Messages of Doom and Communism from Protect Ohio Middle Class: The pot calling the kettle black

They are either completely stupid or openly deceitful but the new group most vocally standing against Workplace Freedom in Ohio is attempting to convince voters that the right-to-work movement is driven by communist interest.  Now, if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!   The group called Protect Ohio Middle Class is putting up billboards along Ohio highways with the title Workplace Freedom accompanied by the hammer and sickle from communist Soviet propaganda to place in the minds of the mushy middle class and ill-informed that Workplace Freedom is a communist sentiment.  THAT IS HILARIOUS.

That just goes to show how manically deceitful these radicals of progressive policy are willing to embark to preserve their corrosive achievements.  With that said, there is no special interest behind my desire to pursue Workplace Freedom in Ohio.  I have never taken nor will I ever take money to write an article favoring Workplace Freedom.  I support it because it’s the right thing to do in Ohio and unlike the collective endeavors of the typical union worker who believe in the ridiculous concept of “all for one and one for all” nonsense, I think for myself.  I don’t wait for a memo from some union leader to tell me how to think, how to vote, or what union revised history states.  So I know the real story behind the unions in America, and they are not organizations dedicated to capitalism or freedom.  They were created by communism for the aims of soft socialist introduction of governing to mass populations through union membership.   Unions are not products of the free market, and their existence is a threat to freedom in America.

The union apologists will utter that they have a right to “collectively bargain,” that they are entitled to sit across the table from management as a collective unit of force and demand higher wages, and if they don’t get them then “striking” is the next option—which means work stoppage until the unions get what they want.  However, striking is unproductive, and if work is not being done, then productivity is not creating wealth—therefore nobody makes any money.  This union type mentality in America has crushed the car companies, steel mills, and a multitude of other businesses as frequent strikes have destroyed productivity forcing manufactures to produce in countries or states where such threats are not legal.  In forced work states like Ohio, a company has no protection against a strike but to yield and increase wages whether or not it can afford to or not.

The union argument framed in the mind of Karl Marx is that the bourgeois always has enough money to “share” with the “worker” and that money will be taken by force if needed.  Unions therefore developed the strike as the way to extract that money.  In the private sector this has bankrupted many companies.  In the public sector such as teachers, firefighters and police officers it has caused budget breaking deficits and tax increases.  All this is the plan of global communists who stand against private property, and ownership of any kind.  In this communist mindset which came to America through labor unions they changed the name of the bourgeois class to simply naming them “the rich,” and the proletariat class have now become called the “middle class.”

“Middle Class” is a derogatory term intended to suppress a heard of mindless human beings under the collective rule of communism.  The creation of the middle class in America by labor unions is to advance the concept of the proletariat as defined by Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.  Union groups like the one mentioned above in Protect Ohio Middle Class knows that if Ohio becomes a right-to-work state as Indiana and Michigan now are, that they will lose the communist push to spread the efforts of the proletariat toward the progressive aims of global socialism/communism.  Ironically, in the video above this group mentioned communist China as one of the countries where there are no unions—yet they ignore that the proletariat there had long been defeated by the communist push coming out of the biggest union in the world at the time, the Soviet Union.  The future of Ohio and of The United States is in what happened to the Soviet Union under union membership, and it can be seen in any community that once had strong union presences in companies that are no longer there.  Their arguments in favor of unions are typically as follows with my rebuttal in blue.  (If you are a union member reading this, the word “rebuttal” does not have anything to do with butts, asses, anal orifices, or any semblance of passing gas.  It is a term used to offer the other side of a debate.)

On Union Membership…(as found on the Protect Ohio Middle Class website)

  • Since 1935, Congress has guaranteed the rights of workers to collectively bargain, and since 1947 has protected the rights of workers to refrain from union membership if they choose.  What the unions don’t say is that Congress passed this law under what was known as the “Red Decade” where influence from the Soviet Union was heavily affecting policy in America during the Great Depression.  The pressure to cave under communist influence was intense, and this is how collective bargaining began in America.  When it comes to forced membership, it means that teachers, auto workers, steel workers, etcetera must be in a union or not take the job.  It’s their choice if they want to work in a union job or not—which really isn’t a choice.  It’s deceptive marketing of the union product.
  • Unionized employees are 19% more likely to have employer-provided health coverage than non-union employees.  True, and because of the crushing costs of health coverage many employers under union rule have elected to go out of business.  In Southern Ohio drive through towns like Middletown, Hamilton, Norwood, Dayton — anywhere where large union manufactures have dominated and empty buildings will be seen everywhere.  Those empty buildings are no longer providing health insurance—at all. 
  • Unionized employees are 25% more likely to have an employer-sponsored pension than non-union employees.  Again, this is why companies go out of business.  Not all employees are “good” and employers are forced due to the unions to compensate all employees “equally.”  This is a stupid idea that only communists would construct.  The value of one worker over another is completely ignored in union shops and this strategy kills competitive enterprise one way or the other bankrupting businesses, or forcing tax increases in public sector endeavors.   

On “Workplace Freedom” states vs. free-bargaining states…

    • The average annual pay for workers is 14.1% higher in free-bargaining states than “Workplace Freedom” statesThis is because the value of worker pay is artificially too high, as market forces cannot be driven down through union coercion.
    • The average employee in a “Workplace Freedom” state takes home over $5,000 less per year than their counterparts in free-bargaining statesThis is the same as the topic above; the extra $5,000 on average comes out of the true value of the business in question.  Over time the extra amount is like a slow bleed of blood out of a body.  The body will die when the blood runs out if the body cannot manufacture new blood to replace the lost blood as quick as it runs out the body will die.  This is why businesses die.  Their profits cannot overcome their legacy costs and other aspects of running a business. 
  • Workers in free-bargaining states are 4.5% more likely to have health coverage and a pension than workers in “Workplace Freedom” statesUnions are so good at saying the same thing over and over again to make something sound better through repetition.  Health coverage is the decision of a company.  If they can afford it, they will provide such coverage which is an incentive to get the best workers.  The problem with communism is that ALL workers are treated equally, so there is no attempt to figure out if one worker is better than another, so everybody gets great benefits.  This is like a football team trying to put the best team on a field of play without ever trying to figure out who the best players are.  Good companies who are profitable and desire the best employees will offer health coverage.  Those who can’t afford the coverage will simply cash in and abandon a business because the operating costs are too great. 
  • Due to the inability to negotiate for workplace standards, construction industry fatalities are 40% higher in “Workplace Freedom” states than free-bargaining statesYet another faulty claim.  States with Workplace Freedom have more economic activity meaning that their rates of occurrences are higher because people are actually working.  So of course they have more accidents.  A full building with employees working in them will have more accidents than buildings that are sitting empty because the unions sucked the life out of the business.    
  • Most of the states with the highest unemployment rates in the country are “Workplace Freedom” states.  Many states that have accepted Workplace Freedom have to recover their faltering economies due to union activity in the past – such as Michigan and Indiana.  Michigan has the tragic situation of absorbing the cost of Detroit which has been decimated by unions.  Their decision to move their state toward a right-to-work status is due to their need to recover from their cancerous labor unions.  Their high unemployment was caused by the unions and poor economic activity from companies not wanting to deal with the threat of union workforces. 
  • Workers in “Workplace Freedom” states make less money, have fewer benefits, and suffer more on-the-job fatalities than workers in free-bargaining states.  This again is the way unions repeat over and over and over and over and over and over again the same thing over and over and over and over and over saying the same thing again and again and again and again like mindless drones hoping that voters are too stupid to see through their charade.  The value of a worker is determined by the employer.  The employee sells their services and the employer decides if they wish to purchase.  Unions take away the idea of value from one employee to another which is why they always fail.  Unions are a communist idea rooted in collectivism and does not work anywhere in the world. 

I could go on and on forever arguing against unions but needless to say, the organization called Protect Ohio Middle Class is a wolf pretending to be dressed in sheep’s clothing.  Unions are communist ideas and every union worker who rides a Harley Davidson with an American flag on their riding vests are hypocrites because they do not know the history of their unions.  Their unions are working against the American capitalist system, which is the blood of the economy that made The United States the most powerful country in the world.  Unions came from Europe and have destroyed everything they have touched.  It is because of unions that states like Ohio are seeking to free themselves from them with Workplace Freedom.

