IAFF Supports Obama and his Intellectual Superior Joe Biden: What Issue 7 in Mason is all about

If you pay tax money to a public worker, especially firefighters, you are sending some of your money to the socialist Obama and his intellectual superior, Joe Biden, because the communist oriented International Association of Firefighters Union supports those kinds of politicians. Union employees who get their lush salaries from tax payers often convert their money into political power that often works against the public who may resent having their money spent on politicians that do not reflect their politics. Look at the latest IAFF union ad against Mitt Romney then read below how much money these same employees make and what kind of political tricks they are using to secure those wages into the future. Then tell me that they are really concerned as they report in this video below that “they care about their neighbors.” What they really mean is that they are actually well paid mercenaries—there’s a big difference.

The trouble with public workers like teachers, firefighters and police are that we have allowed radicalism from the union ranks to prevent the management of those labor costs. It is now considered taboo to even discuss intelligently the financial value of these employees because they involve the safety and well-being of our youth and our elderly with protective services. However, some have challenged these notions and made political ground that is snow balling the other way. The great weakness of the labor union argument against public sector workers is the justification for their enormous salaries which have greatly outpaced private sector incomes by more than double in some cases. Now that voters realize this discrepancy the tide is changing. Levies have not passed for schools, and recently police and fire levies have began to fail—halting the insane progress of public sector wages skyrocketing without end.

Recognizing the public push-back against public sector workers, but still wishing to keep political peace with the unions, the City Council members of Mason, Ohio have proposed a ballot initiative called Issue 7 which creates a new method of funding for safety, fire, and EMS services. The great concern for these council members is that their fire department will be coming off a 5-year property tax that expires in 2013. The Mason School System is also considering a levy in 2013 leaving politicians very concerned that the tax increases will not be passed for both issues, because there is great risk that neither will be passed. Many political insiders are praying to the presidential gods that Mitt Romney will be elected so the economy will stabilize and voters will once again have extra money to throw at altruistic causes. Others in the unions hope that Obama will retain power and continue to loot from the rich so that he will give to the middle-class—the labor unions of the proletariat. But there is big trouble on the horizon in Mason that the City Council wishes to avoid with Issue 7.

Issue 7 is a potential tax on every property owner in Mason. The current effective millage rate for Mason is 4.4 mils under the current tax levy. A new levy, voted in at 5.0 Mils, gives council the right to charge the property owners of Mason a full 5.0 Mils – which would be a tax increase. But, they can shift that burden over to the non-property non-voting individuals of the Mason Community with an Income Tax levy, and reduce the property tax millage based on any difference – or they could max out both the new income tax and the property tax. Basically, should this pass, they can do either, or both – without your vote. Issue 7 is a permanent levy that allows council to get the money they need with a vote instead of having to go back to voters during contentious future elections that are on the horizon.

This is a problem because it does not address the outrageous wages that the public sector workers in the loosely defined safety professions charge for their services. The way that Issue 7 is written safety could mean anything from additional police services to raises for firefighters—which on the surface seems practical, even attractive, until the reality of the situation is examined. Firefighter wages in Mason from 2000 to 2009 (most recent comparatives) rose 29.20% – a more than 10% rise above inflation and more than 21% greater increase than Ohio Median Household Incomes. The Business Owners, Employees, and Property Owners footing the bill for these services, in many cases have lost jobs and/or have not seen a pay increase for years. The average working wage in Warren County in 2011 was $791 per week, or $41,132.00 per year (United Sates Dept. of Labor) – and that has slipped even farther recently: Median Income in Ohio hits 27-year lows – http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2011/09/14/median-income-in-ohio-hits-27-year-low.html

In Mason a fire department with an annual budget of close to $6 million dollars of which over 83% goes to wages and benefits, includes:

Fire Chief – Annual Compensation Package – $171,328.00
Deputy Fire Chiefs (5) – Annual Compensation Package- $114,000.00
Fire Lieutenants (6) – Annual Compensation Package – $103,000.00
Firefighter/Paramedic (22) Annual Compensation Package – $91,000.00
Assorted part-time and full-time positions at a cost of approx. $930,000

The trouble with Issue 7 is that it avoids dealing with the decision of continuing the practice of paying safety employees the kind of wages seen above, and deciding whether or not 5 Deputy Chiefs are even needed at a cost of over $500,000. Instead, Issue 7 allows city council to increase taxes to make the problem go away without having to go to the voters for a fire levy that competes with a school levy for voter approval. The wording of the Proposed Charter Amendment specifically states “for Safety, Fire, and EMS” – leaving an opening for spending under the “Safety” language that could mean anything. Again, an issue that could cause future problems should the governing bodies determine safety to mean stop signs, traffic signals, police needs, water & sewer, etc.

To learn more about all the reasons voters in Mason should vote against Issue 7 the website http://www.voteno7.com/ will do the job. But for those outside of Mason who are facing similar issues, it is important to watch closely the tricks of your public officials who are looking for a way out of the corner they have painted themselves in to. They have allowed for too many years unionized public workers to give themselves pay increases at the expense of tax payers not only for a fair wage, but an excessively wealthy wage that far outpaces reality. I have no doubt in my mind that there is a value of having teachers care for children all though I’d argue that they are teaching them the wrong things, and it is nice to have paramedics and police to help keep things socially in check. But they are not worth twice as much as the average employee who is paying their wages. Mason is a wealthy area to live and their average resident wage is $41,132.00. Deputy Fire Chiefs and Fire Lieutenants are not worth six figure incomes. It may be possible to have one or two of those positions filled but not 5 to 6 in a single community. These are the problems caused by collective bargaining agreements that inflate the wage levels of public workers to insane levels, and must be pulled back into reality, and such things will never happen if tax payers throw money at those positions without doing the hard act of managing the costs with a NO vote.

