A Kindergarten Teacher Plots Murder with a School Nurse: The many tribulations of secularism in public schools

When Barack Obama beats on his chest, as he did during the sequestration talks, and declares that America is somehow falling short by allowing cuts to occur in programs that feed the education industry he seems to be including all teachers and education workers in his audacious statements.  His statements are audacious because he insists that America is more committed to corporate jets than education as he gallivants around the world at tax payer expense in Air Force One.  For him and his wife, he doesn’t think the rules apply to him as he is a member of the ruling elite—as he sees the world, so he obviously doesn’t make the connection.  Such perceptions of reality come directly from our nation’s education system which Obama advocates on behalf of his progressive comrades in organized labor.   So one can only assume that Obama’s education system includes teachers that plan the murder of ex-husbands so that kindergarten teachers can avoid paying their husband’s money such as in the case of the Virginia elementary school teacher and a school nurse that are facing charges in what police are calling a murder-for-hire plot.

Angela Nolen, a 47-year-old kindergarten teacher, was arrested in February 2013 for allegedly plotting to hire a hit man to kill her ex-husband for $8,000. According to police, Nolen’s friend 37-year-old Cathy Bennett, the school nurse, worked with Nolen to find the hit man.  According to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Nolen’s plan unraveled when she gave a police officer, working under cover as a hit man, an up-front fee of $4,000 to kill her ex-husband, 63-year-old Paul Strickler.


When politicians like Obama utter blind devotion to education without applying a value to the type of employees that schools utilize, or even attempt to decipher the kind of education that children are getting he is reflecting his ignorance in being raised in the public school system of Jakarta, Indonesia.  In Jakarta, the public schools are the best things children see on a day-to-day basis because the children are growing up in a third world country.  The content of the education matters less than the fact that children get to sit in a chair under a solid roof for a few hours a day—as opposed to their homes in thatched huts, or sleeping in an alley with a blanket over their head while their mothers cook dinner in the hubcap of a discarded tire.  Such murder plots are common in third world countries, so children who are the products of those environments obviously don’t see the trouble—and Barack Obama is a product of those environments.  Politicians like Obama are flawed people just as children taught under teachers like Angela Nolen will end up flawed because children are incredibly influenced by the adults in their lives, and if the teachers are planning to execute their ex-husbands even in their private time that the essence of their personalities will come out in their instruction to children.

The trouble with Obama’s view of education and those administrators who regret in hindsight their employment of Nolan is that they have helped create through deficient education of progressive ideas the demoralized world of the current through their policies of secularism.  Nolan should not have been a teacher, and there should be mechanisms in place to detect such folly driven personalities.  However, because of the progressive labor union mentality of large central government that wishes with all its heart and soul to replace the worship of any God with worship of the God of government, religious worship has been separated from the act of education, which has left millions upon millions of children lacking a spiritual identity which is the backbone of education.  Without spiritual value, education has nothing to adhere to, and children find that everything they learn from secularists like Angela Nolan flies in one ear and right out the other, because there is no value in between for knowledge to grip onto and grow within an individual. The progressive commitment to secularism has destroyed public education and the process started with the 1947 Supreme Court ruling of Everson v. Board of Education which began a series of secular Constitutional interpretations that gradually pushed all concept of value from public education class rooms.  At this point dear reader, it is important to understand the proper definition of the word secularism, because it is a silent disease that is destroying our world.

Secularism by definition:

  • Holding a system of political or social philosophy that rejects all forms of religious faith and worship.
  • Embracing the view that public education and other matters of civil policy should be conducted without the introduction of religious element.
  • Having indifference to, or a rejection or exclusion of, religion and religious considerations.
  • Believing that religious considerations should be excluded from civil affairs.

The results of secularism can be seen in everyday life without any effort.  They include:

  • An individual student may not say a voluntary prayer at a football game, graduation, or any other school event.
  • Cadets at military academies may not engage in offering voluntary prayers over their meals.
  • A choir may not sing a religious song as part of a school concert.
  • A school may not place a Bible in a classroom library.
  • An individual student may not write a research paper on a religious topic, draw religious artwork in an art class, or carry is personal Bible onto school grounds.

