nobody but a Sith Lord could know behind the layers and layers of manipulation that is disguised beyond masks of philanthropy and good tidings.

Rich Hoffman

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‘Only in America’: Larry the Cable Guy visits ‘Tail of the Dragon’

Only in America starring Larry the Cable Guy filmed an episode that will be shown on August 7th 2013 on The History Channel with my friend Ron Johnson who runs Ron took Larry on the ride of his life in his Mustang down the Tail of the Dragon and back again in what will surely be a hilarious episode of that upcoming television show featuring unique places and people of America. The Tail of the Dragon, which is the featured location of my new novel of the same name, captures this same spirit only in a literary format that is part of a trend pointing Americans to their cherished landmarks in a rash of patriotism that has only recently been appreciated due to the threat of modern politics to eradicate it.

As Ron was telling about his weekend adventures with Larry the Cable Guy Justin Binik Thomas was reviewing my book version of Tail of the Dragon. Justin Binik Thomas readers here might remember I covered as a victim of the IRS because of his involvement in the Cincinnati Tea Party and the Cincinnati 9/12 project. Justin has attended some of the exclusive Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom meetings in the past and I saw him again at FreePac in Cincinnati where I was signing copies of my new book while also working the Atlas Shrugged Part II booth. I gave Justin a copy since the book had just come out, and I thought he’d enjoy it. He took a week to read it, and then sent me the following email with a blurb that he posted on

Rich – Your book is exceptional. The race/chase scene had me on the edge of my seat. “Tail of the Dragon” is a dynamic action-packed thriller seamlessly integrating love for America, homage to our history, and true liberty. We ‘live’ it first hand through NASCAResque race through the hills of Tennessee and North Carolina – a trip that captures the hearts of the citizens and even the President of the United States

– Justin Binik-Thomas, Owner, Conservative Media Group

His comments meant a lot to me because like Larry the Cable Guy’s fascination with the Tail of the Dragon as an actual place on the Tennessee/North Carolina border, readers of my novel understand the intent of the story without any difficulty. I didn’t tell Justin much about the book, I simply handed it to him as a gift. Justin didn’t know what to think. He was essentially in the same situation as the average buyer knowing very little about the book or the plot line before reading it.

Needless to say every time a new reader expresses their enjoyment of Tail of the Dragon it gives me great delight, especially when they are coming to the material for the first time. The common reaction that many new readers have is they immediately detect the feeling of Americana that I intended to portray in the story without getting particularly political. The focus of the story is to celebrate what makes an American, not to appeal to any particular political class. Another recent review that showed up on the site in response to another previous comment captured this sentiment.

Lucy Louise says:

I recently read “The Tail of the Dragon” and found the book truly exciting. The author takes the reader on an exciting race for justice that really takes your breath away. I could not lay the book down. My pulse raced as I read to make sure that Rick Stevens completed the race. Normally, I am not a race car fan, but this book kept me right in the car. Mr. Hoffman’s writing skill created visual reality. I hope this book is made into a movie. The ending was perfect. We are looking for a real hero these days and Rick Stevens sure filled the bill. I am buying copies for gifts. Thank you, Mr. Hoffman, for hope. Hope for real patriots that believe our nation is worth saving.

Well Lucy Louise, you are very welcome. The best part of that comment is that the reviewer intends to pass out copies of Tail of the Dragon for presents which is the ultimate compliment. Christmas is coming up and it fulfills my deepest wishes to know that fans of the book think enough of it to give as a present to others. Because the message of Tail of the Dragon is clear, and is often only hinted at in television programs like Larry the Cable Guy’s Only in America. The essence of being an American is an elusive quality that has allowed the meaning to be hijacked by foreign philosophies and it has always been my hope that readers of Tail if the Dragon the novel would find themselves understanding better that rare quality which makes Americans—Americans. By the early comments I have great hope that this task has been executed fully. The story of Tail of the Dragon whether we’re talking about the real place that Larry the Cable Guy filmed his television show at or my fictional novel which explores the concept of freedom demanded by mankind derived uniquely through American philosophy is essentially about the celebration of Americana. The source of the material is the mythical place called Tail of the Dragon located deep in the mountain hills of the Great Smoky Mountains on the western frontier. It is there, where America is as alive as anywhere in the entire country and a place where freedom cries out loudest. The battle lines of politics are as articulate and well-defined there as anyplace on earth.

So thank you Justin and for everyone else who are leaving nice comments on the Tail of the Dragon’s new site. It is for the reasons revealed in those comments that I wrote the book with high hopes to capture an elusive truth known Only in America. So in January look for Larry the Cable Guy’s new TV show featuring the actual Tail of the Dragon from the seat of my friend’s Mustang. But until then and after then, the novel Tail of the Dragon will dig deeper than any cinematography can explore, into the roots of what makes such a place possible, into the heart of an American, and the blood called freedom that feeds them.

Rich Hoffman

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See the Movie ‘Won’t Back Down’ : End the rule by teacher unions over education

In case you haven’t heard by now, teacher’s unions all across the nation are in an absolute conniption fit over the release of the new film Won’t Back Down directed by Daniel Barnz and staring Viola Davis, with Maggie Gyllenhall as parents and teachers who stand up to an evil, vile, and selfish teacher’s union. The union is run by Evelyn Riske, played by Holly Hunter—the union president of a failing Pittsburg school. Teacher unions took to the streets at a premier of the film declaring that the movie is a “corporate” attack on the fundamental worker rights in America, which from the union standpoint is to fight for a living wage by running a massive government monopoly that directly extorts tax money from the public using children as the manipulated bargaining chip. The Blaze recently did an article on this subject over a specific protest that occurred a week before the film’s release on September 28, 2012.