Dear reader, as you head to the voting booth on November 6th keep these things in mind. Voting to not take responsibility for the outrageous costs of public employees will not solve the problem and that is what proposals like Issue 7 try to do. They are attempting to sneak a tax increase under the door by taking away a contentious levy in the future by voting for giving the ability to city council today. And such a trick must not be allowed to be played on the taxpayers. And they will be played until voters stop allowing them to happen with across the board NO votes.

(Oh–and for those union workers who think they are flag waving patriots fighting for America learn your history.  If you are in a union, you support communism, (progressive politics) especially if it is attached to the AFL-CIO.  CLICK HERE for the history you didn’t know, and chose to ignore because your pay was so enticing.)

Rich Hoffman



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A Child Hit by a Car at Lakota: The terrible cost of irresponsible busing cuts

Cherokee Elementary School Principal Paulette Grady confirmed in an email sent out to parents that the injuries sustained on a young female student hit by an SUV while riding her bicycle were not serious. However this is the second time in a year, and since the Lakota School System took away busing from parents as a way to extort more money to pass a future school levy, that accidents like this have happened. Here is what Grady stated:

“The safety of our Cherokee Cheetahs is our number one priority. Together, we can ensure their safety by frequently reminding our children, to walk, ride their bikes, or scooters directly home after school, always to look both ways before crossing the street, and to be mindful of their surroundings. Our diligence and daily safety reminders are very important. Our students do hear us. Even though we take every precaution, accidents do happen.

Yesterday, one of our students was struck by a car. This accident occurred as many parents were on their way to Cherokee to pick up their children. We have been advised that the injuries to this student were not serious. The Cherokee staff and parents came together to assist in any way they could.

I would like to thank all of our families for following our safety procedures at arrival and dismissal. Our Cherokee community is awesome in every way.”

You can read more from a West Chester Buzz article:  CLICK HERE

Well, ironically over a year ago when Lakota took the first radical steps in eliminating busing from parents and students I predicted that this very thing would happen, and I told my readers here exactly why. I even showed them on a graph how little money was really saved by cutting busing, and what the school was really protecting in making the move. When I did the below video I was the spokesman for No Lakota Levy which is a group I had started a year and a half earlier that had joined with another levy fighting group in the summer of 2010.

My friends in that group had different ideas about how to continue on with this levy fight as many of them were prominent members of the community and after the levy failure of 2011 they wanted to pull No Lakota Levy into a more charitable role in the district and help pay for sports fees from the programs that were also cut. As the spokesman I went along with it, because it sounded nice and the newspapers, television stations, and radio stations loved the feel good story of the community coming together. But it made me personally sick, because the real problem was the radical labor unions that pushed to cut busing to begin with, and pushed to implement sports fees not caring at all what impact it would have on the safety of the parents and students.

So No Lakota Levy and I parted ways since that video. They wish to take the more community active path, and I wished to take on the real problem which is contained in this story of the girl being hit by a car. The cause of the accident is the cuts in busing, the poor decision to put more parental vehicles on the road with children who are forced to ride their bicycles home from school because busing is no longer available—but it should be. The residents of Lakota have paid for the busing service with very high taxes on their properties presently, and it was the labor union that the management at Lakota feared more than the tax payers, so they cut busing to protect the wages of the school employees.

As shown in the video above, the budget at Lakota is a multimillion dollar budget, and 60% of that is provided by the community tax payers. The school board has been reckless in its belief that teachers should be paid 50K per year and 60K per year routinely and my position is that they are not worth half that amount of money formal degree or not. I have witnessed homeschooled kids from parents who do not have any formal education do a better job with their children because the passion is there to teach over the publicly educated child, so I see little if any value in a 60K a year teacher. The proper management method would be to push those expensive teachers out the door to some other district and hire a fresh teacher who costs half as much right out of college. That is how the budget could be balanced, sports fees could go away, and more importantly, students would have busing so they could avoid accidents like the one that recently happened.

My friends in No Lakota Levy didn’t like having the radical elements of the community call them names for not wanting to throw endless amounts of money at education to appease a radical labor union who threatens to strike with every labor contract—the next one is coming in 2014. The LEA has threatened to walk off the job for just increases in health insurance contributions, let alone actual salary, and it is because of their aggressiveness that they make so much money to begin with. My friends don’t mind fighting them, but they also wish to participate in charity events with the same villains to prove that they aren’t bad people—which they certainly are not. But they shouldn’t have to feel that way.

With the leverage in place to pull No Lakota Levy to the side of moderation, political insiders were dragging the whole group to the negotiating table to get everyone to shake hands—kiss and make up. I didn’t agree and I made sure everyone knew it. The belief from the levy advocates was that No Lakota Levy was a creation of my friends, so the belief was that if we were separated then I could be neutralized politically. The gamble from the school board was that pulling my friends in No Lakota Levy away from me would end No Lakota Levy, and stop my ability to get my message out. The school board has shown that they will go to great measures to perform all these manipulative tasks rather than play the same game against the teachers union, because they have chosen to support the union and protect the union from people like me. That is the choice of management, and is at the heart of the problem.

I am now working independent of the guys I joined together with in the summer of 2010. They as a group want far less than I do—they just don’t want to get pillaged for more taxes. I on the other hand think the only way to fix the problem is to push the radical labor union out of the negotiation process and that is a much tougher fight that few people have the stomachs for. This is why unions have been allowed to hurt the lives of children and parents for years at great expense—because they are willing to spill blood if need be to get what they want. The union has no problem with kids getting hurt, or families going bankrupt if they can’t pay their taxes, so long as they get paid their extraordinary wages for being glorified baby sitters. Sure they might send out a letter like the one that Principal Paulette Grady wrote after an accident showing regret, but the actions of the union speak volumes as to their real intentions.

