The Danger of Agenda 21: Eating old people so the young can suffer

To understand what Agenda 21 is, the people who designed it for the United Nations with an aim of one world government, and what it will look like in the future implemented from cities like Hong Kong to Cincinnati, Ohio all you need to do is visit the birth place of it in Rio de Janeiro where the Earth Summit is routinely held.  Agenda 21 was created in the minds of European socialists while attending one of these Earth Summits as far back as 1992, but in reality percolated in the minds of collectivist oriented governments for decades, since the words of Karl Marx first touched their minds nearly a century and a half ago.  The Earth Summit has been routinely held in exotic cities like Rio and Cancun, Mexico to enamor the participants with familiar culture and high-minded thinking while topless women and string bikinis fill the sights and sounds of visitors with equatorial delight.  Both Rio and Cancun are examples of what the future of the world will look like if left to Agenda 21.  Both cities are filled with delightfully luxurious hotels and tourist accommodations while they are surrounded by extreme slums of people stacked upon each other in an inhumane fashion of compressed living and diabolical concessions to the human soul.  These cities are true glimpses of what the future of human civilization will look like under Agenda 21 globally.  Everything looks wonderful in the tourist areas, but for the workers who maintain the cities of Rio and Cancun—life sucks—big time.  Listening to Bob Silliman who is the coordinator of Ohio’s Agenda 21 awareness efforts I thought of a visit my wife and I made fairly recently to Cancun where the United Nations often holds their Climate Change Conferences and saw the future of my own community in the vision plans of local Agenda 21 planners.

At the end of Bob’s speech many in the audience contemplated what the end game was for Agenda 21, and why it was even being implemented.  Many speculated generally that it was power that was the intention—but as the young lady who stood up at the end declared, even if radical environmental leftists like George Soros wanted to use Agenda 21 to gain power over massive municipalities of people he would be long dead by the time Agenda 21 takes full hold in America—leaving the question mostly unanswered.  The menacing answer is much more severe and difficult to comprehend.  The people from the United Nations who fly in to participate in the Earth Summits and Climate Change Conferences in places like Cancun and Rio see the glitter of tourism and exotic locations and find themselves enchanted by the beauty of the Earth.  Often they don’t travel too far from their hotels so they don’t see the massive slums that the people who live and work in those exotic cities contend with.  For proof of these summit locations check the links below.

When my wife and I visited Cancun we were both astonished at the terrible living conditions of the residents just outside of the main strip in Cancun.  Even more shocking was the massive shopping mall like complex just down the road from the airport that held a multiplex of strip houses and sex shops.  The entire complex was one giant sex store that was reeking with human trafficking from young girls stolen from their families all over the world.  It made the sex store at Exit 141 in Tennessee just a few miles from Knoxville look small.  In the city of Cancun, Mexico if you head into the interior of the country within ten miles of the major hotels, once you pass the shopping mall of gentlemen clubs there is nothing for many dozens of miles, and for hundreds of miles in the Yucatan, there are only a few villages—many of them still containing thatched roofs the way a primitive might inhabit.  As my wife saw this for the first time after growing up in America and living all of her life in upper class conditions, she was absolutely aghast and wanted to help the poor Mexican people.  But the social conditions and politics of Mexico have imprisoned those poor residents of Cancun to be run by corrupt drug lords and the mobs who own all the hotels.  The government is run by the mobs, and this is what the United Nations is selling in Agenda 21.

In Mexico and Brazil the residents have been pushed through regulation and policy into the cities to live like rats under the command of central planners.  The living areas of these cities are terrible, and to call them slums would be a credit.  They are the result of the well intended global climate United Nations sympathizers who think they can contain the human spirit in a bottle to preserve the Earth from global warming.  Their intention of putting the human being in a bottle and holding them there so that green space thrives can be seen in Cancun.  Mexico has lots of green space…………..lots and lots………….and LOTS of it.  After traveling for a few days around the Yucatan Peninsula after being accustom to travel in America, my wife and I enjoyed a Big Mac at the McDonalds outside of our hotel like it was a feast at one of Chef Ramsey’s restaurants.   In fact, a Big Mac never tasted so good and my wife and I decided in that McDonalds in Cancun on Kukulcan Blvd that we would commit ourselves to saving America from United Nations global planners.  In America when we travel from Cincinnati to Louisville, or Cincinnati to Lexington, or Cincinnati to Columbus there is a lot of farm land that is being used productively, there is a lot of wonderful green space, and the Earth’s beauty is easy to see.  If there is one reason to go after Agenda 21 it is to preserve the Big Mac.  When I want a Big Mac, I can get one about every 20 miles no matter where I go in America—and that is a BEAUTIFUL thing.  Savor the moment—take a deep breath……………ahhhhhh…………capitalism.  Capitalism=Big Mac.  Two very wonderful ideas.