The Protect Ohio Middle Class group has been deceitful in attempting to label Workplace Freedom as a communist idea.  They count on voters to be just as “educated” as they are, which is equivalent to most 2-year-olds.  Just as ridiculous is the idea that the push for Workplace Freedom is driven by “special interest.”  It’s as stupid of a statement as the idea that the Tea Party would support anything resembling a communist idea.  Workplace Freedom is being driven by logic and understanding of what market forces are needed for Ohio to have a thriving economy, not one supported by federal Medicaid dollars, Teacher unions demanding more federal money to fulfill inflated labor contracts to teach progressive education to innocent children, or money from FEMA every time a shingle blows off the roof of a homeowner by a springtime tornado.  Government has not shown a will to do the right thing, so Workplace Freedom is a citizen initiative driven by logical, well-informed people.  The perceived villains of the proletariat – the infamous bourgeois are not behind Workplace Freedom in Ohio.  Workplace Freedom is the creation of people who really want jobs in Ohio, and not lip service from a governor who has been consumed by a pussyopolis.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”

The Fate of Cyprus Has Always Been Known: Socialist International list of member countries

After the socially hostile reaction the film Atlas Shrugged II received from mainstream critics and media personalities I decided that when it came to the next film I would write 10 positive articles for every negative one to offset in the world of Google and online forums the intended negative impact of the bleeding heart progressives pointing all civilizations the world over toward the fate of the tiny country of Cyprus.  With that in mind, it is likely that my readers here will see many more references to utter my belief that the novel and films of Atlas Shrugged are equivalent to a modern skeleton key of civilization, and that the lessons learned can save mankind from the socialism that has seduced it.  The modern forces that are bankrupting Cyprus and the European Union in general are the same who criticized so openly the film adaptations of Atlas Shrugged so to keep that skeleton key out of the minds of man—and therefore perpetuate the aims of destruction intended by the vile workings of an international group called Socialist International.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT.  I often discuss here many literary endeavors which I admire, but when it comes to predicting the outcomes of world events, declaring the current emergencies for what they are accurately, and providing a light out of the darkness for those unequipped with direction, I can think of no better source than the stories in Atlas Shrugged.

Few people know to what extent Socialist International has penetrated their lives, especially in small town America where they believe the reach of those maniacal tyrants cannot touch them.  A quick investigation into the website of Socialist International shows their areas of concern and it will be quickly discovered that the platform points for the American Democratic Party are nearly identical to those of Socialist International which is deeply embedded in all European politics, particularly in The United Nations.  Socialist International declares through their motto that they are all about “Progressive Politics for a fairer world.”  At first glance especially among the feeble-minded, socialism leading to its big brother “communism” sounds good to those who know they are too lazy, not skilled enough, or simply lacking the intellect to achieve at a high level throughout their lives, so they are attracted to the symbol of Socialist International which is a fist holding a flower—which is to say that the flower is offered to opponents of socialism, but the fist will follow if the flower is not taken.  Socialist International intends through global collectivism all the intentions that crushed the Soviet Union many years ago.  They will have their “fairer” world by forcing those who have, to give up their goods to those who have not.  And in all the literature that I have ever read, I have only seen one source that unapologetically castigates the supporters of socialism as in Atlas Shrugged.  All other works of art cower at the feet of socialism out of the long used method of socialists and communists—the power of guilt.  The attempt by socialists to make out all who work hard and create wealth, enterprise, and new inventions for mankind to be demons who must contribute their efforts to those who were not so “lucky” is long chronicled.

It is because of socialism that Cyprus is failing and the exact method of collapse is the plot of Atlas Shrugged written in 1957.  Why should anybody be surprised that the government there is seeking to loot money from the bank accounts of its citizens to pay their bills when socialism is the commitment?  When individual rights are sacrificed at the feet of collective rights the product is what is happening in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, France and everywhere Socialist International has had success in their work.  Socialism is the cause of the economic failures and Socialist International cannot list by any of their subscribers ONE country that has success with socialism.  Even Sweden has been forced to swing their efforts more toward free market ideas in order to avoid the perils seen in modern Cyprus, but at a cost to individual liberty.  No country has seen fiscal success for their economy following Socialist International—NOT ONE.  I challenge anybody reading this in America or the various other countries who routinely tune in to provide ONE example of where a country is thriving financially under socialism.  IT CAN’T BE DONE so there won’t be any.  Yet Socialist International as can be seen on the list below has its foot in virtually every country on the face of the Earth.  Below is a list of Socialist International members and the names they exist under in those countries.  In America, socialism and communism is a rejected term, so the name Democratic is used instead, as it has in other countries as well.


Full Member Parties

Albania Socialist Party of Albania, SPA
Algeria Socialist Forces Front, FFS
Andorra Social Democratic Party of Andorra, PS
Angola MPLA
Argentina Socialist Party, PS
Argentina Radical Civic Union, UCR
Armenia ARF Armenian Socialist Party
Aruba People’s Electoral Movement, MEP
Australia Australian Labor Party, ALP
Austria Social Democratic Party of Austria, SPÖ
Belgium Socialist Party, PS
Belgium Socialist Party, SPA
Benin Social Democratic Party, PSD
Bosnia and Herzegovina Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina, SDP BiH
Brazil Democratic Labour Party, PDT
Bulgaria Bulgarian Social Democrats, PBSD
Bulgaria Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP
Cameroon Social Democratic Front, SDF
Canada New Democratic Party, NDP/NPD
Cape Verde African Party of Cape Verde’s Independence,  PAICV
Chile Party for Democracy, PPD
Chile Radical Social Democratic Party, PRSD
Chile Socialist Party of Chile, PS
Colombia Liberal Party of Colombia, PLC
Costa Rica National Liberation Party, PLN
Croatia Social Democratic Party, SDP
Curaçao MAN
Cyprus Movement of Social Democrats EDEK
Czech Republic Czech Social Democratic Party, CSSD
Denmark Social Democratic Party
Dominican Republic Dominican Revolutionary Party, PRD
Ecuador Democratic Left Party, PID
Equatorial Guinea Convergence for Social Democracy, CPDS
Finland Finnish Social Democratic Party, SDP
France Socialist Party, PS
Germany Social Democratic Party of Germany, SPD
Ghana National Democratic Congress
Greece Panhellenic Socialist Movement, PASOK
Guatemala National Union for Hope, UNE
Guinea Guinean People’s Assembly, RPG
Haiti Union of Haitian Social Democrats
Hungary Hungarian Social Democratic Party, MSzDP
Hungary Hungarian Socialist Party, MSzP
Iceland Social Democratic Alliance of Iceland
Iraq Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, PUK
Ireland The Labour Party
Israel Meretz Party
Italy Italian Socialist Party, PSI
Japan Social Democratic Party, SDP
Lebanon Progressive Socialist Party, PSP
Lithuania Lithuanian Social Democratic Party, LSDP
Luxembourg Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party, LSAP/POSL
Malaysia Democratic Action Party, DAP
Mali African Party for Solidarity and Justice, ADEMA-PASJ
Mali Assembly for Mali, RPM
Mauritania Assembly of Democratic Forces, RFD
Mauritius Mauritius Labour Party
Mauritius Mauritius Militant Movement, MMM
Mexico Party of Democratic Revolution, PRD
Mexico Institutional Revolutionary Party, PRI
Republic of Moldova Democratic Party, PDM
Mongolia Mongolian People’s Party, MPP
Montenegro Social Democratic Party of Montenegro, SDP
Montenegro Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro, DPS
Morocco Socialist Union of Popular Forces, USFP
Mozambique Frelimo Party
Namibia SWAPO
Nepal Nepali Congress Party
Nicaragua Sandinista National Liberation Front, FSLN
Niger Party for Democracy and Socialism of Niger, PNDS
Northern Ireland Social Democratic and Labour Party, SDLP
Pakistan Pakistan People’s Party, PPP
Palestine Fatah
Panama Democratic Revolutionary Party, PRD
Paraguay ‘País Solidario’ Party
Peru Peruvian Aprista Party, PAP
Poland Democratic Left Alliance, SLD
Portugal Socialist Party, PS
Puerto Rico Puerto Rican Independence Party, PIP
Romania Social Democratic Party, PSD
Russian Federation A Just Russia Party
San Marino Party of Socialists and Democrats
Senegal Socialist Party, PS
Serbia Democratic Party, DS
Slovakia SMER-Social Democracy
South Africa African National Congress, ANC
Spain Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, PSOE
Sweden Swedish Social Democratic Party, SAP
Switzerland Social Democratic Party of Switzerland
Tanzania Chama Cha Mapinduzi, CCM
Tunisia Democratic Forum for Labour and Freedoms, FDTL
Turkey Republican People’s Party, CHP
Uruguay New Space, PNE
Uruguay Socialist Party of Uruguay, PSU
USA Democratic Socialists of America, DSA
Venezuela Democratic Action, AD
Venezuela Movement for Socialism, MAS
Yemen Yemeni Socialist Party
Zimbabwe Movement for Democratic Change, MDC

