Rich Hoffman Loves Education: Thomas Jefferson did not have sex with Sally Hemings

Contrary to what many think I do not hate education.  In truth I doubt you know dear reader any ten adults combined who works as hard as I do every day to learn something new.  The people I look up to and admire are not movie actors, sports figures and celebrities, but rather scientists like Leonardo da Vinci, and Founding Fathers like Thomas Jefferson.  I admire personalities who continue to grow and learn their entire lives and dedicate their very souls to goodness, and perpetual knowledge.  I find anything less to be disgusting honestly, and I have no pity for less.  In that regard I felt it necessary to provide some context about some of the many bits of mail that I received after my article on the new superintendent Keith Kline who moved from Lakota to West Clermont recently.  The collection of nay-sayers in the wake of that article (CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW) collectively assumed that I had no right to say anything about Kline’s movement from one job to another—that it wasn’t any of my business—“that everything that happens in public education doesn’t have to be approved by Rich Hoffman.” Well……………….I beg to differ.  Before I explain why, please do refer to the below article link about the Franklin superintendent who recently rallied against several schools including one where my friend Kelly Kohls happens to be president of the school board in Springboro.  Apparently Arnol Elam was playing Angry Birds on his phone during Kasich’s recent budget proposal because money is not being taken from the poor districts and given to the rich as Elam suggested in a letter he sent to parents urging them to remove Kasich and other legislators who supported the new budget.  Elam should have been paying attention because in fact the opposite is true, much to my displeasure.  (CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE GOVERNOR HIMSELF talk about his budget)  Kelly Kohls and her Springboro school board have done a good job of managing their district without tax increases and is one of the examples that Kasich has been looking at for how all public schools should be run. (CLICK HERE TO SEE KELLY AND I SPEAK AT AN EDUCATION EVENT.  But Elam has other motives.  He doesn’t like Kelly Kohls because of her open campaigning for Senate Bill 5 a few years ago, and he doesn’t like the conservative governor.  He represents the typical labor union radical that is in public education these days, and it is people like him that have brought me to my conclusions about public education.

Below is a clip of what Kelly has been able to do as President of Springboro schools.

If public education were about actually teaching children, I would be all for it.  If little boys wanted to grow up to become Thomas Jefferson and little girls Annie Oakley or Amelia Earhart I would support public education in less than one second.  Instead, public education inspires young people to be more like Kim Kardashian and Honey Boo Boo.  When I speak against public education and college it is not because I don’t love learning.  It is because those institutions are reeking with liberalism and are teaching our youth everything wrong.  They are filled with teaching positions held by liberals scared of the real world and in no position to teach the youth of American anything!  The evidence of this liberal presence in all tax payer funded schools is overwhelming, and is vastly ignored by the adult population because the knowledge is inconvenient.  Parents fear losing their day time babysitting service, which is all public education really amounts to these days—which is quite tragic.

Many people today would be shocked to learn that in the year 1636 Harvard was founded by Congregationalists to train for ministers.  Yale in 1701 and Dartmouth in 1769 were founded with the same intention.  The College of William and Mary was founded to train Anglican ministers.  In fact many of the early education institutions in America particularly those guided by minds like Thomas Jefferson who founded The University of Virginia as a multi denominational school committed to higher learning, emphasized critical thinking, and a yearning for philosophy in their studies.  Education in the early days of America was committed to more than just landing a good job with a high salary.  The students were encouraged by their teachers to be good people, and to operate under moral conviction.  Education in America during the time of the Founding Fathers intended to elevate the soul of the students through education not to reprogram them into some small-minded perpetrator of liberalism.

It is educators like Arnol Elam who have yelled to the world that good men like Founding Father Thomas Jefferson should be discredited by an affair with his 15-year-old slave Sally Hemmings—because the tenants of progressive philosophy must tear down Jefferson and those like him so that history will not measure progressivism against the philosophy of Scottish Common Sense, that are most guilty of destroying our society with moral depravity and watered down educations.  But guess what?  I measure Progressivism against the philosophy of Scottish Common Sense that founded American very unfavorably, so unfavorably that I reject modern education because of it.