If you belong to a trade union public or private, you are a part of an organization that has its roots in communism. The history is irrefutable. I have covered this topic in greater detail in many other articles especially the one from yesterday. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. There is no reason to play patty cake with the issue any longer, we must call them what they are. Unions = communism. End of story! Liberal advocates no longer call it communism in the United States, they call it progressivism. In Europe, because communism started there and they are not protected by The Declaration of Independence or The Constitution they call it by the name of socialism, communism “light.” For instance, France just elected a socialist president who immediately declared that the bourgeoisie pay their fair share of taxes, up to 75% of their income, as determined by the preliterate of democracy. Unions in America are functioning from this core idea which was founded in communism, the idea that the bourgeoisie must surrender their assets to the proletariat (the working class) all in the name of fairness.

But in America with the exception of labor unions, the people reject such ideas unless it is disguised to trick them. Many union members, particularly cops and firefighters believe they are flag waving patriots when in fact they are communist advocates through their IFA memberships because they play Xbox all day at the firehouse instead of reading books about history. They don’t want to think such things because they are paid well; it’s an inconvenient bit of information that is a reality nobody wants to consider. So they get mad at those who point out the truth. If you support organized labor, you support communism, because they have the same ideas about how the world works.

The unions have pushed for years communist ideas about how business should be entangled with a community embedded with powerful unions who support progressive/communist causes. I have personally tried to work with my local school to bring their costs down through my school board, and they have clearly sided with the powerful teachers union, and no matter how many elections we had, or how much public debate we engaged in, the school board refused to budge off their defense of their teachers union. Protecting the teacher’s union are hoards of immature, neurotic parents just a few short years out of their post partum chemical fluctuations who are a terribly insecure lot of humans. They want what’s best for their children of course and they allow emotion to dictate their political actions. When the union members tell mothers at a PTA meeting that their child needs a socialized teacher with a Master’s Degree in education to teach the children about “global awareness,” the parents don’t question the information at all. The PTA parents just repeat like a parrot what the union tells them. I have tried to deal with those types of people reasonably, but they don’t listen—they just behave like mindless robots what the radical unions tell them to utter and I am personally done trying to reason with them. For an example of the type of person I’m talking about check out the former PTA mom who wrote her opinion of the movie Won’t Back Down at the link below.

My current opinion about teacher’s unions in government schools is that they should be eradicated completely. They have no right, or no place embedding themselves into our children, or the tax money of our communities. Until teacher unions are removed from public education, our society will continue to be under-educated, education will be too expensive, and education will never improve because unions will not allow ANY reforms. For the most recent proof, all one need do is look at what the Chicago Teacher’s Union did to the government of Chicago. Those teachers of socialist and outright communist supporters didn’t give a damn about the kids or their parents who had a schools shut down because of the very greedy labor strike. The proof is in the actions.

The union protestors at the showings of Won’t Back Down are upset that a movie is being done that exposes them for what they really are. They will call it propaganda, but what is it that “they” do when they use our children and the fates of their futures to sell communism to a public too busy and too shallow to know any better? Won’t Back Down doesn’t have a social obligation to show a bunch of teachers sitting down with parents to collectively discuss anything, as the PTA mom in the article above wished for. Won’t Back Down is not about pandering to the political left, it is about going after the money that is left on the table in Hollywood by giving people on the political right the kind of movie they want to see. What the teacher’s unions and other communist advocates who have captured the message in Hollywood are afraid of is that this film Won’t Back Down is not the only film being released out of the film industry that is going after the money left by producers who have for years made movies only for the political left, with the intention of converting those otherwise conservative minds to a message that runs counter to their logic. Atlas Shrugged Part II is coming out in a couple of weeks, and the very popular film 2016: Obama’s America has done wonderful box office numbers on track with Michael Moore’s socialist propaganda films of the last 20 years. All those films have a conservative message intended for the conservative movie ticket buyer who has been left out of the entertainment business for nearly 40 years.

When people wonder why Obama is so high in the polls, it’s not because he has a superior message. It’s because his political party rooted in communism has captured the thoughts and minds of America through Hollywood, so that only one side of the story—the sensitive plight of the proletariat worker being exploited by the evil bourgeoisie–was told time and time, and time again. Films and books that offer other viewpoints have been crushed out of existence by an aggressive Screen Actors Guild Union who takes up the same positions in the movie business as the teacher’s unions do. And if the SAG Union doesn’t do the trick then the Writer’s Guild of America will. Believe me, I know from personal experience. I’d rather walk from a deal with the rights to my story intact than to join a union, not because of the people involved, but because of the process that it takes to sell the story under the union rules. They are all on the same team and they all have their roots in communism, which I personally despise and I despise progressives even more for attempting to hide the truth of what they are by changing their name. They are even worse.

The protests against the film Won’t Back Down is not because the movie represents the views of Rupert Murdoch, Fox News, or any other corporate interest. The protests are over discouraging other filmmakers from exploring these topics so the unions can continue to control the message they are advocating which is the bourgeoisie class is against the proletariat as Karl Marx outlined it in his book The Communist Manifesto. In America, at least half the country has rejected that message, and filmmakers are beginning to see that there is a lot of money to be made by making films for those people. That is why Won’t Back Down was made, and why it will do good business. And behind it are a bunch of other films with conservative messages that are on the tables of producers’ desks waiting for the box office numbers to come in off these conservative films being released in the third and fourth business quarters of the Hollywood product. The unions are hoping those will come out flat, so they are protesting in an effort to keep people from going to the movies because they know their futures depend on keeping people in the dark as to their real intentions.

