Labor Unions Back Sheriff Jones: The slippery slope of political compromise

During the debate over Issue 2—the repeal of Senate Bill 5 in Ohio during 2011, many political lines between many established political circles were exposed where at once they were believed to be hard-core Republicans, but learned they were actually very progressive advocates of the same policies that allowed a president like Obama happen. In Cincinnati such stories were Bill Cunningham, Sheriff Jones and Senator Bill Sietz who showed that their public positions of conservativism were actually a mixed bag of progressivism. Sietz was a vocal critic of Governor Strickland as a political insider, Cunningham a big time talk show host for 700 WLW who sometimes does labor work as an attorney along with Sietz—and is married to a government employee—a judge, and Sheriff Jones selling himself as one of the hardest nosed law enforcers in the country on illegal immigration. All three seemed poised to be the best spokesman of our day on conservative principles in the Cincinnati area. Cunningham specifically from his microphone of 700 WLW pushed for governor Kasich to be bold and do the hard things it would take to reform Ohio with a loud mouthed crusade that sounded tough, but turned out in reality to be a ruse.

All three men sold themselves as red rocked Republicans in the past and learned during the election of 2011 that they were just as guilty of many of the country’s troubles as the Democrats masking the socialism of communist infiltrators emerging in America during the Hippie Movement. Compared to the socialist advocates of the 1960’s, Cunningham, Sietz and Jones probably do think of themselves as conservatives. But their support of labor unions exposed the flaws in their logic. Jones and I had in common that we were both frequent guests on 700 WLW. I would come on with Doc Thompson regularly to discuss school issues, and Jones would come on with Bill Cunningham to discuss union issues, especially regarding Senate Bill 5. Their position seemed odd to me since I believed that they were as committed to conservative principles as Doc Thompson and I were. Over the course of the election of 2011 as Cunningham came out in favor of the union repeal going against his friend, the Governor of Ohio John Kasich I learned that Cunningham was simply playing the part of a Rush Limbaugh type over all the years I’ve listened to him on WLW, and that he was just playing the part of a character on the radio. Doc and I however believed in everything we were saying, and weren’t afraid to speak it.

I knew there was big trouble in the Republican Party when I attended a large event with the Governor in the heavily conservative area of Liberty Twp. Every important Republican, financial contributor, and other powerhouses were at this event, yet Jones was not, because he had to come out with Cunningham in favor of the Senate Bill 5 repeal, which would have reformed the collective bargaining agreements with unionized public workers in the state. The bill was backed boldly by Governor Kasich. Jones and I ran into one another at different events, but since he and I had a somewhat public debate over Senate Bill 5, we ceased to speak to each other after that as it was obvious we were working for different political positions. The last time we spoke before the election was at a 9/11 event where police, firefighters and teachers all attended a wonderful ceremony at the Ronald Reagan building at the VOA Park. I had to face Jones during the ceremony and I knew as I looked at him that he saw all the public workers around us as a wonderful, patriotic service to his community and country. I on the other hand saw the public workers as a bunch of social parasites that should all be fired to save the tax money. Even though his beliefs were founded in elements of conservatives, his core beliefs were in bigger government where more public workers were given jobs by created government branches fashioned by spend happy politicians. All during the ceremony I thought of my favorite Christmas song by the Royal Guardsman “Snoopy’s Christmas.” Jones to me was the Red Baron and I was Snoopy and we were gathered in a momentary truce under the American flag. Click the link below for review.

I realized after this event that I could not play politics the way Sheriff Jones and Bill Cunningham did. In the hallway after the ceremony I got into a heated discussion with a union worker who actually told me he was entitled to the pay and benefits gained through collective bargaining and that was the end for me. I could not play both sides of the fence the way politics demanded, and Sheriff Jones was a politician. I was not willing to compromise my beliefs to preserve a system that should have never been allowed in the first place—collective bargaining.

I went on to win my personal political issues, but Jones and Cunningham won their repeal of Senate Bill 5 and the unholy alliance of Republicans working closely with labor unions to support the Democratic Party in a round-about way was revealed and it sickened me to my very soul. I decided that I would step away from politics as a front advocate in the community and cast my extra energy into writing novels and other articles full-time. The political two-faced position required for that game was not something I was interested in. Rather, I wanted to crush the system entirely even if it brought everyone down with it. Sheriff Jones and Cunningham tried to make amends with the Republic Party publicly after the election but behind the scenes Doc Thompson was fired, and 700 WLW took a noticeably leftist direction that coincided with the start of Cunningham’s new Jerry Springer type show. I became a political outcast which actually fit the personal decisions I had decided upon.