Consultative parties

Algeria National Liberation Front, FLN
Antigua and Barbuda Antigua Labor Party
Belarus Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Narodnaya Hramada), BSDP
Cyprus Republican Turkish Party, CTP
Egypt Egyptian Social Democratic Party
Gabon Gabonese Party for Progress, PGP
The Gambia United Democratic Party, UDP
Georgia Social Democrats for Development, SDD
Guinea-Bissau African Party of Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde, PAIGC
Iran Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, PDKI
Kazakhstan All-National Social Democratic Party ‘AZAT’
Palestine Palestinian National Initiative, PNI
Paraguay Progressive Democratic Party, PDP
Philippines Akbayan, Citizens’ Action Party
São Tomé and Príncipe Movement for the Liberation of São Tomé and Príncipe/Social Democratic Party, MLSTP-PSD
Swaziland People’s United Democratic Movement, PUDEMO
Timor-Leste Fretilin
Togo Democratic Convention of African Peoples, CDPA
Turkey Peace and Democracy Party, BDP
Ukraine Social Democratic Party of Ukraine, SDPU
Venezuela A New Era, UNT
Zambia Patriotic Front, PF

Observer parties

Albania Social Democratic Party, PSD 4
Barbados Barbados Labour Party, BLP 4
Belarus Belarusian Party of Labour
Botswana Botswana National Front, BNF
Burkina Faso Party for Democracy and Progress/Socialist Party, PDP/PS 4
Burundi Frodebu 4
Central African Republic Movement for the Liberation of the Central African People, MLPC
Colombia Alternative Democratic Force, PDA
Democratic Republic of Congo Union for Democracy and Social Progress, UDPS
Dominica Dominica Labour Party 4
Estonia Estonian Social Democratic Party
Great-Britain The Labour Party
Greenland Siumut 4
Haiti Organisation of the People in Struggle, OPL
Israel Israel Labour Party 4
Jamaica People’s National Party, PNP 4
Kenya Labour Party of Kenya
Kyrgyzstan Ata Meken
Latvia Latvian Social Democratic Workers’ Party, LSDSP 4
FYR Macedonia Social Democratic Union of Macedonia, SDSM 
Malta Malta Labour Party 4
Namibia Congress of Democrats, CoD 4
Netherlands Labour Party, PvdA
New Zealand New Zealand Labour Party, NZLP 4
Norway Norwegian Labour Party, DNA
Philippines Philippines Democratic Socialist Party, PDSP4
Poland Union of Labour, UP 4
St. Kitts & Nevis St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party, SKNLP 4
St. Lucia St. Lucia Labour Party, SLP 4
St. Vincent & the Grenadines Unity Labour Party 4
Serbia Social Democratic Party 4
Slovenia Social Democrats, SD 4
Western Sahara Polisario Front

Fraternal organizations

International Falcon Movement/Socialist Educational International, IFM/SEI
International Union of Socialist Youth, IUSY
Socialist International Women, SIW

Associated organizations

International Federation of the Socialist and Democratic Press, IFSDP
International Labour Sports Confederation, CSIT
International League of Religious Socialists, ILRS
International Social Democratic Union for Education, ISDUE
Jewish Labour Bund, JLB
National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, NDI
Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament (S&D)
Party of European Socialists PES
Social Democratic Group of the Latin American Parliament
World Labour Zionist Movement, WLZM

Ayn Rand knew socialism wouldn’t work because she was in Russia when they made an aggressive move to embrace full communism.  The effort crushed the economy of the Soviet Union, and Ayn Rand fled to The United States to become a great novelist and write books like We The Living chronicling the events of communism in her native country then writing Atlas Shrugged which was a warning to the world about the desires of progressive minded socialists inspired by the faulty mind of Karl Marx.   To date, no creative artist has been as bold as Ayn Rand in speaking against socialism which is why she is such a target among modern progressives.  Even in The United States socialism is aggressively spreading.  California, because of its progressive policies is next in line to be Cyprus.  The finances of California will collapse under the heavy taxation and tendency to sap the strength of the strong and innovative in order to feed the weak and complacent.

Fairness has a cost and in the end all suffer when they disincentivize the strong in order to prop up the weak.  Those who work to be strong, do so not by some mystical luck, but by their own ambition.  Socialist governments disincentivize such behavior with the faulty belief the strong will continue to produce, innovate, and build society in a positive way.  Only Ayn Rand has had the guts to spell out such doom clearly without mincing words.  The critics of her work are primarily those who are directly or indirectly involved in the efforts of Socialist International throughout the world but hide their radicalism behind legitimate publications and media companies.  The best way to flush them out of hiding is by studying who speaks out against Atlas Shrugged.  Ayn Rand’s work undoes the effort of Socialist International, which is the greatest threat to their existence.

For this reason I will continue to write about Atlas Shrugged aggressively for the next year and a half.  Once the third and final film comes out in the summer of 2014, and people not familiar with the work inquire over the internet where the John Galt speech came from and want to know more about Atlas Shrugged, they will run across my articles written about the events that most affect them and understand how the messages of Atlas Shrugged can be applied to a situation like that found in Cyprus.  It does not take an army to defeat the workings of Socialist International.  It only requires the effort of those who are productive to rob from the socialists the hidden meaning behind their “fairness” and to define the agenda correctly.  In that regard, Atlas Shrugged is the most powerful tool to utilize against such foes, which deserves to be exploited utterly—and without apology.  To do so is to attempt to avoid the fate of places like Cyprus.  For that small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Socialist International has already destroyed the economy never to return again under the flag of socialism.  Ayn Rand predicted the exact methods places like Cyprus would fall prey to and those predictions should be studied, and honored so that the same fate can be avoided elsewhere.  For my part, I will continue to sound the bugle of Ayn Rand so that perhaps similar fates can be avoided in other places where it’s not yet too late.

Rich Hoffman

166701_584023358276159_1119605693_n“If they attack first………..blast em’!”

The “Power of Pull”: How John Galt is the fictional modern Christ and why

In the middle of a Mexican town heavily dominated by Catholic inspired residents–largely very poor, I saw one of the most ambitious renderings of The Passion week in my life.  The entire town showed up to follow an outdoor drama of The Christ’s crucifixion.  In their play, Jesus was tried and convicted in the town for all to see and forced to carry his cross all through streets shut down by local law enforcement.  My wife, who is the type of person who will do exactly the opposite of what three thousand other people are doing stood off to the side bewildered why so many people would think to gather in one place to be a part of something they clearly couldn’t see from their vantage point.  The mass collectivism exhibited by the town was stunning and she could only look at me in shock.  But to me, who had grown up around religion, the exhibition was not surprising.  The people of the small Mexican town shared much with the ancient Hebrew people in Jerusalem so their re-enactment of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion was probably very close to how it would have actually looked in the streets of the old Holy city built during a long struggle by the Jewish people. For me, such displays are never about the wonder of sacrifice as is usually the focus of those who pledge themselves to Jesus for eternal redemption.  I never fault people who do not know any better but to follow behind a parade of their peers blindly.  My wife and I stood off to the side in casual observation knowing that the real tragedy of Christ’s crucifixion was not that Jesus would be hung on a cross to be sacrificed so that all the people of the world would be saved in the eyes of God; it was why Jesus was killed in the first place.  The poor people in Mexico like the Jewish people in Israel during the time of Jesus had a lot in common.  Drug lords and corrupt politicians run the towns in Mexico where the drama I witnessed took place, and the Jewish people during the time of Jesus were controlled by high priests and Roman authorities with virtually the same motivations—control of the population so that they could sap the wealth off their labor.  The message Jesus had for the people of Jerusalem at Herod’s Temple was essentially the same that John Galt had in the fictional novel Atlas Shrugged written without the pretext of religion, that the “power of pull” is the highest concern of the corrupt and the powers who desire such “pull” will do anything to maintain it.  It is for this reason that The Holy Bible and Atlas Shrugged are the two most popular books read in the modern Library of Congress.

