Living the Creation of Ayn Rand’s ‘Anthem’: Fighting back against Duke Energy and the Cincinnati Streetcar

George Lang, trustee of West Chester Township has recently had to contend with a large financial settlement due to a controversial police beating, then he went on 700 WLW radio with Bill Cunningham to give a statement about the attempt from Duke Energy to pass the cost of the Cincinnati Street Car off on suburban residents since the city does not have the money to pay for the project they foolishly voted for.  Lang has been very busy, and has done a more than respectable job of handling the various management issues that have come his way.  The Duke Energy issue is very serious.  It is the result of a Cincinnati based company that is dedicated to progressive causes–especially with their participation in the Agenda 21 Smart Meter program–that is allowing the reckless costs of Mayor Mallory’s Street Car to be passed on for infrastructure construction to their wide base of customers.  The Street Car like the Smart Meters is an Agenda 21 strategy and it should come as no surprise that the Cincinnati Mayor is personal friends with Barack Obama and is fully committed to the Rio, Brazil Earth Summit agenda created in 1992.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT AGENDA 21. George Lang is fighting the idea of Duke Energy passing the cost of the Street Car onto residents of Butler and Warren County and he had a great interview with Cunningham which can be heard below.

When logic is used, nobody can figure out why Mallory is so committed to the Streetcar.  Like Lang said, the Streetcar makes no economic sense for Cincinnati and much less sense for the residents of Butler and Warren County.  It’s sluggish old technology that limits people geographically to an area that is less than desirable.  I know that Lang understands the real answer, but he can’t say it on WLW without sounding like a kook, because George knows that attacking these big problems with too much information that the public isn’t willing to learn will lessen his message—so he focused the discussion around economic viability, which is something people understand.  Yet the reality is that Mallory like his friend Obama are looking far into the future—beyond their own lifetimes with a commitment to social collectivism that can best be found in Ayn Rand’s great novel Anthem which I have been reading at least twice a week lately, because of its stirring accuracy.

I have been reading Anthem written first in 1937 which appeared to have had a tremendous impact on Walt Disney (CLICK HERE TO READ MY REVIEW) because out of all my books and attempts at explaining away modern behavior, it is the only one that makes sense.  It predicted the attempt by Socialist International to spread global communism through The United Nations nearly half a century before the 1992 Earth Summit meeting in Brazil.  Ayn Rand knew the signs and they were already happening in America during the days of the Red Decade, when Anthem was written.  Anthem was a warning about the dangers of communism from a woman who lived it first hand in Petrograd, Russia at the start of the 1917 Revolution.  In Anthem mankind has reverted back to almost a primal village where council members run everything and personal identity has been eradicated.  One man in the story re-discovers the light bulb from a long dead culture.  He brings the discovery to his ruling village council thinking they will be delighted.  Instead he is beaten and tortured for making the discovery to the point that he escapes into the wilderness to re-establish civilization and all the inventions of the past that have been suppressed by the ruling class.  The book is so powerful that I believe that Walt Disney built the Epcot Center in Orlando Florida to protect our society against such an eventuality.  You can see a dedication to Ayn Rand’s work in the American Heritage building at that famous park.  Only Walt or Roy, his brother, would ever be able to admit to such a thing today, so enjoy the dedication to Ayn Rand while it lasts.  Progressives hate Ayn Rand, and seek at every turn to remove her warnings from the eyes of human beings.  If you want to piss off a progressive, talk about Ayn Rand, which is why the dedication at The Epcot Center is remarkable.  Anthem’s hero is Equality 7-2521 and he lived in the dark ages of the distant future.  In a loveless world he dared to love the woman of his choice.  In an age that had lost all trace of science and civilization he had the courage to seek and find knowledge.  But these were not the crimes for which he would be hunted.  He was marked for death because he had committed the most unpardonable sin: he had stood forth from the mindless human herd.  He was a man alone………….a sin worse than murder in a society of collectivists.

The Overton Window in our current society has been pulled so far to the political left that even dedicated conservatives feel uncomfortable discussing novels like Anthem in public.  So Lang was smart to stay away from the topic on WLW because large media types like Cunningham have had the Overton Window pulled so far to the left during their lifetimes that they are not willing to examine ideas that may categorize them as “tin headed conspiracy theorists.” ( CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE OVERTON WINDOW.) Such thoughts do not belong so much on Channel 5 interviews and WLW talk shows as society is currently struggling with the current status of America.  The news reporters and producers of such shows are having a hard time grappling with these issues as they don’t want to be considered extreme, or kooky so they stay with the observable evidence that the public can most easily relate with.  The political left has captured the media and they have established the parameters which everyone in the business must follow.

