Demise of China Part 2: Madame Fatale’s ‘Cavern of Terror’

This is part 2 of an article I wrote previously.  CLICK HERE for a review.


I was thinking of Hong Kong, communism and China in general while my wife, daughter, son-in-law, and I spent the weekend at the Halloween Haunt at Kings Island.  I love the Kings Island amusement park best during the cool October evenings, with the fog machines creating an eerie atmosphere as dressed up monsters roam around the park terrifying people.   This year new to the park, is an attraction called Madame Fatale’s Cavern of Terror.  As I stood in line I thought of how Lakota—my home school district could justify with a straight face sending public employees to China while opening the doors to that communist country in a mutual exchange.  I had to remind myself that the public unions that run Lakota and every other school in the country are in love with the communism of China, and without question Lakota sees such outreach programs with communist China to be wonderful, and beneficial to children everywhere.  As I looked around at the fantastic attraction at Kings Island I couldn’t help but think that China could not produce a Kings Island on their own.  As a communist country, they didn’t even think of such leisure activity for their population until they took over the lease of Hong Kong from the British government in 1997.

Disney built an amusement park in Hong Kong and since then, China has been attempting to copy the idea of amusement parks slowly trying to accept little bits of capitalism.  China didn’t have a choice.  Hong Kong was a capitalist city in their homeland but run by the British government seized in the Opium War (1839-1842).   England developed a flourishing economy while the rest of China stayed committed to communism 100 years later in 1949.  This caused economic drudgery for the 1 billion people living in China except for the fortunate 5 million people living in and around Hong Kong benefiting from capitalism.  Since 1997 China has been letting reluctantly the influence of capitalism expand their economy financially, but socially, they are in serious trouble leading them to a cliff of which their country will not avoid. 

These thoughts brought me back to my question, why does Lakota pride itself for a relationship with China?  Why has The United States allowed itself to become indebted to China’s economic wealth?  Unfortunately the reason is that the communists in America currently calling themselves progressives wish for The United States to be more like China, but what they don’t understand is the reality behind that decisionThe evidence of such a fatal flaw in recognition can be seen in the kind of amusement parks America has as opposed to the copy cat regime of China.  Kings Island would not exist in China under their own ingenuity.  Because of communism, the people of China would have to see it done first.  As a communist country short on imagination, they would never come up with a concept for a Halloween Haunt like Kings Island did. 

Wild economic creativity is a very specific benefit of capitalism, and America in general.  The kind of ingenuity that was on grand display at Madame Fatale’s Cavern of Terror was easy for the capitalist producers working at Cedar Fair Amusements.  Not so easy for amusement park workers in China who have to look at American websites to figure out what’s cool and what’s not.  Of a particular note was a new trick used in a haunted house that I had never experienced before.  One of the monsters in the maze said my name as I walked by, which did cause me to give the guy a double-take.  I saw that he didn’t attempt to make eye contact with me and as I was going up the stairs out of the pit of catacombs I noticed that he made no further attempt to communicate with me.  Instead I saw a woman speaking to the monster with a sheet of paper in her hand.  I spent the rest of the evening trying to figure out if I knew the guy from somewhere and if I did how he could have recognized me so quickly in such poor light.  As I reasoned through the events leading up to that particular confrontation I realized that the attraction which was entirely indoors had used some type of face recognition software similar to what the TSA are using to match my face with the records they have in the Kings Island season pass database.  The woman would tell the monster the names of a particular person as she got them off her computer between groups passing through that zone.  It was a neat trick that certainly got my attention. 