The poor people in Mexico like the poor people in ancient or even present day Jerusalem tend to lose the message that Jesus uttered at the temple when he stepped in and overturned all the vendors’ tables attempting to put a stop to all the corrupt dealings conducted there during the week of Passover.  The focus of The Passion events always resides on the crucifixion, but for me the cause of the execution is far more important.  People struggling just to find their next meal discover they have little control of their lives and as a result put their sentiments behind the tragic end of Jesus, instead of truly grappling with the message that placed him into so much trouble in the first place.  Ayn Rand in her epic novel Atlas Shrugged understood this, and told nearly the same story with her character John Galt without being hidden behind religious metaphors, so that the impact of her message would not be lost, as it often is when studying The Bible in churches.

Before people become upset with me about comparing the Passion of Christ to Atlas Shrugged understand that I have studied and acted in renditions of The Passion many times.  I have played in stage plays virtually every role in The Passion from Nicodemus to Jesus himself so I have a very good understanding of the events that led up to Jesus and his execution and I see the parallels to the story of Atlas Shrugged to be purposeful on behalf of Ayn Rand.  Rand without question hoped that her warnings would not be lost behind the tendency of civilization to find the value of such stories in sacrifice, instead of attacking the real villain, the “power of pull.”  Matthew 26:57 states that Jesus was taken to the house of Caiaphas the high priest, where the scribes and the elders were gathered together.  Matthew 27:1 adds that the next morning the priests held another meeting. Mark 14:53 states that Jesus was taken that night “to the high priest” (without naming the priest) where all the chief priests and the elders gathered and in Mark 15:1 it adds that another consultation was held among the priests the next morning. Luke 22:54 states that Jesus was taken to “the high priest’s house” (without naming the priest) where he was mocked and beaten that night and in 22:66 it adds that “as soon as it was day”, the chief priests and scribes gathered together and led Jesus away into their council.[9][10][11] Jesus was taken to the high priest because the message that he brought with him to Jerusalem was a dangerous one that countered what the Pharisees were attempting to preach to the Jewish people.  In the same way John Galt was tortured in Atlas Shrugged to force him to yield to collective rule, to renounce his beliefs for the benefit of all world governments.

The Pharisees had worked out a deal with the Roman power structure within their empire which profited them greatly.  They wished to believe in a similar way that James Taggert did in Atlas Shrugged that they were the good and benevolent acting for the “greater good” of the Jewish people.  Of course they were truly acting on their own self-interest behind the cowardice of political pull.  Jesus exposed this to the people of Jerusalem not maliciously, but simply through his authenticity—and individuality.  Alone Jesus stood against the powers behind Jerusalem politics, and he was targeted for assassination because of his resistance to collective obedience to the existing powers. He was offered a chance on several occasions to take peaceful allegiance behind the Pharisees in Jerusalem but Jesus turned them all down insisting each time that he was the Messiah and that he was the “Chosen One.” The message behind Jesus taken without religious context is essentially the same as John Galt insisting that he is the power that drives the world.  John Galt did not mean that he alone drove the world, but that it was through people like him that the engines of existence were motivated.  Jesus intended the same message and the Pharisees couldn’t accept such a reality—because it would essentially put them out of the religion business and destroy the safety they had arranged with the Romans for their own preservation.

For the same reasons, James Taggert worked with Hank Reardon’s wife to bring the steel tycoon to trial.  They conspired to protect what they believed was the good of mankind by making Hank a sacrificial lamb to the urges of collectivism.  Later in the book John Galt is captured because of his love for Dagny Taggert, and he is tortured in a similar fashion.  He is then offered to the mob to withdrawal his messages of individual sovereignty by the point of a gun, which he refuses.  He is then stripped naked and tortured through electric shock seemingly to his death because he refused to yield to the forces of collectivism constructed by the “power of pull.”  Jesus was betrayed by Judas for the price of 30 pieces of silver.  Judas wanted to believe that he was doing right and uniting the Jewish message behind the Pharisees.  But in reality he simply wanted the money and was no different from anyone else who cowers behind the “power of pull” to align themselves with any power for their own profit.

Peter declared that he would stand with Jesus to the bitter end but discovered as Christ predicted that he would betray the Messiah three times before the cock crowed on the following morning.  Peter was very bold in his proclamations until he was faced with his own demise because he was not aligned with the “power of pull” which the Pharisees had negotiated through collectivism to suppress the minds of man.  This denial by Peter of Jesus is similar to how Hank Reardon allowed himself to be convicted by The Government.  He had “sinned” in cheating on his legal wife and sought to protect his true love Dagny Taggert.  His need to preserve this love forced him to comply with the “power of pull.”  In the novel Atlas Shrugged, John Galt never yields to such a temptation even at the point of death, which makes him the most pure form of individuality and therefore worthy of Dagny’s love.  Jesus in real life did what Ayn Rand created in a fictional context.  The heroes never yielded to the powers of man—to the “power of pull,” in either the Passion of Christ or Atlas Shrugged.  Rand seemed to be attempting to strip away the religious context of The Passion to tell the story of John Galt so that the essence of the message would not be lost behind the human tendency toward sacrifice in religion.

The people of Jerusalem like the poor people in the Mexican town were suppressed by forces their intellects would not permit them to be freed from.  The Pharisees had proved to even the most staunch supporters of Jesus that even they would cower in fear behind the “power of pull,” the power of collectivism.  Human beings in private understand the message of Jesus at a level beyond consciousness, but they find they cannot act on it, just as Peter failed three times before sunrise.  Many religious groups just as motivated as the Pharisees take the story of The Passion and focused on Jesus’ sacrifice on behalf of all mankind.  The reason for this is that they wish to see donations coming into their churches and governments have openly advocated such behavior for the soul purpose of tax collection—which is at the center of the entire Jesus crucifixion—a little known fact that will be explored vividly in Bill O’Reilly’s upcoming book Killing Jesus.  Institutions of all kinds have taken the message of Jesus and discarded the implication of immoral criticism and instead focused on individual sacrifice to a collective whole.

Ayn Rand wrote her story of John Galt from the point of view where religion and institutions were the villains, and she attacked their premise—which is essentially the message behind Jesus’ actions during Passover.  As sure as I write such things here, there are religious zealots who will proclaim that my comparison of The Bible to Atlas Shrugged is blasphemous—and those same souls will not see that they act just as the Pharisees did against Jesus when he declared himself The Messiah and road into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, fulfilling a long-held Jewish prophesy.  Jesus was preaching against institutionalism when he gave his Sermon on the Mount, it was not in a church with collections, or organized hierarchies of human behavior where some were above others based on social titles.  When Jesus’ followers declared him to be The Messiah with chants of conquest he was deeply distraught, because the people didn’t understand what he was trying to teach.  The message of John Galt is very similar to Jesus Christ except it’s written against two thousand years of evil that has since transpired since the time of Jesus.  The great John Galt speech is something Jesus Christ would feel right at home in understanding.  Jesus came from a culture that believed sacrifice was needed to appease the gods, or in Jesus’ case—GOD.  His views were radically different from those of the ruling Pharisees.  In the modern age Ayn Rand’s character of John Galt expands on such teachings with a uniquely American frame of reference.  With all the concern over religious perspective removed, the teachings of Jesus and John Galt—relative to their impact on world literature are virtually the same.  It is no wonder that the world gobbles up the words of The Bible and Atlas Shrugged with such vigor, which terrifies all institutional control organizations.

The people my wife and I observed in Mexico celebrating The Passion with a mass display of raw collectivism are a long way from understanding what Jesus or John Galt intended in their literary communications.  With the Mexican people afraid that if they step out of line, they might be killed, raped, or otherwise socially disgraced—there is no room in their minds to comprehend the real messages of Jesus aside from memorizing the sacrificial portions of his sermons.  It is far easier to sit in a church pew and allow a “man of God” to interpret the value of spirituality for them, than to think on their own and stand against an entire empire as Jesus did in The Bible, or as John Galt did against the entire world in Atlas Shrugged.  As I watched the Mexican people follow the actor of Jesus through the town streets dusty with rainless days and an unforgivable sun, I felt pity that I could not help the thousands of people following blindly the idea of sacrifice when the messages that caused the crucifixion were truly what was important yet being missed. My wife and I could only shrug at each other and pay respect to their rituals without insult, for it is more valuable to have rituals that instigate worth than to cast aside morality because fear contorts reason.  Many people use religion to hold their fears at bay.  The idea that one should struggle, sacrifice and live their lives for an after world to finally meet Jesus on the other side of life is what the Pharisees and their Roman controllers intended in order to preserve the power structures that they profited from, which is why they killed Jesus.  Watching history interpret the story of Jesus the way they did, Ayn Rand wrote Atlas Shrugged so the message could not be distorted in any way by any institution.  Rand removed the religious context so that the words of John Galt could not be intercepted by any institution and re-interpreted over the wine glasses of sacrifice.  Jesus was one of the most pure souls who ever graced the world of mankind and it appears that only a fraction of his total essence made its way into history through written form.  But what did survive was a lesson that is still present for those who have eyes to see the message and have the courage to do as he did—and that is to stand against the institutions which seek to preserve the “power of pull” which has held mankind in chains since the first village elected a tribal chief to force submission of all others under their command.  Such arrangements are almost always claimed by the powerful to be the work of God.  Yet Jesus attempted to free the human mind from such shackles and due to his crucifixion and short life, institutions were able to contain the message behind tragedy.  But 2000 years later through a work of fiction, clarity was brought to the literature of mankind through the unique country of America and the raw passion of Ayn Rand who wrote the greatest novel perhaps ever created…………..Atlas Shrugged, which had solved a riddle against institutionalism that had been a plague to man’s mind for all of known history and shattered the long accepted notion that human beings would always be ruled by the “power of pull.”