So if you want to see the public unions out of your life as much as I do, you’ll go see this movie not just once. I would encourage you dear reader to vote with your wallet and give Won’t Back Down your weekend business. There would be nothing better than to hear the complaints coming from the bell bottomed, cackling hens on Monday in the teacher’s unions crying over the success Won’t Back Down has had at the box office. Because the writing is on the wall, and things will change, so long as movies like this one continue to get made to be released in an effort at competing with all the George Clooney/Sean Penn socialist propaganda films that are being made in Hollywood with a message that reflects more accurately the beliefs of the entire country instead of just New York City and California.

Rich Hoffman

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The Reality Behind American Education: What “Let’s Party” means and where it came from

It doesn’t happen often, but I read something the other day that set my mind ablaze with a sudden revelation that is beyond dispute. I have explored at this site the idea that KGB spies during the Cold War had infiltrated intelligentsia in The United States with the idea of spreading communist philosophy to the free market country of America.  (CLICK HERE TO SEE ACTUAL FACTS ON THIS)  Recently when Obama poked fun at Mitt Romney for referring to the Russians with the old Cold War suspicions, it struck me as curious, then I remembered that Obama is a member of that intelligentsia group, and is marching to the party line invoked over decades to steer the shallow minds of generations into gradually accepting global communism which the Soviet Union had planned on the outset of their Revolution in 1917. Many people think that it is only their generation that matters, so they forget history and neglect to connect the dots from the past to the present. But what I read in Ayn Rand’s 75 year old novel We The Living it shocked me to my very core. One of the trends in Petrograd, Russia in 1924 during The Purge in the newly formed, U.S.S.R was to break down the traditional family structure and to encourage the youth to “PARTY” in an attempt to psychologically break the youth away from their parents and look to service of the State as their guiding light. By encouraging evasion through drunkenness, and stripping away the morality that the parents taught their children, the Soviets hoped to create through communism a society of dedicated collectivists who would put the state before anything, even family. The reason this shocked me is because the same thing has been happening in The United States, especially after World War II climaxing in the 1960’s. The Soviets were intent to spread communism to every corner of the globe—especially The United States and they planned to do it slowly over time as articulated wonderfully in this video by Bill Whittle.

I have always felt that the term “Let’s Party” was a subtle attack on America culture, but I didn’t have context to make the statement verbally. I always despised any history of The Soviet Union and glimpses behind The Iron Curtain didn’t even become possible until the late 1980’s largely due to President Reagan’s battle with collectivism that went a long way to breaking down the Berlin Wall in 1989. Today’s youth have no memory of these events, and their parents have been eroded away into caricatures of their former selves after years of “partying” designed to strip away their “ID” and replace it with “collective salvation.”

It is not by accident that it is public education and colleges where this culture of “partying” emerged along with much of the Karl Marx philosophy that has infected Americans for nearly 9 decades now—slowly over time—with the intent to global communism. Even I thought the communist threat was over when the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union broke up into the economically impoverished country of Russia once again. But what happened is that communism went underground, and it came to America through the Department of Education and filtered through to the education unions, and directly to each and every student in The United States attending a public school or a university. The great Soviet threat of communism had never went away, and was in fact stronger than ever—and for the most part every single American is tainted just a bit with the corruption of communism, as it was intended in 1924 Petrograd.

When a young person or even an adult says, “Let’s Party” they are carrying out a plan created for them in the former Soviet Union to strip away their individuality and mass their minds into collectivism. The strategy was used on their own people to unify the country behind the state through the destructive ritual of non-thinking evasion perpetuated through drunkenness. The Soviets knew that if young people slept loosely with other mates, that it was good for collectivism since they abhor property rights. Communism is not a culture of having, “my wife,” or “my husband,” or even my “girlfriend.” Communism seeks to destroy all forms of possession and much to their own demise it destroyed the benefit of ownership which contains in it the value of all things.

Without ownership there is no value and in America the neglect of ownership has destroyed the American family, destroyed our education system, destroyed our once great economy, destroyed our tendency toward innovation and it has done it slowly over a long period of time. Partying has become so accepted in American culture that if one does not partake in these mindless activities they are looked upon as “non-social” and “undesirables.” Such terms existed in 1924 Petrograd to describe people who did not “party” their way into social standing within the collective of communism, and for me this is a shocking revelation. Stunning even, because for my entire adult life I thought that the term “Party” was invented as a result of the counter-culture of the 1960’s. Now I know without question that the Hippie Counter Culture that emerged in the 1960’s and 1970’s was the direct result of a massive KGB attack designed to destroy America from within.

While the world focused on nuclear weapons on both sides America used economic superiority to crush the Soviet’s by simply out-pacing them in finance. The Soviet’s however infiltrated the American education system with KGB plants to subvert the American resolve away from capitalism. The primary mechanism used was labor unions, since unions are by their very nature collective organizations seething with communism. In this way the Soviets were able to use school teachers and college professors as their primary weapons against America. This is why so many in the education industry support anti-capitalist financial policies, because they were created through intelligentsia to be advocates of Marxist communism in a KGB plot to destroy America and spread global communism that is now disguised as the “Green” oriented environmental movement.

The KGB was able to do this by implementing a tendency in education institutions to have the students “Party” and engage in collectivism through sex, degrading episodes of human exhibition, stripping away the idea of individuality to be replaced with group cohesion. To this day every block party in every neighborhood has its roots with the KGB as drunken neighbors root for their favorite college football team and save all their pennies to send their children to the school of their favorite team. Like moths we send our youth to the light of education to be incinerated not by an electric zapper in the lure of a pretty light, but the breakdown of individualism through “partying” into collective beings that no longer have the courage to act on their own without group consensus.