But in China, doing such things takes great effort, whereas in The United States creativity is actually taken for granted.  China is feared all over the world because of its land mass, and its vast numbers of population, but they are in serious trouble because of their communist, collectivist oriented society.  After adopting communism from The Soviet Union the Chinese have imposed upon themselves the same kind of economic restrictions that crushed Russia two decades prior.  Additionally their social engineering policy of only one child per family is having devastating consequences.  Currently China is full of males looking for war with Japan over some territorial islands for the primary reason that there are not enough females to domesticate the males.  The men do not have the ability to have their own woman to share a life with, and have sex.  They have to share women like all communist societies advocate so strongly.  But that doesn’t exactly work, so the male population in China is strung up very tight.  Currently in China there are between 120 to 130 males for every 100 females.  There are more than 35 million people missing in China according to birth records, and the logical belief is that those people were girls born into families who wanted a boy, so they killed the girl.  One thing that the communists didn’t consider in their masterful social planning is that fathers would want a son to carry on their family name, and if the State only allowed them to have one child per family, they didn’t want to waste that on a girl.  That kind of culture is what public schools like Lakota are promoting to young students learning the merits of communism. 

Using the same reasoning ability to add up the facts as I did over the haunted house name identification incident, it is not difficult to see where China is headed.  They have a heavily male population that must pay for sex in brothels, because not all men can have a woman, or they must become homosexual—which is another communist platform item.  Homosexuality is advocated by communists because it destroys the traditional family and gives the state the authority role over young people.  This has created some very unusual internal problems in China which can be explored more deeply in the article below.

When President Obama speaks of putting America to work building bridges and roads, and hiring more teachers, cops and firefighters, he has in essence copied what communist China has been doing for a number of years, especially since taking over Hong Kong.  China to keep its citizens working has been building many “ghost cities” which are giant public works projects designed to keep the economy moving along.  But the trouble is nobody lives in them.  There are not companies to fill them, and no people to reside there.  They are just constructed cities designed by master planners for people who will never arrive.  They were built to cover up a serious economic problem that China is about to be crushed under—the failure of communism. 

1.1   million workers in China work for Foxconn who probably makes your iPhone if you have one.  Foxconn had to close one of its factories after major riots over oppressive working conditions broke out recently in Taiyuan, leaving 79,000 workers out of a job.  The reason companies like Apple and other global electronics companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Microsoft use the Foxconn factories in China to make their products is because the union jobs in America would simply be too expensive.  I don’t blame them as American companies one bit for seeking out the most competitive advantage to their profit matrix.  I blame the communist government of China because they don’t give people a choice of economic options.  Thorough China’s collectivism they have socially engineered themselves into destruction.  They work where they’re assigned.  End of story.  The State controls virtually everything even down to the sex life of its citizens.  When the pressure becomes too great, the citizens simply kill themselves or riot out of desperation.  Read more about this terrible situation below:

Communism is failing China in a huge way and the media in The United States along with the President and other academic types are keeping the failures quite because they are in denial.  Many of them have long advocated the utopia of communism in The United States and refuse to see the facts for the facts.  I suspect many of them would go through Madame Fatale’s Cavern of Terror as I did and would be shocked when a monster called their name out of the fog infested darkness.  But they would probably leave it at that, and not pursue the truth any further by adding up the facts to figure out how the monster knew their name.  They would simply accept the act without figuring out why it happened, and this is what all communists are guilty of.  This is why millions of people are dying in China right now—today!  This is why the worst civil rights abuses in the entire world are happening in China with the killing of millions of young girls.  If the crimes against women in China were added to the crimes against women in Islamic faith, women’s rights groups all over the earth would be in a deserved outrage.  But they are not, because they are not advocates for individual rights of women, but collective rights of humanity, and they cannot turn their attention against collective based organizations like the Islamic religion or the political philosophy of communism.  There is no place on earth where worker rights are so extremely oppressive as in China right now, today in that far away land where communism rules with an iron fist, accepting crony capitalism so long as their business partners outwardly support progressive causes—so everyone can sleep well at night. 

