Righteous Outrage toward Latte Sipping Prostitutes: Honoring the “BUST” of Ayn Rand

Bill O’Reilly calls it “Righteous Outrage” to explain away his tendency to blast people who attempt to spin the truth of a matter to such extremes that they avoid the perils of facts.  He coined the phrase recently after his indignation over Alan Combs defense of Barack Obama, (CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW).  But I have been using the tactic to great effect for a long time, and today is the one year anniversary of one of my most well-known escapades.

One year ago to this exact day the media all over Cincinnati jumped on the progressive bandwagon by calling me a “sexist” following the lead of a hand-full of radical school levy supporters. (CLICK FOR REVIEW)  The reason was that my group No Lakota Levy had politically sidestepped a local West Chester charity in giving money to children to help pay for sports fees at the school which severely disrupted the political temperament of my community.   I was also the Butler County Coordinator for the Workplace Freedom Amendment petition drive, which intends to bring right-to-work status to Ohio—which is of course extremely controversial.  Governor Kasich is against the measure, so I had painted a very large target on my back.  I had made sure that everyone saw the target by painting it myself with very bring colors.  The school levy supporters who have their hand into just about every aspect of local politics—by design could not beat my arguments leaving them no choice but to attack me personally—which of course I would strike back.  Then they would go to even more extremes until something broke.  Normally, this is where conservatives stop and yield to the progressive.  (CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW) I didn’t.  Instead I went on a long and calculated rant calling my political enemies “Latte sipping prostitutes with rear ends the size of car tires and diamond rings to match,” which set of a rage off howls in protest.  My “righteous outrage” had achieved the desired effect. 

Progressive feminist groups thought they had me on a hook for character assassination.  They lashed out with a fury that can be seen at the end of this article in the comments that were sent to me during the media blitz, and in public protests as can be seen by CLICKING HERE.  All of this behavior was expected, and the behavior calculated.  I even had meetings with people a month before hand on how to stir up the “hornets nest” of the type of people who support school levies with mindless emotional dedication to progressive ideology.  I had decided that traditional politics would no longer work because the other side did not fear anything from conservatives.  My political enemies expected my conservative politics to yield in the face of name calling, so a new strategy was needed.  For that strategy, I turned to a book I greatly treasure on my book shelf titled, A General History of the Pyrates (correct spelling) written controversially in 1724 by Daniel DaFoe, or Nathaniel Mist under the pseudonym Captain Charles Johnson.  I realized that the progressive liberals, and progressive Republicans were both playing a game against everyone in the middle, and the trend had to stop—and that meant that a tactic that was more reminiscent of past victories against similar forces that had been successful needed to be utilized with “righteous outrage.” I found the examples I was looking for in that very wonderful book that I read often in harsh candlelight of dark nights to capture the spirit for which it was written.  So I created my new strategy knowing that people I thought were friends would abandon me in favor of their love of political pull, and my enemies could be moved to reveal their hearts with “righteous outrage.”  The political structure itself needed to be attacked.  This resulted in the bait of blood that was thrown into the water which the “latte sipping prostitutes” converged on like piranhas in an Amazonian tributary.

I didn’t mind the criticism and enjoyed the jests until I heard the words calling me a sexist leveled in my direction.  The term “sexist” is always directed at anyone who does not support the progressive version of women’s rights and even though I knew it was coming, it did piss me off in ways I will never forget or yield to.  The hypocrisy of progressives in calling anyone who thinks differently than they do names without expecting to receive the same in return is truly baffling.  But even more baffling are those who allow it to occur.  I would argue that Mitt Romney should have attacked back with “righteous outrage” when he was referred to as “sexist” in his position regarding his hiring of women in his famous “folders” incident exposed in the 2012 Presidential debates.  The progressive attack is the same with Romney that I experienced at the local level in the Cincinnati media which comes directly from the Saul Alinsky book of strategy called Rules for Radicals, which all progressives seem to use in virtually every confrontationTo beat this book that the left uses so effectively was the reason I turned to my good friend Captain Johnson in A General History of the Pyrates.  A lot can be learned of the way that Blackbeard blockaded Charleston and turned the entire city into fearful servants to his cause.  The characters and politics are virtually the same as today, and people behave with the same motivations——especially the dastardly progressive and their European sensibilities.  The study of Blackbeard’s strategies while being immoral, are practical when discovering the various uses of “righteous outrage” to exploit the weaknesses of an enemy.