No place in the world has it so lucky as I do in The United States, and I would love to see places like Mexico, Brazil, and the entire continent of Africa have a life as good as I have it in Cincinnati, Ohio and that means a McDonalds every twenty miles and cell phone service uninterrupted for thousands of miles.  But they won’t get it with Agenda 21.  Instead, Agenda 21 and the United Nations architects wish to take from me these wonderful attributes of American culture and make Cincinnati more like Cancun and Rio.  The end game of Agenda 21 that is intended to take place over many generations is to destroy the infrastructure of suburbia and force residents back into the cities.   The sinister aims at work are not ones of direct power from people like George Soros in his generation, but the larger aim of surrender to global collectivism where the human body is but a cell in the body of the Earth, which is considered the highest form of existence.

In my community of Liberty Twp one of my favorite Trustees David Kern finds himself voting in favor of a massive apartment complex at the new Carriage Hill development because members of the Vision Committee years ago approved the development.  Developers are happy to make money off the Vision Committee’s idea, but what nobody knows is that the Vision Committee created their land use plan with a commitment to Agenda 21.  Since most people think only in terms of their generation and not the collective salvation of collectivists who attend the Earth Summit in Rio, they don’t know that the intent behind the luxury apartments at Carriage Hill are to be Section 8 housing 50 years from now, and as taxes push people out of their homes in the suburbs they will retreat to those Section 8 homes as they lose their homes.  Once they get used to that style of living they will crave the same kind of home centralized in Cincinnati near public transportation like what the Street Car is offering.  When Mayor Mallory used the Delphi Technique mentioned in the video above, to achieve passage of the Street Car even with all the opposition, it wasn’t because Mallory wanted to build a legacy for himself; it is because of his collective commitment to Agenda 21.  Fifty years from now when all the United Nations plans for the Twenty First Century are put in place, the suburbs of America will look like the green space outside of Cancun and all the residents will be stacked like insects in the apartment slums of Cincinnati not out of convenience to make life for the human being a good one, but out of a sacrifice to preserve Mother Earth.  When Liberty Township Zoning Administrator Jon West says to my good friend Cathy Dirr who is the loudest voice in Southern Ohio against Agenda 21 that “you can’t stop progress, Cathy,” he is saying that the progress of Agenda 21 and its commitment to Mother Earth is more important than the happiness and sovereignty of the individual citizens of Liberty Township.  By the time those new apartments being built at Carriage Hill–the Homearoma community in 2013–becomes Section 8 housing in 2040 the developers will long be dead and their children will have squandered all the money they made on the present real estate deals.  But Agenda 21 will just be kicking in and those same children will be pushed out of the suburbs and back into the city where the prying eyes of government can control and regulate their lives with the kind of imprisonment that one can see in present day Cancun.

In Cancun nobody is rich, but the organized crime organizations who own everything.  The same with Rio de Janeiro, but Hollywood has taken part in selling the Agenda 21 dream to the world with films like Blame it on Rio and the Mickey Roark film Wild Orchid.  To the soundtrack of Ofra Haza’s sexy Egyptian music, the sex in Rio during Wild Orchid was the fantasy of most men and women and the result has been a massive influx of spring breakers who have fled the control of their liberal college institutions in America for destinations abroad where commitment to Mother Earth takes priority over human lifetimes and morality.  Thousands of young people fill the hotels of Rio and Cancun as they have become the premier spring break destinations where they indulge in the loose rules of sexual conduct and make fools of themselves forever drowning their morality on the beaches of those resort cities.   As adults they will remember their shame and pour their redemption into collective salvation by sacrificing their lives for Mother Earth.  The plan of Agenda 21 is there in the financing of those particular films most recently exhibited in the Fast and Furious film titled the Fast Five, which featured street racing in Rio.

The pattern and commitment to Agenda 21 can best be seen in the 1973 film Soylent Green  The investment of the culture into youth can be tragically seen and the result for the elderly who are killed and eaten by the youth once the reach the decided upon age for death is the end game for Agenda 21.  It may not be the intention during the Earth Summits, but it will be the result.  After all, that is what Soylent Green is, the chopped up bodies of the dead elderly of society who are fed to the youth as a sacrifice similar to the commitment of all collectivists into the surrendering of their lives to the benefit of Mother Earth.  Agenda 21 is so embedded in our culture that conservative trustees and country commissioners have been voting in favor of its implementation for decades without even knowing it.  Agenda 21 was there in the movie Soylent Green, it was there in Blame it on Rio, Wild Orchid, and The Fast Five.  It was there when travel agencies created the incentives to lure young people from American colleges to spend spring break in Cancun to have crazy sex on the beaches like they saw in movies under the watchful eyes of Mexicans with machine guns patrolling the beaches at night and watching in delight.  The bulge in their pants is not from the clips of .223 ammunition designated for their machine guns.