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”

Satan Living at The White House: History Channel’s Bible explores the 800 million pound elephant

I have studied The Bible most of my life and my approach to religion has been most closely represented by the Harrison Ford character in the film Mosquito Coast than virtually any other portrayal I could otherwise provide.  With that in mind please watch every one of the videos at this site after reading the text, especially the last one as supplemental material to the below article.   I am always looking for and asking questions, so I am not prone to believe everything written down for me that migrated out of the European Dark Ages.  Rather I look to such material for the story behind the story—which is often richer than the superficial metaphors released through the censors of history.  But with that said I love the History Channel’s Bible series immensely and think it has been a wonderful epic that I hope restores some sense of goodness and value upon our society.  In that regard, I believe that Mark Burnett and his wife Roma purposely made up the Satan actor Mehdi Ouzaani to look like President Obama in the History Channel epic for a damn good reason which I will explain.  But first listen to what Zo has to say about the Devil and the Obama resemblance on PJTV.

To understand the situation in Hollywood and why wonderful producers like Mark and Roma Burnett would give money to Obama and the Democrats yet turn around and make Obama the Devil in their fantastic rendition of The Bible is to understand the story of the Prophet Daniel.  When Nebuchadnezzar attacked Jerusalem and took the Hebrews as slaves back to Babylonia to be fattened on its captured nations the pompous king held a fear over the slaves similar to how Obama commands respect.   Nebuchadnezzar came to feel that he was superior to any monarch who ever lived and the Hebrew people were required to bow at his feet and worship as he mandated. For the most part the Hebrew people publicly did as they were told while their true religion was forced underground.  Even the great Prophet Daniel played along with the fanatical Nebuchadnezzar so to preserve his life making himself available to Nebuchadnezzar so that he could best serve his people—the captured and enslaved Hebrews from Jerusalem.  Earning the trust of Nebuchadnezzar Daniel after successfully interpreting the dreams of several of the King’s nighttime visions had earned the right to address him frankly.

“Do I see here the sacred gold and silver vessels that King Nebuchadnezzar brought from our holy Temple in Jerusalem?” Daniel said aloud.  “O King, did you and your dancing-girls and your lords and their wives drink wine from those holy vessels?   Did you toast the idols of your gods and gold, silver, iron, wood, and stone?  Did you do that with the holy vessels, O King?”  Daniel is of course speaking of the destruction of King Solomon’s Temple where the Holy of Holies was ransacked and destroyed.

The king’s eyes became cunning. “We meant no disrespect, Daniel.  But tell me the meaning of those words and I will put a chain of gold around your neck, give you purple robes, and make you third in command of my kingdom.  Unlock this secret to me, Daniel, and these honors shall be yours.”

Daniel worried whether he could dare tell the king that he would soon become insane and that Nebuchadnezzar stood to be condemned to death.  He worried that telling the king this upcoming fact might bring the royal sword across his neck, so he began to speak slowly once an old woman who was the discarded former queen and wife of Nebuchadnezzar prompted him by forming a warning with her silent lips—“Give the king an answer.  Give it quickly.”  So Daniel spoke, “Let your gifts be for yourself.  Give your rewards to another.”  Upon that the king’s hand fell to the hilt of his dagger but Daniel now knew his course, knew that this king was a sinner, an idolater, a living violation of every law of God.  His voice now took on an edge.  “O King, the Most High God gave your father glory and majesty, and when Nebuchadnezzar hardened his heart, the Most High turned him into a beast until he knew that God ruled the kingdom of men.  But you, his son have not humbled yourself.  Instead, you have fought the Lord.  You have brought the utensils from God’s Temple and defiled them with toasts of our own gods.  The true God, who puts breathe into you, who gives you life itself, you have not honored.  So He sent a living hand to write His judgment on you.”

Nebuchadnezzar did not like the prophetic warning which went on to explain that Darius the Mede would take over a divided kingdom between the Persians and the Medes. But Nebuchadnezzar soon fell ill to insanity and lost his capacity to rule, as Daniel had predicted.  When Darius the Mede arrived unchallenged at the gates of the kingdom, the Hebrews fell to their knees to honor their new conqueror of which Daniel quickly befriended to earn the release of his people hopefully from this new tyrant.

Things got off to a rough start between Daniel and Darius especially when the new king became angry and locked Daniel into the lion’s den.  But Darius came around once he had second thoughts and returned hopefully in time to save Daniel from consumption only to find the lions purring like kittens at Daniel’s feet.  This started a chain reaction of events that ended up freeing the Hebrews from their captivity in Babylon.

Fast forward to the Book of Revelations written by a shadowy “second John” figure in the time of Nero which is where the number of the beast 666 is derived from by adding up the consonants of his name.  The essence of this portion of the bible is to properly articulate the influence of Satan upon the world, the same Satan who acted as “The Evil One” or the Devil in Christ’s three temptations.  Satan was animated in The Bible by an unrelenting hatred against God and all goodness, Satan is engaged in a world-wide and age-long struggle against God, ever seeking to defeat the divine plans of grace toward God’s making and to seduce men to evil and their ruin.  As “the deceiver of the whole world” (Rev. 12:9), his primary method is that of deception—about himself, his purpose, his activities, his coming defeat.  Satan was the seducer of Adam and Eve (Gen. 3:1-7; II Cor. 11:3); he insinuated to God that Job serve Him only for what he got out of it (Job 1:9; he stood up against Israel (I Chron. 21:1) and God’s high priest (Zech. 3:1-2).  Under divinely imposed limitations he may be instrumental in causing physical affliction or financial loss (Job 1:11-22; 2:4-7; Luke 13:16; II Cor. 12:7).  He snatched away the Word of God sown in the hearts of the unsaved (Matt 13:19), sows his counterfeit Christians among the sons of the kingdom (Matt. 13:25, 38-39), blinds the minds of men to the Gospel (II Cor. 4:3-4), and induces them to accept his lie (II Thess. 2:9-10). Often he transforms himself into “an angel of light” by presenting his apostles of falsehood as messengers of truth (I Cor. 11:13-15. He clashes in fierce conflict with the saints (Eph. 6:11-18). Is ever alert to attempt to destroy them (I Pet. 5:8), and hinders the work of God’s servants (I Thess. 2:18).  Certain members of the church who were expelled are said to have been delivered to Satan, but with the design to produce their reformation, not their destruction (I Cor. 5:5; I time. 1: 20).  Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to compare the Presidency of Barack Obama to the Biblical Satan if all the references mention above are investigated and read in context to compare the work of Obama objectively to that of Satan.  I would dare say that the two are nearly parallel to each other.  Obama’s presidency is built entirely on deception, even down to simple statements about Benghazi, and Fast and Furious.  I don’t even believe him when he discusses his Final Four Bracket picks.  Based on Barack Obama’s actions, I believe he is a perpetual liar that is intentionally deceitful and has aims very comparable to the Biblical definition of Satan.

If I were Mark Burnett and his very nice wife Roma, who believes intently in The Holy Bible, and I looked around Hollywood and knew that I was surrounded by many who have been seduced by evil convinced Obama is an “angel of light,” I might be very cautious of my actions and work very hard not to earn the reprimand of my peers who are acting as agents of evil.  Like Daniel the Prophet I might fear the axe across my neck for speaking the truth.  But in honor of my spirituality and my very soul I would make Obama the Devil in my miniseries so that I was clean in the same way that Daniel spoke carefully in his wording to King Nebuchadnezzar about the downfall of his kingdom.  I believe the Burnetts knew exactly what they were doing and their purpose was for the higher aims of God by naming an evil so evident on Earth with an artistic and acceptable plot device.