Now it is election time again, and Jones is running for re-election. I noticed that the home he skipped out visiting when Governor John Kasich came to Liberty Twp to speak was displaying a large campaign sign for Jones indicating that he had made up with that portion of the Republican Party and was now back in their good graces. Such sights sicken me a bit each time I see them, as it becomes obvious that nobody really deeply cares about anything, or has personal convictions that they will stand behind, even if it means their complete demise. I don’t want to understand people like that. Cunningham on 700 WLW has come out against Obama on the air and seems to be supporting Romney. Cunningham also seems mystified that Romney won’t come on his show to do an interview–but without question the Romney people have done their homework on WLW’s descent into progressive broadcasting and don’t want to provide the clips that doomed John Kasich during Senate Bill 5 and John Boehner even though Rob Portman has tried to make it happen. But all else appears to be normal. Butler County has anti-Obama signs on almost every street except for public employees like teachers, cops and firefighters who are always voting for more government expansion. In fact labor unions are notorious for pushing their members to vote for Democrats, because ultimately that’s where their money comes from.

If anyone gives money to a labor union directly or indirectly they are feeding socialism in America, because that’s what labor unions are. Those who have drunk the Kool-aid of labor unions, and do not question why firefighters have to have an “International” union backing them, or why police have to belong to the Fraternal Order of Police, or why teachers have to be a part of the NEA other national unions with their connections to international unions are kidding themselves. Unions are socialist advocates for Democracy intending communism. That is their history and that is what any money given to them becomes. So with that said anyone who directly pays a government worker their salary is giving money to a union that intends the progressive manipulation of America from a capitalist country to a socialist one. Sheriff Jones, Bill Cunningham, and Bill Sietz all showed that they support the progressive transformation of The United States with their past actions by supporting labor unions. And in this upcoming election, in the very conservative area of Butler County of which Sheriff Jones is the highest representative of law enforcement that there is, you will see his sign for re-election in almost every yard that has a Romney sign……………………………..except one.

At the union hall near the old American Amusement Park almost directly across from the Speedway on RT 4 is one spot in all of Butler County where Obama signs are easy to see, because unions support the socialist tendencies of Obama’s past record. But also among the Obama signs as can be seen clearly in the picture above, is the sign of Sheriff Richard K. Jones and how mixed the lines of politics truly are. It is in such alliances that ultimately behind people like Jones and Cunningham who talk tough are really just putting on a show for the public. They never intended anyone to take them really serious for having any real convictions as their actions dictate their ethics. People generally vote their pocket books, and in the case of public workers, they want government to give them the kind of money that only the looted money from the IRS can provide with the might of the military at their back to do their bidding of tax collection. People like Jones and Cunningham will advise anyone to play the game or get played—which is why they are both successful politicians who have enriched themselves off the public they claim to serve. To them it’s just business as usual, and anyone is a fool if they think the system can be changed.

But I’m not playing. My decision is not to go down that path. I know from their stand point that I am viewed as a radical idealist who refuses to bend even a little to the compromises needed in a world gone mad. Without question, if I could turn off my mind, I may be able to do as Cunningham has done and become the next Jerry Springer even after spending most of his adult life saying otherwise. People will say about him long after he’s gone that Cunningham was a smart man, and he made a lot of money. He will be admired by all for many years because of the money he made. But I won’t be one of them. Because if I were Cunningham I wouldn’t have taken the New York job that made me look like a cheap suit. And if were Sheriff Jones I’d be insulted that a labor union supported me for office. He would say that he’ll take support from anyone who wants to give it, whereas I would not. That is the reason for the tension at the 9/11 event and the reason we haven’t spoken since. I chose not to involve myself in compromises of any kind. Instead I turn to my other work for clarity. I’d rather live my life from dime to dime instead of rolling in the looted money of a political process that creates such blurred lines and involves such a game of deception as is the standard practice of politics in America. For me it’s black and white and must be that way to avoid the many shades of gray that come from the art of political compromise.

Rich Hoffman

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