I ran up against this issue with the education reform topics I used to cover so often with mainstream media.  I argued the cost of the school levies for a long time, but when nothing changed and the reasons were examined with facts the answers were much more sinister than even I thought.  Mainstream media isn’t prepared to deal with that reality at this time, just like they are not prepared to deal with the real reason for the Streetcar in Cincinnati, or the strategy behind the Smart Meters from Duke Energy.  Lang stuck to the cost and extreme imposition of Butler County being required to pay for the progressive Streetcar that was rammed down the throat of Cincinnati residents, and is now being pushed off into the suburbs for mysterious and illogical reasons.  The Streetcar intent seems illogical in relation to the known data that people like Cunningham and his producers at WLW are willing to deal with.  After all, Cunningham’s television show exploits the result of progressivism, so too much examination of progressive causes disturbs the apple cart of many people who make livings off them.  Mainstream media is left trying to explain only the tips of icebergs leaving much hidden below the surface.  It is in art that society must tackle the big issues so they can be seen fully, and not in the tid bits of news topics.  Artistic endeavors like this blog, paintings, movies or novels are where the bigger issues can be examined by individuals alone with their thoughts in the quiet of the night, and at their own command.

The intent of the Streetcar like all progressive causes is to eliminate suburbs and individual freedom in dedication to the foundation of collectivism.  Suburbs in Butler and Warren counties have been targeted by pretentious United Nations bureaucrats in far away cities like Rio during yearly Earth Summits to be eliminated through regulation.  County and city planners trained in colleges by Marxist professors do not even question their role in the scheme as they have been trained to be collectivists, by collectivists.  In virtually every company in the country there are now programs like Six Sigma and other consensus building efficiency measures that are rooted in global collectivism, not individual endeavor, which all are born from this trend perpetuated by liberal college professors instructed in the motivations of Earth Summit agenda points.  The intentions of collectivism as it is taught in virtually every public school and college, every company that embraces consensus building, and every public works project like the Street Car is to carry society toward the future of Anthem.  When all the elements are added up from what we see today, to what is coming in the future, the sum is what the novel Anthem is all about.

George Lang is fighting the good fight in standing up to the Duke Energy imposition of raising energy rates to cover their cost of building the Streetcar infrastructure.  But like Cunningham said, Duke will get it’s way in the end and Mayor Mallory knew it all along, just as Obama knew it when the Streetcar idea was invented in the first place as the hub of transportation in Cincinnati in the distant future when the suburbs are destroyed through taxation and all residents are forced back into the cities to preserve the green space of planet Earth.  The collectivists know they have every sector of public life covered from the media to the smallest business—that even die-hard conservatives feel uncomfortable discussing the origin and intention of progressivism outside of their own thoughts.  So what can people do, what measures can people take to strike back?

Well, since Duke Energy is at the center of two controversies, the Smart Meter program and the willingness of their company to pass off the cost of the Streetcar onto their customers who had nothing to do with voting for the stupid thing, there are options.  The best way to hit a company like Duke Energy is in their pocketbook.  Duke makes their money in two primary ways, off their infrastructure usage and off kilowatt-hours.  While we are all stuck through the monopoly power of Duke Energy in Cincinnati with their infrastructure, we do have options with how we buy the kilowatt-hours of power supplied to our homes.  Since it looks like Butler County will be forced to pay nearly $7 more on their monthly bills to cover the Streetcar that money could be returned to household income by buying kilowatt-hours of power from another company.  One such company is First Energy which can provide considerable savings to any family household.  If you own a business, you can save thousands of dollars in kilowatt usage through First Energy or companies like them.  To learn more, check them out at the link below.

Even if the savings on your electric bill is only $10 to $40 per month, it is still money that will not be going to Duke Energy and is an excellent way to use dollars to express unhappiness about Duke Energy’s willingness to pass off the cost of the Street Car to the suburbs of Ohio by caving into the whims of progressive politics without a fight.  And it will teach power companies a hard lesson that America does not get its mandates from The United Nations in Earth Summits at Rio.  Duke Energy has stated that they control the infrastructure that goes onto our homes so we have no say as to whether a Smart Meter goes on them or not, just like we have no choice but to pay the extra rates for the Streetcar in Cincinnati.  But we do have a choice of whether we purchase our kilowatt-hours from Duke Energy or First Energy.  It is in the power of choice that the degradation of political progressivism can best be defeated, and the eventual aim of taking society to the brink of the old novel Anthem—a society that has become inundated with soulless collectivism, can be averted.  Agenda 21 might sound like conspiracy theory skepticism, but it is quite real, and exists outside of the accepted realm of discussion like a cancer cell that slowly eats away a healthy body that is in denial of its presence.  It does no good to yell at Duke Energy and proclaim that they are agents of evil in direct service to The United Nations and progressive politicians who are using the green movement as the new red of communism.  But the money to feed some of these agents can be greatly reduced in retaliation for the Smart Meter program and the audacity to even consider spreading the wealth from rich suburbs to fund a streetcar in Cincinnati that is the dream of progressives.  The aim of those progressives can be seen in Ayn Rand’s novel Anthem and the path begins and ends with companies like Duke Energy who by choice or by design are guiding society in that tragic direction.

We can only be thankful that there are a few politicians like George Lang who can walk the tight rope of politics and still fight for what’s right.  And asking residents of Butler Country among others to pay for a Streetcar in Cincinnati is wrong in every meaning of the word, and deserves a recourse that will place in the mind of Duke Energy management great regret.  Give First Energy a call and start that process.  It might divide up a household electric bill into two bills one to Duke for the infrastructure and one from First Energy for the kilowatts, but half that bill won’t be going to Duke……….and that will really piss them off……..and teach them a hard lesson.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”