To name the evil in public for many people means doom, their careers will be ended, and their families hunted down and killed by skiing accidents and other tragedies.  (Refer to Sonny Bono’s skiing accident several years ago.)  Mark Burnett is not stupid.  The best thing to do if you’re a powerful television producer working in Hollywood surrounded by the encroachment of evil, and are powerless to stop it, is to at least do as Daniel did and make yourself close to King Nebuchadnezzar and Darius the Mede.  You give a little money to Satan to turn his gaze away from your underground worship and in California “faith” has certainly been pushed underground.  If Burnett wants to keep his ability to produce shows like The Bible so that he can do great social good through his connections, he has to play the game like Daniel did because evil is in charge.  The Burnetts did a bold thing with The Bible television series because they referenced the 800 million pound elephant that everyone has been thinking about when it comes to Barack Obama.  Most everyone with a clean mind has been uttering for some time that they believe Obama is the Anti-Christ.  They fear to say such things in public because of progressive ridicule, but around the water coolers, restaurants, and dining room engagements, Satan and Obama go together in conversation as meaning the same thing.

I do not believe it is a coincidence that Obama decided within a week of this controversy caused by Mark and Roma Burnett’s very controversial Satanic reference to suddenly make appeasement with Israel and fly to The Holy Land to visit Biblical relics and show support of Christian and Jewish faith.  In the world of deception which falls from the Obama Administration like snowflakes in a snowstorm the actions speaks louder than the implication.  For those who believe in Satan and either the historical context of The Bible, or even the metaphorical—did anyone ever believe that Satan or the epitome of evil would show up with a long red tail, horns and a pitchfork?  Evil never appears as something disgusting in any culture on Earth, it always comes as a trickster and deceiver of human minds.  It comes through enchantment and popularity—and can be seen best when a president who has had an adversarial relationship with Israel which seems to mimic the modern-day tensions between the Islamic and Jewish faith over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, flies Air Force One days after he has been called Satan by one of the most popular television programs in history to prove that he is not what he’s being accused of.  Alarm bells should be sounding.

The evidence is easy to see but difficult to admit, and I think the Burnett’s message is quite clear.  They did a good thing—a risky thing, but it needed to be done.  Barack Obama might as well be the Nebuchadnezzar of Hollywood.  In the film business the same forces that put Obama in The White House control all the major trade publications, so appeasing them is paramount if one wants to stay in business.  Obama like Nebuchadnezzar may not be the physical manifestation of Satan, but they are certainly agents of evil no matter what social perspective is analyzing history.  Satan would never appear in a form on Earth where its appearance would be repulsive to the societies of mankind.  Satan might appear behind the mask of a woman’s breasts in a pornographic endeavor, behind the bright lights of a casino, or behind a spread the wealth president shielded by civil rights sins of the past through guilt and complacency.  Ultimately Satan appears behind a smiling face with bright white teeth to conceal an agenda of destruction as the intentional aim.  Such a human mask would have access to the entire world as it transforms itself into “an angel of light” by presenting apostles of falsehood as messengers of truth.  I stand with the Burnetts, their Bible series is timely and important, and never more needed in how it has forced society the world over to look hard at itself and question if the path we are all on is the correct one, and that the Mark of the Beast is metaphorically stamped upon the head of the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”

Second Call Defense: The first defense is a firearm, the second is from the parasites that follow

One of the great themes of this site is to highlight the many ways that progressives have attacked traditional American culture.  Progressives have an intense desire to wean Americans away from all forms of self-reliance so that national collectivism and addiction to government services are provoked.  This has never been more evident than in relation to The Second Amendment of The United States Constitution.  In the good ol’ days when a criminal nut-case broke into a home to steal a loaf of bread and was shot dead by the homeowner on the front porch of their property, the sheriff might come out—make a record of the case while enjoying some corn whisky brewed from a room in the back of the home.  The homeowner would be treated respectfully and with honor and the assumption of guilt would be placed squarely on the character lying on the porch stiffening up due to rigor mortis.  However, not any more—as progressives have seeped like viral insects into every aspect of American culture, legal, media, education, elected office, etc.  The homeowner shooting intruders on their property have become saturated with panicky analysis and over-zealot gun grabbing politicians who want to build careers off their suffering.  Progressives directly and indirectly have destroyed the very concept of individual rights in America for which The Second Amendment seeks to protect.  In 2013 if a homeowner shoots a criminal nut case on their front porch the homeowner will be arrested aggressively and thrown into the back of a police car.  Their computers and personal possessions will be confiscated and scrutinized and the property held by the state until prosecution of the shooter is concluded.  The shooter will be charged with murder as the attacker wasn’t inside the home.  The situation will be made worse when it is discussed that the attacker was only armed with a knife deeming no immediate threat to the homeowner who could have avoided opening the door and hoped the attacker would move away on their own.  Progressive groups would then attack the homeowner in court through testimony stating that the attacker was simply hungry because they lost their job and needed food.  Media outlets will then broadcast the story all over America about how the attacker had a “collective right” to the possessions of the homeowner and that if the shooter had only been willing to share his assets with the attacker both would be alive and free today saving the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars in court costs.    When the frustrated defendant proclaims on the stand that “it’s not fair that a nut-case trying to attack their private property had more rights than they did,” the prosecuting attorney would simply respond, “how do you know the slain victim was a nut case?  Are you a psychologist?  Where did you study?  What degree do you hold that enables you to proclaim that the victim was a so-called nut-case?  These are the kind of things only professions are qualified to answer.”  This is why George Lang along with a fistful of other patriots has started a new legal group called Second Call Defense.

In fact that was George Lang playing the hypothetical role of a homeowner defending his property from an attacker.  In the video several examples were given about real life tragedies where the homeowner used a gun to defend their life yet found themselves in financial ruin because of the legal aftermath where parasitic entities sought to capitalize off progressive gun legislation that is entirely too aggressive.  Lang knows a lot from an insider’s track about how the legal system can be just as much of a parasite attacking personal liberty as an intruder in a home.  He is a trustee of West Chester Twp, in Ohio where the community pays its police department better wages than any place else from Pittsburg to Indianapolis.  George has seen firsthand many cases similar to the example above cross his desk not just in his home town but all across America.   This is the primary reason that Lang and his group have teamed up with The Buckeye Firearms Foundation to offer gun owners, supporters of The Second Amendment, and property owners’ legal help through Second Call Defense.  They also offer preventative measures against the progressive encroachment of a legal system gone mad.

Progressives wish to believe that government has all the answers and can 100% of the time be relied upon to correct social debaucheries.  Do-gooder politicians like Senator Diane Feinstein have built their careers injecting their progressive beliefs into every tragedy that strategically seeks to focus legal analysis away from individual liberty toward collective salvation.   For well over 100 years now this gradual eroding of personal liberty has shifted the focus of behavioral studies away from any form of property ownership toward collective necessity.  In court shooters will be grilled on the stand as to “how did they knew the attacker was a threat if they were simply on the porch and not brandishing a knife?” The burden of proof falls on the homeowner and not the dead victim as progressive legal interpretations have given the attacker the right to do as they please on the homeowner’s front porch.  The homeowner has an obligation to call the “authorities” who will then inject themselves into the business of the homeowner and supersede their authority on their own property.  To the progressive, the issue is not about guns, or the rights of the shooter, or even the dead body on the porch—the real villain is their hatred of private property and a sinister desire to erase the concept of it from the minds of Americans.

Yet, even if the homeowner called the authorities, there is no guarantee that they will act honorably and in the best interest of the caller.  As George Lang knows all too well, the cops sometimes find that they are not too far away from the decrepit mind of an attacker and are all too tempted to abuse their power at the expense of the homeowner.  Lang had to participate recently in a West Chester Township financial settlement where over-zealous young cops seemingly hungry to prove their manhood beat an un-armed drunk after a fight at a late night sports bar.  The drunk wasn’t even part of the fight that had occurred much earlier but was simply the last person left on the scene.   The cops wanted to exert their authority on someone abusing the man beating him senseless.  Even with video evidence telling the story convincingly the superiors sided with the officers proving beyond doubt that in a court of law, the drunk had little chance of defending himself as all the cops had their stories aligned.  It was when a grand jury examined the case that Lang realized the cops were in the wrong and the decision had to be made to pay the victim in a settlement to avoid further financial detriment to the community because of the police mistake.  CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE ON THE STORY WITH VIDEO.  So even if the cops are called to save the property of a homeowner, there is no way to know what type of officer might show up in a police car these days in a society that values deception over honor.

