Why the Government is Buying so much Ammunition: A repeat of the Jesse James story

I might believe what the Department of Homeland Security is saying, as well as the FBI, ATF, and many other government departments if I didn’t see for the first time in my life an ammunition shortage for .223 ammunition, .45 caliber ammunition, and even bricks of .22 long rifle ammunition at my local gun suppliers.  Their suggestions at The Department of Homeland Security are that their requests for 26.1 million rounds of ammunition that is drying up the supply of ammunition for the rest of America is “normal,” and is strictly for the training of officers.  Read an article about this issue at the link below.


Combine the ammunition grab with frequent training drills where the participants have been writing home to their mothers about military endeavors in the National Guard and Coast Guard over martial law simulations and the ammunition shortage is quite alarming confirming what many of us already suspect—that at the end of the tunnel there will be a war of some kind that is of a civil nature, not external—and government departments are stocking up to lunch their offensive against the American people.

For me the passage of the NDAA Act was the final straw when it comes to government growth and domestic intrusion.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  It will be noted for the record that my approach to school levies and even Tea Party activity changed after that passage at the start of the year 2012.  A new strategy needed to emerge as a result—a more aggressive one.  The NDAA Act gives permission for the President to designate a person like me as a terrorist because I participate in what they might consider derision of the public through my writing, and with no due process the might of the American military can arrest, or even assassinate domestic terrorist suspects with the stroke of the president’s pen.  That is too far and flies in the face of what the Fifth Amendment stands for.   Personally when it comes to the United States Constitution I’m far to the right of the Federalists who made up the Constitution.  I fall under the political mantra of the Anti-Federalists who constructed the Bill of Rights, so those first ten Amendments mean a lot to me, and the violation of the Fifth, the Second, the First, the Tenth as all Federal employees violate daily concerns me greatly.  The NDAA Act for me was the final indicator that the Federal Government plans aggressive action against the American citizens.  The ammunition buy up is just confirmation of that suspicion.

I do not worry about the theory of such a confrontation that seems to be emerging rapidly.  Anything could trigger martial law in the United States which would be the first step in that process.  China is poking Japan as we speak for war which would force The United States to pick sides.  Do we pick the long time ally of Japan or the holder of our debt—China?  Whoever we pick will have a lasting economic impact that will touch the lives of every American, which is why China has not went to war with Japan yet—because they can’t afford it.  But they want it–that is for sure.  Such an example is just one of the many possible circumstances that could destroy the value of the American dollar over night plunging The United States into another Civil War, as the government seeks to protect themselves from the wrath of the American people who wake up one morning with the bank calling in their mortgages, and themselves jobless because the value of everything has just flown out the window.  That may sound extreme but it simply describes one possible scenario that could befall a nation with a national debt of over 16 trillion dollars.  If something goes wrong, the government has to have a plan B, which is why they are conducting martial law drills—to protect themselves from the wrath of mismanagement.  I read a book titled Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War by T.J. Stiles a number of years ago and found that I understood Jesse James fight against the Federal government when the South surrendered but James and his brother refused to submit.  Sure they were outlaws and they crossed the lines of justice many times when they robbed banks and harmed civilians in their plights of plunder—but I did understand the tactics and the politics very well.  And I can see a day when a new Jesse James will ride again maybe as the first rebel of the next Civil War.  After all it is the victor of such confrontations that gets to write the interpretation of history, and I will match my ability to write history against anyone that sides with the Federal Government these days.  We’ll see which history the future remembers most—I’ll take that bet.

The more concerning question that comes to my mind is not what these government agencies are doing with so much ammunition—but why am I paying for it?   Why should I as a tax payer be forced to purchase ammunition that most likely will be used against me in some future war within the states?  Why should I help fund a political entity that wants to destroy me?  That doesn’t seem right, or tactically sound.  Heck, I don’t think I should have to fund the agents of Homeland Security who were built under George Bush to compensate for all the fools who screwed up on 9/11 and allowed a terrorist attack on American soil.  Bush created a whole new branch of government in these Homeland Security employees and now the ridiculous TSA agents who are now unionized.  I don’t even support the government passions that were created under George Bush let alone millions of rounds of ammunition to train them how to shoot a gun—which is expensive.  Chances are, when our current socialist president uses the NDAA Act to declare martial law over some made up crises like a major snow storm, or even another school shooting like Sandy Hook, it will be my tax dollars working against me and my fellow Anti-Federalists—making my job harder, and that doesn’t make any sense.

But surrender or passive compliance is not an option—just as a disclaimer right out of the gate. The mountains of ammunition that the government is hording to me are just another waste of money by a band of legalized thieves hell-bent on the destruction of American sovereignty.  I don’t think they should be able to use my tax money to purchase one round of 9 mm ammunition let alone millions.  I can do more with that one round than any 100 of their Federal agents so if we are all fighting over ammunition supply and the goal is the defense of our country from foreign aggression, terrorism, and the like, then me and my kind should be the ones to have it, not The Department of Homeland Security.  The DOH shouldn’t even exist as far as I am concerned and that goes for the Department of Socialist Education either.  They do little good for America but give inflated salaries to worthless employees. But that is the Anti-Federalist in me talking—the kind of Anti-Federalist who founded America, not the kind that plans terrorism, or acts of sedition that are unpatriotic to the cause of liberty and freedom—no matter how much the secular progressives who make up modern Federalism might attempt to portray it through their puppet media.

I laid out my thoughts about a modern Jesse James story in my book Tail of the Dragon, and what justification might be behind the kind of activity I’m speaking of where a civil war of a modern kind might break out leaving us all fighting for the same ammunition.  Next to most secular progressives these days they think of people like George Washington and Alexander Hamilton as radical fringe Constitutionalists who lack a worldly view of things.  But to me, Washington and Hamilton represented Federalism in a reckless fashion of big government and gradual encroachment of liberty.  I am a Jefferson Anti-Federalist from that era, and I have little faith that anybody in a government position of any kind can do anything right, let alone detect real threats against America from perceived threats who hold Anti-Federalist views against a Federalist system.  I especially don’t trust a president who went to school in Indonesia to sign a paper turning my tax dollars against American Anti-Federalists out of convenience and self-preservation while buying millions of rounds of ammunition with our money to launch the offensive.

Such behavior seems like it should be against the law—but then look at who we’re talking about here.  When criminals write the law—I suppose anything can happen.  But I will say that when it does, I will not allow what happened to the memory of Jesse James to happen to the current Anti-Federalists.  Learning from history, the next time there is an armed conflict between factions of political interest in America, the Federalists will not have the stronger use of the pen to paint history in the light they desire.  They may find that they can buy up all the ammunition making me drive around town to find what I need—which pisses me off—but in the end, the victor gets to define history and the next time it won’t be those like Jesse James that gets painted as the outlaw.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”