Source material: http://www.wallbuilders.com/

I am hardly a Bible thumping practitioner of hard-core Christian obedience.  My views on religion can best be discovered by CLICKING HERE.  However when I make such statements I assume that there is a basic understanding of spiritual essence in the life of the listener, and the primary religions of the world can provide that basic human need.  Without a spiritual essence there is no way to teach another human being anything but to be a slave, because education requires an appreciation of cultural value in order to learn the most basic math problem.  Secular progressives like Obama’s clan of domestic radicals have destroyed the very social mechanism of education that they proclaim to adore with the same hypocrisy as claiming that corporate jets are evil while they usher themselves about in a very expensive tax payer funded airplane in Air Force One.

When progressives seek to advance the Muslim faith, they are not doing it to advance the cause of spiritual awareness, or to provide a comparison between the Holy Bible and the Koran.  They seek through their secular philosophy to crush Christianity by pitting the faith of Islam against it.  Their hope is not the spread of Muslim faith as much as it is to provoke war between the faiths to spread the desire for secularism—by causing public establishments to abandon any discussion of religious and spiritual value, secular progressives hope to create a void that will then be replaced by government.

These times are not the first in history where government sought to destroy the religions of conquered people so that society would view the ruling class as a deity on Earth.  As a general rule, every advanced society that had a King, a dictator, a centralized ruler of any kind has sought to replace in the mind of man the idea that it is the highest member of government who is the deity that the people must be concerned with.  Secular progressives due to their mindless pursuit of social collectivism wish to have centralized government be the ruling deity in the lives of the masses.  Of course the next step in such a world is to have a centralized figure ruling in such a power vacuum over the government body.  Collectivist theories fail because they never figure into their plans that government will never operate as the ambitionless democracy Plato contemplated in his book The Republic.  Ambition for power over others will always taint the human mind until evolution millions of future years ahead bring the event about.  Until such a day humans will be governed by their spiritual values.

Secularists wish to believe that Thomas Jefferson was the kind of Founding Father who believed in secular government, and they have advanced that fabrication for their own ends.  But such a statement is a falsehood equivalent to Barack Obama’s commitment to education.  Jefferson’s actual beliefs reflect much more closely my own as he understood that spiritual value was the key to resisting future tyrants.  In fact, Jefferson purposed as the national motto the phrase, “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God” to Congress in 1776.  Jefferson was less concerned about the style of God worshipped, but was much more concerned with the recognition that some sort of dedication to a higher cause was needed to resist the dangling temptations of tyrants in all future government endeavors.

Angela Nolan was a tyrant to her kindergarten class.  Countless children were exposed to her distorted viewpoints as she taught children their basic values while plotting the death of her husband with a school nurse who had become her co-working friend.   The public school is at fault because it allowed secular viewpoints to drive spiritual value from institutional education, allowing people like Angela Nolan to possibly plan for the murder with her friend in the teacher’s lounge of a school without fear that the other co-workers might take offense.  In a society that lacks value because of secularism, those of the loosest system of value among mankind can see themselves as equals in comparison to the most moral, and can be employed as school teachers, lawyers, politicians and all professions that touch the lives of many.  Secularism is the cause of Angela Nolan being in a school classroom teaching children and administrators are powerless to assert value because lawyers would sue them for their implementation of religious views.  So it should come as no surprise that more teachers in public education will plot the murder of others while teaching children in kindergarten or teachers who have gratuitous sex with underage kids, because values in public school are lacking.  The acts of detriment are only bad when compared to the value of sin that most learn in religious pursuits.  When those values are stripped away, there is nothing to keep a teacher from imposing on young people their inner demons which harm children in subtle ways forever.

When Obama says he is dedicated to education and that more money should be spent on teachers like Angela Nolan, he is speaking with the mouth of a fool who lacks personal value.  There are thousands of Angela Nolans out there in the world of public education and they feel entitled to inflict tyranny upon society through the innocence of children.  The broken souls of existence who plot the murder of their ex-husbands or the seduction of young students for sexual gratification are the products of secular progressivism and through collective endeavor are destined to destroy the lives of everyone they touch.  This makes Obama and any politician who advances a system that produces more people like Angela Nolan complacent in every life that is destroyed because of secular progressivism and the products of it like Angela and her friend the school nurse who fantasized in their warped minds that they could kill Nolan’s husband and keep the money from the sale of a house to live happily ever after in progressive utopia, which includes murder, rape and human sacrifice to the gods of government and the tyrants wishing to quell any rebellion by goodness against their desire to rule the world, and everyone in it.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”