I gave an interview last year to the Lakota East magazine Spark that Dean Hume put a lid on, so the public wouldn’t see it. I spent over 2 hours talking to a student reporter about these issues and I said pretty much the same thing then as I do now. When she asked me if I thought that teaching was an easy profession I replied that it was. I also said that I could handle four classes at the same time without difficulty—and I could. I would say that teaching is one of the easiest professions on the current job market. If the teacher has passion for the job, it’s even easier. It’s only a hard job if the teacher is a dim wit—if they are the kind of people who struggle to find the words to string together a paragraph let alone a 1 hour speech every day, which for me is not difficult at all. I could speak for 6 hours a day every day and never repeat the material, unless I needed to in order to articulate my point. So I know a bit about what I’m saying when I state that teachers are not worth an average salary of 60K per year—it may be the standard in the field, but that doesn’t make it right. The costs for the teaching profession have been arrived at artificially through market manipulation—extortion like what is seen with the busing cuts—and the government position of maintaining a monopoly. Public education has done everything in its power to harm competition, and that is why teachers cost so much money.

It is for these reasons that the responsibility for the child that was hit by a car is on the backs of the Lakota School Board because it was they who chose to cave in to union demands rather than attack the actual problem. Julie Shaffer would rather post statements about me on her Facebook account rather than attack with the same vigor the president of the teacher’s union for being 20X more radical than I have been—but she won’t because they are all on the same side of thinking—which is why they have budget problems! It is also why a kid was hit by a car—because the money that was given to the school board by the community was given to the school employees to satisfy their excessive wage demands instead of providing busing. It was their choice that caused the accident not just once, but now twice at that same school since the busing cut policy has been enacted. And instead of siding with me to attack the union, they chose to side with the union to attack me—which is why I’m no longer playing the nice guy with No Lakota Levy. It is time for a more aggressive approach…………………one the school board will not like at all.

Stay tuned…………………………….

Rich Hoffman



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Obama Plans Move to Home in Hawaii: Romney to Win 53.3% to Obama’s 46.7%

When dealing with diabolical liars such as what President Obama has shown to the world as his preferred means of communication, the only way to decipher their real intentions is to connect the dots of what is known and see what kind of truth the picture tells. Because it is in games of evasion that mass manipulators function best where the facts are spread far and wide—the deceits are never learned until much later because the facts are deliberately concealed preventing detection. But through speculative fiction, which is what I’m about to do, we can take the known facts and connect them in ways that make the most sense so to ascertain the next steps of a parasites intent to loot off the will of the masses with more scandals, schemes, and treacherous episodes of espionage.

Many wonder why Obama was so aloof in the first debate with Mitt Romney, but the reason was made clear thanks to Barack Obama’s mother-in-law who around that time had been uttering the ecstasy of the family’s post Presidency plans. Very quietly, Obama’s chief financier, Penny Pritzker, had entered the Hawaii housing market to buy a retirement home for the president and his family that will be available not in 2016, but in January 2013, according to a confidential source within Pritzker’s Chicago organization. Pritzker is yet another billionaire on the side of Obama who received her money as heiress of the Hyatt hotel chain and Penny has been passing the hat around Chicago asking everyone to pitch in to purchase the Obamas a new home far away from Washington and even away from Chicago. Penny had set her sights on the $40 million dollar home that was in a recent episode of Hawaii Five-O that would be down the road from the proposed Obama Library that she is also raising money to have built.

Michelle Obama’s mom has been so pleased with the knowledge that she will spend her final days in such a magnificent paradise that she had been bragging about the upcoming move to her Chicago friends who had loose enough lips to utter the details of the plan in confidence. The house is truly magnificent, and would be considered a paradise on earth for anyone, especially a person like Obama who has been given virtually everything in his life by someone else—a person who had lived in modest means for many years of his life until the progressive political machine picked him as their spokesman for the continued spread of global collectivism. The house along with more detail of the story can be verified at the below links.


Many in the mainstream media will find this revelation troubling because it appears Obama was willing to throw in the Presidential towel all the way back in August of 2012, when internal pollsters showed that Mitt Romney had an easy margin of victory over Obama. This internal polling showed that Romney was going to beat Obama by a margin of 53.3% to 46.7%, statistically not even close. In fact out of the 13 battle ground states, Romney was projected to win New Mexico, North Carolina, Virginia, Iowa, New Hampshire, Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida. Obama was predicted to win Michigan and Nevada but to fall dramatically short of what he needs to retain the Presidency. There appears to be little that Obama can do to erode away the 330 Electoral College votes out of the possible 538 that Romney will command. So given that dismal data, the Obamas decided to treat themselves to a good life in Hawaii with their family in a paradise far away from the trouble of Fast and Furious, a rapidly destabilized Middle East, and the effects of a dismal economy that was made worse by Obama’s socialist leaning governing principles. Moving to such a place would be considered a consolation prize and take the family as far away from politics while Obama licked his wounds in luxury for many years. You can read the polling information for yourself at the below link:


So it’s not hard to imagine that Obama was simply going through the motions of the election giving his speeches and campaigning so to avoid having to do any real work at The White House. And it is easy to see now why he was so placid in the first debate with Mitt Romney. A mansion like the one Obama and his wife are moving to is a dream come true for many, and for such small minds like Obama, is more than he could ever hope to obtain on his own efforts, so retirement in that palace looked pretty good and being far away from politics seemed even better. That is—until the wheels came off over the Benghazi murders, and it was learned that the story The White House had provided to explain it away wasn’t sticking, and people were asking questions.

The Benghazi debacle is so serious that it is highly likely that people from the Obama administration will go to jail, and this incident has threatened to ruin the escape to paradise plans that the Obamas had, because once they enter back into the private sector, Obama may be pulled into the fray to explain who knew what and when they knew it. This meant that if Obama was no longer president he would lose the ability to issue Executive Orders as he did with Fast and Furious to hide the administration crimes over that failure. And if Obama lost The White House to Mitt Romney he would lose the ability to protect not only himself, but many of his friends from future prosecution. So the new strategy going into October of 2012, especially the last two weeks of the month as it was noticed that the public polling was tightening up perfectly to reflect the dismal news of the internal polling, that Obama would have to get mean and nasty on the campaign trail and fight for his life—because in a lot of way’s—he is.

