The Tea Party is America’s Only Hope: A look into the future of politics

The political entities who claim that the Tea Party is a radical organization of dangerous individuals are speaking relative to their far left positions, and that includes people like Karl Rove—political strategist for the Republican Party.  In a very clarifying example shown below by Glenn Beck and Judge Napolitano it is displayed why Republicans and Democrats are emerging into a single party that we might at this time call “Republicrats” which is a combination of raw communism, progressivism, and soft socialism following the Overton Window of gradual progression toward big government.   To them, the position of the Tea Party does seem radical as it is their desire in both parties to move further and further toward big government until all personal freedoms are completely lost.  The video below should be watched in its entirety, because it is filled with information that is very useful in explaining the direction of politics today.  I personally consider Judge Napolitano to be one of the greatest human scholars of Constitutional understanding alive in America with the exception of Supreme Court Judge Scalia.  Scalia, Napolitano and other members of true American conservatives represent my beliefs and the thoughts of most Americans.  It is the big government radicals on the far left relative to the Tea Party position who consider such conservativism as radical.  It is they who have attempted to move millions of Americans toward an unmanaged government utopia with an end game of far left control.   It is people like Karl Rove who have split the Republican party by strategically taking the party toward the misfits of socialism instead of the direction of American liberty and it is not the task of Americans to buy into the collectivism of party rule—but rather to reject it in favor of Constitutional logic and freedom loving scholarship that paves the way toward self-initiated prosperity.  Watch the clip below carefully and take notes.  This one is very, very important.  The fate of America and each of our lives is described within it.

The failure of Republicans to unseat President Obama can be said to have rested upon the power of collectivism.  Democrats have long ago surrendered self-initiation and are happy to function as a blob of collectivism, so they do not have a philosophical struggle within their party.  They are all to some degree or another socialists.  Some Republicans have taken notice and have allowed themselves to be pulled in that direction for many years.  They have been weak in their convictions and have lost consistently to the radicals on the left.  The best and most recent example is that Mitt Romney felt he had to defend his wealth and success in his run for president, and the campaign became entirely about the bourgeois class against the proletariat which is a communist strategy from the far left.  Some conservatives like Rove, Governor Kasich, and Speaker Boehner have decided that they need to move from their conservative positions to meet the liberals halfway, but often get scammed when liberal politicians refuse to meet them at all creating a situation where the conservatives move to the left, but the left stays where they were.  Once the conservative is with the liberal, the liberal then moves further to the left, which is what has been happening during the Obama Presidency.  Karl Rove is urging conservatives to rally behind the party so they can defeat the mass of liberal collectivism aligned behind politicians like Obama, and the Clintons behaving like insects in an insect colony rallying to the urgings of the queen.  But reaction and compromise is the worse thing that can happen, because it is the strategy of far left radicals to propagate their scam using the Overton Window to continue a collective march to the left.  Rove says, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”  That is where the Tea Party has emerged to fill the void and provide representation to those not represented by the two-party system which is in essence just one leftist leaning party all dancing to the same music.

The successful formula for America is in The Constitution.  It has worked in the past and it can work again, because it was formed by people with a deep philosophical understanding of life and politics that transcends historic barriers or limitations.  The Constitution has most come under attack as Judge Napolitano pointed out in the video above during the Presidency of both Roosevelt’s and Woodrow Wilson.  The deal at the time was a basic disagreement over the style of collectivism that would be imposed on society.  Teddy Roosevelt deeply in love with European hierarchies openly began the process of bypassing The Constitution that is seen to this day by virtually every President which has gradually moved America further to the left as seen in the chart Glenn Beck displayed.  It is not the problem of me, or you dear reader that politicians like Roosevelt, Wilson, and Johnston imposed their personal views—and personal failings into politics and attempted to suppress The Constitution with their own princely influences.  It is not our job as a collective society to cover their follies with more mistakes.  It is our job and duty to return the country back toward the Constitution.

As Judge Napolitano stated, that process will be painful.  It is hoped that perhaps time will merge the two current parties together into some form or Republicrat and that people in the Tea Party will be represented by some sort of Freedom Party that is more representative of the original Anti-Federalists.  In the mean time America may become a three-party system as strategist have abandoned conservativism in favor of short term political victories.  But things will not continue to proceed to the political left without conflict.  I’m not going in that direction, and the people I know in the Tea Party aren’t going either.  It is not my job to follow Boehner or Kasich in a march to maintain party rule, it is the job of the Tea Party to return the nation to Constitutional principles and to chastise those who abandon it in favor of financial security under the covers of collectivism.  Napolitano also discussed the unfortunate end game if the political process fails, and that is that we have an obligation to return the nation back to The Constitution away from the hands of Obama, Kasich, and Boehner with force if needed, which is why we must have the Second Amendment.  That is not a negotiable Amendment, and history proves that politicians cannot be trusted with power.  So guns will always be needed.

In short, the Tea Party exists not as a radical organization hell-bent on old-fashioned ideas, but as a defender of The Constitution where the present political system has failed—immensely.  It is not the collective obligation of American citizens to continue to cover up the false interpretations and radicalism of European loving monarchs who would crown themselves king of America—if allowed.  They are not allowed, and presidents, speakers of the house, governors, congressman, senators, trustees, commissioners are all servants of the people—servants of the republic of America.  If they insist on anything else, they are wrong and it is the obligation of Constitutional protectors like the Tea Party to reset the correct political course through debate or conflict in the unbiased pursuit of justice.  The movement to the political left by both parties can no longer be advanced through name calling and extortion.  It is time to stop that progressive erosion of American value with a firm dedication to Constitutional adherence and not the loose interpretation of radicals who would seek to end The United States through the Overton Window.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Click the link below to see how George Washington viewed government, which is what the Tea Party wishes to bring about again.

Only an idiot would call the logic of Washington’s arguments “radical.”

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”