Ayn Rand is hated by collectivists because of books like We The Living. The book’s characters are fictional, but the circumstances are historically real, and were lived by Ayn Rand herself. Kira is simply a version of Ayn Rand as an 18-year-old girl trying to escape Petrograd and the clutches of communism that was destroying the world around her. She came to The United States and reported that the Soviets were fresh on her heels and was in fact already in our trade unions, in our government, and especially in our schools. She wrote books that people understand are truthful, and reflective of her experiences. But We The Living was written in 1936 about events that took place in 1924 through 1926. It is over 75 years old and was written well before the modern language or terminology for things we accept today were put in place. That is why it shocked me to see that the term “Partying” was commonplace in Petrograd in 1924 as the communists were using this trend to pull the youth away from the traditions of their parents in a collective grab for their very souls in service to the State. As I look around America comparing what happened in the Soviet Union in the 1920’s through the 1980’s, The United States is on the same—exact path—even down to the terminology. And it was placed into our culture through our education system which we fund with tax dollars. The Soviet KGB implemented the ultimate weapon against America, they convinced us to fund our own destruction through an education system that they penetrated with their communist influence, and the damage has been incredibly severe.

The chances are people like Obama know that this has went on, however he is only a few years older than I am, so he may not know much beyond the fact that he has been taught to think a certain way by those KGB agents who used his professors to deliver him into his current line of thought. To him, the Russian people of today are not the communist threat of yesterday because the Iron Curtain has been lowered. But the flow of capitalism is not going into the country, as we were led to believe, but communism is flowing out through an organization called Socialist International, which has taken up the torch of spreading global communism to every corner of the earth as the Soviets in 1924 intended to do to first their own people, then the entire world. That resolve has not been reduced over time, but has only increased; switching from a quick strategy to one that is implemented over a long period of time. Collectivists do not care about decades since their identity is not individually based, so goals obtained in their lifetimes do not matter to them, since service and sacrifice to the great State are their focus. This is how they were able to do it, and it all starts with the concept of “partying.” The goal of “partying” is to get youth to practice “evasion” and to separate them from the moral teachings of their parents. It is this simple practice that threatens America most in a plot that was hatched as far back as the 1920’s in the far away land of the U.S.S.R.

For confirmation of what I just said read the book for yourself. We The Living is a fantastic book that takes readers behind the Iron Curtain in a way that I can’t recall ever being done before. It is because of the experiences in this book that Ayn Rand hated communism so intently, and why her later works reflected this hatred. And she had good reason to hate it—because unlike her peers, she never accepted the practice of partying and evasion to numb her mind to the threat of communism. She saw it for what it really was, and could therefore see it clearly as it was implemented in The United States over time—very, very, slowly—starting in our schools with our own children.

Rich Hoffman

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‘Tail of the Dragon’ on A wonderful review from a new reader

It took a few weeks after the initial release of my new novel to get the sales links up for Tail of the Dragon at and Barnes and, but they are now up, and slowly reviews are beginning to come in from people who have bought and read the book. I do a lot of work here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom that I do out of a love of independence and because it’s the fight of our day—and I charge nothing for the service. I do it because I want to, and because I know people want, and need the information. But it makes me feel very good when I learn that people thank me for my work by purchasing one of my novels because it tells me that the people who read here value my efforts and they wish to back it the way we determine value in our society—with financial support.

More than money though comes comments like the very first one that went up on the new Amazon link. I was delighted to read that someone picked up Tail of the Dragon and read it, and understood exactly what I was trying to accomplish as a writer, and wrote a review that invoked much passion. Upon reading the comment, I did not expect such articulation, and it means a lot to me to see such words composed on behalf of Tail of the Dragon.

While it’s true that I wrote Tail of the Dragon to be a good ol’ throw back to the fun car chase stories out of the 1970’s, intended to appeal to anyone who played with Hot Wheels cars as a kid—both men and women—I always write with an extra layer of meaning for those who wish to look with deeper eyes. For those who don’t I would say that Tail of the Dragon is a very entertaining work that demands a second read just because the pace of the novel is very fast, and very intense, which is very much on purpose. But I personally enjoy the added layers of meaning in anything I read or write. I always look deeply into every subject, even if it means walking across the street. So it gives me great pleasure to see that one of the first readers who bought Tail of the Dragon off Amazon was able to see the added meanings that I placed within the storyline.

Even better is that the review appears to be from a woman, which gives me great hope that the audience for Tail of the Dragon will be diverse and not gender specific, which has always been my hope. Women typically aren’t interested in car crashes and high speed, mountainous roadways, but they are interested in the kind of men who are. The plot of Tail of the Dragon explores the reason, and that insight was not lost on the reviewer, which for me is the highest compliment. The review can be seen below:

“I just finished this book this morning and it evoked such feeling that I wrote this review immediately. This book speaks to what the “American Spirit” is. It’s not tangible or even fully describable, but we all know it when we see it. I think most of the people in this country have become scared and miserable because we suppress it. We are so worried about offending someone or becoming socially exiled that we fight against the light that shines within. We turn that light off so that we can conform and become socially acceptable to the masses. What is lost in this is our individual greatness. This greatness in each of us is what has fueled American ingenuity and progress throughout history. It created American exceptionalism. Now, we are all expected to be equal. No one is better than anyone else. We are all supposed to take our place and shut our mouths. It is this mentality that will put out the American fire. The fact is that we are NOT all equal. Some people ARE better than others. And that is okay. This is what makes us great. By attempting to level the playing field and give every person an equal chance, we bring down those who are great. The sky is no longer the limit and we all fail equally together. What Rich Hoffman has done in this book is materialize in fictional characters what all Americans, whether they admit it or not, wish they could do; throw caution to the wind and “flip the bird” at the proverbial “man.” His characters speak true to the corrupt collaborative nature of today’s politics and offers a view into how the tides could change if we defy today’s culture. Bravo and well done!”

The link to the Amazon site and the original review is:

Comments like that make all the hours and thought that go into a novel worth the time and effort. If a hundred people told me that they didn’t like the novel, it would not matter because I know that there are people like that reviewer out there in the world who can read a book like Tail of the Dragon and see clearly the emotions it evokes, and that gives me great hope for the human race.

