The Cincinnati Tea Party Defends “Fiscal Reponsibility”: Republicans attempt to become “compassionate conservatives” by copying Obama

Kasichcare16-300x225The Cincinnati Tea Party took the hard stand of protesting Governor Kasich’s open acceptance of Obamacare by expanding Medicaid with heavy hearts, but wild ambition.  Many traditional political pundits and strategists are not sure what to make of such an aggressive stand against what many thought was a Tea Party Governor.  It was the Tea Party that put Kasich over the top of Ted Strickland in 2010 yet within just two years Kasich has shown a desire to take yet more government handouts from the federal government which erodes away state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment, and openly ignores the Healthcare Freedom Amendment that was passed in Ohio protecting all state residents from Obamacare.  Republicans who many believe are behind the Tea Party movement are rather baffled to see Tea Party members treating them with the same aggressive vigor as they have progressive Democratic candidates.  Yet when the Tea Party says it demands fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government, they mean it no matter who the perpetrator is or what political affiliation is next to their name.Kasichcare21-300x225

To understand why and how the game is played between the federal government and state governments view this video done by members of The Cincinnati Tea Party.  The basic essence behind Kasich’s expansion of Medicaid can be explained in the video.

Below is the link to the article from The Cincinnati Tea Party website where pictures of the event can be seen.

Kasichcare13-300x225In a video from Channel 5 seen at one of the links below the camera ended on the face of Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW who at one time considered himself a “libertarian,” even a “conservative,” but nearly single-handedly undermined his friend John Kasich in the famous Senate Bill 5 election.  Cunningham learned then what Kasich is learning now, that they are both the kinds of politicians and media personalities who have taken the country to the brink of fiscal collapse.Kasichcare20-225x300  It is people like them who give Obama power, and federal influence over a state like Ohio.  When Cunningham said on the day after this rally on his radio show, “who wouldn’t take federal money if it helped to balance the budget.”  Well the answer is, Tea Party supporters wouldn’t, which is why they were protesting outside when the real culprits were inside patting themselves on the back.  If Kasich wants to be “compassionate” then let him give all his money to the poor, but don’t demand that everybody else has to throw some of their money in the pot of Ohio.  That is no different from what Obama does—and they are both wrong.

Under the new definitions of politics that The Cincinnati Tea Party is beginning to define it is not “compassionate” to steal other people’s money to redistribute to others, which is what Medicaid does and what the expansion of it will achieve.  John Kasich is not a “compassionate conservative” because he’s reaching out to the poor, and downtrodden.  It simply makes him a thief who sought a way to circumnavigate the Health Care Freedom Amendment with the expansion of a giant federal program with socialist tendencies in Medicaid.  The Tea Party does not exist to run for office or control a political party.  Kasichcare23-300x225It exists for one reason, to maintain fiscal responsibility, demand limited government, and maintain free markets in America.  Everything else is the workings of politicians who wish to make their marks on history by stealing from others so that they can buy votes with other people’s effort. As can be seen easily, the John Kasich seen at the video below and the Kasich seen at any of the links following the video are different people. Go ahead…………look for yourself.

And a side note to Ann………………I’m proud of you!  Nice job!

Channel 5 –

Channel 19 –

Enquirer –

Business Journal –

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”

2 thoughts on “The Cincinnati Tea Party Defends “Fiscal Reponsibility”: Republicans attempt to become “compassionate conservatives” by copying Obama

  1. Sadly, many republicans run as conservatives and, once elected, govern as liberals. As a friend of mine said, “it is just too much fun spending other people’s money.” He was a town supervisor who was the lone budget hawk on the committee.


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