This explains the drastic shift in personal attacks even when polling shows that the President is liked by women, and women prefer not to see people treating others with such aggression. Obama knows that he has no choice but to pound away at Romney and hope to provoke him into a mistake that will truly cut into the internal poll—because the women demographic is already figured into the internal polling. All Obama can do is hope to make Romney flinch and reveal a major mistake that will cost him the election. But Romney isn’t biting because he has the same polling data—and knows that if he just keeps doing what he has been that he will win comfortably over President Obama.

The only way to have justice is to remove Obama from The White House. There are serious crimes committed during his administration that make Watergate and the Iran Contra Affair look like children’s games. Obama looks to be facing court rooms as a defendant for many years in a never-ending parade of paybacks for all the bridges he burnt as President, and all the crimes he succeeded in committing as he fulfilled his obligations to his friends of the clandestine Weather Underground as a good soldier for the push of world peace through socialist expansion. For Obama, paradise will have to wait one way or the other, if he loses—as he’s projected, he will be ripped to shreds legally. If he manages to win, he will be ripped to shreds politically. Either way, the future does not look bright for President Barack Hussein Obama.

The best way to see justice done is to show up and vote as planned, so that the formula for the internal polling is not interrupted. All people need to do to see the people responsible for the many crimes committed under the Obama watch is to vote him out of office and let the process take care of itself under Constitutional merit.

Rich Hoffman


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The Answer to “Statism”: Rick Stevens from ‘Tail of the Dragon’


The political expression of altruism is collectivism or statism, which holds that man’s life and work belong to the state—to society, to the group, the gang, the race, the nation—and that the state may dispose of him in any way it pleases for the sake of whatever it deems to be its own tribal, collective good.

–The Ayn Rand Lexicon

I know my son-in-law cringes when he comes to my house and sees my political signs for president Mitt Romney, Ohio Supreme Court Sharon Kennedy, State Representative Margie Condit, and Senator Josh Mandel in preparation for the upcoming election. Since he has become a citizen of The United States he has moved politically toward libertarians in a quest for the kind of American freedom he always dreamed about. He cringes because to him the entire American complex of statism is a failure and is destined to be replaced with elements of anarchy or fall into an out-right empire one step away from collapse. In fact, he wrote a wonderful article on statism complete with 5 very important videos that can be seen at this link:


My son-in-law and I have had many hours of conversations about these issues and I know where he’s coming from. On the other hand, out of those four signs in my yard, I know two of those politicians personally, and they along with many of the media I also know in Cincinnati, business owners, and other politicians, are wondering if I have moved too far to the right and have become an extremist since most of my conversation these days are anti-communist history lessons, progressive bashing, and a determined desire to defund government at every level with severe tax decreases. Over the last three years they have watched me make very valid arguments that once uncovered have made me very angry. And being the kind of person who fixes things—which I have done my entire life from dishwashers to businesses, the evidence cannot be escaped—America is being crushed by statism and pretending that it isn’t a problem won’t make the problem go away.

Many of the people who know me best wonder how I went from a levy fighter of great respect to a radical right-winged extremist (in their view) to the author of the new novel Tail of the Dragon. The answer is that my new novel is my answer to the statism problem I discovered in those previous endeavors without going to the extreme example shown on my son-in-laws displayed videos by Stefan Basil Molyneux. I understand what Molyneux is proposing and why. But I also understand that his view is radically different from what mainstream Americans view as reality that they will simply reject the ideas as dangerous to protect themselves from responsibility of action. But Stefan is right about state run schools advocating terrorism, Stefan is right about taxation being the weapon of larger government for an end only onto itself. He’s also right about the free-range slavery. I know he’s right because I have seen the process up close and personal and can verify the truth.

My answer was to write the novel Tail of the Dragon using the character of Rick Stevens to serve as the vehicle to showing how statism crushes individuality. By having Stevens be the type of character who had grown into manhood without ever being emotionally, or physically broken at any point in his life, to show what the idea kind of man could or should be not only in America, but in the world, I needed a character and a story to hold the image valiantly. Stevens in the Tail of the Dragon is as close to a perfect man as I can imagine making it into his middle years after having children, maintaining a career, maintaining a marriage, paying a mortgage yet never giving up on his pursuit of individual freedom. For Stevens, he had a car which sat in his garage that served as a symbol of freedom from his youth, before taking on the obligations of all the above which are normal for most people. Rick Stevens knows that he is a member of society being deliberately farmed as a serf but he has maintained his resistance in as healthy a fashion as possible, so not go insane—or lose himself along the way.

The plot of Tail of the Dragon almost follows point for point without intending to the issues described in Stefan Molyneux’s videos, even to the point of Stevens being arrested for not joyfully participating in an elaborate tax scheme perpetuated through police traffic citations and being thrown in jail for it. While in jail he is abused in the way that Molyneux suggested, except that Rick fights back and gets himself into all sorts of trouble because he simply refuses to submit. This is what leads Rick Stevens to provoke and flee the law into what becomes the greatest car chase in story telling history

People are often shocked to learn that most of what Rick Stevens went through in the book I have seen firsthand, and is not the work of over-the-top fiction. The plot of Tail of the Dragon is not a commentary on anarchy even though Rick Stevens and his wife Renee openly, and quit audaciously break every law known to the legal system. But it is an attempt to show the reader through a likeable character in Rick Stevens what the world could look like if a person could break free of those chains of serfdom that Molyneux speaks about in his presentations. Rick Stevens is not happy to live as a free-range servant to statism and he seeks to do something about it“.

