The Cheating Obama Voter: Three Cincinnati residents caught tipping the election

Within a short time reporting she would plead guilty to a voter fraud charge, Sister Marguerite Kloos resigned as Dean of the Division of Arts and Humanities at the College of Mount Saint Joseph. Melowese Richardson, also admitted to Channel 9 WCPO in Cincinnati that she voted twice and submitted absentee ballots for several other people as well. If convicted, the prosecutor says she faces up to 12 years in prison.  And Russell Glassop is charged with voting on behalf of his deceased wife.  Sister Marguerite Kloos, faces up to 18 months in jail if convicted. She is accused of voting on behalf of another nun who had already died. She was indicted based on information from the prosecutor. Her attorney contacted the prosecutor and said she intends to plead guilty, so a grand jury indictment wasn’t necessary.  What all these Hamilton County citizens have in common is that they all voted illegally on behalf of Barack Obama in the 2012 election and point to an alarming tendency—the militant behavior of their kind, and a complete disregard for the rules in favor of idealistic desire.

As of noon on the Friday after the 2012 election, with nearly all votes in, Obama won the popular vote, leading Mitt Romney by a count of 61,173,739 or 50.5% to 58,167,260 or 48.0%.  Approximately 3 million more people voted for Obama than Mitt Romney which might sound like a lot, but if considered how much election fraud was rumored to take place, and how difficult it was to gather indictments on the three people in just Hamilton County, Ohio seen above it is possible that there was so much election fraud in the election of 2012 that the election could have swung 4 to 5 million votes from Barack Obama to Gary Johnston or Mitt Romney.  It is unlikely even with a vigorous investigation that voter fraud would be discovered in any way with the Gary Johnston camp, or Mitt Romney supporters as the actions appear to derive from the type of activism specific to the Obama ground game—where rules and the truth are only interpretations to be glazed over by legalized maneuvers and strong-arm labor union tactics.

As media outlets praised the re-election of Barack Obama making the entire presidential race a value of civil rights agenda items, and not showing any interest in economic policy with a reckless disregard for reality, Obama supporters showed in the election of 2012 that they didn’t care how they won, so long as they won.  They didn’t care if they had to cheat, stuff ballots, destroy ballots, intimidate voters, suppress voters, or obtain votes in any manner possible to put their candidate over the top in an election.  The three voters caught in Cincinnati appear to be only the tip of a gigantic mountain that is so large that nobody is willing to step back far enough to view the entirety for fear of what they might discover.  The militant manner which voters for Barack Obama were willing to break the law and disregard reason in favor of a sitting President should be deeply alarming—and if absent from the election process, might have been an entirely different election.  But we will never know, as it is obvious from the multiple precincts in large municipalities where Mitt Romney didn’t get a single vote—which is statistically, nearly impossible, that nobody cares.

The Election of 2012 was like playing a board game like Candyland or Monopoly with another player who refuses to play by the rules of the game.  If the dice say move 4 spaces, they move 8.  If the board says to go around the board in a regulated pattern, the cheaters in such games might be inclined to leap to the spots of the board that they wish to be on, so they can collect whatever bonuses await them there.  It is impossible to play an honest game of anything with such players, and this is what dealing with the Obama administration has been like.  A fair competition against such rivals is not possible, as they have shown clearly that they have no desire to play by any rules except the ones they make up as they go.  That very same attitude was exhibited boldly by Melowese Richardson who saw no problem with voting twice and submitting absentee ballots for several other people.

I have worked in neighborhoods like the one Melowese Richardson lives in.  I have worked extensively in Avondale, Lincoln Heights, Over-the-Rhine as well as Price Hill and the area around Fort Washington Way and I would bet that a majority of the residents in those areas are just as bold in their private beliefs as Melowese and show much of the same value system.  I do not believe that Melowese was at all an isolated incident, but that her behavior was common on Election Day in every densely populated area across the entire country.  And given those factors, Obama’s victory doesn’t seem nearly so well defined, and is certainly not a mandate to do as he pleases legally.

Republicans and other liberty leaning conservatives have the difficult task of admitting to themselves that there are laws that must be adhered to in order to have an elected President.  But for the laws to be effective there must be a will to defend the law with action.  In Hamilton Country, Melowese Richardson had such a disregard for the law that she went on a Channel 9 camera and admitted to election fraud assuming that nobody in their right mind would prosecute her.  Obama in office shows the exact same arrogance.  He has been caught in many lies, and he knows that nobody will come after him legally because he will simply hide his crimes behind Civil Rights bullet points. Obama supporters know that the public at large does not have the resolve, or conviction to stand behind the law, so they continue to break the rules at every opportunity.

Republicans are playing a game with the progressive Democrats equivalent to playing Monopoly with a cheater, where the unruly player ignores the dice in the game and simply moves their game pieces on the board where they wish and collect their $200 for passing Go as often as they please.  Republicans instead of calling out the behavior are attempting to play fair and set a good example.  They are reaching out to the Obama demographics that have been deliberately built to house bloc votes of stupidity, which is a futile task for the Republicans to win elections where the opposition will cheat in any manner possible anyway.  A fair game against such people is not possible.

We get the government we deserve and right now because there are so many cowards afraid of their own shadow, and fear throwing rocks in the glass houses they all reside in, Obama supporters are expanding government at an alarming rate.  President Obama is giving away entitlements like Santa Clause to the mob that supports him and will do anything to keep him in power so the gravy train keeps stopping at their station.  Obama is a legalized looter who is stealing the wealth of America and redistributing it with a socialist ideology that believes it supersedes all the rules of all the games ever made.  The crimes continue because good people sit by and do nothing—allowing themselves to be seduced by a smiling con artist that clearly says one thing to the face of his opponents and does entirely different things behind their backs.  Such villainy is beyond the comprehension of most people, but its happening.  The Book of Revelations seems to be entirely true to our own age.  The Mark of the Beast is in our house.

If the election had been a fair one, and not had so much fraud of which the three people mentioned here were just a very small part, Obama would not be President today.  That is not to say that Mitt Romney would have been all that much better, but a Republic that is built on such flimsy philosophy cannot last, and a society of Melowese Richardson types will destroy it with their lack of understanding.  The issue is not one of color, because if it was, Melowese Richardson would have supported Presidential candidates like Herman Cain, and Alan Keys like I have, or Ohio politicians like Ken Blackwell.  The real issue is the desire of a growing number of philosophically deficient human beings to yield their honor to government entitlements in trade for perpetual security.  To have that security they will break the law, lie, cheat or steal in any fashion available to get what they think they have coming and place in the White House a legal looter who will break into the wealth of a nation and drop wheel barrels of goods at their feet for the cost of a vote…………..a practice that is highly illegal, and a direct attack on everything that America stands for.  If left unchecked, why would Republicans ever think they can ever win an election by playing fair against opponents who so openly cheat?

This is why increasingly; the pirate flag I display at the end of my daily signatures is beginning to become a grudgingly accepted reality for many.   The way to beat the other side is not with fairness, but a rigid almost pirate like morality  for the law, where a swashbuckler’s disregard for the dangers of glass top dancing is regarded as a waste of time, and aggressive action is utilized.  In a world of looters the pirates of our day are the law bidding, and the sad irony is that they must stand for the law through the new rebellion of good over the detrimental.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”