Second Call Defense was created to provide some help with these types of gun related cases.  Once an attacker decides they want whatever it is that a property owner has, only one threat has been contained if the property owner uses a gun to stop that threat.  From there an entire legal system of progressive activists, deal making politicians, morally deficient law enforcement, and presiding family members who may not have cared one ounce for the life of the defeated attacker, but in death through civil lawsuits and the promise of easy money the life of a typical scum-bag suddenly becomes worth a king’s ransom.  A shooter protecting their property in 2013 America not only must protect themselves from attackers in the middle of the night as shown in the video above, but from the legal parasites who wish to make their careers off the backs of tragedy which is often the real threat.  It is that second threat that Second Call Defense seeks to protect its members from.  No other organization offers such a service in all of America.  Second Call Defense offers training and education on legal firearm use, emergency resources such as a 24/7 legal hotline and upfront cash for attorney retainers and bonds.  Insurance coverage for criminal and civil protection that is backed by the NRA endorsed insurance program is also offered.  Most people can’t afford to put up thousands of dollars to get up to $10,000 upfront for an attorney retainer, immediate cash for a bond up to $250,000, up to $500 per day in wage compensation while in court, up to 40 sessions of psychological support, and up to $250,000 accidental shooting protection, $50,000 criminal defense reimbursement, unlimited civil suit defense protection, and $250,000 civil suit damages protection.  Second Call Defense does all this and more.  The first defense is in the property owner defending their life with a firearm.  The second defense is from the parasites who seek to make livings off the misery left in the wake.  From those, a gun cannot protect anyone.  But now there is a group that can, Second Call Defense.

For more about Second Call Defense check out their website:

Rich Hoffman

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‘Atlas Shrugged Part III’ Gets the Green Light: John Galt is coming to a theater near you

553360_584040931607735_1441395240_nMarch 26th 2013 will forever go down in history as the day Atlas Shrugged Part III was announced with a green light for production making it the last film in the epic trilogy following the novel by Ayn Rand published in 1957.  The novel since that time has been consistently ranked as one of the best-selling books in history behind only The Bible and is the unique product of American philosophy which is exceptional any place in the entire world.

484664_584040964941065_684047097_nThe pictures shown within this article indicate that the production group led by John Aglialoro plan to hit this final epic conclusion hard and with great passion.  I had the privilege just a few weeks ago to watch Atlas Shrugged Part II with a Tea Party crowd which was deeply inspiring.  (CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW)  At the end of the movie there was open emotion in favor of seeing Part III as Part II ended on a cliffhanger that has not been seen since The Empire Strikes Back left audiences hanging on the edge of their seats for three long years.   The producers of Atlas III will not make fans wait that long as they journey in 2014 to Atlantis which is nicknamed Galt’s Gulch in the novel.480024_584040814941080_389361707_n

The point of the entire book–which critics of the previous two films who are not fans of Ayn Rand do not understand—is to meet the long discussed John Galt, who is in essence the perfect man.  Galt’s Gulch is the creation of the main protagonists which fans have not had a chance to see until this upcoming film.  The producers promise to begin filming in the fall of 2013 on the East Coast so to save roughly 20% of the production cost imposed on them from the previous two films shot in California.562172_584040871607741_1880474588_n

The Atlas
films are not for everyone, so most of the movie going audience will not be sure what to think about the translation of the Ayn Rand epic to film.  For those who enjoyed the recent History Channel presentation of The Bible, the approach to the Atlas films is very similar.  At the end of Part III when watched from beginning to end in one large 6 hour presentation, the Atlas Shrugged films will be much more satisfying to the casual audience.DSC04288

482049_584040594941102_662034239_nFor the millions who enjoy the book, they will enjoy the movie.  For those who find Ayn Rand’s novels life shattering, they will hate the movie.  They will absolutely hate what John Galt represents when they meet him and they will do everything in their power to stop viewers from seeing the film when it hits theaters on July 4th 2014.  The best explanation for why some people, particularly on the left hate Atlas Shrugged and its author Ayn Rand so much can be seen from that same Bible series on the History Channel.  The reaction critics have toward Atlas Shrugged is the same that the Pharisees had toward Jesus Christ.  536178_584040728274422_2128899224_nThe message of John Galt is dangerous to such people, and they despise John Aglialoro for putting into film a book that is considered to be a menace to society by politicians like Barack Obama and his gang of collectivists.  For that reason, it is a small miracle that the production of Atlas Shrugged Part III is going to happen at all, and thank goodness it is.  There are people in the world that are desperately hungry for its message, and now more people than ever will have access to a masterpiece which is uniquely a product of American philosophy.  John Galt
The reason America has been the greatest country on Earth is what Atlas Shrugged is all about, and the definitions are unquestionably uttered by the words of John Galt.  In the summer of 2014, the world will learn just Who John Galt is.  Many viewers will like it, and many more will hate it, but the philosophy will side with the minority as history will chronicle the victor.  The truth is indisputable and is contained within the words that John Galt will utter in an epic masterpiece in the making, Atlas Shrugged Part III which is coming soon to a theater near you.

Rich Hoffman

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Henry Morgan–King of the Buccaneers: The Tea Party and why flying a black flag is righteous

$T2eC16RHJHIE9nyseGoiBQCnCj(Sdw~~60_12Out of all the figures of military genius and political strategy that have so far graced planet Earth it is the pirate Henry Morgan that I most respect and understand.  I see him as the father of the liberty movement in America as his exploits in the book The Buccaneers of America launched John Locke and many philosophers to follow a path that would eventually become The Declaration of Independence.    Welsh buccaneer Henry Morgan, at age 36, captured Panama City in violation of Anglo-Spanish treaty. Morgan stood trial held for the crime in the Tower of London but King Charles II of England forgave him, and then knighted him.  The King then made him lieutenant-governor of Jamaica in 1674. [1]  When people ask me why I honor a much darker version of the Tea Party flag such as the one displayed on the bottom of all my postings and is flown at every meeting that members of Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom conducts it is because of my fondness for Henry Morgan and his brilliant strategies which launched mankind to create the first democracies human kind has ever seen.  His exploits chronicled so well in Alexander O. Exquemelin’s classic controversial book are nearly as grandiose as those shown in the marketing videos for the Captain Morgan Rum Company who routinely explores Morgan’s life in mythologies built upon his legends as seen in the video below.

I see the modern Tea Party struggling with nearly the same problems in 2013 that Henry Morgan struggled with in 1659 when England under King Charles II through Tortuga Governor Elias Watts gave Morgan Privateer status. A privateer in international law is a term applied to a privately owned armed vessel whose owners are commissioned by a nation to carry on naval warfare. Such naval commissions or authorizations are called letters of marque.  Privateering is distinguished from piracy, which is carried out without enlistment by a government. The practice of privateering preceded the creation of national navies.  During the Middle Ages (5th century to 15th century), European states having few or no warships hired merchant vessels for hostile purposes. Privateering was carried on during the American Revolution (1775-1783) and the War of 1812 (1812-1815). During the American Civil War (1861-1865) the Confederacy engaged in privateering.  At the Hague Conference of 1922 to 1923, participating countries issued a joint declaration against the use of privateers in aerial warfare.[2]  The modern Tea Party was given by the Republican Party a kind of letter of marque to attack the establishment of the Democratic Party in much the same way that England wished to conduct war with Spain in 1670—without actually declaring war against a rival country that was actually engaging in public displays of civility.  Once Spain had seen the hardest lessons of Henry Morgan’s swashbuckling antics all over the Caribbean they pleaded with King Charles II to reign in the charismatic buccaneer.  This is what Republicans have done after the election of Barack Obama just prior to the fiscal cliff negotiations in December of 2012, they turned their back on the Tea Party as Republicans attempted to get their “privateers” in the Tea Party movement to fall into line of party rule.  In short, they expected Tea Party members to do as the King commanded.  The king in the modern case for Ohio was John Kasich, and at the national level John Boehner with Karl Rove trying to noticeably carry the Republican Party to a more progressive position to win votes away from Democrats in the next election.