Additionally, what is different about Tail of the Dragon that sets it apart from other car chase epics in films like Smokey and the Bandit, The Dukes of Hazzard, or even Speed is that the hero has fans working behind the scenes in politics who want what he wants, they don’t wish to be a part of statism, even though they are the people who have helped build such a condition. Often, just like in real life, they find they are servants to a system that grew beyond their control and they do desire to do something about it. Most of the people I know in politics, and the media, are these kinds of people and fancy themselves as free thinkers even though in public they show something else completely. Even people I know in labor unions and on the opposite side of me in political issues are good people when spoken to one on one. Even my most diabolical rival, the superintendent at Lakota Karen Mantia and I had a nice discussion once about motorcycle riding and the island of Key West on more civil shores of political discourse. But what makes these people bad, or evil are the institutions they serve, the steps toward statism that they help build—most of the time without knowing it.

Tail of the Dragon is my answer to three years of needing to put into an artistic format these very difficult problems in a summary that fits contemporary life. If my desire is to fix the problem, I have realized that such a thing cannot be done conventionally, through political office, serving as yet other state lobbyists for specific causes, or even picking a political side and sticking with it indefinitely. The character of Rick Stevens in Tail of the Dragon does not turn his back on his country, as is the temptation regarding his anger over statism. Instead he takes the $20 million dollars he acquires and restores his old car, the symbol of his own private independence into a war machine against the state—against America—but he paints on the roof of his car the old Spirit of 76 flag from the American Revolution to make it clear that he is not giving up on the ideas that founded the freest nation on earth, but rather the mechanism that drove it toward an imperial tyrant headed for its own destruction through statism. His fight for freedom is the fight of every man, woman, and child in the world and it is through him that the reader touches the face of life without the chains imposed by statism upon their minds and bodies.

For me personally, even though I am a bit of a recluse these days not socializing much around town, lashing out at latté sipping prostitutes with real anger, my signs in my front yard are my own personal Spirit of 76 flags declaring that I am still willing to fight for the kind of ideas that built America, even if the system is flawed. I will support those politicians who favor the lowest possible taxes, since it is low taxes that directly fight statism. The minute those candidates support any taxes, they will become my mortal enemy, because in real life I want to see an end to statism and would prefer to bring it about legally even if the extraordinary fantasy shown in Tail of the Dragon attacked statism directly, and gallantly with a fanfare that is dynamic. It is no secret that the ambition in that novel comes from the heart of the author in a frustration observed with real eyes that watched more than one election produce results edging American more toward the abyss of cataclysm than ever produced success. But there is a romantic in me that keep hoping for success, and is manifest in the actions of Rick Stevens in the action packed novel, Tail of the Dragon. In real life, I will vote for people who I think will buy into my anxiety against statism today, or who I think might listen and become converted tomorrow.

The thinking that is required is not one fashioned from team sports, public education, or any other collective organization—because they all point toward a social disposition of statism. As radical as such a concept might appear, only a philosophy against statism will preserve America and serve as the beacon of light the world expects. That is why it is no longer important who thinks what, who belongs to what group, or what political affiliation anybody is. What matters is whether or not individuals are dedicated to freedom for the real sake of it, and not the contrived definition sold as modern serfdom. All that matters is that people get their minds around the necessity to think differently and it is my hope that Rick Stevens will help the pill go down a little bit easier so that the journey toward understanding can begin.

Rich Hoffman


The face of nature and civilization in this our country is to a certain point a very sufficient literary field. But it will yield its secrets only to a really grasping imagination. . . . To write well and worthily of American things one need even more than elsewhere to be a master.

–Henry James

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Stalin, Hitler, and Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio: They all share a love of labor unions

Progressives are some of the vilest creatures on the face of the planet primarily because they share with other vile creatures such as cockroaches, termites, vultures and piranhas the tendency to cohabitate politically with others to the parasitic aims of a collective society. They lack a sense of self, a sense of identity, a sense of personal responsibility and instead chose to crawl their way through life as a mess of creepy vermin attaching themselves to the bold, the productive, and the innovative. The more progressives there are functioning in society, the weaker it is—and the closer it is to becoming a society that does not build skyscrapers and new scientific breakthroughs, but yearns to merely pitch a tent and spend all day rubbing two sticks together to make a fire.

It is with much distress that one of these vile, sinister progressives is a senator in Ohio by the name of Sherrod Brown, and he is seeking re-election in 2012 to continue to pander to socialist labor unions and advocate progressive politics with the full endorsement of every progressive organization in the nation. His senate seat is one of the very valuable seats up for grabs at the federal level and is being directly challenged by Josh Mandel whom I enthusiastically support for the simple reason that Brown is a notorious progressive.

But one thing stands out most that embodies what kind of politician Senator Sherrod Brown is, and that is his suggestion on the U.S. Senate floor in March of 2011 when he said “I look back at history and some of the worst governments we’ve ever had, you know one of the first things they ever did? They went after the trade unions. Hitler didn’t want unions. Stalin didn’t want unions. (Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak didn’t want independent unions. These autocrats in history don’t want independent unions.” He was of course grandstanding the cause that Ohio and Wisconsin were in the thick of trying to reform their collective bargaining agreements with their public employees in an attempt to balance their budgets without destructive tax increases. Wisconsin succeeded, and is much stronger financially because of it, but Ohio failed leaving public sector workers in each district all across the state to seek tax increases in order to balance their budgets so to satisfy their collective bargaining agreements—which is insane.

Politicians like Brown deliberately played on the ignorance of the masses—especially public sector workers who think ancient history was 1970—in a vain attempt to sound worldly and wise by showing his deep knowledge of history in the labor movement. He deliberately mislead the public with his speech by trying to paint Republican governors like Kasich and Walker as being fascist dictators which incited the mobs of rioters to use such dangerous metaphors to appeal to the historically ignorant.

