The Box Office/Political War: Cutting the collectivists out of ‘Atlas Shrugged Part 2’

When I put my support as aggressively as I have behind Atlas Shrugged Part 2 there is a good reason. A movie is a way that information the rest of us already know can be shared with those who are coming to know it. There is no reason to have petitions signed, to hold up banners at rallies, to even vote, if a majority of the adult population continues to be treacherously stupid and undo all the work that has been attempted on their behalf. This is why I now write full-time, because I feel this is the best way to help the world around me, by giving readers ideas that will help them undo the intentional evasion they have been taught to practice. My new book Tail of the Dragon is intended to deliver the message of freedom with the ornamentation of an intense car chase. Because I know the character of Rick Stevens requires an action packed plot to help the hard medicine go down easier, since he is an unyielding, personality that many people aren’t accustomed to dealing with, the intention is still to celebrate freedom and individuality. I am not interested in any other kind of character. Thousands of other kinds of characters have been created, but only a few handfuls of the strong individual types that I am interested in have been created. That is why the name of this site is called OVERMANWARRIOR. If the average man these days is one who is addicted to evasion, to a mediocre blandness in their existence, then I aim to be more than that—an overman who strives to exist beyond the limits set by collectivists to ruin the human race.

When many thought I had lost my mind months ago by publicly calling my political opponents latté sipping prostitutes with asses the size or car tires, I knew what I was doing. They thought I was playing by the old rules of politics that they had established. But I wasn’t. I was reflecting the front of the train mentally where people are beginning to realize that you cannot argue with some political ideologies, while others are out-right dangerous, and cannot be reasoned with. When those ideologies are confronted, they must be crushed without apology because no matter how nice you are to those types, or how much you attempt to cooperate with them, they have their agenda, and they will lie, steal, and manipulate anything it takes to destroy you. So compromise is not a definition compatible with the current war we are in. And at the front of this war of ideas are books of old and books of new along with movies competing with the entertainment that has captured generations. The battle is being fought there, for the hearts and minds of audiences in music, movies, television and books.

This is why Atlas Shrugged has been so important in fueling the Tea Party movement, because such burning movements need food for the thoughts, so that context can be placed on the argument. And the movie version of Atlas Shrugged increases book sales, which ultimately gets more people thinking seriously about free market economies and personal liberty. Communists have The Communist Manifesto and they have used it like a club to hammer America into the kind of mixed economy, mixed political ideology that America is enduring presently. So it is only fair that those of us who reject those ideas are using Atlas Shrugged as our own club to beat down the communists, who are virtually everywhere like a termite nest in a hollowed out tree. From the outside the tree looks healthy with leaves on the branches until a great storm comes and breaks the tree in half with a heavy wind to reveal how much damage the termites have done over a long period of time. So for me, and it appears the makers of Atlas Shrugged Part II–we are at war, and we are working toward common goals. We are at war against collectivism and the machine that was built-in the entertainment industry to advance communism through the college professor who taught young media students journalism, to the story editors who work for the major Hollywood studios, to the producers who associate with Communist Party USA directly or indirectly through the Democratic Party, to the film critics who work for the newspapers. It is time to challenge them with material that represents capitalism, and individual strength against the collective.

Playing such a game does not call for handshakes or tip-toeing around the issue. I can declare that I won’t do it anymore. Playing nice with those collective advocates isn’t going to happen on my end of the deal ever again. And I’m not alone in this stance. Increasingly over the last year it has been understood that collectivists do not deserve compassion, they do not deserve understanding, because they truly want to destroy the version of America that we love, so the gloves are coming off. To get a sense of this all one has to do is look at the way John Aglialoro has approached the release of Atlas Shrugged Part One as opposed to Atlas Shrugged Part Two. In Part One he had a big opening and invited Hollywood to view the film along with other media professionals and they did exactly what Ellsworth Toohey did in The Fountainhead, which was attempt to crush Atlas Shrugged Part One because they didn’t like the message, because they wanted to suppress it in favor of collectivist oriented entertainment, which has had a monopoly for a long time in America—too long. Aglialoro’s trust in the media business to treat him fairly cost him dearly, millions of dollars of lost box office receipts because the system shut down access to the film. Later, once Part One hit Netflix and came out on DVD, people rented it, and watched it, and enjoyed it, once the media hype had died down.

This time, for Part Two, it’s a whole different story. Aglialoro and his team prior to the October 12th release of Atlas Shrugged ‘Ether Or’ have had a premier in Washington D.C. and two screenings in Los Angeles, and not a single member of the traditional press was invited. Aglialoro said of the decision, “They won’t like it, so why give them the sword to cut off our own head.”  His approach was to invite those they know are with them to see and write about the film leaving the media out of the loop. More or less, the Atlas Shrugged film group is by-passing the traditional media, the studio system, all the channels who control the flow of information, and they are well aware that it will ruffle feathers, which is the point when you’re at war. John Aglialoro, when talking about the media’s response to Part I said, “The movie critics en masse immaturely bullied Atlas Shrugged mercilessly. Not because the cast or producers made a technically or artistically inferior movie, but because of its philosophical message of individualism. That’s what’s unforgivable. The critics prostituted their profession for politics.” Ahhh, it’s so nice to hear someone else say that, to have the balls to put his personal fortune on the line to make a film the establishment will absolutely hate while he is hanging by a thread at great personal risk to himself, he tells the media that they “prostituted themselves.” That’s the measure of a man, and the new way that the battles will be fought for now on in this war of ideas.

So understand that we are at war, and what’s at stake is freedom over collectivism, and money is the ballot box. This is why I am so intent to see Atlas Shrugged Part II successful, because in this kind of war I am the media. So are you dear reader, because you can’t trust the traditional sources on this matter. They support only one kind of idea, and that is the one advocated by collectivism, which is a crime against truth. If the ideas of collectivism were so strong, they would not fear competition from the theories of individual liberty and laissez-faire capitalism over the crony capitalism of a mixed economy. But they do fear it, and wish with all their power to shut down the message. I plan to use the literature that gained traction in the past to pound my wishes into the future, and I plan also to add to it with new work for future generations. But surrendering life to the quicksand of the collective is simply not an option. Peace with the collectivist is not desired. Their way of life can only be cast away from the continent of The United States because they have proven a desire to rule with a dictatorship of the proletariat, and the damage they have done to millions of people and the human race in general has been, and is unforgivable. Much harsher language will come in the days that have not yet seen the sun. That is a promise.

In the meantime, prepare to see Atlas Shrugged Part 2 at a theater near you on the weekend of October 12th. Go see the movie for no other reason than to stick a fork in the eye of those who have embraced collectivism at the expense of personal freedom.

Rich Hoffman

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3 thoughts on “The Box Office/Political War: Cutting the collectivists out of ‘Atlas Shrugged Part 2’

  1. I like how you used Ayn Rand’s tree analogy. This country is that tree right now, it looks fine from the outside; its constitution and free markets are visible; but they are in deep decay. When you dig deeper you see just how bad the problem is. The collectivists (communists, socialists, fascists, crony capitalists, big government supports, statists of all kinds) have used people to profit for themselves in the name of sacrifice to the ’cause’. This country, and indeed the world is in free-fall. Perhaps, as is suggested in the latest Ayn Rand documentary; this will be the first country in history to save itself from the inevitable collapse of empire, and return to its capitalist roots with liberty and the gold standard. Atlas Shrugged Part II is a crowning symbol of the great awakening many are currently experiencing. To those reading this blog and this comment; if you love all the technology that liberty and capitalism has brought to the world, you will love the new movie, and if you haven’t read it already; go buy Atlas Shrugged!


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