It is not good to always do what one tells you to do. It is good and healthy to thumb your nose at the law from time to time. It is healthy to worry first about the contents of your spousal relationships and not give a damn what societies opinion is of it. Those and many more are the types of themes explore in Tail of the Dragon and while I explore many factual diatribes here at the OW just learning facts and figures won’t help alter the course of the human race, which is needed due to the problems of the day.

What is needed is a focus on stories that powerfully exhibit individuality over collectivism, because the human race must relearn the art of independence. And it is the task of the artists to provide content that starts the thought process in that direction. As a writer to receive a review like the first one at it means more to me than any amount of sales receipts, because it tells me that one person in a large ocean of curious minds understood my deeper meanings set against a middle-aged couple in a fixed up old Firebird running for their lives not from the law, but toward freedom at any and all costs.

Thank you!

I learned recently that will not allow comments unless a recent purchase has been made from their website. Not sure why they do that, but that’s the policy they are working under. If you dear reader have read Tail of the Dragon and would like to leave a review, and find you are having a hard time at the Amazon site, it is because of this policy. However, Barnes and does not have such a policy, and your comments would be greatly appreciated. You can find the comment section of Tail of the Dragon at the Barnes and Noble link below:

Rich Hoffman

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Glenn Beck at FreePac Cincinnati: The reason the media is terrified–a whipmaster is born

Around 20 thousand freedom fighters descended upon the Duke Energy Center in downtown Cincinnati just two days before President Obama spoke at Playhouse in the Park, just down the road, barely filling up the hillside with a few thousand derelicts it took four days to give free tickets to. I wrote about my personal experiences at FreePac in a previous article, as I was there working the booth for Atlas Shrugged Part II just outside of the door to the main arena where Glenn Beck was speaking on stage in the video below. Beck was the last speech of a long day and the crowd was very revved up in battle cries that rocked the world of the traditional media. If you listen carefully a short way into the video you’ll hear one of my “very loud” friends and frequent readers here yelling at Beck while he was trying to speak. “WE LOVE YOU GLENN,” screamed Vicious. For me, the door was open and I could see the stage from where I was working, passing out thousands of t-shirts for the upcoming release of Atlas Shrugged, and the most important part of the speech I thought was when Beck made it clear that Ohio was the battleground of this upcoming election, and that if we lose Ohio to Obama and his minions of communist avocation, then we will lose the country. The stakes have never been higher, or more sinister.

You can see more pictures from that day and specifically Beck’s speech at the Blaze link below.

I didn’t talk about this event immediately here at the OW because my involvement with the Atlas Shrugged movie was my primary focus and I thought there would be more coverage of the event from the general media. I kept waiting for the television stations, radio and newspapers to discuss why 20,000 people had raised quite a ruckus over the weekend of September 15th 2012 just weeks away from one of the biggest elections in American history, outnumbering grossly the President of the United States own visit just mere hours after we packed up and left the Duke Energy Center to implement what we had discussed that day leading up to the Beck speech. But nobody covered it. I waited for a few days, and if I hadn’t been there and seen it for myself, an innocent bystander might not even know that such a large event happened at all, which was what Beck was warning the crowd about.

My daughter had her baby, my first grandson just a few days after this momentous event. In fact while I was handing out shirts by the hundreds to eager hands and smiling faces, each who had paid $20 dollars to be there, my wife was texting me letting me know that my daughter had entered the early phases of labor. So I was half concerned that I would have to leave in the middle of this event to get to the hospital like a proud grandparent should. Of course family rushed in from all over the country when she did go to hospital a few days later and while we waited for the baby to be delivered, my father-in-law who is a highly educated man, and a school teacher of many years who holds several advanced degrees said to me as soon as he saw me in the waiting room, “Beck is now on the Dish Network!”

My father-in-law was of course excited to hear what Beck announced to the crowd at FreePac, that The Blaze had just signed on with The Dish Network to carry The Blaze TV. For owners of The Dish, they will be able to see Beck on their television sets the way they used to when he was on Fox News or CNN. The mainstream media as Beck mentioned in his speech is scared to death—terrified actually, because Beck was supposed to have been buried when he was pushed off his Fox News show due to his aggressive coverage of the billionaire George Soros, and regulated to an online subscription service. But, Beck is more popular than ever using his unique skills of comic minimalism to convey extremely difficult subject matter so people can see what has been happening to the world around them–imposed through the schemes of intelligentsia. Beck is more popular than ever and is well on his way to becoming a media tycoon the likes of Rupert Murdock, or Ted Turner. Within a few short years Glenn Beck will be more powerful, have more money, and create more unusual content than any Hollywood producer, television network or newspaper owner. Glenn Beck is succeeding because his product is superior to the competition, and the media knows it. And they can’t stop him—because they have tried, and tried and tried.

They have tried to practice evasion and pretend that 20,000 people did not attend FreePac in Cincinnati on September 15th, or that Beck didn’t fill the Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium just a month and a half prior. Or that he filled the mall in Washington D.C., or brought thousands and thousands into the bitter cold of Wilmington, Ohio to hear him speak for ten minutes. In fact his trip to Wilmington caught the attention of Hollywood as The Avengers was filmed at the old DHL facility going on to become the largest grossing film of 2012 and putting Wilmington on the map as a premier filmmaking epicenter with low tax rates and first rate facilities needed by the modern film industry. If I didn’t attend many of these events myself, I might not know they happened either, but I did, and I do.

