“So God Made a Liberal”: Why Hollywood leans so far to the policital left

Paul Harvey’s old monologue title, “So God Made a Farmer” brought back to life through a Superbowl advertisement for Dodge Ram pick-up trucks had over 10 million hits on YouTube in less than 5 days, which is quite good.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW the ad and my comments about it.  For a newer generation, it may well have been their first exposure to Paul Harvey, who for many years prior to the 1990’s was a respected figurehead on radio broadcasts all across the country.  Harvey represented the kind of America that I understand in the Midwest, the kind of America that has produced such Hollywood stars like Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Clark Gable, Annie Oakley, Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, Charlie Sheen, and many, many others.  Unfortunately, due to a take over of left leaning ideas Hollywood has forced all those Midwestern stars to suppress their conservative upbringings and embrace liberal causes, which many of them being actors find they can do easily.  CLICK HERE TO SEE WALT DISNEY’S WARNING in 1957 of liberalism in Hollywood.   Once liberals took over the Hollywood studio system which permeates every aspect of the entertainment culture from Las Vegas to Wilshire Blvd, anyone who wanted to be successful in Hollywood, had to learn to sell the benefits of liberalism to the rest of America.  This is why so many stars come out of the Midwest, because they went to Hollywood with a strong work ethic that they learned from Paul Harvey’s America, but they also had to adapt to the liberal views of the coastal states like New York and California who are committed to the causes of secular progressivism.  This mixed up relationship has given rise through Hollywood, commercials, and all forms of entertainment especially in music an off balanced commitment to liberalism.  Hollywood has created the modern liberal heard in the spoof below to Paul Harvey’s broadcast below, titled “So God Made a Liberal.”  Their reasons are rather sadistic and dangerous to all involved bleeding heart and conservative alike and filled with unintended consequences.

Just yesterday I received a very nice email from a person who has just finished my novel Tail of the Dragon saying that they couldn’t wait till it was made into a movie. I wrote back telling them thank you, but not to hold their breath because Hollywood right now would find that book reprehensible to their political beliefs because there is nothing in it that endorses liberalism.  I went on to say that only if filmmakers like Hal Needham, and Albert Ruddy were still allowed to make films in Hollywood would anything like Tail of the Dragon have a chance of being put to film.  The reason is that unlike the above stars who all came from the Cincinnati, Ohio area and ooze Midwestern charm on the silver screen which a majority of America can relate with, when offered a seat at the table in Hollywood a time or two myself well before I started the OW, my conservative viewpoints terrified the very souls of the liberals who control the industry.  I remember vividly a lunch meeting I had with two Hollywood producers at the Katsuya at Americana at the Brand, one of those meetings where they try to figure out if they can work with you politically.  I disqualified myself in about 7 minutes because I intentionally missed all the code words that I was supposed to adhere to regarding the acceptance of liberalism.  By the way, if you’re ever in Los Angeles and looking for a cool place to dine, I highly recommend Katsuya.  Check the link below for more.  It is my hope that the Liberty Way development in Liberty Twp is similar to this very good shopping complex that is just down the road in the same district where many of the television show exterior shots are conducted every day of every year.


I found that meeting bizarre.  I was being looked at because of my Midwestern upbringing, but at the same time I was expected to reject that upbringing to the greater cause of “collectivism, and secular progressive” commitment in the all-encompassing umbrella of liberalism.  I would not doubt that many of the actors above would have privately expressed views that reflect their Midwestern conservative upbringing, but in Hollywood, those views are expected to be shelved if that star expects to stay employed.  It all starts with a lunch meeting like the one at Katsuya but after 10 years of such political compromise, and many millions of dollars later, those same actors find themselves wearing t-shirts of Che in public because their groups of filmmaking friends think its funny—and cool.  I didn’t come close to passing the test and was politely driven back to the airport with smiles and handshakes by shoulders that became colder with each mile that LAX grew closer on the odometer.

I am not willing to trade my beliefs for millions of dollars, so it is unlikely that Tail of the Dragon will ever be made into a movie within the next 20 years, because of the Walt Disney warning.  So it should come as no surprise if I reveal here what I have revealed in private to very liberal-minded people in wonderful restaurants like Katsuya over some of the best sushi in The United States—that liberals are some of the most disgusting creatures ever to find the rays of sunlight shining upon their skin.  I have never cared for liberals even though they have a right to exist, as not all people must think alike.  But the trouble with liberals is that they require my money to live.  I on the other hand don’t require anything from liberals.  I don’t want their money, their services, their government, their collectivism—I want nothing from them.  I don’t even want the military that is offered by the Federal government.  For me, the Second Amendment and the other Bill of Rights is all I really want out of government.

