The Audacity of Government Spending: Putting things in perspective on the national debt

To put in perspective just how ridiculous our current government is in its demands for ever-expanding government, more and more government employees, and exploding encroachments of every individual American life, the video below places into context the audacity of modern politicians regarding the debt crises.  The government through both the Bush administration and Obama administration have attempted to pad the numbers of a declining economy with government expansion to the point of bringing the nation to a current $17 trillion-dollar deficit moving rapidly toward $20 trillion.  Sadly, the video below, which is only a year or two old, was made when people like me were already deeply concerned at $14 trillion.  I and my Tea Party friends were aghast when the deficit hit $10 trillion, and by the time the video below was made, I had already given up on current government.  The state of America today isn’t even on the measuring stick of sanity regarding finance.  When I hear Obama speak about the sequestration cuts and how difficult it is for him to even digest a 2.5% reduction in government which is still deficit spending, it places me in the mind of the banker seen below, with the President playing the idiot asking for an increase in the debt ceiling.

Obama’s argument for increasing the debt ceiling is that “America pays its debts.”  The trouble is the President won’t stop spending money, which forces America to pay for things it can’t afford.  America cannot afford to be a nanny state, it cannot afford to take care of more than 50% of the nation who doesn’t work, or pay taxes.  It cannot take care of senior citizens who retire at 65 and live till age 90 on the government dime as there are fewer children being born than ever before who will have fewer jobs to work in as adults so that they can continue to pay into Social Security.

The government cannot afford to give insurance to every American.  It cannot afford to build the political party of one left leaning side with entitlement spending—which is what has been happening.  Democrats and progressives know that their political base cannot support a voting base with their ideas, but only with what they can give away to purchase votes from the most ignorant among the American population.  They like the guy in the video above when he’s told that he cannot have the money instantly states that without raising the debt limit, his wife will leave him, because if he cannot spend money to keep his wife happy, their marriage will fall apart.

So too will the marriage between young people and progressive Democrats erode away to nothing when the money runs out.  When there are no free things to gain like welfare, free insurance, free education, easy government jobs that pay 40% more than private sector jobs, etc., voters will reject the party of handouts, the Democrats.  Obama knows this, which is why he played the scare game over sequestration only to back pedal when he realized that Republicans like the banker above had reached their limit.

For me, that limit was a long, long time ago.  I reached my limit during 2005 in the Bush years.   People I know best started reading Atlas Shrugged between 2005 and 2007 and were ready to throw George Bush out of office for creating the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA and other massive government programs.  There were already murmurings of starting a Tea Party like organization even back then when I fought the first Lakota levy in Butler County where that government school showed a never-ending tendency to spend more money than they ever take in, just like the guy in the video above.  Once Obama was elected, and the Lakota teachers showed in 2008 what national teachers all across America were really up to, many in the Liberty Movement had already reached their boiling point.  By 2009 and 2010, coordinated measures to expose spending addicts like the guy in the video above were being implemented to render publicly so that voters would come to understand the unsustainable path that America was on.  Unfortunately, half the country presently is just like the guy in the video above.  They are like heroin addicts—in denial of their addiction to spending and they are on a self-destructive path to always spend more than they take in and they are electing politicians into office who will provide them that fix.  What these politicians have in common with these spending addicts is that they too have the same problem—they can’t control themselves.

Obama lies to the public in the same way that an alcoholic or drug addict justifies their mental illness.  Obama appears to have no connection to reality over the issue of money and is just as foolish as the metaphorical display in the video above.  Proportionately he is just as reckless.   Like the banker, we should all dismiss Obama as a fool who has an obvious problem.  He should even be impeached as stated in Article One, section Two of The United States Constitution where it reports, “The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.”  The writers of the Constitution intended for American presidents to overstep their bounds and be impeached by the House on occasion, but members of the House and Senate are just as bad.  So who are they to throw stones in a glass house?   The result is that nobody does anything but cave into the addicts, because they all share the same sickness.

The very small cuts that Obama is bellyaching over are just as foolish as the silly amount discussed above.  2.5% is hardly worth even mentioning.  I wouldn’t be happy until more than 50% of the current budget is slashed.  I don’t want the government to do much of anything except build up a military, run a bit of a post office, help NASA along, maintain roadways, and that’s about it.  The private sector could and would take care of virtually everything else.  The people who would be left behind in such an economy are those who refuse to participate even when politicians like Obama steal from others and place the goods at the feet of the malcontent—who even then hardly picks up the food to place in their mouths.  All of society should not be destroyed because the addicts of spending like Obama and his Capitol Hill thugs cannot regulate themselves, and have no understanding of what makes a human being rise in the morning to meet a day’s challenges.

Like the banker we should run Obama out of our offices and take away his credit cards.  We should not feel bad about it either, because it is him who has mismanaged his own life, and built a party around debt and theft.  So the fault of a failing economy falsely propped up by government expansion will be his alone.  The loss of jobs created not by demand, but by whim are the fault of Obama for not measuring need against desire.  The fault of the days to come will fall squarely on Obama’s shoulders and Republicans would do well to close the door and let Obama and his party fall completely into disarray by their own recklessness.  Because the current debt is abysmal—I personally support nothing that contributes to those debts. I do not care about government pensions.  I don’t have one, and I never will—so I don’t want to pay for somebody else’s pension.  I don’t care about public schools.  I’d rather pay for private tutors and instruction.  I don’t care about Social Security.  I have no plans to ever collect a Social Security check and would consider the money dirty if I did.  I have no need of Medicaid, or Medicare.  I manage my own health and well-being under my own funds, and I have no sympathy for those who cannot, or refuse to.    I pay roughly $20K a year in personal taxes when I add up all the little things, and I get very little in return for that money.  Nearly 1/5th of that number goes to public schools alone which I think is a complete waste of money.   I may use $2,000 of that $20K, and it’s been that way for over 15 years, and that is not a good ROI.  When congress messed up the Social Security tax this year, I notice immediately that I was paying $80 more a month in just Social Security tax from December 31st 2012 to January 1st 2013.  Congress allowed those taxes to fly in under the radar while everyone else was looking at the fiscal cliff negotiations.  I don’t get a damn thing for the $80 lost dollars—nothing.  It’s just more looted money lost in the pit of a government being run by money addicts that are just as in denial of their social imposition as any rampant drug user.

More than ever I want to push the government out of the finance office for their unreasonable requests that are every bit as foolish, and animated as the idiot who wants to raise his personal debt ceiling in the video above.  It is astonishing that politicians like Obama can even stand in front of people and ask for more money when $80 dollars here and $80 dollars there fly from our pockets like pennies on a roller coaster.  The arrogant politician has no concept of what they ask, and are just as ridiculous in their demands as displayed in the above metaphor.  And it has to stop.  It has to stop right here, and right now.  The money addicts have to be driven from office and their parties destroyed for the good of America.   Nothing less is acceptable.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”