It was ironic that as my grandson was born, the epic quality of a moment like that seemed to be on par with the scope of the times. Much of my father-in-laws conversation with me in the hours leading up to his birth were centered on what a tyrant Obama was and just how bad global politics currently is—and how relieved he was that out of the darkness Glenn Beck is on the march to have a network of his own that will compete directly with Fox News, CNN, ABC, CBS, ESPN and everyone else. The media has good reason to be scared out of their minds, which they could have avoided if they had done their jobs in the first place. But in their absence people like Beck has done the job and people love him for it, especially my friend, Vicious, who just couldn’t seem to contain herself.

When the grandparents from both sides of the family were called back to see our grandson for the first time, I grabbed the special present that was made by a whip maker friend of mine especially for the little boy. For anyone who knows me, they know that my commitment to Western Arts, specifically the bullwhip is very important to me. I have used them for most of my life with the exception of my first 12 years. As a grandfather’s present to his grandson I wanted to make sure that he didn’t have to ever amend such a statement, but could someday in the distant future, in a time long after my freedom fighting friends have destroyed the present evil of communism, the threat of radical religion, and the corrosion of modern collectivists who have infiltrated the media and attempted to push away the memories of yesterday’s American heroes like John Wayne and Walt Disney’s Davy Crockett that valor and individuality would have a place in the world again. The media has tried with all its might to make heroics into old fashioned, out-dated, un-enlighten ideas about American individualism. That’s why 20,000 people paid $20 to see Glenn Beck speak in a giant arena and the Obama administration struggled to give away a few thousand tickets to fill a hillside. My grandson deserves to trust that I’m giving to him a world that will allow him to be everything that he can be, without apology or compromise.

The nurses in the hallway took a step back and wondered what I was holding in my hand, which was the bullwhip custom made for my new grandson, and they weren’t sure how to feel about such a sight. When I saw my daughter she sort of laughed when I held the little boy for the first time and made sure the very first thing that he put his hands on was the handle of the bullwhip, which for him will become a symbol of his individuality within the context of our future relationship. That bullwhip will come to maintain mythic significance in the coming years, and around it he will learn about how to obtain, and defend freedom. Among those first lessons will be an understanding of the constitutional rights that we all exercised at FreePac in Cincinnati, a willful exchange of ideas and to let those concepts fight it out for the truth. That’s what FreePac was all about. But for me personally, and the gift I’m going to give to my grandson specifically, the art of the bullwhip—because when the other political side loses–they resort to force, and that’s when the whip becomes that extra bit of insurance in the pursuit of freedom. Collectivists really get pissed off when they cannot force everyone to adhere to their rules of engagement, through intimidation, societal ostracization, or group manipulation. Since they do not have the truth on their side they tend to then turn to violence.

The gift to my grandson is that he will never have to fear another human being, because his skills will be so superior, he will be able to prevent any harm from coming to him no matter what an aggressor chooses to throw in his direction. Starting with the bullwhip, the young man will be equipped to handle anything—which will free his mind to think freely, and for him to live his life even freer utilizing fully the great gift that comes from The United States Constitution. As he grows up, it gives me great pleasure to know that when he’s my age, and thinking of doing the same thing for his own grandson that there will be a legacy started by the kind of people who attended Freepac in Cincinnati, leading Glenn Beck to own entire networks which will provide the news of the future to young men like my grandson and the families he will preside over and defend with the crack of his whips.

Get ready kid………we’re going for a ride.  And we’ll start by watching this movie about 10,000 times. 

Rich Hoffman

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Islam and Communism–One and the Same: The Prophet Muhammad Video

One of the reasons I do not spend much time on these pages advocating a religious view is because there comes a time that religions must be chastised for their imposition on the art of living, and when a religion imposes itself upon the human race with the conscious intention of suppressing civilization with a foolish focus I wish to maintain my right and obligation to point out the hypocrisy.   I am certainly not an atheist as philosophers like Ayn Rand and Friedrich Nietzsche declared themselves, but I am not of the belief that religion can redeem mankind on earth as my friends Doc Thompson, Joshua Charles and personalities like Glenn Beck believe.  I see public religion as a form of dangerous social collectivism that exceeds their mandates on a philosophical focus for preparing the mind for life after death.  Religions are not to be used as weapons on earth for the intention of suppressing human freedoms, or gaining property with the diabolical premise that such rights were given by “The Gods.”  In the case of the religion Islam and the belief that their followers have a right to issue death bounties on Americans who practice free speech like Pakistan has done against the creator of the video below, an invitation to criticism is mandated by such foolishness.  A clear definition of the behavior must be placed upon the actions so that a diagnosis to the problem can be obtained. 

When Nietzsche declared in his book Beyond Good and Evil that “God is dead,” I do not believe he meant that all of society should take up atheism in response.  What he meant is that societies the world over should not allow religion to become a lifetime of preparing for death, that life should be lived, and lived well.  When it comes down to religion and for Nietzsche it was Christian faith and Islamic faith that occupied his mind so heavily, he attempted to gently poke intelligence into their belief systems since Christians and Muslims have a long history fighting each other over their beliefs of the ever after.  Nietzsche’s book Thus Spoke Zarathustra featured a main character named after the religion that established both Christian and Islamic faith as it became known once the Roman Emperor Constantine allowed himself to be baptized in AD 337.  The religion that both Christians and Muslims share for their root beliefs is Zoroastrianism founded around 1000 B.C. in the area of old Persia.  That is why Nietzsche came up with the name Zarathustra in an attempt to teach the masses that the religions they fought so hard against each other to declare a winner actually had common roots. 

Islam like Christianity professes that its followers must live a “moral” existence and shares the belief that there is but one God, omnipotent and omniscient, who created everything that exists.  All those who rebel against God’s prophets will be punished in this world and the hereafter.  After death the good go to heaven or paradise while the evil are punished.  At the end of time and the end of the world there will be a resurrection of all bodies and universal judgment will take place.  Clearly the two beliefs share this view from their Zoroastrian roots. 