The same feminists who attempted to paint me with the “sexist” brush failed miserably because they neglected to address the kind of hypocrisy that always comes up when they start casting accusations based on their very limited political ideology.  In my life aside from being married for nearly a quarter century, raising two daughters and working with women for many years successfully without ever being thought of as a “sexist” many of the values I typically celebrate openly are dedicated to a couple of women who I think a whole lot of, Annie Oakley and Ayn Rand.  Only ignorant fools believe everything that people tell them, which is why they constantly vote in favor of big government programs and school levies.  This is the tendency that needed to be exploited when the accusations in my case were so far from the truth that everybody could easily see how audacious the lies, the smearing, and the propaganda truly were.  My description of the typical levy supporter behavior was intended for their ears, yet the progressive feminist movement within the Lakota School District wanted to pull all women into their collective crusade of man hating.  Their lives are hypocrisies of the highest order yet they have shaped the political landscape of our modern country in such destructive ways.  They claim they want Beta Men when they really want 50 Shades of Grey.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO.

What surprised me was how few men wanted to publicly support my comments, especially on talk radio.  In private everyone said they supported my opinions, but in public they said they couldn’t, because as they put it, “we want to get laid at least once a month.”  That confession in its own right said a lot and it took me a couple of months to properly categorize the severity level of the problem this has caused in our political society, which has been documented extensively here. But for feminists to call me a sexist when I have so openly supported Ayn Rand is like calling a guy eating a big juicy hamburger a “vegan.”  Ayn Rand it would seem should be embraced by feminists as she created in the novel Atlas Shrugged the strongest female hero ever for any fictional story in Dagny Taggert.   Yet the same type of women I purposely called latte sipping prostitutes because of their lack of understanding about finances and their neurotic social behavior which desired to be subsidized by the Lakota tax payer, do not support Ayn Rand.  In fact they are the kind of people who typically find any reference to Ayn Rand despicable.

The feminist movement has never been about rights for women—as it was sold.  It is about the destruction of the American family, and it is about enslaving all women into collective ideology.  Ayn Rand spoke about real independence.  The progressive feminist movement is about dependency.  Not dependency on a man, or her family, but on the collective plight of women.  Knowing this, I wanted to expose it.  And in doing so a light was put on just how ridiculous these radical progressive feminists truly are—who shape modern politics in such destructive ways.  The answer for the progressive feminist is more government to make women equal, not actually making women equal or superior to men—as I’ve stated I believe should be the public attitude.  Men should treat women as their betters—and this position frightens the kind of women I called out in Lakota and the type of women who attempt to advance progressive politics with government expansion.   Of course not all women believe what the nutty feminist does; most women would like to live in the type of world that Ayn Rand created for Dagny Taggert.  And most men would respect Dagny without even thinking of her as a woman.  It is this trait alone that exposes the modern progressive feminist as a fraud.  When they preach independence for women and equal pay, they really mean government dependence and just another form of modern slavery.  When presented with two options, collective identification with other progressive women which can be seen on any episode of Opera or the independence of a woman like Dagny Taggert written about in Ayn Rand’s classic novel Atlas Shrugged the progressive picks the slavery and dooms the advocate of independence.

This is why I am considering buying the replica of Ayn Rand seen above.  The artist did such a wonderful job in creating the features of Ayn Rand who deserves her place in history as one of the greatest literary figures ever known……….who happens to be a woman.  If not just for her literary achievements, she worked out the issues of her Objectivism philosophy which is taking hold and shaping the current freedom movement.  In some says Ayn Rand is the Sam Adams of our day.  Her written work is changing minds and policy in similar ways that Adams did when the colonists where breaking away from England in 1771 to 1773.  If I purchased the displayed bust of Ayn Rand I would exhibit it proudly in my living room under my gigantic banner for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers skull that hangs in my foyer so that visitors could see how important Ayn Rand is to my household.  But more than anything Ayn Rand is a progressive killer, because if Ayn had been a man, the feminists might have been able to launch a successful argument against the current freedom movement.  Being a woman however, exposes the feminist for their true intentions and gives people like me plenty of cannon balls to fire off in the direction of the progressive nut jobs whose very existence is a devious testament to slavery in the name of real independence.

