Lies, Cheats, and the Game of Cowards: The Benghazi Mask of Fools

It is now obvious that the White House knew about the terrorist attack against the four Americans in Benghazi that claimed the life of Ambassador Chris Stevens, two former Navy Seals and a State Department official.  The terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia took credit for the killings and the body mutilation of Sevens.  In fact a drone and other reconnaissance aircraft observed the final hours of the fight.  The White House knew two hours into the seven hour attack that American officials were under assault by terrorists which is deeply disconcerting considering The White House after seeing the evidence wished to deflect attention away from the idea of a terrorist assault that occurred on 9/11 2012 even though Sevens had even warned about the activity prior to the attack.  Instead The White House insisted that the violence was instigated by an anti-Muslim American movie—but it didn’t work—The White House, apparently the CIA and many other manipulative federal agencies had been caught with their hands in the cookie jar attempting to create a “false flag” event.  Watch the videos below for further clarification of who knew what and when they knew it.  The situation is extremely serious and looks to make the Fast and Furious event look like a misdemeanor—which of course Obama invoked Executive Privilege to protect Eric Holder and himself from further implication. What has occurred under this Obama White House may well be the most corrupt and destructive since Al Capone ran his famous organized crime syndicate in Chicago during the Prohibition.  The actions taken by many people just between the Fast and Furious scenario and now Benghazi deserve prison terms and possibly capital punishment.  They are reprehensible actions and I am personally ashamed that these kinds of people are the face of my country. 

But those of us who can see these actions for what they are, also know that nothing will ever come of it.  Obama will earn millions of dollars as a public speaker once his term is done, and Congress will lose it’s will to pursue justice.  These problems are just too big for the average mind of the average American to deal with.  CLICK HERE TO SEE WHY.  The criminals of manipulation are very aware of their desire to overwhelm the media and the public with too much crime so that nobody can possibly get their mind around the enormous tragedies of modern politics, so I will frame the argument in the fashion that so many conspiracy theories and minds of madness wish to ignore.

The trouble with the Middle East, and all other places in the world is that America uses the CIA to manipulate governments, topple regimes, and pit factions against each other so that America can profit off the chaos.  Any rational mind can see these activities in their simple local governments, and the situation is greatly magnified on the world stage where a lot of money and crony capitalism reigns supreme.  The political left wishes to address the problem with socialism, with a feeling of fairness to eliminate such global terror that often follows America’s own Central Intelligence Administration.  The political right looks to align themselves with the crony capitalists who hold the power of a particular regime. 

America has made it a habit of using the CIA specifically to implement a thousand James Bond plots all over the world without the stereotypical villains and the beautiful women in casinos.  But the manipulative plots conjured up to protect American interests are deplorable, and if used in a sporting event would be equivalent to cheating.  The Obama White House has been caught doing what the Bush Administration has done, the Clinton Administration has done, the Reagan Administration has done, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnston, Kennedy, all the way down to World War I essentially—and that is to use clandestine activities to advance American interests while also maintaining the public ability to shake hands with those same countries at the table of The United Nations.  It is the American participation in The United Nations that causes the need for back-stabbing actions by bringing into the equation politics showing the public a nice smiley face when in fact the various factions hate each other and want nothing to do with peace. 

I would rather see all sides of an argument spit in each others face and go to war over their ideas than to shake hands in public and assassinate each other behind the cloak of secrecy.  I would rather live in an America that out produces the rest of the world with laissez-faire capitalism than to use the CIA to get two sides fighting so that America can sell them both items made in America.  I would rather win by truly being superior than by invoking manipulative schemes to topple our enemies from within their own cultures.  If a president wanted to get rid of Kaddafi, I would have rather that president announce it clearly instead of using an Ambassador to funnel guns to the rebels who were actually connected to al-Qaeda and knew it—but also knew that the American people would never support such alliances, so the whole thing was done under the cloak of manipulation. 

People seem to forget that Saddam Hussein was created to invoke war with Iran during the Reagan years to help stabilize the situation there to American advantage.  And Osama bin-Laden was created to help Afghanistan fight against the Soviet Union.  Currently the war in Afghanistan could be argued not to be about fighting the Taliban but in protecting the opium trade of which Afghanistan is the world’s largest producer.  Have a look at the article below and the date:

Now look at the same paper reporting the situation 10 years later, and any mind with a brain can see that opium production has steadily increased each year since the 9/11 event in America.

Does this mean that President Bush started a war with Afghanistan to protect world-wide opium production?  No.  But his advisors who are not elected but appointed who clearly get their marching orders from political donors do have a vested interest in the billions of dollars produced by Afghan opium production.  Those same donors give money to Obama, and both presidents have learned that even though they may publicly oppose drug use and opium production must turn a blind eye to the actions of their political contributors who need to maintain a façade of philanthropy while cashing in on the drug trade in Afghanistan, because the Taliban had tried to put a stop on the practice for spiritual reasons in 2001, just a few months before 9/11.  Such a case is purely hypothetical, but none of it would surprise me.  It can be seen how such tangled webs can snare so many good people to endorsing a reprehensible evil that nobody in the public wishes to acknowledge.  So often, the CIA is sent in to fix up these loose ends and keep all the dirty business away from the public eyes, including Presidents of The United States. 

There are a lot of Chris Stevens in the world who are killed and wiped from the earth with no eyes to witness.  The attackers of Stevens knew there was blood on the hands of powerful people in America and they dared those powerful people to challenge them by maiming the body of Stevens in a deplorable manner.  And just as they figured the guilty actions of all involved in the Benghazi debacle–the powerful people in America hid like cowards and attempted to blame a film maker for the violence that was started through area manipulation—that went wrong. 

I am not against the aggressive protection of freedom throughout the world, the crushing of tyrannical despots, and authoritarian regimes.  But I am against shaking hands with such people in the halls of the United Nations, then sending assassins to cut off their heads in the night so the blood is off the hands of public opinion.  I would rather see America do such things in the light of day with full declaration of their bold intentions.  It would be advisable going into the future for the power brokers who whisper into the ears of naive Presidents to stay out of the protection of illegal, reprehensible drug trafficking, the modern slavery of the sex trade, and a whole laundry list of financial despots who wish to rule the world not with a crown, or a kingdom, but with bank accounts that control politicians like mindless puppets to play the entire world—including America—as pawns in their vast schemes of power grabbing all in the name of philanthropy. 

Such days of cloak and dagger games are ending because the world is shrinking, and such things can no longer be hidden.  And in the future, such honesty is required so that courage can be truly awarded to those who are the best, and not the most sinister.

Rich Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “Lies, Cheats, and the Game of Cowards: The Benghazi Mask of Fools

  1. Thank you for these posts alerting the still so stupid Americans; maybe if they can hear truth here, they will wake up and SMELL THE MANURE in the administration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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