The Cry Baby American Teacher: Reasons why education reform requires a complete change

One of the most laughable documents I have ever read can be seen below, where a so-called “educator” by the name of John Kuhn utters his distorted vision of reality from the point of view of the American teacher. But within the laughs that are sure to come from the minds and mouths of any sensible reader, there are kernels of understanding that can be had from such diabolical diatribes. The most telling revelation to come from the below article is just what teachers instructing the American youth believe the idea economic/education system should be. The answer is that it is Scandinavia that they point to as the world’s most obvious success story. Scandinavia consisting of the countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland has developed a particular model of welfare, employment and economic governance based on universal access to tax-financed social services and social insurance. Scandinavian countries currently utilize full employment secured by expansive macro-economic policies and active labor market manipulation, highly organized labor markets, corporatist interest mediation, and so on. In short Scandinavian countries utilize central control of their resources by government with a large public buy-in with their tax resources, and American teachers are pointing to this cluster of countries as the utopian model they wish to instruct upon the future American society.

Apparently John Kuhn, the author of that article has failed to realize that America is currently in another Revolutionary War, and the cause of the revolution is due to teachers like him. I for one do not wish to follow in the footsteps of Scandinavia, who as a cluster of European style countries are the least of the evil choices that countries long suppressed with kings, princes, and socialism have found that by introducing a few free market ideas—such as IKEA, that they can expand their economic influence. The people of these countries have long been defeated of their individual liberty and outlook for personal freedom. They are often happy to concede their incomes through taxation in exchange for lengthy vacations and hefty retirement packages. But Americans aren’t. In The United States a large number of people have tasted freedom and they don’t want any variation of socialism that Europe has offered, and this is the cause of the current Revolution in America.

John Kuhn complains that parents are not involved with their children, and this is why teachers are more important than ever. But what teachers who think like Kuhn don’t realize is that the same progressive policies that have put teachers as the bastions of democracy and social organization in every community across America, it is those same progressive policies that have destroyed the American family. It is those progressive policies of government intervention, and centralized control of the America family that have told parents that it is the school that will interfere with the power of the father if a child comes to school with bruises on their backs. The American teachers like Kuhn have injected themselves into the lives of many thousands of children and prosecuted parents for suspected abuse often. The modern teacher sees their role as protectors of children from their parents, and as the ultimate instructor of a child’s fate, and in response, parents have surrendered their authority to the John Kuhns in the teaching profession.

To understand why so many parents are on drugs these days and exposing their children to treacherous conditions at home, look to the progressive welfare programs that created no incentive to be productive adults. To understand why the divorce rate is so high look at a college education system that has produced too many lawyers who need divorces to pay for their occupations, and advertise the destruction of the family as a way to put food on their own tables. To ask why parents drop off their child at school and expect a teacher to do all the work look at the social intrusion that the school and their teachers inject in court rooms all over the country and measure that against the amount of money that a family pays in personal property taxes and the answer will present itself. If society is failing it is due to the largest influence in most people’s lives, their public education experience. The fault is on the teachers themselves who bred into society the kind of lackadaisical life approach taught to students in America that has degenerated every year since the inception of the Department of Education in 1979. The education system has been a failure. It has destroyed families, it has taught our youth the wrong values, and it doesn’t lead the world, it follows, and that is just not acceptable.

The reason for the rise in films against the union controlled education system like Waiting for Superman, and Won’t Back Down is because there are many in America who are sick of the job that teachers have done with American youth, and we want to be free of it. We don’t agree with the kind of education modern teachers are providing, and we want to reject the service in favor of something driven from the free market, not centrally located at the Department of Education that is locked arm and arm with The United Nations. We don’t give a rat’s ass what a bunch of stuffy comb-over bureaucrats cooked-up at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2002, where Scandinavia was presented as the education/economic model of the future. It means nothing in a country known for its innovation, where it has been recognized that such education philosophies will not take America were we want to go, and that is to be the “best,” not just a notable player at the table of a world economy.

I personally have no love for the European and in the type of revolution that I see coming, would not hesitate upon that day to plant the American flag square into the eye socket of a European socialist dandy serving on the board of the World Economic Forum. They have a right to their beliefs, but not into forcing my participation—and this is what they are demanding of all Americans, and why there is push-back against teachers. American teachers are the advocates of this European model, this copy-cat approach to education looking to Scandinavia to provide the world with the kind of mixed economy socialism offers in the ultimate utopia with just enough controlled capitalism to make a little money. I reject that approach and I will not participate peacefully. My squabble is not one where intend to impose my beliefs upon my neighbors, but when my neighbors intend to impose upon me with higher taxes, they are forcing my participation in a system that I utterly reject.

Educator John Kuhn is right about one thing however, the anger at education goes beyond corporate donations to education reformers and movies attacking the control labor unions have on public education. The old Bolshevik Revolution mantra about the plight of the proletariat fighting against the wealthy bourgeois is old and worn out, and is always at the heart of what these deranged socialist loving educators utter. It is also what they teach our youth—and it is for that reason that more and more people are beginning to think the way I do—that public education needs a major overhaul and cannot be saved in its current form. It is not the task of America to copy Denmark, Norway, or Sweden, and to a more limited extent, the other Nordic countries: Finland and Iceland. Scandinavian nations are noted internationally for their peacefulness, social and gender equality, strong labor unions and social democratic parties, expansive governments, and high taxes, just to mention a few salient features. They are a socialist oriented cluster of countries that is fine for them, but not right for America and it would be advisable that educators like John Kuhn who are so in love with such places on earth buy a plane ticket and move to those frosty climates to endure the communist dreams of their politicians. In America, I want the youth of The United States to learn from a much different type of teacher and that anxiety will only increase as this new American Revolution churns up past rhetorical ideas and turns to actual military maneuvers. But rest assured there will not be a quiet compliance to the direction intended by the minds of American intelligentsia because they are not acting on behalf of the nation that became the greatest in the world. Instead they wish to be one collective head in a global crowd, which is not even close to being acceptable by the standard of traditional America.

Conflict is unavoidable because the differences in philosophy are too great.

Rich Hoffman

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