Star Wars Celebration Europe: Get ready to feel the Force!

The Emperor is coming to the biggest Star Wars party in Europe, July 26-28, 2013 in Essen, Germany.


Ian McDiarmid, the actor who unforgettably played the evil galactic mastermind and the ultimate villain of the Star Wars Saga, will make a rare convention appearance at Star Wars Celebration Europe, appearing on-stage and signing autographs.

This summer’s event will mark the first Celebration in Europe at which the highly sought-after actor will appear to sign autographs and chat on the Celebration Stage, offering attendees a rare opportunity to hear about the making of Star Wars from his perspective.

In 1983, McDiarmid embodied the full depth of the dark side as the Emperor in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, his face hidden under intensive makeup and his eyes concealed behind yellow contact lenses. When his true face was revealed as the apparently kind and helpful Senator Palpatine in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace (1999), he projected a different kind of evil – a subtle manipulator of galactic events, a villain hidden in plain sight. As the prequels progressed, so too did Palpatine’s plans until finally, in Revenge of the Sith (2005), McDiarmid got to play evil at its fullest, and revealed the true power of Darth Sidious.

Star Wars Celebrations bring fans of all ages together, from all points of the globe, to celebrate the pop-culture phenomenon that is Star Wars. From its young fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars to die-hards fueled by the nostalgia for the original Star Wars trilogy; curious, casual followers; gamers, readers, costumers or collectors — there’s something for everyone at Celebration.

Tickets available now at

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”

Kasich The Progressive: Medicaid expansion in Ohio and why Republicans lose so often

Let’s play a little game……………guess who said the following—“This budget also takes the significant step of helping more low-income and working Ohioans have access to health care through Medicaid, for which the federal government will pay 100 percent for three years and level off at 90 percent beginning in 2020.  While a complex decision, this reform not only helps improve the health of vulnerable Ohioans and frees up local funds for better mental health and addiction services, but it also helps prevent increases to health care premiums and potentially devastating impacts to local hospitals.”  If you guessed President Obama on one of his frequent campaign speeches that have extended well past the election, you were wrong.  No, the person who said such a reckless political statement cited above was what once people—myself included—thought was one of the most conservative governors in the Union.  The author of that statement was none other than Governor John Kasich.

Kasich has ignored the efforts of Ohioans to reject Obamacare and instead has put his finger to the political winds after the loss of Senate Bill 5, and changed his political philosophy in the wake of the election of 2012.  Kasich seems to be listening to his more progressive friends these days like tabloid television star Bill Cunningham instead of people like Sean Hannity as he has made a noticeable political shift to the far left relative to his previous position.  Kasich’s progressive shift portrays exactly why government continues to grow unsustainably as politicians who lack personal conviction find themselves molded by the mob, (masses) and lose their will to fight, or step out of office to maintain their principles.  I would respect Kasich more if he didn’t allow himself to be swayed by public opinion and simply did not run for re-election in 2014—returning back to Fox News as Bill O’Reilly’s back-up host.  Rather, he has listened to his progressive friends in that an elected representative must put aside their personal feelings and govern on behalf of all people, not just certain groups.  While on the surface, this sounds good—in a democracy it allows for the masses to shape government toward the whims of collective force rather than a republic shaped by the representation of the people who elected that voting presence.  With Kasich we thought we were getting a conservative—instead we ended up with a guy who lost a couple of fights and has now thrown up the white flag—surrendering to progressives allowing government to grow even more under his watch.

I had a state senator tell me recently that he despised the word “Rhino” which is what Tea Party types have been calling Republicans who have shown a willingness to work with progressives to find a “middle ground.”  To such people who don’t desire to fight for their principles, even if it costs them an election, they see the Tea Party position as radical, and too far to the political “right” to win over the “working poor,” “minorities,” and those addicted to government entitlements.  Rhino Republicans like Chris Christie and Kasich have listened to their critics and moved to the left, which is what has been happening to Republicans since the Civil War—and is why government has grown so much over the last hundred years.  Nobody has been present in government to stop that growth and when it has been thought that such people have been elected, they turn out to lose like Kasich has to progressives, and our entire society moves further to the left.  I told the senator that elected representatives need to believe in something and stand for it, and to stop thinking strategically about maintaining the House or Senate as a majority—because if it means compromising fiscal beliefs to hold the office, then their representation is worthless.  He said we’ll have to agree to disagree and we both put more relish on our hot dogs and let it pass nicely—but the implication of his statement stayed with me for weeks.  The game modern politicians are playing on the conservative side is a game of keep away, but even so, they are losing ground in the process by the radical progressives incessant pursuit of moving the goal posts far to the political left with each year that passes.  (SEE MY PREVIOUS ARTICLE ON THIS)

