The Ghost of Robert Welch: Being right in a world that wished he was wrong

Robert Welch during the 1950’s and 1960’s was the epitome of a right-winged radical as defined by the left-winged radical fringe of progressive thought.  Welch was so far off the ideology of the left, that he appeared extreme to most sensible minded Americans who didn’t wish to see the communist infiltration of The United States that was happening all around them.  Everywhere Welch looked he saw a vast communist conspiracy that was a world-wide movement.  He was so concerned about this communist infiltration that he founded the John Birch Society in 1958, a group that was so conservative that it denounced presidents Nixon and Reagan as being “too liberal.”  Welch felt that the American people were divided into four groups, “communists, communist dupes or sympathizers, the uninformed who have yet to be awakened to the communist danger, and the ignorant.”  His language was harsh, showing his Baptist, North Carolina roots where he was taught at home by his mother—a school teacher.  He was a brilliant student and would later join the United States Naval  Academy and Harvard Law School, but he dropped out of both to become independently wealthy on his own efforts.  Welch was a man who was self-made, and held fierce convictions.  His view of the world was untainted by cooperative endeavor so typical in most people who work for others, so he could afford to see the world in the “long view.”  This led him to see communists everywhere, and he was at war with them using the John Birch Society as his club to defeat communism in America.  In 1958 he gave the speech seen below, and in it, many of the crazy conspiracy theories that the political left tried to discredit can be seen coming true to this very day.  Time and history have siphoned through the liars and the prophets separating the tin-hat kooks from the masks of thieves.  In that process, Robert Welch has been confirmed a prophet, and all too correct as many of the far-flung conspiracies he suggested were rooted in truth, as confirmed by the status of modern America.  Listen for yourself. 


Welch was in his day the modern version of Glenn Beck and Beck has seen much the same level of scrutiny that Welch did from the political left.  As modern history has shown, Beck has been much more right than wrong, most notably in declaring that the Muslim religion was attempting to form a Caliphate to unite the former Ottoman Empire, and hiding their actions behind religious debate and political sovereignty.  Welsh in his day took the facts of his time into account and added them up to the logical conclusion that the communists were attempting everything they said they would during the Bolshevik Revolution, and that was to bring communism to the entire world.  Leftists wish to practice evasion and not add up any facts, they only wish to feel their way through the world, so it is not hard to hide such conspiratorial plots from their un-inquisitive minds.  But to people who are fully awake and observing the facts of reality for their true value, people like Glenn Beck in the modern age, people like Ayn Rand from the days of Welch, or Robert Welch himself, the facts point into one direction, and the events that follow are easy to predict once they are accepted as reality. 

I didn’t know anything about Robert Welch and only learned about the events of his era, and his communist concerns by studying Ayn Rand and the events that occurred around her.  I have said much of what Robert Welch said in 1958 here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom in the modern age through independent conclusions, by simply adding up the evidence and arriving at conclusions based on that sum.  All that is required is simply acknowledging the evidence, and following it wherever it points, and in the case of modern issues, it is collectivism that is bringing much of the worlds evils upon the human race whether it is through religious rhetoric or political philosophy.  Communism as Robert Welch feared was in fact imposed upon American culture through “The Insiders,” and such an insidious plot was hatched from the basic human need of collective acceptance.  It didn’t require a great conspiracy of secrecy to induce; all that had to happen were that communists create a modern environment centered on collectivism and the world’s religions and political parties would fulfill the objectives of The Naked Communist also printed in 1958.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW. 

Leftists have attempted to paint me as a radical right-winged advocate just as they painted Welch, and Rand.  But the reality is that my position is only considered radical compared to those who have accepted collectivism in various degrees out of rejection of personal liberty.  My position is the one of reason and logic built upon evidence, not emotion.  It is the advocate of emotional decisions that find their philosophies fall apart in their hands like water trying to run through their fingers.  And to be fair, few people had a history behind them to show how well capitalism worked, so communism was very appealing to a society of soft minded intellectuals.  It was easy to call Welch in 1958 a conspiracy theory advocate, because America was still riding the wave of near perfect capitalism seen in America from 1880 to about 1905.  The impact of socialism in the American economy was disguised due to the impact of World War I and World War II wrecking the world’s economy leaving only The United States to profit.  When Robert Welch gave his speech in 1958, people on the left and in the political middle giggled at Welch’s naive world vision.  But as history would prove 50 years later, Welch was correct about nearly all his assertions. 

Action is now dictated.  A choice must be made, because the mixed economy in America that has been laced with collectivist communism must be removed before America can restart its economic engine.  That requires an acknowledgment of what Welch stated half a century ago, and to understand that it has come true in our day and time.  Such times require our personal courage to make the hard decisions, the unpopular social position that is against collectivism, which is the parasite of capitalism. The decisions of today demand an understanding that the best way to help everyone in the world is to convince them all to look out for themselves and to strive for independence in a way that has only been flirted with in the past, but never fully utilized. 

But calling the prophets of American society names because they state the inconvenient won’t fix the problem.  Ignoring the facts of reality won’t make them go away.  America will not survive another 50 years of mixed capitalism induced from communist infiltration to such an extent that the original perpetrators are long since dead and have given birth to progressive spawns who no longer know the technical definition of communism, but instead call themselves democrats and progressives, or MTV viewers who get their news from Comedy Central and consider themselves “worldly.” Those same fragmented minds will always declare that people like Robert Welch were crack-pots who should be ignored.  The reason is that they are the ones who advocated the evil upon mankind thinking that they were saviors fighting on behalf of collectivism.  In reality it is collectivism that is the true evil parasite that is seeking to destroy life itself beginning with personal liberty on a long documented quest for power and conquest in the ancient tradition of candidacy into the priesthood on the shores of “Diana’s Mirror.”  Intellectuals, the same fools who advocate collectivism know precisely what my reference to “Diana’s Mirror” is.  If not, they can Google it. But it is there where the trend toward communism begins, and such roots must be pulled up from the mind of which they grow so that America can return to the foundations of freedom that made it the greatest country on earth, land of the free, and home of the brave, before communism rotted away the minds of the intellectual and seduced the hearts of the weak. 

Rich Hoffman

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