Part of the Agenda 21 strategy is to get people to finance their own demise.  Uncontrollable development will make a few developers wealthy such as in the Liberty Twp case of the Carriage Hill Apartments, but everyone else will suffer.  But in the far away land of Rio and Cancun the plans were created long ago to use the greed and short-sightedness of the average American to drive them like cattle to the slaughter-house of their own culture.  The end game is the city of Cancun and Rio where the tinsel looks impressive right off the airplane quickly degrades just under the blankets of society’s view.  While dining in an upscale Mexican restaurant in Cancun my wife and I spoke a bit with our waiter, a nice Mexican man who said yes senior and yes senorita at the end of every sentence in his dialogue with us.  At first site we thought he was just like us, that he lived in a decent home, had a decent family, had a decent car to drive—access to iPods and Xbox games and watched football on Sunday afternoons in the autumn.  But as we spoke to the man deeply, more than he was used to, he revealed after fifteen minutes of conversation that his brother had been recently killed by gang violence in the living quarters outside the tourist district.  He lived in a card board box.  His wife worked at the Sex Mall outside the airport and his children had all disappeared.  The epic peril of his story immediately alarmed us that he was using a typical tourist scam on us hoping for a good tip, but his body language and demeanor was one of honesty.  He was barely hanging onto life, and had little incentive to proceed from one day to the next.  Looking at him I thought of the movie Soylent Green where the elderly actually looked forward to their death because the toil of their lives would soon be over with pleasant music and comfortable settings not experienced in their day-to-day living.  In that man’s face I saw the result of Agenda 21 and the future of not only Cincinnati but every city in America.  If Agenda 21 is left unchecked the future of all our children can be seen in the lives of the current residents of Rio and Cancun.  The plans made by The United Nations are made in those cities for the results of the current inhabitants, and the results are not good for the human race.

Without question zoning administrators like Jon West in Liberty Twp will roll their eyes at the presentation shown above by Bob Silliman and regard them as the frightened antics of an elderly man.  Community administrators like West are so entrenched through the Delphi Technique to the practices of Agenda 21 that they are not able to see the big picture beyond the advancement of their own careers—and that is part of the United Nations strategy that is discussed at Earth Summits every year since 1992.  They count on human beings to be too short-sighted to see the whole picture, and in America people like Bob Silliman who are elderly and no longer concerned for their social advancement can finally see these schemes for what they are.  There is a clarity in old age that people like Bob Silliman have that people like Jon West do not yet possess—and the truth is in the words expressed in Silliman’s presentation.  Agenda 21 is a sinister aim for the human race, and wishes to end the American way of life.  The situation is made even worse when it is realized that The United Nations uses American tax dollars to fund its own existence which is the joke at all these events in Rio and Cancun.  Americans are funding their own end, and members of The United Nations are laughing about it as they gaze at the bronze bodies of topless women and string bikinis while sipping on their margaritas thinking of themselves as masters of the universe.  They might even think that their sacrifice of the human race to the goddess Mother Earth be equivalent to the Mayan who sacrificed many human beings to the god Kukulcan which is the name of the main road that runs the strip of Cancun.  The mind of these social collectivists and parasites to the human soul has the end game of the movie Soylent Green where future human beings will beg to be killed so their misery ends and they can become the food that feeds the human race and bring real value to their lives at last, as they spent a life time locked in an apartment living miserable lives of labor because of Agenda 21.

For a local example of organizations that most advance Agenda 21 in the Cincinnati area here is one:

They are the same group involved with the Street Car issue of Cincinnati and was hired by Lakota Schools to operate their “community conversations” which have not been cheap.  They specialize in The Delphi Technique which anyone who has attended the meetings with Jeffery Stec at Citizens for Civic Renewal has learned.  CLICK HERE to learn about The Delphi Technique and how it works.  It is the same technique mentioned in the video of Bob Silliman.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”

4 thoughts on “The Danger of Agenda 21: Eating old people so the young can suffer

  1. This indoctrination started many years ago in the schools. I became aware of the transition when my first grade son came home talking about Gaia as Mother Earth. Soon the children were not allowed to have Christmas and Easter. When I was on the school board a resident of Liberty Twp., who taught in another district came to the board meeting saying that we must stop Christmas and Easter vacations and call them winter and spring break. The naive board voted 4-1 to go along with idea. This was going on across the nation. The aim was to take God out of the schools. The start of the divide and conquer. Sex Ed was made a major part of the curriculum. It is the only subject taught K-12. This is not taught as biology, but as graphic/pornographic sex. If you want to see how perverse this curriculum has become read the book “From Crayons to Condom.” You can understand how the teachers become involved with their students in the way Stacy Schuler did if you read just how explicit, graphic and perverse is the information discussed in the co-ed classrooms. According to the communist perpetrators, they said long ago that they would take over this nation from within. This would be accomplished by dumbing down the children, getting them involved in sex, entertainment and sports. It has been accomplished with few even noticing. Just look at how little girls are dressed these days. Just read how many children are exploited and molested. Just read about the recently exposed pedophile ring that involved Boys Town. This was covered up for years because the money was flowing and Lawrence King, head of Franklin Savings in Omahoa, Nebraska recruited these children along with embezzeling over $40 million dollars. Does anyone even care about these children? They were orphans and involved both boys and girls. God is watching.
    We were given a wonderful country and we allowed evil to take over. It is so sad to think that people can be so weak.


    1. Weak and stupid. If I can see Agenda 21, so can any other warm blooded adult. Remind me to tell you about Christ hospital. I’m watching this so called weather situation in Kansas City and the climaterorists have that city shut down and in a state of fear. This kind of herding never would have happened 10 years ago.
      When the shit hits the fan, these people will be in a world of hurt.


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