Now that my youngest daughter has had a baby the constant advice from many family members is that she should take advantage of the many government programs available to her such as Wic and various insurance programs supported by the government.  Many of these family members are affluent people and their comments center around, “You already pay taxes honey, just look at it as collecting on your investment.”  This has went on for many years, in fact when my wife was pushed in the same direction when we had kids over twenty years ago and I learned of the nature of the discussion—there were serious fireworks at our house and family rifts that lasted decades.  The reasoning to my wife then was, “you’re husband is riding a bicycle to work for God’s sake, take the pressure off him and get on Wic so that you can afford baby formula.”  I was as violently against government assistance as a 19 year-old as I am today, so this urging did not sit well with me and did not go unanswered.  The expansion of government happens in part because they actively attempt to sign up young women to government programs to take off some of the financial pressure, then the young women as adults have lost their moral authority to speak against those programs as wizened adults, so they justify such endeavors by saying that “we already paid taxes into the program, we might as well get something out of it.”

I learned recently that regarding Kasich’s expansion of Medicaid, offices have been actively attempting to increase enrollment on the program to justify the expansion.  The unsaid strategy from Kasich is that he wants young women and the working poor voters to know that the Governor is looking out for them–to give them a hand up in life—especially during the hard first years of starting a family.   He thinks he’s taking a page from the Democratic playbook and is beating them at their own game, but in the end the progressive wins because they set the measure everyone is playing to.  In that way conservative governors like Kasich and Christie play to the same rules that Obama and the New York progressive Cuomo play by.  In the end, government expands because nobody in government from either side fight for their beliefs, and the republic of America is reduced to a democracy of majority rule which will always perpetuate toward degeneracy.  When politicians refuse to take a hard-line, then chaos becomes the ruler no matter who is in charge.

The senator mentioned that was eating hot dogs for dinner with me will never understand why Tea Party members call him and his kind Rhinos due to their will to compromise, because their goal is not just the health of Ohio, it is in maintaining majorities in the House and Senate.  To do that they must compromise with radical government expansionists who are always looking for new ways to make the public addicted to their services as they redistribute wealth with tax and spend management of state and federal economies.  The people who lose are those who think they are voting for men and women of conviction only to find out that their representatives are weak-willed progressives addicted to public office and perpetual elections that keep them out of the meat grinder of the private sector.  The worst and weakest human beings typically therefore move into public office and they work to stay there.  Real reformers enter office only to leave a few years later in frustration, or do like Kasich has and declared that if you can’t beat them………….you join them.  Which he has.

Now a note about what can be done about these diabolical schemes from the desk of Steve Elliott, which primarily focuses on these issues at the federal level.  It should be noted that many of the sequestration jobs being cut were created in the same manner that Kasich is now expanding Medicaid, so the events are connected directly.

The BIG LIE of BIG GOVERNMENT is about to be exposed — IF members of Congress will stand strong and NOT be bullied by Obama. We must understand precisely what’s happening. Please see below. — Steve

Dear Don,

Yesterday, we warned you that an effort was under way to give Obama unconstitutional authority to raise taxes. This shocking news was confirmed by various  news reports.

The good news … many grassroots citizens responded, and we dodged that bullet!

Now … today … as the doomsdayers in D.C. are counting down to the Sequester-mageddon. President Obama just held a press conference DEMANDING NEW TAXES and blaming conservatives for the coming alleged catastrophe of sequester.

