The 100K Club in Public Education: Good reporting by Channel 5 in Cincinnati

It’s was good to see that Channel 5 did a hard-hitting story on the extreme abuse that is going on in the Cincinnati Public Schools.  They revealed that 45 employees at CPS were making over 100K per year, which is appalling, especially considering the poor performance of CPS as an institution.  Further they went on to report that there are over 100 employees who make more than 90K a year.  While this may be shocking, and an inconvenient statistic for those who do not want to believe that their local public school is raking tax payers over the coals using the innocence of children as the extortion mechanism, the reality is quite evident.

I reported two years ago that there were over 625 employees at Lakota who made more than 65K per year which I thought was extraordinarily high compared to the salaries of the majority of the community of West Chester—which is an affluent community.  It doesn’t take much investigation to determine that the cause of many of the tax increase requests that go on in every community every couple of years in Ohio is due exclusively to this glaring statistic.  Public school employees make too much money, and some of them have been down-right outrageous in their wage expectations.

Most of the employees who are members of the 100K club in public schools are administrators, not teachers.  But in public education most administrators come from the ranks of the teaching profession and are deeply loyal to the teachers unions of which they were at one point members.  As members of management they do not have any desire to ruffle the feathers of political order and instead seek to increase their own salaries so that the teachers in the union can justifiably see pay increases as well.  As members of management the more administrators who make close to six figures the better for a teacher with a Master’s Degrees because all boats rise in the public education system under union rules.  If an administrator makes a lot of money, the wage limit for teachers goes up proportionally. This is how management gives the illusion that they fight the union while at the same time helping them with expectations that have already been set high by members of the 100K club.  Any half intelligent analysis will quickly determine that the whole system is a giant financial scam that uses children to hide the crime—and a crime it is.  You can read more about the Channel 5 report at the link below.

At best the whole public education system is a massive scam and I personally get angry about it when it seeks to exploit children the way they all do, which is why I call the activity a crime.  To use children for the personal gain of a comfortable salary and retirement pension is just as exploitive as any other crime that hurts children for the personal pleasure of an individual.  When asked why a teacher is worth 60K to 90K and an administrator is worth 90K to 150K they will all say that they have many years of service in the teaching profession and that their “quality” is exceptional and the district is paying for that quality.  They will also say that they do what they do because they “love children.”  Bull————-shit.  I would believe that coming from an employee who works for 45K per year and stays late into the night and volunteers their time to children off the clock—as a few do—just so they can help mentor kids.  I don’t mind people, who fight for their right to make a dollar or two more, but I can’t stand a liar, and these public education employees who inflate the value of their wages on the backs of children are liars.

As an example of what is really behind the motive of public school employees have a look at the contract that Keith Kline just signed to be superintendent of West Clermont Schools.  I recently told the story of Keith Kline who had left the Lakota System, which is why I have been keeping an eye on him.  Upon looking at his contract, I dare anyone to logically explain to me that he gets paid $138K per year for a 218 day work year and is doing all this work for “The kids.”  The last time I checked there was 365 days in a year.  By the way this contract reads Kline is NOT required to work 147 days per year.  Plus, he gets paid back a quarter of all sick days not used during the 218 day period.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW MY PREVIOUS ARTICLE.

Below are the specifics of the superintendent contract for Keith Kline at West Clermont Schools

  • -$138,000 salary which can never be reduced
    (Brook’s–previous superintendent–first salary $118,000/last salary $145,000)
  • -2013/14 year there are 3 goals to meet, and each one
    met will kick in a 1% salary increase
  • -After that the board will provide goals and guidance on raises
  • -Pension is picked up 100% (so an additional $13,800 in compensation on top of the $19320 (14%) that has to be paid by statute)
    and if the pickup is ever legally taken away (legislation/board changes)
    then the pickup amount is added to the base salary to cover it.
  • -Same health care as WCEA
  • -$500000 life insurance policy, beneficiaries are 50% family/50% board of education
  • -An annuity (additional retirement benefit) of 6.5% of salary for every contract year (pro-rated this year, but annual rate would be no less than $8970).
  • -Medicare tax paid up to $2000 per year
  • -Board pays all professional membership dues
  • -218 day work year
  • -Board president may allow 15 additional days worked above 218 at a per diem rate (for this year that would be $633 per day).
  • -Allowed same sick leave as WCEA
  • -Severance of 1/4 unused sick leave up to 65 days to be paid at retirement
  • -Mileage reimbursement at IRS rates

Knowing a bit about Kline since he worked at Lakota and had the arrogance to stand out in the parking lot of Lakota East and deride parents who were upset that they had to bring their kids to school because of the busing cuts—that they “should have passed the levy” there is a history that provides material for judgment.  I’m sure he would declare that he’s put in his years of service and that his compensation isn’t any more extraordinary than the package of Karen Mantia, the superintendent of Lakota or any other public school.  He believes that he’s in it for the “good” of the community because he WON’T face the truth to himself that he’s in a money racket that hides behind the collective façade of public education.  The culture in government schools is that there is safety in numbers and nobody passes judgment because they all believe that if they put in the years of silence and time, that they have a payday coming to them before their retirement age of 55.  Keith I’m sure believes he is owed a contract like the one above no matter how ridiculous the rest of us thinks it is compared to private sector market driven benefits.

No teacher is worth six figures.  And I would say that very, very few administrators should be in any kind of 100K club.  Their jobs are not that important or difficult.  I have told school officials to their faces during the Lakota Levy days that I would not only teach their classes but I would volunteer to teach 4 at the same time.  I said as much to the Spark Magazine at Lakota East during an interview in 2011, which of course never found its way into print. The trick public schools use against the tax payers is that they have a monopoly on the education system and severely attack ANY form of competition that would exploit their money racket with reality of a market driven system.  They have control of the social presence of their product and of the value of that market by artificially setting the value high because nobody can ever challenge their statistics.  Public school employees can maintain the extortion racket so long as they have a monopoly on the education system.  They are well aware of what they are doing.  Fortunately for them few people call them out on it, so give Channel 5 some credit for doing this recent story.  Not too many news organizations are willing to go against the grain and expose the exploitation of children like Channel 5 did most recently, and Brendan Keefe at Channel 9 has done in the past.  (CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW)  There’s a lot of politics that goes on behind the scenes, so it’s tough business to expose these education manipulators, but sometimes there are members of the press who boldly do the job of reporting as it is supposed to be done, and on this particular story, Channel 5 did the tax payers an incredible service that is crucial to the protection of a thriving society.

For anyone who thinks I’m being too hard on these education employees, or who think that Channel 5 did an “unfair” reporting job of exposing these extraordinary salaries, then advocate letting those same officials prove their market value in head to head competition with other schools by supporting School Choice in Ohio.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.  The true value of these employees in public education will quickly be exploited, and they would learn quickly what life in the real world is really like—the world that the rest of us who don’t work for government function under.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”