The History of Capitalism: A presentation from the Atlas Society

Due to much of the confusion that exsists about the economic nature of capitalism–as the progressive types have so rigorously attacked it, many do not understand what it even is.  So for those who do not understand capitalism, and for those who think they understand capitalism, yet still find themselves destructive agents of human doom I would like the present Guillermo Pineda who spoke at the Atlas Summit in 2012 in Washington D.C. — We hear all the time that “capitalism is the system that has shaped our world.” However, the fact that capitalism is a social system that has never existed in its full, perfect, and unregulated form is never mentioned. As Ayn Rand clearly stated, the only time in history in which we came close to a laissez-faire capitalist society was in the 19th century. The seminar explores the history of capitalism in the last 250 years. How did capitalism function in the past? Does it still exist today? What hope is there for the future? Part 2 looks at the assault against capitalism in the 20th century and considers where we find ourselves today.

Guillermo Pineda is a double degree MA global studies candidate at Leipzig University and Roskilde University. He founded the Center for the Study of Capitalism in Guatemala and has studied and promoted Objectivist philosophy for several years.  Now, grab a snack and enjoy listening to Pineda’s 2 part lesson on capitalism.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”

Making Ronald Reagan the far Left of Extremism: Progressives attack Rand Paul’s filibuster

Progressives are vile despicable creatures in that they wish to change America from its traditional roots of Excepetionalism and convert us all over into dependents of collectivism.  For clarification all one needs to do is watch The Ed Show from the big labor progressive advocate on MSNBC whose motto is “Lean Forward” which was also seen in President Obama’s last presidential campaign and even school levy attempts by government schools.  I would say the easiest way to understand what progressives mean by “lean forward” is to direct America away from the kind of country that Jimmy Stewart talked about in the 1939 film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington—which is one of my favorite movies of all time.  I like it almost as much as Jimmy Stewart’s It’s a Wonderful Life.  When I ask myself why Hollywood doesn’t make movies like those anymore, I already know the answer—it’s because of progressives like what can be seen on The Ed Show who have ripped America so far to the political left with their radicalism leaving traditional Americans wondering where their country went.  Rand Paul obviously shares with me a love for Mr. Smith Goes to Washington—he named his book, The Tea Party Goes To Washington—and performed a wonderfully articulate 13 hour filibuster similar to what Jimmy Stewart did in that classic film, the magic that most people on both sides of the political spectrum felt was fathomable.  It terrified progressives to varying degrees from both parties who rose to the surface quickly in the wake to attack Paul in the usual manner.  Watch, listen and take notes.

It is important to watch how the progressive thinks and acts, so the clips from The Ed Show shown above are important.  The perpetrators of progressive doom revealed themselves in the panic that followed Rand’s filibuster.  The attempt by the radical progressives to attack what they believe is the extreme conservative right is to undo the gains that Rand Paul achieved in his filibuster.  Obviously John McCain revealed to what extent he is a left leaning progressive and Lindsey Graham did the same even though they are both Rinos (Republicans In Name Only).  The blood of America trending toward the left is on their hands as they preach pacifism and are continuously outmaneuvered by the likes of Democratic strategists like James Carvel.  McCain was embarrassingly foolish in his post filibuster comments in attempting to invoke that his Republican Party was the party of Ronald Reagan and that Rand Paul was a radical far-right nut job trying to appeal to the young, foolish libertarians who subscribe to conspiracy theories, black helicopters and government assassinations.  When McCain said that Americans have nothing to fear from their government he spoke from the heart of a man who was obviously defeated mentally while in captivity during his own ordeal in the military and has lost his mind.  He helped shape the NDAA Act which is what Rand Paul was specifically addressing in relation to the drone strikes which identified the entire nation of America as a potential war zone.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  Progressives through their mentality hope that nobody pays attention to the news  from a year ago and connects the dots to the present, and taking the drone program into consideration with the NDAA Act of last year—there is very good reason to be concerned.

I remember listening to the radio in the 1990’s when the Truckin Bozo was on the air at 700 WLW from midnight to 5 AM every night and reports would come in from truckers carrying suspicious freight for the government from one destination to another, which we now know led to the FEMA coffins stationed all over the country and the genuine concern that some converted rail stations have been turned into potential FEMA camps ready to hold domestic prisoners in case of some national tragedy.  The Truckin Bozo was called a crazy conspiracy theorist by mainstream media in much the way that progressives are attempting to shape Rand Paul’s filibuster.  During the Clinton days even as people connected to the Clintons ended up mysteriously dead with mounds of body bags that followed them from one elected office to the next, and Bill Clinton’s brother was involved in a drug trafficking operation at a Little Rock airport which Bill’s governor’s office ran cover for while “Slick Willie” molested many women openly, then smeared them when they attempted to expose Clinton, anyone who pointed out the facts was called a “nut job” a “radical hack” a commentator of “hate speech,” and many other things.  In 1995 through 1998 the prospect of economic collapse in America seemed remote even though conspiracy theorist like Jim Marrs said that the Bilderberg meetings were staging a World Bank takeover of the entire world and that the Bush family was involved in a massive conspiracy with the Tri-Lateral Commission.  Those same theorist said that President Clinton was working toward a goal of a “New World Order” and that much of what we saw in regard to politics was just a show between the two parties who actually held hands and kissed behind the scenes.  All that conspiracy stuff was ruled as crazy to talk in public as the mainstream newspapers, television media, and magazines established the rules of reporting—and anything that fell outside of those boundaries was deemed “radical.”

