Obama Plans Move to Home in Hawaii: Romney to Win 53.3% to Obama’s 46.7%

When dealing with diabolical liars such as what President Obama has shown to the world as his preferred means of communication, the only way to decipher their real intentions is to connect the dots of what is known and see what kind of truth the picture tells. Because it is in games of evasion that mass manipulators function best where the facts are spread far and wide—the deceits are never learned until much later because the facts are deliberately concealed preventing detection. But through speculative fiction, which is what I’m about to do, we can take the known facts and connect them in ways that make the most sense so to ascertain the next steps of a parasites intent to loot off the will of the masses with more scandals, schemes, and treacherous episodes of espionage.

Many wonder why Obama was so aloof in the first debate with Mitt Romney, but the reason was made clear thanks to Barack Obama’s mother-in-law who around that time had been uttering the ecstasy of the family’s post Presidency plans. Very quietly, Obama’s chief financier, Penny Pritzker, had entered the Hawaii housing market to buy a retirement home for the president and his family that will be available not in 2016, but in January 2013, according to a confidential source within Pritzker’s Chicago organization. Pritzker is yet another billionaire on the side of Obama who received her money as heiress of the Hyatt hotel chain and Penny has been passing the hat around Chicago asking everyone to pitch in to purchase the Obamas a new home far away from Washington and even away from Chicago. Penny had set her sights on the $40 million dollar home that was in a recent episode of Hawaii Five-O that would be down the road from the proposed Obama Library that she is also raising money to have built.

Michelle Obama’s mom has been so pleased with the knowledge that she will spend her final days in such a magnificent paradise that she had been bragging about the upcoming move to her Chicago friends who had loose enough lips to utter the details of the plan in confidence. The house is truly magnificent, and would be considered a paradise on earth for anyone, especially a person like Obama who has been given virtually everything in his life by someone else—a person who had lived in modest means for many years of his life until the progressive political machine picked him as their spokesman for the continued spread of global collectivism. The house along with more detail of the story can be verified at the below links.


Many in the mainstream media will find this revelation troubling because it appears Obama was willing to throw in the Presidential towel all the way back in August of 2012, when internal pollsters showed that Mitt Romney had an easy margin of victory over Obama. This internal polling showed that Romney was going to beat Obama by a margin of 53.3% to 46.7%, statistically not even close. In fact out of the 13 battle ground states, Romney was projected to win New Mexico, North Carolina, Virginia, Iowa, New Hampshire, Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida. Obama was predicted to win Michigan and Nevada but to fall dramatically short of what he needs to retain the Presidency. There appears to be little that Obama can do to erode away the 330 Electoral College votes out of the possible 538 that Romney will command. So given that dismal data, the Obamas decided to treat themselves to a good life in Hawaii with their family in a paradise far away from the trouble of Fast and Furious, a rapidly destabilized Middle East, and the effects of a dismal economy that was made worse by Obama’s socialist leaning governing principles. Moving to such a place would be considered a consolation prize and take the family as far away from politics while Obama licked his wounds in luxury for many years. You can read the polling information for yourself at the below link:


So it’s not hard to imagine that Obama was simply going through the motions of the election giving his speeches and campaigning so to avoid having to do any real work at The White House. And it is easy to see now why he was so placid in the first debate with Mitt Romney. A mansion like the one Obama and his wife are moving to is a dream come true for many, and for such small minds like Obama, is more than he could ever hope to obtain on his own efforts, so retirement in that palace looked pretty good and being far away from politics seemed even better. That is—until the wheels came off over the Benghazi murders, and it was learned that the story The White House had provided to explain it away wasn’t sticking, and people were asking questions.

The Benghazi debacle is so serious that it is highly likely that people from the Obama administration will go to jail, and this incident has threatened to ruin the escape to paradise plans that the Obamas had, because once they enter back into the private sector, Obama may be pulled into the fray to explain who knew what and when they knew it. This meant that if Obama was no longer president he would lose the ability to issue Executive Orders as he did with Fast and Furious to hide the administration crimes over that failure. And if Obama lost The White House to Mitt Romney he would lose the ability to protect not only himself, but many of his friends from future prosecution. So the new strategy going into October of 2012, especially the last two weeks of the month as it was noticed that the public polling was tightening up perfectly to reflect the dismal news of the internal polling, that Obama would have to get mean and nasty on the campaign trail and fight for his life—because in a lot of way’s—he is.

This explains the drastic shift in personal attacks even when polling shows that the President is liked by women, and women prefer not to see people treating others with such aggression. Obama knows that he has no choice but to pound away at Romney and hope to provoke him into a mistake that will truly cut into the internal poll—because the women demographic is already figured into the internal polling. All Obama can do is hope to make Romney flinch and reveal a major mistake that will cost him the election. But Romney isn’t biting because he has the same polling data—and knows that if he just keeps doing what he has been that he will win comfortably over President Obama.

The only way to have justice is to remove Obama from The White House. There are serious crimes committed during his administration that make Watergate and the Iran Contra Affair look like children’s games. Obama looks to be facing court rooms as a defendant for many years in a never-ending parade of paybacks for all the bridges he burnt as President, and all the crimes he succeeded in committing as he fulfilled his obligations to his friends of the clandestine Weather Underground as a good soldier for the push of world peace through socialist expansion. For Obama, paradise will have to wait one way or the other, if he loses—as he’s projected, he will be ripped to shreds legally. If he manages to win, he will be ripped to shreds politically. Either way, the future does not look bright for President Barack Hussein Obama.

The best way to see justice done is to show up and vote as planned, so that the formula for the internal polling is not interrupted. All people need to do to see the people responsible for the many crimes committed under the Obama watch is to vote him out of office and let the process take care of itself under Constitutional merit.

Rich Hoffman


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