Doc Thompson Gives Governor Cuomo Deserved Satire: The progressive, gun grabbing, snakes in the grass

If you haven’t heard Doc Thompson yet on The Blaze Radio Network in the mornings from 6 AM to 9 AM you are missing out.  No progressive politician is avoiding his scrupulous judgment and commentary.  This especially holds true of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who was one of the first gun banning politicians to attempt to capitalize off the misery of the Sandy Hook shooting.  For those who don’t know who the governor of the most “progressive” state in The United States is, Andrew Mark Cuomo was born December 6, 1957) is the 56th Governor of New York. He previously served as the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 1997 to 2001, and as the Attorney General of New York from 2007 to 2010. He is a member of the Democratic Party, and the son of Mario Cuomo, the 52nd Governor of New York.  In the video below, Doc has some fun at the Governor’s expense—which is quite well deserved.

It is absolutely appalling how progressives hide like snakes in the grass and strike quickly when an opportunity presents itself on the backs of death and carnage.  Progressives like Cuomo wish for continuous expansion of government at the expense of freedom and they will stoop to no low too great to gain advancement of progressive politics.  Cuomo disgustingly used the shooting deaths at Sandy Hook Elementary to call out for the removal of guns from society working against The Bill of Rights in the American Constitution.  The gun ban in New York has nothing to do with preventative measures protecting children and everything to do with a long-term global plan to disarm every household in the entire world so that all those residences would be dependent on government to protect them.

Progressives are like abusive husbands who are so insecure about their manhood that they won’t let their wives leave their homes for fear that their spouses will find a better man at the grocery, the lingerie store, or even the gas station.  Progressives know that their ideas run against the natural tendency of the human being to pursue freedom so they can only gain compliance into their faulty philosophy by taking away the keys to the car, and making their spouses so dependent on them that it is fear that keeps them coming back to bed night after night, not loyalty or love.

Progressives want gun control for the same reason; they cannot allow private citizens to defend themselves from an imposing government.  Progressives require fear in order for anybody to buy into their form of leadership. Government schools use fear to pass school levies and increase taxes on private property.  Federal government uses race inequality fear to advance civil rights debates while the other hand racks up tremendous debt following the 45 Points of communism that reside behind the Democratic Party.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS LIST AND CONFIRM THE TRUTH.  And politicians like Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg in New York City seek gun control to keep citizens from being able to stick up for themselves against a reckless debt ridden government who requires 100% of society to participate in their massive scam against life itself.  Those politicians use fear to disarm the public in the same way that a robber tells their victims, “put your hands where we can see them, drop your weapons, and do what we say—and you can live.  Now—hand over your money.”

When Doc Thompson calls these politicians out the way he does, he does society a great service in pointing out the wrongs that progressives are attempting to conduct in a mass scale in a never-ending expansion of government driven by fear espoused by collectivist based personalities like Andrew Cuomo.  Gun control is just a way to disarm the public so that they cannot defend themselves in the future from the dictator tendencies of progressives.  It should not be forgotten that Mayor Bloomberg, Cuomo’s contemporary has put restrictions on soft drinks and other needless regulations that paints a clear picture of the kind of people progressives are.  They stand against freedom in every way such definitions can be termed, and they are a menace to the very lives of anybody who desires self-responsibility.

Progressives use fear to advance their agenda of control and manipulation over others.  They are like the jealous husband with a poor-self image of themselves—they are always afraid that the public will see something better and flee their control at the first sign, so the progressive seeks to take away all options so that society has no place else to turn.  When a man hides the car keys from his wife so that she doesn’t sneak out the back door with a fresh pair of panties looking for a lover who embraces her freedom, and doesn’t attempt to suppress it, the husband has caused the problem in the first place by injecting into the marriage mistrust that makes lovemaking in the bedroom impossible.  The progressive knows that their ideas are flawed, but like the husband they want to take away guns, soft drinks, and all social options so that society will stay loyal to them because no other options exist.  The actions of the progressive are abusive because it denies society of freedom the same as the jealous husband is bad for the confined wife who seeks a silent rebellion out of marital infidelity.  The tighter progressives squeeze society through restriction, the more society will want to buy guns, drink HUGE soft drinks, and rebel against that same well-intended government.  The husband rationalizes that he just wants to keep his marriage together by taking away all the options his wife has, and keeping her in the bedroom—his bedroom, is good for the marriage. But the husband is the cause of the wife wishing to flee because he does not have the self-esteem to be the better option. The progressives like Andrew Cuomo fear the same and cause the same but on a much bigger scale.  Just look at gun sales lately.  And when they impose their insecurities on society, they deserve to be made fun of by personalities like Doc Thompson who is simply pointing out the ludicrous nature of progressives and their massive cost to society not only fiscally, but emotionally.

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Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”