Liberals have not been shy, especially in Hollywood of making fun of conservatives—like me—so it is only fair that they get it back in return, especially since conservatives pay for their existence with tax dollars.  Liberals in relation to the kind of people I know in the Midwest—in Paul Harvey’s America, are destructive enterprises of faulty minds.  They are parasites to everything that is good.  They represent virtually everything that is wrong with modern America and the spoof titled “So God Made a Liberal” is sadly all too accurate.  They are embarrassments to the human condition and destructive to every life they come in contact with.  It is amazing that these very same vermin lecture conservative America on righteousness, and justice.  Only such despicable human beings could claim that the same Republican Party that put an end to slavery is against Civil Rights.  Only a pathetic disregard for facts could ever give a liberal moral authority over the conservative and paint the later as evil, when it is actually the former.

Liberals are such terrible creatures that I would not even pretend to be one for all the money in the world—because such a world would lose all value and money would no longer mean anything.  After all, that is what the liberal does; it robs life of all value so that no thing or no person can be judged against those values.  This is why people become liberal, is because they fear judgment against values—because they assume they will come up short on that judgment.  So to protect themselves and their careers, it is safer to pick professions where the bosses also fear judgment—like what the film industry has become under the microscope of thousands of entertainment publications and critics in every newspaper.  Liberalism centered on no judgment is appealing to the weak and malicious because their acts of destruction can proceed without risk to their personal integrity, because integrity has been minimized by the concept of liberalism.

If God made a liberal on the 9th day as the video above suggests, he did it to bring Armageddon to the Earth and to create the End of Days.  A liberal does not bring productivity to a business or justice to the wronged—a liberal only creates chaos, menace, and terror by way of social values stripped away until they mean nothing.  As funny as the video might be in a metaphorical way, I cannot say that the humor is excessive by way of exaggeration, but funny because it’s true.  If Paul Harvey’s monologue expressed the values of the Midwest from years ago, this new rendition called “So God Made a Liberal” expresses the sad hopes of a couple of Hollywood producers in Katsuya who were more concerned about recruiting people to work with who shared their views of no value than a conservative voice that middle America is hungry to hear.  Or people raised in those sacred lands who quickly reject their values in trade for work like a common prostitute will declare their love for anyone who pays them the proper sum for their love-making.  The liberal is a degenerate species of human kind that produces only destruction and malice.  Liberals are good for only undoing the creations of the conservative, the representation of good, of justice, and of honor.

For me, I’ll stick with Paul Harvey and his vision of conservative America, because it is only there that growth for the human race can take place.  There is no dollar amount that could sway my opinion on the matter.  As I told the letter writer honoring my latest novel, yes, I think Tail of the Dragon would make a cool movie, but it’s unlikely for that to ever happen.   It’s not because the story is wrong for the silver screen, but rather because it does not fit within the confines of liberalism—which is quite intentional.  The story is about values and fighting to protect those values, and there is no writer in Hollywood who could remove that core tenet from the context without destroying what the novel is about.  Liberalism will stop at no limit to destroy a threat to its existence, and in the case of conservatives, it is more important to destroy or convert conservatives away from their Midwest roots so that liberals can monopolize bad behavior to the extent that they can then call them good—and people will finally believe it.  Liberals seek to turn conservatives into their kind with the same kind of domination that a pot-head drug user intends when they purchase a killer snake to display in their living rooms.  The pot-head wishes to show the world that they are in control of such a killer as they scoop up the big snake and put it in a glass display to be confined there so long as the pot-head feeds the snake rats and mice enough to stay fat, dumb, and happy.  So too has Hollywood done to the stars of the Midwest, fed them plenty till those free-thinking humans ate from liberal hands and proved to the world that the liberal can control the majesty of the conservative with the promise of easy food, and some damn good sushi at Katsuya.

Watch closely, and very carefully…………………………………………………………….God made a liberal so that people like the guy below wouldn’t have to feel guilty about all the bad decisions they made in their life…………………as a direct result of…………………….liberalism.  Which came first–the chicken or the egg………………the loser or the liberal?

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”