Star Wars: The Old Republic: ‘Deceived’ — A book review relevant to modern America

We live in a dangerous time, the progressive utopia of collectivism is failing dramatically worldwide, and every cog in that machine is collapsing primarily impacting teachers, firefighters, police officers, nurses, politicians, and virtually every government employee.  The world of progressive vision is failing and the participants are thrashing about like fish just caught and thrown upon a dry deck moments before being cooked over a propane oven—and we all know it.  The failures of that society are due to a focus on all the wrong human attributes, and have materialized into massive economic failures.  Those who bought into those progressive social fantasies are in store for serious social unrest and are now beginning to panic like guests on the Titanic once it had been realized that the ship will sink—slowly, and they will all find themselves soon in the freezing water fighting for their lives.

People like me, and my readers here knew as soon as the ship of America hit the iceberg, that the ship would sink, and we immediately took action to save ourselves.  We knew that when America was faced with life or death in the icy water that it would take individual effort to save ourselves, and collectivism of any kind would result in drowning.  We were wise to not embed ourselves into any collectivism, so that when the ship of our nation sank, we could swim freely, and be away from the chaos—driven by shock that will surely follow.

But it is painful to see my fellow countrymen suffer needlessly, because I tried to warn them—we all did.  But they did not listen—expectantly.  They thought we were pulling their leg, that we were “conspiracy theorists” that we were radical right-wingers—which of course does not justify why we are prepared for the detriment of the fiscal cliff, and they are not.  I was asked the other day what I do to stay sane during the whole ordeal, and I replied that I read.  In fact, I read a lot.  Right now, I’m averaging three books a week, completing one about every 3 to 4 days.  The only exception is that I spent about a week and a half on War and Peace, and before that, about the same amount of time on The Golden Bough.

Out of all the books that I have read lately however, one book jumped out at me as being wonderfully reflective of our times here in modern America, and how I personally feel about it.  Oddly enough, that novel was a Star Wars book from The Old Republic series called Deceived which takes place 3650 years before the action of the popular films that are so well-known.  I found that book to be extremely relevant to what is happening all across the contemporary earth, particularly in United States politics.  The gist of the book is that the Sith Empire has made a move against the Republic stronghold of Coruscant to destroy the Jedi Temple who are the guardians of peace and justice throughout that fictionalized universe in events that took place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.    The villain of the novel utters to the Jedi prior to the Sith attack, “Our time has come.  For three hundred years we prepared; we grew stronger while you rested in your cradle of power believing your people were safe and protected.  You were trusted to lead the Republic, but you were deceived, as our powers of the dark side have blinded you…you were deceived and now your Republic shall fall.”

I couldn’t help but be a little haunted by how relevant, and current some of the drama was in that novel.  It was extremely compelling and I highly recommend reading this fine book, even if science fiction is not the normal preferred type of reading material.  Deceived is a novel that explores what happens to people on the microcosm and macrocosm of political failure and how it affects individuals and multi species demographics across the face of an entire galaxy.  I enjoy most of the Star Wars books for the obvious reasons of big ideas, and fun fantasy, but this Deceived novel was quite impressive.  The novel follows the events of the attack shown in the above video advertising the new MMO computer game from Bioware titled Star Wars: The Old Republic.  And no, Old Republic is not just a simple video game—it cost $200 million to produce and counting, and is the absolute cutting edge standard in online computer game play.  It is stunningly epic.

Ultimately, the novel hit a theme that I spend a lot of time considering, and that is how do you re-build a society once it has crumbled?  What do you do when it is realized that the ship of society that we are all floating on is destined to sink into the abyss?  What is the proper method of maintaining integrity in the face of so much devastation and destruction?  For me, the ideas were explored in the novel Deceived and were wonderfully relevant, and a much-needed vacation from the treacherous events of the real world, and the many plots of destruction that are unfolding upon the American landscape where it is now obvious that we have all been Deceived in nearly the exact way that the Sith characterized in that very good Star Wars novel from the Old Republic Era.

I like the guy in the hat. He has the right attitude on how to deal with the crises that befalls us.  And to learn more about Star Wars and hear an interview that I have done on this subject with Matt Clark on WAAM……….CLICK HERE. 

Don’t forget, Friday, December 14th is Star Wars Dress up day.  Support Katie Goldman.  (CLICK HERE)


Rich Hoffman


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