Altruism is the Mask of Modern Evil: The do-gooder’s of injustice spin a complicated web

Altruism is one of the most sinister forms of human behavior ever to take hold on the human race, and it is so dangerous that like a parasitic organism disguising itself as part of one’s own body with full intention to continue feeding off that body, or else kill it, altruism allows bad negative behavior to be disguised as good. When people declare that they willingly gave to charity, or donated their money to the Boy Scouts, or made a great sacrifice for the good of everyone else, what is really being said is that there are fundamental lies in the life of the propagator that are being concealed. While it is genuinely nice to help others with whatever difficulties they are enduring, such action may not technically be good. It is the definition of “good” that is at fault, the measurement of “good” that is most at error and allows bad people to believe they are acting honorably, and with justice for the “greater well-being.”

When a school levy is proposed to a community, it is propagated on behalf of the “good of the children” when in fact it is a lie, it’s the good of the labor unions and teachers’ bank accounts. When a police or fire levy is proposed to a community it is for the “safety of the neighborhood” that is the mantra of destruction, for the levy does not go to helping make anyone safe, as the work is currently being hired out to complete. It is to protect the pay increases and pensions of the workers without having to increase their personal production to increase their revenue streams. The neighborhood is used as the cover story to hide the greed and evil of lazy public employees wanting to pay off their bass boats while believing to themselves that socially the action is for the “greater good.” Consider the Washington congressman who attends a charity dinner for a “needy cause” but the reality is that the congressman is there not for the cause but to network with lobbyists so that they can learn how they can enrich themselves through the money being funneled into their direction. There are millions of possible variations to these examples, but in short altruism is used as a mask to hide much evil—so much so that any good created from those enterprises is destroyed by the actions in reality.

This behavior trend was never more evident than in the Texas cancer doctor, Dr. Burzynski who has managed to produce a cancer treatment for various cancers including breast cancer and prostate cancer that bypasses many of the violent surgeries that our society has become accustomed to. Throughout the 90’s up to the present there was a lot of panic over Burzynski as the FDA tried to throw him in jail for producing a drug that was a major threat to the pharmaceutical industry. (CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW) Logic would declare that Burzynski had discovered a cure for most cancers, and was able to save thousands of patients from destructive chemotherapy. But the problem is not so simple because of social altruism. Think of how during NFL football games the players wear pink shoes and ribbons attached to their uniforms to raise awareness for breast cancer. Think of the public relations industry that is behind those pink ribbons, think of the speeches and fundraisers that so many politicians attend—millions are affected in some way or another to the altruism of breast cancer awareness. Many dirty minds are allowed to conduct their lives as parasites off the human race under the guise of goodness, because they are promoting “women’s health.” Yet there is nothing more beneficial to women’s health than curing breast cancer, as Burzynski is well on his way to doing. Yet he has spent over twenty years defending himself from jail just because he invented a way to cure cancers that would put all the parasites that thrive off those miserable conditions out of business.

Altruism is evil not because it occasionally, accidentally does good to a small few; it is evil because it seeks to hide evil behind the mask of goodness. If the trend of altruism were removed from human society, that mask would not be able to hide such evil, and the evil could then be dealt with in a straight forward way. For each person who heard of Burzynski’s cancer treatments who said, “oh, but what will happen to my job if people are cured of cancer,” each of them are committing a sinister evil in hoping for the continued death and decay that cancer creates just so they can continue to be employed making the stupid pink ribbons that are passed out at football games and other social events to project a belief in goodness. When someone proclaims that society should “sacrifice” their time and money to great causes—look out, there is a villain among you. The great causes are in most cases an artificially created crises designed to use emotional turmoil to bring about financial gain to the villain.

Think of the man who cheats on his wife Saturday night with a grotesque orgy of sin, drinking, gambling, and sexual forays in the bright lights of Vegas then catches the red-eye flight back home to attend church with the family on Sunday. The members of his congregation see in the pews with them a great man who loves his family. They think even higher of the man because he placed a $200 donation in the basket. The man’s wife, the children and the congregation from their vantage point believe the man to be virtuous because he gave a great sum of money to the church to help give the entire congregation a church to gather in to rejoice in the presence of God. What they don’t know, that behind the mask of altruism the man took the $200 from a prostitute who passed out in his Vegas bedroom and that he won over $5000 at the tables that his wife will never know about because he plans to spend that money else ware. The $200 is cover under the mask of altruism to hide his crimes and camouflage his intentions.

If altruism were frowned down upon in our society, ironically things would improve a great deal socially. The thieves who hide behind large charitable organizations, the pudgy socialites of community foundations, the school levy advocates, the fire chief who appears about to give birth crying for a new fire truck, the cancer awareness parasites, the Sunday morning do-gooder, they are all harboring evil by allowing goodness to be eaten away from the inside out through the social recognition of altruism. Unfortunately goodness has been captured in this way by bad people, who are allowed to believe they are good due to the definition of goodness being corrupted by evil, and we are not talking about isolated incidents—this is a widespread tragedy. In almost every case, if the tendency toward altruism is examined honestly, many evils will be seen just below the surface. For those who claim there is not enough altruism in the world, behold, there is your thief. Examine their lives carefully and you will find a villain seeking to hide their crimes behind the banality of altruism.

Rich Hoffman

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