Rand Paul Goes to Washington: Fighting back against the corrosive hive-like collective

So why the hoopla over Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster that recently took place during the first full week of March 2013?  Well the political clatter is over whether or not a President of The United States can assassinate American citizens on American soil at their discretion.  The controversial implication is the automated response—how could anyone conceive that an American president would ever act against the people who elected them?  The suggestion is a frightening one and most people are not prepared to deal with such a reality—yet that is exactly what the wording that the Justice Department has been attempting to preserve for President Obama with legal language that could easily be conjured up for some future political maneuver.  The alarm signs with the Obama administration and his Justice Department started years ago when they openly endorsed the voter harassment antics of the Black Panthers at polling places, then were caught in the terrible gun running scandal of Fast and Furious.  Then there was the tragedy of Benghazi which appears to be the result of the President’s military action against Libya without Congressional approval.  In spite of what the Obama administration has said about their peaceful intentions, and desire for justice, their actions display a hunger for power that is dangerous, which is why Rand Paul wants to make sure that the language of the law is defined in this moment of history for clarity, which is required given the level of deception that is common in politics.

It is sad that there are members of our American Republic who are so naive that they cannot see the mechanisms of evil that work behind the masses of collective rule.  Even though publicly there appears to be great differences behind the recently deceased Hugo Chavez who was the socialist dictator of Venezuela and President Obama, the big differences are in the checks and balances in The United States with the Constitutional power given to individual people and the House and Senate.   Idealistically Chavez and Obama might as well be identical twins, as Obama if left unchecked would undoubtedly run America in the same fashion that Chavez ran Venezuela—which appears to be Obama’s intention.  Progressives believe that if they don’t name an evil, that it doesn’t exist so they expect Obama’s actions to go un-noticed because the public façade is named to be conducted under the umbrella of goodness.

Yet real reporters like Bill O’Reilly are just now beginning to arrive at the dark place that many of us in the Tea Party movement have been declaring all along only to be shrugged off as conspiracy.  Is President Obama intentionally attempting to harm The United States through economic collapse?  I have stated that I believe Obama is doing just that and the evidence is stacking up in my favor.  But even mainstream reporters who might lean conservative, but attempt to be as fair as possible are starting to catch on that there is something really wrong with President Obama.  This led to one of the most explosive, and frustrated interviews that O’Reilly has had in many years when the liberal talk show host Alan Colmes attempted to defend Obama’s fiscal failures with the lure of conspiracy.

Colmes as a progressive knows that the way to diffuse a question he can’t answer is to attack the interrogative with wild accretions such as daring O’Reilly to say that Obama is deliberately attempting to harm Americans—which in the court of public perception would appear to be too extreme for believability.  Even though the facts point to such a reality, O’Reilly didn’t fall for it and turned the issue around on Colmes which became a violent exchange that I wish more conservatives would do.  When conservatives buckle under accusations of fascism, racism, or conspiracy theory, and dance around the issue without getting angry at the strategy they find themselves losing to the Alan Colmes type progressives nearly 100% of the time.  They end up like O’Reilly’s former back-up host John Kasich who is the current governor of Ohio as watered down versions of their former conservative selves.  Even when people like Kasich win in polling and elections, conservativism loses to the Progressive who is the architect of madness.  Colmes deserved what he got from O’Reilly and I would hope that more people would begin to defend themselves from the tyranny of the Progressive—because their work is sinister, deceitful, and disguised with smiling faces.  Their evil is well documented and can easily be seen in countries like Venezuela who operated without the checks and balances of a Republic like The United States.

In that context the actions of Rand Paul should be common place in the Senate and not the exception that it was.  America should function with the enthusiasm that was shown in the great old movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington where Jimmy Stewart filibustered the senate in a very similar fashion that Rand Paul did in his 13 hour standoff.tweedledee-tweedledum-3  Government is not supposed to be like a mound of insects serving a collective cause of unity, they are supposed to be a group of representatives who hash out their differences in verbal combat for the good of the country, and display that nobody is above the law—not even a President of The United States.  America does not have a king, or a dictator, so they are not able to make decisions without accountability to other representatives of the Republic having an input. The facts and behavior behind President Obama show that he has a willingness to act without respect to these checks and balances, and this should raise concern among every American.  Thankfully, Senator Rand Paul acted as a proper representative under tenuous conditions, and justice has been pursued in his filibuster to the benefit of all no matter what political persuasions may be.  Right is right, and Paul acted in accord with the pursuit of truth, and justice—and the American way, which is truly unique on the world stage and should be the model every country across the planet uses for their own government.  The spirit of that government is often confusing and mired in controversy, but the intention was captured so wonderfully in the film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and the Rand Paul Filibuster.  The rest of the world should take notes.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”