The trouble with Brown’s statement, which is especially misleading— and alone, disqualifies him for another term as Ohio Senator in Washington, is that he deliberately distorted the truth to paint an inaccurate picture of history. CLICK HERE FOR REFERENCE.  The reality is that Stalin riding the coattails of Lenin was the leader of the largest labor union in the world, the Soviet Union, which was created as a direct assault against the Russian bourgeois (wealthy) by the proletariat (workers) as instigated by the writing of Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto. The entire political party of the proletariat intended world-wide revolution of the worker as Marx declared, “Workers of the world unite!” All labor unions in the entire world were born from this proletariat movement from these roots in Petrograd, Russia. Every one! Labor unions anywhere in the world are equivalent to communism. They are the same thing contextually speaking. Lenin wishing to become a dictator used the mechanisms of collectivity to rise to power, something that couldn’t happen in the independent minded, capitalist society of America. It is only through collective organizations where leaders such as Stalin can dominate a mass population that such tyrannical regimes can thrive, which is counter to the kind of speech Sherrod Brown uttered. He attempted to paint politicians who bulk at labor unions as being the same as Stalin when in fact without a labor union dictatorships are very difficult to organize. So is Brown’s claims that Walker and Kasich wished to rule their states as tyrannical despots–eliminating the labor unions would make doing such a thing nearly impossible, because it is through the lazy, group oriented labor union worker that such dictatorships rise to power. Not through independent minded corporations and individuals seeking to make a profit from their businesses.

Brown also brought up Hitler as a dictator that eliminated unions, but like Lenin, Hitler used labor unions to solidify his base in a climb for power. Hitler saluted unions by naming his political party the National Socialist German Workers’ Party and went so far to make “May Day” the German equivalent of “Labor Day” in America a paid holiday on May 1st 1933 to unify his regime under waving banners. The next day on May 2nd 1933 Hitler dissolved the unions, confiscated their assets, occupied their offices and arrested their leaders. Hitler like Sherrod Brown spoke out of both sides of his mouth and was willing to say anything to climb into power.

It is ironic that Brown would try to classify Kasich or Walker as equivalent to Hitler when it was he who most behaves like Hitler and Stalin using the labor unions as his way of continuing his progressive power. Neither of the Republican governors from either Ohio or Wisconsin has ever showed an inkling of wanting to rule anybody. They—like many Americans simply want to make money, which is the America way. Labor unions see such activity as evil because like the communists who founded their organizations they continue to utter the ghosts of the past with continued hatred of wealth, which is ironically the basis of their political platform. This makes them parasites to society because they seek to steal the wealth of those who make it with the same notion of communist utopia that gave rise to tyrants like Stalin and Hitler using the same misleading tactics as Sherrod Brown uses currently.

Sure, Senator Brown apologized after his ghastly comparison, but the damage had already been done. He rallied his political base with such an irresponsible utterance that could have been pulled straight off the pages of Mein Kampt. Thousands upon thousands of union workers used that rally cry just like the fools in the National Socialist German Workers’ Party did on May Day one day after waving banners of celebration for Adolf Hitler only to find the next day they were in jail and deposed by the man they put in power.

It helps to know history and most of the idiot union workers who stand behind progressive organizations like the ones who prop up Sherrod Brown have no grasp of it beyond a couple of decades. To the average union worker they consider the public union collective bargaining rights voted into legality in 1983 in Ohio to be as old and authentic to America as the Declaration of Independence, and those are the kind of diabolical monstrosities who support Senator Sherrod Brown. They are so dangerous and such low-life, intellectually deficient sloths that America cannot survive if they are permitted a seat at the table, just like no house, or no tree, or no structure can hope to survive if it is infected with so many parasites that the good and strong can no longer provide support in spite of the mindless destruction that comes from labor unions and their communist roots.

For those reasons and hundreds more Senator Sherrod Brown needs to be removed from office on Election Day, 2012.

Rich Hoffman


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Lies, Cheats, and the Game of Cowards: The Benghazi Mask of Fools

It is now obvious that the White House knew about the terrorist attack against the four Americans in Benghazi that claimed the life of Ambassador Chris Stevens, two former Navy Seals and a State Department official.  The terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia took credit for the killings and the body mutilation of Sevens.  In fact a drone and other reconnaissance aircraft observed the final hours of the fight.  The White House knew two hours into the seven hour attack that American officials were under assault by terrorists which is deeply disconcerting considering The White House after seeing the evidence wished to deflect attention away from the idea of a terrorist assault that occurred on 9/11 2012 even though Sevens had even warned about the activity prior to the attack.  Instead The White House insisted that the violence was instigated by an anti-Muslim American movie—but it didn’t work—The White House, apparently the CIA and many other manipulative federal agencies had been caught with their hands in the cookie jar attempting to create a “false flag” event.  Watch the videos below for further clarification of who knew what and when they knew it.  The situation is extremely serious and looks to make the Fast and Furious event look like a misdemeanor—which of course Obama invoked Executive Privilege to protect Eric Holder and himself from further implication. What has occurred under this Obama White House may well be the most corrupt and destructive since Al Capone ran his famous organized crime syndicate in Chicago during the Prohibition.  The actions taken by many people just between the Fast and Furious scenario and now Benghazi deserve prison terms and possibly capital punishment.  They are reprehensible actions and I am personally ashamed that these kinds of people are the face of my country. 

But those of us who can see these actions for what they are, also know that nothing will ever come of it.  Obama will earn millions of dollars as a public speaker once his term is done, and Congress will lose it’s will to pursue justice.  These problems are just too big for the average mind of the average American to deal with.  CLICK HERE TO SEE WHY.  The criminals of manipulation are very aware of their desire to overwhelm the media and the public with too much crime so that nobody can possibly get their mind around the enormous tragedies of modern politics, so I will frame the argument in the fashion that so many conspiracy theories and minds of madness wish to ignore.

The trouble with the Middle East, and all other places in the world is that America uses the CIA to manipulate governments, topple regimes, and pit factions against each other so that America can profit off the chaos.  Any rational mind can see these activities in their simple local governments, and the situation is greatly magnified on the world stage where a lot of money and crony capitalism reigns supreme.  The political left wishes to address the problem with socialism, with a feeling of fairness to eliminate such global terror that often follows America’s own Central Intelligence Administration.  The political right looks to align themselves with the crony capitalists who hold the power of a particular regime. 

