Stalin, Hitler, and Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio: They all share a love of labor unions

Progressives are some of the vilest creatures on the face of the planet primarily because they share with other vile creatures such as cockroaches, termites, vultures and piranhas the tendency to cohabitate politically with others to the parasitic aims of a collective society. They lack a sense of self, a sense of identity, a sense of personal responsibility and instead chose to crawl their way through life as a mess of creepy vermin attaching themselves to the bold, the productive, and the innovative. The more progressives there are functioning in society, the weaker it is—and the closer it is to becoming a society that does not build skyscrapers and new scientific breakthroughs, but yearns to merely pitch a tent and spend all day rubbing two sticks together to make a fire.

It is with much distress that one of these vile, sinister progressives is a senator in Ohio by the name of Sherrod Brown, and he is seeking re-election in 2012 to continue to pander to socialist labor unions and advocate progressive politics with the full endorsement of every progressive organization in the nation. His senate seat is one of the very valuable seats up for grabs at the federal level and is being directly challenged by Josh Mandel whom I enthusiastically support for the simple reason that Brown is a notorious progressive.

But one thing stands out most that embodies what kind of politician Senator Sherrod Brown is, and that is his suggestion on the U.S. Senate floor in March of 2011 when he said “I look back at history and some of the worst governments we’ve ever had, you know one of the first things they ever did? They went after the trade unions. Hitler didn’t want unions. Stalin didn’t want unions. (Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak didn’t want independent unions. These autocrats in history don’t want independent unions.” He was of course grandstanding the cause that Ohio and Wisconsin were in the thick of trying to reform their collective bargaining agreements with their public employees in an attempt to balance their budgets without destructive tax increases. Wisconsin succeeded, and is much stronger financially because of it, but Ohio failed leaving public sector workers in each district all across the state to seek tax increases in order to balance their budgets so to satisfy their collective bargaining agreements—which is insane.

Politicians like Brown deliberately played on the ignorance of the masses—especially public sector workers who think ancient history was 1970—in a vain attempt to sound worldly and wise by showing his deep knowledge of history in the labor movement. He deliberately mislead the public with his speech by trying to paint Republican governors like Kasich and Walker as being fascist dictators which incited the mobs of rioters to use such dangerous metaphors to appeal to the historically ignorant.

The trouble with Brown’s statement, which is especially misleading— and alone, disqualifies him for another term as Ohio Senator in Washington, is that he deliberately distorted the truth to paint an inaccurate picture of history. CLICK HERE FOR REFERENCE.  The reality is that Stalin riding the coattails of Lenin was the leader of the largest labor union in the world, the Soviet Union, which was created as a direct assault against the Russian bourgeois (wealthy) by the proletariat (workers) as instigated by the writing of Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto. The entire political party of the proletariat intended world-wide revolution of the worker as Marx declared, “Workers of the world unite!” All labor unions in the entire world were born from this proletariat movement from these roots in Petrograd, Russia. Every one! Labor unions anywhere in the world are equivalent to communism. They are the same thing contextually speaking. Lenin wishing to become a dictator used the mechanisms of collectivity to rise to power, something that couldn’t happen in the independent minded, capitalist society of America. It is only through collective organizations where leaders such as Stalin can dominate a mass population that such tyrannical regimes can thrive, which is counter to the kind of speech Sherrod Brown uttered. He attempted to paint politicians who bulk at labor unions as being the same as Stalin when in fact without a labor union dictatorships are very difficult to organize. So is Brown’s claims that Walker and Kasich wished to rule their states as tyrannical despots–eliminating the labor unions would make doing such a thing nearly impossible, because it is through the lazy, group oriented labor union worker that such dictatorships rise to power. Not through independent minded corporations and individuals seeking to make a profit from their businesses.

Brown also brought up Hitler as a dictator that eliminated unions, but like Lenin, Hitler used labor unions to solidify his base in a climb for power. Hitler saluted unions by naming his political party the National Socialist German Workers’ Party and went so far to make “May Day” the German equivalent of “Labor Day” in America a paid holiday on May 1st 1933 to unify his regime under waving banners. The next day on May 2nd 1933 Hitler dissolved the unions, confiscated their assets, occupied their offices and arrested their leaders. Hitler like Sherrod Brown spoke out of both sides of his mouth and was willing to say anything to climb into power.

It is ironic that Brown would try to classify Kasich or Walker as equivalent to Hitler when it was he who most behaves like Hitler and Stalin using the labor unions as his way of continuing his progressive power. Neither of the Republican governors from either Ohio or Wisconsin has ever showed an inkling of wanting to rule anybody. They—like many Americans simply want to make money, which is the America way. Labor unions see such activity as evil because like the communists who founded their organizations they continue to utter the ghosts of the past with continued hatred of wealth, which is ironically the basis of their political platform. This makes them parasites to society because they seek to steal the wealth of those who make it with the same notion of communist utopia that gave rise to tyrants like Stalin and Hitler using the same misleading tactics as Sherrod Brown uses currently.

Sure, Senator Brown apologized after his ghastly comparison, but the damage had already been done. He rallied his political base with such an irresponsible utterance that could have been pulled straight off the pages of Mein Kampt. Thousands upon thousands of union workers used that rally cry just like the fools in the National Socialist German Workers’ Party did on May Day one day after waving banners of celebration for Adolf Hitler only to find the next day they were in jail and deposed by the man they put in power.

It helps to know history and most of the idiot union workers who stand behind progressive organizations like the ones who prop up Sherrod Brown have no grasp of it beyond a couple of decades. To the average union worker they consider the public union collective bargaining rights voted into legality in 1983 in Ohio to be as old and authentic to America as the Declaration of Independence, and those are the kind of diabolical monstrosities who support Senator Sherrod Brown. They are so dangerous and such low-life, intellectually deficient sloths that America cannot survive if they are permitted a seat at the table, just like no house, or no tree, or no structure can hope to survive if it is infected with so many parasites that the good and strong can no longer provide support in spite of the mindless destruction that comes from labor unions and their communist roots.

For those reasons and hundreds more Senator Sherrod Brown needs to be removed from office on Election Day, 2012.

Rich Hoffman

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