When I said what I did which caused such a stir a year ago, I knew that it would be painful on the front end, but that slowly over the coming weeks and months, the hypocrisy would be seen by the public at large, which it has.  I knew of the hypocrisy because of my yearly work celebrating the birthday of Annie Oakley with the Wild West rituals I share with my friends in the show business industry.  And I knew about the hypocrisy from comparing Ayn Rand’s work to the bizarre political position of the modern progressive—and it had come time to expose them with some flash and fanfare.  Even still, when I meet people in public my comments of one year ago are still fresh in people’s minds and it brings a smile to their faces.  The smile is from acknowledging that they think the same thing that I do, only they were too timid to ever express such a thing in public—which has always been the strategic design behind Rules for Radicals—to expose the trustworthy nature of the neutral human being.  (Yes, I have read the book and am turning the strategy against those who have used it against the good of us for years.  The book is a work of evil and is dedicated to Lucifer, so I have NO problem attacking it with my own pirate tactics.  It deserves to be attacked, believe me.  And if you don’t, then read it yourself) The way to take America back from the progressive is to turn their strategies against them and when they call people like myself “greedy, selfish, heartless human beings” for standing against their desire for free government babysitting in public education then they deserve to be called worse by me in return—and I will continue to do so, until they get the message and stop asking for handouts.  If they want respect, they will have to act like Dagny Taggert or a character from an Ayn Rand novel.  If they want more ridicule then keep acting like Hillary Clinton or  Betty Friedan.  Independence does not mean more government assistance—it means independence in every fashion of the word.  To date, such a definition has never been more clearly defined for women or men than in the work of Ayn Rand, which is why I admire the sculpture so much and would love to obtain one for my private collection.  Her bust highlights the events of our day in a fashion that history will remember with clarity when it looks into her clay filled eyes with pride that only time will paint in the correct context.

Now enjoy reading below the mind of some Latte Sipping Prostitutes with asses the size of car tires and diamond rings to match!  These are just a sample of the kind of people who support school levies in the Lakota School District.  Also to The Cincinnati Enquirer—specifically Michael Clark, who provoked these comments…………..enjoy the demise of your paper after the 97 layoffs you had this past week, 1/3rd of your entire workforce.  You only have your reporting to blame.  I told you in my back yard after you said I could trust you even though your wife worked for a local school system that I’d treat you fair until you tried to screw me over.  Well, fairness is no longer on the table.  I never forget.  Don’t be surprised when I spend my free time looking to send the people involved in the below comments to Davy Jones locker (metaphorically speaking).  To understand what comes next, I suggest reading A General History of the Pyrates.  Much more “righteous outrage” can be expected:

Some of us “stupid” women were thinking ahead and copied every one of your controversial blog entries onto our computers before you had a chance to protect them. You’re going down.

Latte-drinking Mama March 13, 2012 at 2:42 pm Edit

Have to see what your corporate sponsors will say when the read your comments. It’s one thing to have an opinion and back it up with stats, but what you said was just angry ranting.

Concerned Parent

March 16, 2012 at 4:52 pm Edit

You can’t insult people the way you do and then get all testy when they comment back.  I think you should be more concerened about being exposed as a righty-Beck/Rand wingnut. I’m just sayin’.

You are obviously off your rocker.


March 14, 2012 at 12:41 am Edit

Through in some rogain and dexatrim for yourself!

Awesome, yeah, with all your save tax dollars, get some crest!

FuckYou March 7, 2012 at 7:31 pm Edit
rich small

HA HA HA!  LAKOTA DOESN’T WANT YOU…HA HA HA! Its a sign that you are a nobody when groups start running away from you.

ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Who in their right mind would want to increase taxes on themselves so that confused derelicts like those seen above will be happy?  Only the type of people who adhere to progressive feminism while chastising women like Ayn Rand would think such a thing rational.  It is for that reason alone that when I get the “bust” of Ayn Rand set  up in my foyer, I will honor it every day as the most effective progressive deterrent known to mankind.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”