Obamanomoics Opoly: The new version of Monopoly for socialist game players

Since the socialist Barack Obama is now president for another long four years it is time to re-invent the game of Monopoly to one that more reflects the kind of economy America has under the Obama Presidency.  Monopoly is a game of capitalism which is no longer relevant under the socialist push by progressives.  So it is only appropriate to change the rules of the game to reflect the Obamanation of The United States under socialism.  Doc Thompson from CBS Radio’s 1270 AM in Detroit found just such a person who had taken the game of Monopoly and updated it to reflect Barack Obama’s economy and it’s called Obamanomics Opoly.  Listen to Doc speak with the inventor in this interview below.

Under Obamanomics Opoly the Community Chest is gone, it is now Community Organizing.  Designed with American Ingenuity, & Built in the U. S. A. Obamanomics-Opoly Is the New & Creatively Unique board game that will educate people on the miserably failed economic policies of the Obama administration & forever remind people of the disastrous effects those policies will have on “We the People” It features all of your favorite, “Political Hot Button” Issues like Banking reform, cash for clunkers, QE1 & QE2, legislation on C-Span for all to see, (yea right)! And also includes…. the infamous, GSA junkets to Las Vegas, Secret Service agents in Cartagena…and the “ongoing fiasco” known as Fast & Furious, and does it in an entertaining way that’s fun & easy to understand. But most of all it highlights the 2 most disastrously failed policies, Immigration Reform & Obama Care! You see, there is a space on it called “Health Care Tax”. When you land on it, You don’t pay the Tax, instead, your opponents equally share, and pay the tax for you… (here comes the twist) Anyone who owns Lugosi Lane, or Read Road, is Exempt. . . and does “Not” have to “Pay their fair share” of the Tax. Sound Familiar! It includes all of your favorite “not ready for prime time politicians” like… Nancy Lugosi, (The blood sucking, “Nosferatù Vampire” from the west) along with Harry Read, Jeremiah Right, Bill Errors, Hank Paulsin, Barnie Franks, Erick Holdurr, Joe the Plumber, and of course, our Top Gun Helicopter Pilot himself, Ben Barnakey. (You’ve got to love this crew!) It’s loaded with rampant foreclosures, QE1 & QE2 and all of the “pay your fair share” and “spread the wealth” Fed stimulus you can handle! It’s upgradeable too! Hope & Change “expansion packs” coming soon will keep your game timely & fresh!

The best way to navigate through the Obamantion of America is by adapting to the socialist economy that supports it, and with the new Obamanomics Opoly game players can learn how socialism works under the new rules of American decline.  So during this holiday season give the gift of survival to a loved one—buy them Obamanomics Opoly.  When Health Care taxes begin to kick in during 2013 people will want to know where all their money is going and the best way to show them is through a game how their money is spent and on what.  So buy your copy today, you can find it at Amazon.com.


Benghazi expansion packs coming soon!  DON’T MISS IT! 

Rich Hoffman



3 thoughts on “Obamanomoics Opoly: The new version of Monopoly for socialist game players

  1. I was wondering if this site could create a section that listed practical ideas for going Galt. It is difficult to do so with all of the regulatory entanglements, but I started the process last year by shutting down my business. I have always felt that too many people list too few deductions for tax withholding thus giving the government a constant stream of interest free dollars to spend – better to pay prior to 15 April than every two weeks having it removed from the paycheck. There certainly must be other interesting ideas spanning a wide range of investments and day to day living.


  2. My name is Michael D’Anna and I am the creator and producer of the game Obamanomics Opoly. I Created it as an example of just how dysfunctional the economic policies known as Obamanomics really are, hence the name Obamanomics Opoly! The game will help educate people of Obama’s miserably failed economic policies, & it will also forever remind them of the disastrous effects those policies will have on “We the People” and it does so in a way that’s fun & easy to understand! It also features the miserably failed policies like Cash for Clunkers, Fast & Furious, GSA agents in Las Vegas, Secret Service agents in Cartagena, and many more. It helps the young understand about entitlements to illegal aliens and the ravages of a health care system known as Obama Care. The 14 year old’s of today will be the voters of tomorrow. (or at least in four years) and if they never learn the messages of entitlements and poor economic policies, how can we expect them to vote intelligently??? The game is great for selling raffle tickets at fund raisers, is perfect as a conversation piece for that someone special who has everything and is destined to be a collectors item. For more details please see my website at http://www.obamanomics-opoly.com. The game is also available at Amazon.com


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