But Islam unlike Christianity has taken on the added character of its founder, the Prophet Muhammad who is so revered that non believers are forbidden by anyone on earth from criticizing, and this is where the trouble begins.    Muhammad (prophet) (570?-632), founder of Islam, whose prophetic teachings, encompassing political and social as well as religious principles, became the basis of Islamic civilization.

Muhammad was born in Mecca. He belonged to the clan of Hashim, a branch of the influential tribe of Quraysh. Orphaned as a small child, he was brought up by his uncle Abu Talib. Like his fellow tribesmen, he became a trader. He married Khadija, a rich widow.

Muhammad periodically withdrew to a cave outside Mecca to meditate and pray for guidance. During one of these retreats he reported experiencing a vision of the archangel Gabriel, who proclaimed him a prophet of God. He began to preach in public, reciting the verses of his revelation, which came to be known as the Koran. Muhammad’s earliest teachings emphasized his belief in one transcendent but personal God, the Last Judgment, and social and economic justice. God, he asserted, had sent prophets to other nations throughout history, but, having failed to reform, those nations had been destroyed. Muhammad proclaimed his own message, the Koran, to be the last revealed Book and himself to be the last of the prophets, consummating and superseding the earlier ones.

Insisting on the necessity of social reform, Muhammad advocated improving the lot of slaves, orphans, women, and the poor and replacing tribal loyalties with the fellowship of Islamic faith. Muhammad fled Mecca to escape his enemies, who were angered by his advocacy of social reforms. He went to Medina, a city about 300 km (about 186 mi) to the north.  This journey became known as the Hegira and marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar. Muhammad was given supreme authority in Medina, and he began to establish the ritual practices of Islam.

Resistance from Mecca remained, but after several battles the Meccans finally submitted peacefully to Muhammad in 630. As tribes throughout Arabia were converted to Islam, Muhammad became the most powerful leader in Arabia. He enforced the principles of Islam and established the foundation of the Islamic empire. In 632 he died suddenly and unexpectedly in Medina. Only one of his children survived, a daughter named Fatima, who married Ali, the fourth caliph.[1]  It is important to note that both Christian faiths and Islamic faiths have the same archangel Gabriel, which again has its roots in Zoroastrianism. 

Gabriel, In the Old Testament Bible,explains the prediction for the length of the Jews’ exile from Jerusalem (Daniel 9:21-27). In the New Testament, he announces to Mary that she is to be the mother of Jesus Christ (Luke 1:26-31). Among Muslims, Gabriel is believed to be the spirit who revealed the sacred writings to the Prophet Muhammad. Gabriel is the prince of fire and the spirit who presides over thunder and the ripening of fruits.[2]  Obviously Gabriel was a busy angel who ran around all over the Middle East across vast amounts of time to help shape two of the world’s major religions.  An Archangel, is an angel, or heavenly being, of higher rank than other angels. In Jewish and Christian literature, the four best known are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. In Christian tradition, there are nine choirs of angels: seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels. In Islam, four archangels guard the throne of Allah.[3] Gabriel is obviously a reference to a very powerful figure originally known to Zoroastrian religion which is how he ended up in both belief systems as a dominate figure.  

However Islam differs from Christianity by adding the type of collectivism that was known among the Egyptians, Sumerians, and occupants of the Indus Valley to their religious practice and this makes Islamic religion every bit as dangerous to society as communism is politically.  In Islam there are five pillars that Muslims follow which is designed to exacerbate collective salvation and sacrifice to the society as a whole.  They are—the profession of faith: there is no God but God and Muhammad—his Prophet.  The second pillar is prayer performing the daily prayers (salat); whether a personal spontaneous prayer; or the salat, a set ritual of five daily prayers, (3) fasting during the month of Ramadan (saum); (4) paying the alms tax (zakat); and (5) performing, at least once in life, the major pilgrimage to Mecca (hajj). For me personally, it is number four that tells the story of the real nature of Islam. 

The shahada is the Arabic statement, “La ilah illa Allah wa Muhammad rasul Allah,” meaning “There is no God but the one God and Muhammad is His prophet.” Muslims must also express their belief in the Koran, angels, and the Last Day. The salat is also known as the namaz in Iran, India, and Turkey. The saum is a fast prescribed for healthy, adult Muslims during the 30 days of Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. The zakat is levied annually on all those living above subsistence and whose debts do not exceed their assets. The hajj is the “greater” of the two pilgrimages to Mecca required of all Muslims. All healthy adult Muslims should perform it at least once in their lifetime if they have sufficient means and safe transport.[4]  The Koran, the holy book of Islam, asserts that Allah is the creator and the one who rewards and punishes; that he is unique and can only be one; and that he is eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, and all-merciful. The core of Islam is submission to the will of Allah. Islam does not admit of any mediator between Allah and humans; a person approaches Allah directly in prayer and in reciting the Koran. The prophets, who conveyed Allah’s message, are not considered divine.[5]

Now we come to the fun part, which is the reason Nietzsche attempted to show religious warriors the error of their ways and point them in a new direction, and also, why Ayn Rand declared herself an atheist, because the Islamic faith is nothing more than the political belief of early communism.  Both have their roots in human collectivism, social sacrifice, the taxation of the citizens for the good of the state and are serious detriments to human freedom.  In The United States the reason that so many communists and progressives in the various political parties adore the Islamic religion is because they all share together a love of human collectivism.  Even though Christianity has many elements of collectivism, it does not go to the extreme of Islam.  Christianity generally only asks for sacrifice by its members on Sunday.  Islam asks for it every day of the week five times a day, keeping the religion on the mind of the individual at all times seldom letting the mind forget who, or what owns it outside of its own sanctity. 