Then there was 9/11 and a rapid expansion of government under President Bush Jr. as a reaction to the terrorist attack, massive national debt, and a sitting president who stated, “I’ve Abandoned Free Market Principles To Save The Free Market System.”  Then we gained Obama as a president, a guy who mysteriously attempted to suppress his past, made a big deal about his birth certificate, was educated as a child in Jakarta, had communist grandparents who raised him, strange ties to the terrorist organization The Weather Underground, had a strange affection to the known communist Frank Marshell Davis, and seemed willing to mislead the public at every turn like a car salesman trying to sell a car without an engine to a little old lady’s old fashioned gullibility.  Obama is presently on course to run up the national debt to 20 trillion dollars and now stories about the collapse of the American dollar which floated out of conspiracy theory in the 1990s suddenly don’t sound so crazy—because it’s happening.

So should it come as any surprise that fringe groups in America are on the rise?  Absolutely not, American people have seen that they have been lied to and they no longer know who to trust and they are rather pissed off about it.  It turns out that people like Lindsey Graham and John McCain are the types of politicians who created the present conditions of economic doom and like their progressive allies shown typically on The Ed Show, they are in a tizzy over Rand Paul and the kind of people who are moving toward Paul’s form of conservativism because that is very bad for progressive politics.  Sadly what John McCain does not understand is that people like me, and obviously Rand Paul are not happy with just the party of Ronald Reagan.  Reagan at one point attempted to join the Communist Party and he loved and adored FDR as a young man.  Reagan was a good actor who was able to bring some old-fashioned flair from the kind of movies that Hollywood produced during the days of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, but his personal politics were too liberal for me.  To progressives, Ronald Reagan was the example of radical right winged politics and to John McCain he was the bench mark of conservativism.  Yet to me, Reagan was an actor who attempted to be a card-carrying communist and was only a shadow of what remained of Hollywood during the era of the Jimmy Stewart films, which he was able to utilize to get America to believe in itself again after the Jimmy Carter years.  The hard stuff like keeping the defense budget trimmed down during a Cold War, and eliminating the Department of Education during his first years in office like he promised to do went unanswered, as those types of management decisions fell outside of Ronald Reagan’s charm and acting ability.

To progressives it’s a “radical” idea to expect government to balance their budgets, stand for personal values, and exhibit a lack of intrusion into the personal lives of American citizens.  For having those expectations advocates like Rand Paul appears to support are called radicals, nut-jobs, and “fringe extremists” by those who are the real extremists—whose social designs intend for American to lean forward to a progressive tomorrow away from the sturdy foundations of tradition that used to view Ronald Reagan as a liberal.  To John McCain’s point progressives have succeeded in moving America so far to the political left that Reagan is now considered a fringe right-winged lunatic—but for an increasing number of Americans who are supporting politicians like Rand Paul, there is a growing desire to turn away from both political parties and return to the love of America that Jimmy Stewart yearned for.  And to date, only Rand Paul seems to understand that yearning—and has enough passion for to speak for 13 hours straight on one subject—and do it well.  Most people can’t speak for 13 hours straight on everything they have in their brains.

Progressives are vile because they have been caught calling the “good” bad, and a “lie” the “truth” as can be seen in any school district in America that is run by government.  They are sinister because they want more of the same, and wish to destroy with increasing frequency everything that traditional Americans value.  They are the apologizers for mass killing, and coercion by force.  Progressives are the same group of people who will seek to use children’s lives to pass school levies or gun control legislation after tragedies but support aborting thousands of babies in government sanctioned murders.  They are a vile, corrupt group of people who are worthless parasites to the human race and they have the NERVE to call anyone who desires honesty, responsibility, and accountability–radicals!  Increasingly, the offerings of modern politics have fallen short, and the manipulations of old are no longer working.  Americans are beginning to demand better–better than John McCain, better than Barack Obama, better than Lindsey Graham, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton or any of the other power-hungry progressive parasites.  Americans increasingly want someone who is more real than Ronald Reagan and who will make that actor look like a radical leftist in comparison to their conservative politics.  In modern politics, there are few politicians who exhibit these traits……………………………..except one…………………….the politician who seems most to exhibit the traits of Jimmy Stewart’s desire for goodness to shine in Washington D.C., who conducted a filibuster, and saved the nation from its own demise with his bold sincerity.    Not since Jimmy Stewart has a politician emerged in real life like Rand Paul.  Paul’s recent filibuster will resonate for many years to come as it has invoked in America a sleeping desire that has long been suppressed by progressives for a way of life in Washington that will be so foreign to its modern inhabitants that the routine guests on The Ed Show might as well broadcast their show from a New Guinea head hunting village in the future.  The America of tomorrow will be that foreign to them, and it has to be.  There isn’t any other option at this point.  The fear that such an idea congers up in the progressive is only hinted at by their reaction to Rand Paul’s filibuster.  Little do they know that this is only the beginning.  If they think things are radical now, wait to they see what comes next.  All the politicians have failed us, both Republican and Democrat, and that failure is not tolerable.

Growing up I loved Ronald Reagan, and I still think he was the best president in well over 100 years, since perhaps Abraham Lincoln.  But Reagan in my eyes was a bleeding heart liberal who was too far to the political left for my liking.  My idea of a president isn’t even on the political stage.  I voted for Ross Perot in both 1992 and 1996, over George Bush and Bob Dole.  I don’t want the stuffy old puppets of the GOP and I certainly don’t want some domestic terrorist who couldn’t even manage a McDonalds sitting in The White House.    Letting progressives set the goal posts of extreme right-winged thought where Ronald Reagan is the border just isn’t realistic, and not on the table of discussion.  The best way for America to advance into tomorrow is to embrace the concepts of its past, before the influence of the vile progressive took hold, and start over with new goal posts where Reagan isn’t the goal post of the radical right, but of the radical left.  That is when we can start solving problems and moving America once again into 200 more years of prosperity.  Until then, nothing else is worthy of debate.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”