The Scottish School of Common Sense was a school of philosophy that flourished in Scotland in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Its roots can be found in responses to the writings of such philosophers as John LockeGeorge Berkeley and David Hume, where its most prominent members were, among others, Dugald StewartThomas Reid andWilliam Hamilton, who combined Reid’s approach with the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. The peculiar influence it had on philosophers elsewhere in Europe, not to mention in the United States, exemplified by the American pragmatist Charles Sanders Peirce, is of a considerable magnitude.

One central concern of the school was to defend “common sense” against philosophical paradox and scepticism. It argued that common-sense beliefs govern the lives and thoughts even of those who avow non-commonsensical beliefs and that matters of common sense are within “the reach of common understanding”.[citation needed] The qualities of its works were not generally consistent; Edward S. Reed writes, e.g., “[Whereas] Thomas Reid wished to use common sense to develop philosophical wisdom, much of this school simply wanted to use common sense to attack any form of intellectual change.”[2] 

In regard to the affair of Jefferson and Hemings it is highly unlikely that Jefferson even had intercourse with another woman after his wife died, let alone had an affair with Hemings.  It was largely because of Jefferson that slavery began to be examined as immoral in The United States, steps that Lincoln would later utilize to abolish the practice for the first time in human history.  And Jefferson was NOT having sex with underage girls as progressive modern educators hell-bent on embracing human weakness wish to slander and propagate to further their agenda of social destruction.  Jefferson it would appear—especially once he was over forty, was far more concerned with reading, writing, and scientific thought than plotting ways he could have sex with a woman for a mere two hours of pleasure.  Only an immoral progressive educator would think such a thing—who has nothing going on in their minds or private lives to indicate to them that people think any different from them.

Imagine the typical modern-day school superintendent who has a doctoral degree in education—in liberal studies, in progressive social advancement–that is committed to attacking America’s version of Scottish Common Sense, who don’t even have understanding enough to see that Kasich wasn’t stealing money from the poor to give to rich schools, but that it is the other way around.  Modern education is not about teaching children big ideas about science, philosophy, or even spiritual awareness.  It’s about creating good jobs for progressive minded human beings who seek to impose their small-minded world view onto all tax payers with the blanket assumption that education is universally good—when in fact it only advances thoughts favoring liberalism and rejects common sense entirely.  The product of modern education is bad.  It creates bad, immoral characters, and it is responsible for much of the misery that can be seen around the world to this very day.  It is truly sad that dusty old relics such as the Founding Fathers of The United States were far more intellectually sound with all the limits of their day than the modern educator with far more tools at their disposal—but it’s true.  Educators like Arnol Elam see only one thing—money and progressive causes in the daily conduct of their lives and they disgust me.  I despise having to contribute money to such people with my tax dollars.  I hate that a small portion of my money goes to the salary of Arnol Elam to propagate such disgusting verbiage to his school district that young people will learn and carry into their adulthoods.