And our Radical-in-Chief is getting ready to unleash his unprecedented grassroots army to PRESSURE your Ohio members of Congress to RAISE YOUR TAXES!

+ + Krauthammer Exposes OBAMA’S BIG LIE

Let’s be clear — the entire sequester “crisis” is a fabrication of Obama himself — the idea originated in the White House. And it’s designed to force us to accept even higher taxes and even more government spending.

Obama thought conservatives would have caved in long ago. Now, as Charles Krauthammer explains in his column today, the BIG LIE of the Left is about to be exposed.

What is that BIG LIE?

Simply this:

The LEFT’S BIG LIE is that any cutbacks to BIG GOVERNMENT will cause severe economic hardship to be unleashed on our nation. But it’s a lie!

As Krauthammer explains, if the sky doesn’t fall with a modest cutback in government spending, “people might get the idea that we can shrink government and live on.”

Do you see what’s happening?

If the sky DOESN’T fall with a 2% cut in government spending, then the BIG LIE of BIG GOVERNMENT will be exposed!

That’s why Obama’s far-left “Organizing For Action” activist group sent this message out to their tens of millions of followers yesterday:

“On the chopping block are 10,000 teaching jobs, more than 70,000 kids’ spots in Head Start, $35 million for local fire departments, $43 million to make sure seniors don’t go hungry, and access to nutrition assistance for 600,000 women and their families.”
Obama and the Left WANT sequester! They want the threat of school teachers and firemen and air traffic controllers losing their jobs because it creates an underlying fear of any cutbacks in government.


As I write, Obama has unleashed his ORGANIZING FOR ACTION activist group to bombard Congress.

You and I have two choices.

We can sit by silently and let Obama’s fear tactics take the day.

Or …

We can take action and help EXPOSE THE BIG LIE of BIG GOVERNMENT leftists!

If you want to take action, here’s what you can do:

#1 — Call Your Members Of Congress

Tell your two Ohio Senators and your Representative what you think about Obama’s plan to grow government and raise taxes. Let them know that you see through the BIG LIE of BIG GOVERNMENT. Phone numbers:

Sen. Brown: 202-224-2315
Sen. Portman: 202-224-3353
Rep. Chabot and Rep. Boehner (Note: we are listing two Reps because you live in a gerrymandered district.): 202-225-2216 and 202-225-6205

#2 — Sign Grassfire’s “No New Taxes” Petition.

If you oppose the BIG GOVERNMENT plan to raise taxes, join with nearly 100,000 other citizens in signing Grassfire’s “No New Taxes” petition. We will be delivering petitions to leaders in Congress as soon as next week. Go here now

Remember, just two months ago Congress and Obama raised YOUR TAXES by two percent — and exactly 60 days later, they’re back for more! Sign the petition.

#3 — Tell BIG GOVERNMENT Politicians: “We Paid Our 2%! Why Can’t You?”

Grassfire has set up a FaxFire to let you tell Congress, “We Paid Our 2%! Why Can’t You?” After all, they just imposed a two-percent tax on us. That means we were FORCED to cut back our family budgets by two percent. Government can do the same!

As Krauthammer writes:

“…millions of American workers have had to tighten their belts by precisely two percent. They found a way. Washington, spending $3.8 trillion, cannot? If so, we might as well declare bankruptcy now and save the attorneys’ fees.”
Go here now to fax your two Ohio Senators, your Representative and key leaders on Capitol Hill:

Again … Obama and the Left are very nervous today. WHAT IF THE SKY DOESN’T FALL?

Then their Big Lie is exposed.

Thanks for the stand you’re taking.

Steve Elliott

P.S. Liberty News’ Norvell Rose just posted an exclusive that further exposes the sequester madness called “The Sequester Is Falling!” Also, I have posted this update on my Liberty News blog. Go here to comment and share.

1. Call your members of Congress.
Sen. Brown: 202-224-2315
Sen. Portman: 202-224-3353
Rep. Chabot and Rep. Boehner (Note: we are listing two Reps because you live in a gerrymandered district.): 202-225-2216 and 202-225-6205

2. Sign our “No New Taxes” petition.

3. Fax Congress.

4.Read Krauthammer’s column.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”