America has made it a habit of using the CIA specifically to implement a thousand James Bond plots all over the world without the stereotypical villains and the beautiful women in casinos.  But the manipulative plots conjured up to protect American interests are deplorable, and if used in a sporting event would be equivalent to cheating.  The Obama White House has been caught doing what the Bush Administration has done, the Clinton Administration has done, the Reagan Administration has done, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnston, Kennedy, all the way down to World War I essentially—and that is to use clandestine activities to advance American interests while also maintaining the public ability to shake hands with those same countries at the table of The United Nations.  It is the American participation in The United Nations that causes the need for back-stabbing actions by bringing into the equation politics showing the public a nice smiley face when in fact the various factions hate each other and want nothing to do with peace. 

I would rather see all sides of an argument spit in each others face and go to war over their ideas than to shake hands in public and assassinate each other behind the cloak of secrecy.  I would rather live in an America that out produces the rest of the world with laissez-faire capitalism than to use the CIA to get two sides fighting so that America can sell them both items made in America.  I would rather win by truly being superior than by invoking manipulative schemes to topple our enemies from within their own cultures.  If a president wanted to get rid of Kaddafi, I would have rather that president announce it clearly instead of using an Ambassador to funnel guns to the rebels who were actually connected to al-Qaeda and knew it—but also knew that the American people would never support such alliances, so the whole thing was done under the cloak of manipulation. 

People seem to forget that Saddam Hussein was created to invoke war with Iran during the Reagan years to help stabilize the situation there to American advantage.  And Osama bin-Laden was created to help Afghanistan fight against the Soviet Union.  Currently the war in Afghanistan could be argued not to be about fighting the Taliban but in protecting the opium trade of which Afghanistan is the world’s largest producer.  Have a look at the article below and the date:


Now look at the same paper reporting the situation 10 years later, and any mind with a brain can see that opium production has steadily increased each year since the 9/11 event in America. 


Does this mean that President Bush started a war with Afghanistan to protect world-wide opium production?  No.  But his advisors who are not elected but appointed who clearly get their marching orders from political donors do have a vested interest in the billions of dollars produced by Afghan opium production.  Those same donors give money to Obama, and both presidents have learned that even though they may publicly oppose drug use and opium production must turn a blind eye to the actions of their political contributors who need to maintain a façade of philanthropy while cashing in on the drug trade in Afghanistan, because the Taliban had tried to put a stop on the practice for spiritual reasons in 2001, just a few months before 9/11.  Such a case is purely hypothetical, but none of it would surprise me.  It can be seen how such tangled webs can snare so many good people to endorsing a reprehensible evil that nobody in the public wishes to acknowledge.  So often, the CIA is sent in to fix up these loose ends and keep all the dirty business away from the public eyes, including Presidents of The United States. 

There are a lot of Chris Stevens in the world who are killed and wiped from the earth with no eyes to witness.  The attackers of Stevens knew there was blood on the hands of powerful people in America and they dared those powerful people to challenge them by maiming the body of Stevens in a deplorable manner.  And just as they figured the guilty actions of all involved in the Benghazi debacle–the powerful people in America hid like cowards and attempted to blame a film maker for the violence that was started through area manipulation—that went wrong. 

I am not against the aggressive protection of freedom throughout the world, the crushing of tyrannical despots, and authoritarian regimes.  But I am against shaking hands with such people in the halls of the United Nations, then sending assassins to cut off their heads in the night so the blood is off the hands of public opinion.  I would rather see America do such things in the light of day with full declaration of their bold intentions.  It would be advisable going into the future for the power brokers who whisper into the ears of naive Presidents to stay out of the protection of illegal, reprehensible drug trafficking, the modern slavery of the sex trade, and a whole laundry list of financial despots who wish to rule the world not with a crown, or a kingdom, but with bank accounts that control politicians like mindless puppets to play the entire world—including America—as pawns in their vast schemes of power grabbing all in the name of philanthropy. 

Such days of cloak and dagger games are ending because the world is shrinking, and such things can no longer be hidden.  And in the future, such honesty is required so that courage can be truly awarded to those who are the best, and not the most sinister.

Rich Hoffman

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The Truth about ODE School Report Cards: Lakota and the Cincinnati Enquirer hold hands and kiss

Since my own personal Judas………Michael Clark of the Cincinnati Enquirer has written yet another apologist’s article in favor of public education it requires clarification of the matter at hand, which is the issue of school report cards issued by the Ohio Department of Education, where the highest grade possible is an Excellent with Distinction.  The article Clark wrote can be seen below as it was reported by the West Chester Buzz.


(Watch an interview I did with a Michigan radio station over this issue)

Based on that article, any intelligent skeptic would deduce that Superintendent Mantia of Lakota is indicating that she is going to let the rating of Lakota drop to just Excellent following what Mason has done recently.  Mason and Lakota have very similar demographics, but like Lakota have not passed a school levy for a number of years and have had to change out superintendents due to intense pressure from tax resistance groups.  Mason has a strong tax resistance group and now Lakota has two.  Yet Mason was lowered by the ODE to push voters into supporting a future school levy.  Little Miami was also punished by the ODE because of their multiple levy failures where Fairfield who just passed their levy last year was increased on their report card.  The ODE designation is purely a political scheme designed to increase taxes on property owners in favor of the radical union influence, and reporters like Michael Clark who have a personal stake in maintaining the status quo education system as it is, ignore the mechanisms of the scheme hoping that nobody notices. 

For the record I have for nearly two years now favored complete education reform with 100% School Choice in the State of Ohio and I want nothing to do with a teachers union.  Teachers should have a right to opt out of a union and until that discussion takes place, I am completely against the current education models that the Ohio Department of Education represents.  With that said, the report card system of the ODE is a foolish, corrupt, and out-dated system that favors political pull more than actual results and since reporters like Clark won’t do their job and uncover these types of stories because it might make their wives or reporting contacts angry, then I’ll gladly do the work in their place. 