That same night my family and I attended the Halloween Haunt at Kings Island we also went to Skyline Chili at Kings Mills, a delightful restaurant featuring Cincinnati’s world famous chili.  From the dining room window I could see the Eiffel Tower of Kings Island and all along the circumference of the room a model train ran around the parameter.  I enjoyed watching the train as we ate our dinner and I contemplated how wonderful capitalism is.  Around the counter the employees waiting to serve a new customer talked casually.  Their minds were not on riots like the conditions at the Foxconn plant in China instigated.  They simply wanted to get off work in time to play World of Warcraft meeting up in cyberspace with their guild friends.  For the young people working at Skyline Chili the world is open to them, and there are limitless options for them to fill their time.  At the Foxconn plant in China where the riots took place, the workers live, work, and play all the same facility in service to the State, like all good communists must do without question. 

I would support public education in America if they publicly denounced their affiliation with labor unions and disguised communism.   I would feel better about my district of Lakota if they did not send employees on “goodwill” missions to a communist country that is currently killing millions of their current citizens behind smiling faces and letting American youth believe everything is alright.  Nobody gives a damn so long as their iPhone works, and they have the latest addition.   As I watched the train round the tracks at Skyline Chili I realized that what I hate most about labor unions—all labor unions—is that they use communism to erode the world of what’s good and wherever they gather they bring misery.  Even where they don’t gather, they bring misery because it forces people to flee their collective wrath.  In the case of companies like Apple seeking to offer a good product at a good price, they can deal with the communism of labor unions in The United States or they can deal with the communism of China and their forced work labor restrictions due to economic limitations.  American companies have the upper hand in China because the communist country has no ingenuity on their own, so they rely on America to give them their jobs which can be produced cheaper in China than in the United States.  But China with all its power or its population cannot make a haunted house like what was found at Kings Island in Madame Fatale’s Cavern of Terror.  And for me, that is the most frightening thought I had all evening.

Rich Hoffman

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7 thoughts on “Demise of China Part 2: Madame Fatale’s ‘Cavern of Terror’

  1. I visited China in 2004. Our tour guide told us that his wife was pregnant but they had to hid it because they didn’t have the license to have a baby. No license, can’t go to the hospital. No hospital, no registration of baby. No registration, no citizenship. No citizenship, no school, No school, no job. If they had been found she would be forced to abort no matter how far along. Anyone could turn them in. They managed to get her out to the US on a work visa. Baby was able to have correct Chinese paperwork due to agreement between US & China.

    We were taken to a bird park for entertainment while there. Saw a man dressed in spandex & a cape ride a ostrich.


    1. Thank you very much for that sample. That is the communist utopia that we are told by the public education system that we should emmulate. How many people like that couple are suffering because of communism today? Millions and millions just like those two. Communism/progressivism, should be wiped from the face of the planet to save people like that.


    1. And it’s all true. Nobody has talked about it. Taken in context with part one communism is a SERIOUS problem, still in our country. The only way to understand how deeply is to study the history.


  2. This is one of the main reasons I am here at Overmanwarrior. Anyone can start a site to espouse their beliefs but Rich has an incredible historical and philosophical background to back up everything he says. Those are two subjects that are sorely lacking in today’s schools, all the way up to the collegiate level. If you do not go out of your way to educate yourself on such matters, which takes much time and effort, you cannot understand the forces that drive humans and shape our world. Entering into a debate with a person such as Rich without having done such “homework” is like taking a knife to a gunfight…you are reduced to using emotional arguments and rhetoric to try to carry the day. Rich pointed this out quite well in a recent article.

    This is the big “secret” that the media and progressives don’t want you to know: America has the highest standard of living on Earth for a reason: freedom and capitalism. The left has very successfully demonized the word “capitalism” and hid the true standard of living in Communist countries. Learn from history or you are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

    How did Frank Zappa put it? “Everybody’s safe and it can’t happen here.”


    1. Thanks Phil! So many people read, but very few leave comments. It’s nice to hear good ones every now and then. And you will enjoy the Gulch. Paul is there too. Those guys think very close to the way we do.


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