Well, that wasn’t acceptable to modern Tea Party members just as it wasn’t acceptable in Henry Morgan’s time.  When word came down to Morgan’s ears that England had made peace with Spain he chose to ignore the information.  He had other plans, and he had maintained a small pirate army in Jamaica at the city of sin called Port Royal which he kept perpetually starving for gold by encouraging the pirates there to blow all their earnings on massive amounts of liquor, wild sexual orgies, and lifestyles that put the fuses of their lives out by age 32.  I do not agree with the way the pirates conducted their lives with lawless morality.  I do not like the constant pursuit of didactic human pleasures common with a pirate’s life in 1671 Jamaica.  I do not support intoxication of the mind in any form, so in regard to Henry Morgan’s strategy of nurturing the entire town of Port Royal into a pirate haven of debauchery I disagree with him vehemently.  But he had a very good reason for keeping the pirates perpetually hungry…………he wanted them to be ready for battle to pillage more military targets on a moment’s notice, and if they were  fat, dumb, and happy, they would not be willing to risk their life and limb to serve under Morgan’s command.   As a result, democracy was born on the decks of Morgan’s pirate ships.

For the first time in human history sailors from the King’s army served in closed quarters with slaves recently escaped landing from Africa.  All men were equal on the deck of a pirate ship including the captain, and the philosophy that would shape American government was born.  Such a thing is easily taken for granted in hindsight, but before this period no human being anywhere on Earth valued personal freedom more than the pirates who raided with Henry Morgan.   They were an invention of his personal strategies.  I would give Francs Drake and Francos L’Olonnas equal credit if not for the added ability of Morgan to gain the ear of King Charles II by making the England sovereign extremely wealthy.  Morgan managed his fate from the lowliest prostitute of Port Royal to the highest office in the world at the time and he did it across an ocean that took over three months to cross one way.  Alone, Henry Morgan brought all of Europe to its knees and eating out of his hand with swashbuckling antics that are shockingly brilliant even by modern standards.  A small sense of Henry Morgan’s impact on history can be seen in the below short documentary by a group of underwater archeologists who believe they have found Morgan’s sunken 22 gun flag ship The Satisfaction.  The documentary is funded in part by Captain Morgan Rum to research their iconic namesake for the benefits of capitalism.  Without such funding, archeological exploits like this simply do not happen.

The King of England had negotiated peace with France and Spain and withdrew their “letters of marque” in an attempt to gain control of the rapidly escalating chaos of Jamaica.  The amount of money that was flowing through Port Royal, primarily into the pockets of prostitutes were nearly equal to the national incomes of most countries, so Charles II had to get it under control.  Now the privateers who had been operating under Morgan’s leadership with privateer status were considered pirates across the world since no nation would back them.  But the freedom that such men tasted as privateers in Morgan’s military antics for England—without the formality of naval discipline–had shown itself difficult to suppress.  Men and women of all ages, races, and financial backgrounds had declared themselves equal on the decks of pirate ships for nearly 50 years after Morgan’s time.  This became the period explored romantically in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride and films.  This freedom movement would be further refined by Thomas Jefferson a hundred years later in his Declaration of Independence.  While scholarship served as the swords of America’s Founding Fathers the idea of freedom had been captured on paper by John Locke, with the severed heads of many Spanish soldiers by Henry Morgan.  The grandsons of such pirates settled into legitimate businesses in Boston, New York and Philadelphia to start the Sons of Liberty who would use similar tactics as what Morgan employed to rid themselves of English rule.

Click here to see the Henry Morgan/John Locke connection in what appears to be evidence Locke’s Treatise on Civil Government was being shaped on observations made of Morgan’s Jamaica.  (Page 84 of Admiral Sir Henry Morgan: King of the Buccaneers.)

Long before the Republicans in the modern age abandoned the modern Tea Party—which was created by The Sons of Liberty back in 1773—I saw the writing on the wall.  Republicans were preparing to abandon the Tea Party by withdrawing their “letters of margue.”  This is when I started to use my own variation of the black, “Don’t Tread On Me” pirate flag, instead of the standard Tea Party Gadsden flag.  The Gadsden flag is a historical American flag with a yellow field depicting a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. Positioned below the snake are the words “Don’t Tread On Me.”  The flag was designed by and is named after American general and statesman Christopher Gadsden. It was also used by the Continental Marines as an early motto flag, along with the Moultrie Flag.  Gadsden also presented a copy of this flag to the Congress of South Carolina in Charleston, South Carolina. This was recorded in the South Carolina congressional journals on February 9, 1776:

Col. Gadsden presented to the Congress an elegant standard, such as is to be used by the commander in chief of the American Navy; being a yellow field, with a lively representation of a rattlesnake in the middle in the attitude of going to strike and these words underneath, “Don’t tread on me.”[7]

For my use, Gadsden’s flag was not aggressive enough for the tasks before us in the modern age.  Knowing that Republicans would pull away from the Tea Party eventually I kept my personal distance from the movement as I chronicled in a previous article where Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom members enshrined themselves in my new version of the Gladsden flag that was my silent nod to Henry Morgan.  I planned take the type of strategies Henry Morgan utilized to bring freedom back to America, so I thought the black flag was more appropriate to the 2013 circumstances.

History does repeat itself and once understood courses can be changed.  Henry Morgan understood history, and the minds of man, and was able to use them to shape the craving for freedom that would eventually free slaves in The United States and pave the way for the greatest nation on Earth.   I credit Henry Morgan with much of that responsibility because if not for him, human beings may have quickly allowed themselves to become suppressed under the foot of ruthless and greedy monarchs as they had for all of human history up to that point.  Even the simple, peaceful process of electing Presidents in America was started by pirates following Morgan’s lead of electing ship captains to head up each voyage.  If the captain proved to be insufficient, the pirates un-elected him and a new captain was put in place.   As barbaric as the pirates were in the start, the shift in human philosophy had seismic ramifications that would percolate throughout history delivering us to the struggles of the modern age.  The pirate is so important to the idea of freedom that even Ayn Rand had a very important pirate in her great classic novel Atlas Shrugged with the dashing Ragnar Danneskjöld.  Ragnar was a philosopher who became a privateer under John Galt’s strategy of choking off resources to parasitic socialism returning America to a fictional era of freedom. Alone Danneskjöld defied the might of the United States Navy and of all the People’s Navies of the world to be, as he famously said, “the friend of the friendless.”  Like the fictional Ragnar and the actual Henry Morgan, the pirate flag flown at the end of my postings, and off my front porch is a “friend of the friendless.”  The friendless are those who have been spat upon by the Republican Party and other orthodox political machines.  The black flag calls out to them and lets them know that philosophically speaking, there is safe harbor within its borders.  It also means that when it comes to defeating the enemies of freedom, unconventional tactics are useful, and needed.  Like Henry Morgan’s time, politicians will turn on a moment’s notice and work against privateers casting them into piracy by simply withdrawing their endorsement.  What actions might have been done under orthodox government one day might be called piracy the next—but what is consistent is always the desire for freedom in a human being.  It is in understanding this very simple idea that Henry Morgan was a genius who went from destroying the impregnable Spanish city of Panama, avoiding jail for war crimes, winning the first libel lawsuit in history and making the King of England rich beyond his wildest dreams becoming an official “knight” of the English crown in the process.  But Morgan’s greatest feat of all  was in planting the seeds of liberty in America through the pirates who traveled on his ships and would bring an idea to mankind that no country, no individual, no organization had ever contemplated—the idea of real and true freedom for all men and women everywhere.image009

The next time dear reader you have the opportunity to sip on a bottle of Captain Morgan Rum, take a swig and think of Henry Morgan whose likeness graces the label.  He is the father of freedom as any human being who has ever tasted it understands it.  It is because of Morgan that there is a United States at all, a nation born from rebellion and the greatest threat to dictators currently the world over.  My black flag is the message to the threats of freedom that imposition will not be tolerated whether functioning under a letter of marque or under the rogue status of pirate—the loyalty that the Tea Party movement  stands for is not loyalty to any party—but to the idea of freedom that was invented in Port Royal, Jamaica in 1671 by Henry Morgan and his wild and woolly band of swashbuckling pirates.  Take a drink and toast the black flag declaring to the world, “DON’T TREAD ON ME!”

[1]The People’s Chronology is licensed from Henry Holt and Company, Inc. Copyright © 1995, 1996 by James Trager. All rights reserved.

[2]Encarta® 98 Desk Encyclopedia © &  1996-97 Microsoft Corporation.

All rights reserved.

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“If they attack first………..blast em’!”