I speak with school board members all over the state and am personal friends with several former school board members, and I will relay to you what they have relayed to me.  Schools all across the state sometimes win their ratings by destroying the tests of low scoring students. (proof below)  Superintendents make it their task to stay on good political terms with ODE personnel and staff so to keep the eyes of that board from looking too closely at the activity that actually produces the test results.  In schools like Lakota and Mason where the social demographics produce students who test better than schools like Princeton, CPS, or Lockland, there are more tests that must be excluded from the sampling and the risk of getting caught is much higher.  But superintendents have more or less in their power the ability to pass or fail their ratings at will. 

It should be noted that the superintendent of Little Miami stated that their testing suffered because of the 8 failed levies in previous years.  By saying such a thing he is declaring publicly that he failed in his job as superintendent, and politically he is playing the game of warning the public that if they don’t pass their school levies, their districts will also suffer a poor rating from the ODE.  Mason due to their finances need a levy in 2013 so they have been downgraded to attack the egos of the Mason residents with displaying a lack of school pride so that when their next levy is put on the ballot, the residents will pass it.  Lakota has a teacher’s contract that is up in 2014 and it will need a tax increase to pay for the bloated salaries of its employees when the pay freeze expires, so Mantia–the effervescent quarter million dollar politician–is planting the seeds for passing that levy by threatening to become downgraded as Mason was.

The Ohio Department of Education gladly puts on the blinders to this behavior, and they are very aware of what they are doing and why they are doing it.  They will of course publicly deny that such things are going on, but in the field of public education, it is the radical unions who run everything at every level, leaving the Ohio Department of Education members without any real teeth to hold any real authority.  Since most of the people working in education make extremely good money for maintaining the status quo, there is absolutely no desire to change anything, or question anything even when the red flags are glaringly obvious.  

Just to show that the ODE is doing their job they will occasionally pick a school to crack down on—to make a sacrificial victim of—and this year they focused on Southwestern Ohio because of all the levy resistance that has went on in the region—mostly by my personal friends and associates.  In fact, I am happy to report that we have tax resisters in almost every school district in these regions and yes—we all talk.  Recently the ODE targeted the lowly school district of Lockland for cheating on their test scores because the results were so obvious that nobody could claim to turn a blind eye away from the data.  Lockland is already on the verge of a major restructuring from the state, so there was no skin off the back of the ODE to crack down on them in order to show the public that the “system works” prompting the media to report the incident in a public relations campaign designed to attract the attention of the public while all the other schools in the region continue the same practice.  The ODE operates very similar to a traffic cop who tends to pull over red sports cars rather than family mini vans even though both are doing the same speed.  The driver of a red sports car is potential trouble to the status quo, so they usually get the ticket while the driver of a mini van is probably a responsible citizen who is just in a hurry trying to do their jobs in society, at least in the mind of such cops.  Lockland was the red sports car, Lakota I wouldn’t be surprised to learn, is the mini van.  Mantia in her political wisdom with the wink and a nod from the ODE may allow Lakota to become downgraded in 2013 so that the community will be incentivized to pass a levy by 2014 when the new teacher’s contract must be negotiated. 

For the proof of what has just been said here below is the article of Lockland getting caught by the ODE eliminating 36 low scoring students to improve their state score, just to prove that such activity goes on.  As school board vice-president of the Lakota school board, Julie Shaffer likes to say about me, that I “rant” when bringing such activity to public light, be it known that Lockland is simply a small fish and punishment by the ODE does little to affect the education culture that is so defective in Ohio.  Somehow I get the feeling that Shaffer won’t post this little bit of info on her Facebook page as she has other things that I’ve written here.   Enjoy those lattés ladies.


If my mood about education has become increasingly darker as time has went on it is because I have learned about the many tricks such as the one shown above that are embedded in the big business of public education and I have had to face the reality that the entire system must be completely scrapped and reformed.  100% School Choice is the only solution that I see as it is currently being used in countries like Sweden with great success, and is needed to break the terrible hold that teacher unions have on America’s public schools.  Until there are choices like “School Choice” there will continue to be corruption between superintendents, teacher unions, members of the Department of Education, the Ohio School Board Association, state legislators, trustees, even zoning officials who wrap themselves in such a tangled web that they can never hope to legitimately escape honestly. 

The sad reality of the entire report card situation is that it is all about job protection and money wrapped up in collective bargaining agreements that are sold on the backs of children.  And everyone who has participated in such a folly should be extremely ashamed of themselves.  In my first hand experience, the education culture from reporters like Clark all the way superintendents like Mantia is treacherously destructive to a beneficial society because they know better, yet put on the blinders for their own interests that I do not hesitate to describe.  I am as aghast at their behavior as anybody and believe me the proof stacks up high.  People just choose not to see it.  I do not wish to participate in their actions with my endorsement—or silence.  The report card evaluations from the Ohio Department of Education have only one purpose and that is to bring in more money in the form of taxes to the schools of their districts.  For districts that have shown they won’t pass their levies, the report card scores have been lowered, and for those who have passed their levies, the scores have increased taking into account a one year lag period, such as in the example of Little Miami.  And in the case of Lakota, the threat is that the district rating will be lowered as other areas of Lakota’s district show great promise such as the new Liberty Way shopping complex and the 2013 Homearama exhibition in Carriage Hill boosting the real estate world with an inflection of interest that neighboring communities will benefit from.  The politician Mantia is positioning herself for another levy run on the backs of these prideful events as some of those same real estate brokers whisper in her ear how best to proceed.  And you can bet that The Ohio Department of Education will work with her in every way possible to bring about the results they mutually desire—which is a preservation of an education monopoly that favors the teachers unions at the expense of the children and their parents. 

Rich Hoffman

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