Communists, progressives, Marxists, socialists, Muslims all are virtually the same in their extreme beliefs of collective salvation, and in order to carry on the illusion of their justice upon the world, they must ignore the facts in reality that their beliefs actually destroy the individual lives of humanity.  They do this through the practice of “Evasion.” CLICK HERE FOR A REVIEW OF THAT TERM as I tend to use it.  When Muslims attempt to use terrorist activity as a cover-up for their desire toward violence pointing to the very amateur film made by an American having fun at the expense of their Prophet Muhammad they are attempting evasion from reality.  They wish to continue to believe at the expense of the entire world that Muhammad was in fact a prophet, and not simply a man who wanted to rule Mecca by dusting off the ancient text created by the Zoroastrian religion to unite the armies of the desert to his cause.   Muslims believe they have a right to violence to convert the world to their faith because their faith was created by Muhammad as a battle cry to retake Mecca, the city of his birth and implement an early version of Karl Marx’s communism upon the city.

While it is nearly impossible in this day and age to criticize charity, a desire to help the poor, to make the proletariat (working class) will equal with the bourgeoisie (capitalists), it is the primary concern of many religions through collective salvation to achieve those lofty aims with the disguised intention of political conquest.  America proved what had never been done during the time of Zarathustra, Muhammad, Plato or Karl Marx, which is that it is the capitalists who in fact make the entire world tick forward, and that the jealous, the lazy, the weak-minded who number in the millions use collective based religions as a way to loot and pillage their way into equality.  But the essence of those religious ideas are not the grand platform of eternal salvation at the feet of Jahway or Allah, they are to loot with morality at their backs the wealth of cities and individuals built with ingenuity and creative enterprise.  The anger toward America is not due to a video made that insults the Prophet Muhammad or that Americas capitalist greed is a blight to the entire world, it is the belief in communism that Muslims share with progressives, Democrats, socialists and other radicals using evasion to hide the facts of their parasitic tendencies from their very faces, that economies and the humans who fuel them must be made to serve the Almighty, so that control can be placed upon every human being for their own benefit. 

When it is thought that there is a radical Islamic infiltration in America at the highest levels showing a deep sympathy for the Muslim and their belief that the world should crumble for their own good under the wrath of the collective salvation imposed by Islamic rule in a world-wide caliphate, what is really going on is that intelligentsia in America, and the politicians that were produced by that old hippie cult of collectivism knows that the radical cries for violence over logic are no different than their old protests to bring communism to America for the sake of the poor, sad, helpless proletariat.  The communists in America see in the Muslim a kindred spirit who wants the same thing they do, an equal world where everyone is at the same level as the weakest link, a world where millions pilgrimage to the dusty streets of Mecca to follow blindly through evasion the words of the Prophet Muhammad, because thinking for themselves is simply too difficult.  Intelligentsia who have infected America’s public schools and colleges keep in the back of their minds that like the Prophet Muhammad their lives may have added meaning as they dictate collectively the mandates of mankind the power of collective salvation with the promise of a wonderful everlasting life if they will only sacrifice their current one to the prophets of intelligentsia. 

There is no excuse for any religion to commit crimes of murder against another individual or another country, and on 9/11 yet again, America was terrorized, its embassies attacked, people were murdered, and the politicians simply didn’t know what to do with the information because they are philosophically crippled by their teachers in intelligentsia who have steered their minds away from the truth with evasion.  Their churches too have taught them to turn the other cheek and to use evasion to focus on the world to come.  Meanwhile, there are a handful of power hungry fools who use the world’s religions, such as Islam to grab land and territory in the old addiction to build empires the world over, and to unite the people of those conquered lands with collective thinking, such as communism, Marxism, socialism, and religions like Islam.  The grab for power is hidden behind the intended mask of goodness, while the intentions are quite sinister—a conquest for the minds of the world to be ruled by the few.   The anger at the filmmaker who made a film poking fun at the Prophet Muhammad is not one of justice; it is denial and a willful attempt at psychological evasion so that the impact of the foolishness never reaches the minds of the participants.  The faith of Islam much to the sad reality of the millions who currently adhere to it is not prosperity in the afterlife.  It is collectivism and control in this life under the rulers of the day who claim themselves kings and use ancient scriptures to unite the world’s proletariat to do their dirty work of conquest for them. 

Why does anybody think that President Obama in America panders to the middleclass?  Because the middleclass under communist thinking is the proletariat and has shown that they do not want to think in order to have reasonable elections.  They just want someone to tell them what to do, where to stand and when they can eat, have sex, go to church, and visit the movies.  They want the central planners of intelligentsia to guide their lives in exchange for a good wage which the politicians promise to steal from the bourgeoisie to pay for.  Islam is doing the same type of thing as the communists.  They believe through the power of collectivism that their Prophet Muhammad is as grand as the communists believe Karl Marx was a prophet, and both are used as central figures to unite the mass herds of humanity on a quest for social looting all in the name of God, who cannot be questioned or even thought of critically.  In this way the Islamic faith keeps their herds in line through fear and intimidation, just as the communists do.  They promise to give out bread in a line supplied by the state in exchange for the proletariat willfully putting on the blinders to the tyranny of their collective actions.  It is for these reasons that there will never be peace for Islam because the goal of the religion was never to reach the gates of Allah, it was to gain control of the city of Mecca and to bring to that holy city the primitive form of communism as it was conceived by the twisted mind of the shape shifting archangel Gabriel, who obviously had other plans of his own that no religion has had the courage to answer.  The goal of the present Islamic faith is not to possess Mecca as Muhammad did with his 300 warriors in 624 AD against a Meccan caravan.  The new goal is to see the world bow before Allah with Mecca serving as capital, run by the proletariat in a perpetual war against the bourgeoisie in a Holy Crusade unlike the world has ever seen.  And the biggest threat to that military objective is The United States.    

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