There isn’t much in this world that I love more than books.  I read every single day of my life, and most days I read for many hours.  I understand people like Thomas Jefferson, and yearn to see his kind of America.  I do not want to understand people like Arnol Elam.  Educators like that are small people with small minds and they are teaching young people to be small adults—and that absolutely disgusts me.  It is not the job of the American tax payer to throw more money at education so that people like Arnol Elam can have a good job on the public dime.  The job of education is to teach young people how to be successful adults, and that job is not being done.  So in that respect I see every public education issue as my problem because my money is being used to advance it.  If I’m going to pay for public education I’m going to get a return on my investment.  If public education takes my money, they will get my criticism especially when they fail to do the job as I think the job should be done.  My measure for good education is people like Thomas Jefferson who placed education on the highest level of human thought and spent his life learning every day and wanted to share that love of learning with all American citizens.  I do the same, and understand that.  But advocates of a faulty product such as modern education like what Arnol Elam represents are parasites to common sense; they seek to advance the basic tenants of Immanuel Kant and the European Enlightenment.  Jefferson spoke of that same European Enlightenment by saying “the comparisons of our governments with those of Europe are like a comparison of heaven and hell.”  And so too is my idea of education compared to Arnol Elam, it is for this reason that I reject modern education in public and college models.  I see them as lost ships guided far out to sea under the idiocy of modern progressives who built their philosophies off Kant and the European Enlightenment monstrosities.    Such things may sound like disconnected rubbish when attached to superintendents like Arnol Elam, but the roots of progressivism are in his concerns, his political actions to move the city of Franklin to political action against a governor in Kasich that is trying to reform education spending.   Districts being run by my friend Kelly Kohls are cast in a bad light by people like Arnol Elam because it is Springboro that is trying to emerge from the darkness of liberalism that has so infected every single education institution in America, breaking the universal commitment to collectivism which so terrifies progressives.   As a conservative, anti-Federalist, Tea Party loving American, the liberalism being taught in public education is unacceptable and I’m not happy with it.  If I had a choice, I wouldn’t spend one dime of my money on it.  Instead though, because of big mouth, greedy, small-minded educators like Arnol Elam who cries out for more money at every turn to fuel their progressive diatribes my money is taken from me and wasted on liberal institutions in the form of public education without my consent—and that is not acceptable.

So it is not true that I hate education just like it is not true that Thomas Jefferson had an affair with Sally Heming’s.  Both falsehoods have been spread by progressive enemies of Scottish Common Sense in order to advance modern progressive activism rooted in European Enlightenment.    I love education, but I reject the liberal institutions that currently possess those houses of learning.  Instead I advocate individual learning so to bypass the liberal control of the education process so that young minds can return their concerns to common sense and a life-long study of morality and goodness that they can carry not just into a job making them subjects to consumerism, but in every aspect of their lives from being good parents, to responsible voters, to committed community contributors, to thriving human beings.  If education is not concerned with these things, it is worthless.  The evidence to the state of modern education is in the words of Arnol Elam and his cries to steal more money from the rich to fuel his progressive school district toward the destruction of more youthful minds and their last hope for a clean and productive life.

Education is more than cheerleading, band, football practices, and art class.  Education is philosophy, critical thinking, and moral grounding along with igniting a life-long yearning for knowledge.  Education in the state that 2013 America holds is a deplorable excuse for human achievement that does little if anything to advance human progress.  Instead, it seems committed to carrying mankind backwards to the tribal villages of Africa or the human sacrificing city-state of the centrally planned communities of the Aztecs and Mayas.  I wouldn’t offer modern education to a dog I cared about, let alone a child I loved.  So it has no value to me as a viable tax expense and there are few politicians qualified to offer commentary on the subject when their primary concerns in life is the quality of their golf game instead of the quality of their life. Thomas Jefferson did not, and would not have an affair with Sally Heming’s or any other sexual representation of feminine magic.  Such a thought is hard for people who are still intellectually inept to grapple with, but sex is not the only concern for the human mind.  As anyone who has a love of learning can attest to, and has lived a full enough life to tell the difference, books and learning are far more rewarding than sex.  Thomas Jefferson in all probability spent the last 45 years or more of his life sexless completely because his mind was so active.   Modern educators who seek to teach young people about sex in the 4th grade can’t imagine such a person as Thomas Jefferson—and because they can’t are not qualified to teach anybody anything, let alone a child.   Thomas Jefferson to me represents how education should be in America and anything less than his approach is worthless and not worth any amount of money.  If the desire in public education were to carry every child into the life of such a classic founding father, I would support it unequivocally.  Instead, modern deconstructionist education seeks to tear Jefferson down, so that people like Arnol Elam can be seen by the public to be viewed as an equal measure of a man, instead of a money-grubbing thief with their gluttonous eyes on the public treasury.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”