Why Politicians Just Can’t Leave Us Alone: What the New York Mayor, Ohio Governor, and King Saul all have in common

One of the reasons that secular progressives have such a desire to remove religion from mankind’s mind and replace it with a belief in government is that they wish for the mistakes of the past to re-emerge among Earth’s societies in perpetuity.  As politicians they want to be like King David and kill Goliath with a rock, only to steal the wife of his most honored advisors and believe that he can spit in the face of God while doing so.  They wish to believe that they are like Samson, that they can fall in love with Philistine women and engage in reckless relationships so long as they don’t cut their hair and still have the strength to tear down the temple upon their enemies at will.  Yet once in office they find that they are like the Biblical King Saul in that they don’t have the courage to be the whole package and seek instead to destroy their rivals who are closest to their heels in competition in order to maintain power for their family lineage.  The stories of religion no matter what the faith are littered with failed men and women who sought to have dominion over others, and faltered to the doom of those serving under their leadership.  Kingship is the great fantasy of almost every human being—to be walking Gods on Earth and to stand between mankind and the afterlife.  Progressives seek to eliminate religion for the same reasons that Kings of old did, so that the people who they believe they lead will seek the King as the highest form of worship, not a mysterious God from some other existence.  If the lessons of the past are erased, people are more prone to forgive the faults of those who currently want to be king and allow their rule to continue without analysis.

The biggest problem with Medicaid expansion, Obamacare, Social Security, and all the other big government entitlements is that like the kings and queens from the stories of religion the authors of the entitlements have kingship in the back of their minds when they sell the programs to the public for social benefit.  This has never been so clear in the modern sense as what Mayor Bloomberg has attempted to do in the city of New York with his crusade against soft drinks.  Bloomberg as a radical progressive wants to ban soft drinks within the city under the mantra that the health impact will cost the state millions in Medicare payments.   The Mayor feels he has a valid point because it is true that soft drinks lead to diabetes and other diseases, and as the state of New York does have a financial stake in the health of its people due to entitlement programs that politicians work to keep funded, healthier New Yorkers are in the interest of everyone.  Mayor Bloomberg wants to pat himself on the back at night like King Saul did many times in his audacious love of glory.  Nobody wants to contemplate that New York should not have a stake in the lives of all New Yorkers though entitlement programs and the real secret behind the motivations of people like Bloomberg is that he wants to spread such programs to more people so that he can have more power in his city and state.  The real desire is not to help people, it is to gain control over them.

When the Prophet Samuel struggled with the idea of anointing a King for Israel it was because of the tendency kings had in committing evil once they became drunk with power.  Saul was no different.  And the favorite servant of God, King David the harp player for Saul who waited in patience for many years to gain the crown also became seduced with that power when he sent the husband of the woman he most desired to his death under David’s command to hide the King’s adultery as she was carrying his child.  Bloomberg who sees himself as King of New York has the same faults.  He uses the mask of safety and concern for New Yorkers to hide his desire for power, and social redemption.  He wants to believe that he is righteous, and that his people will thank him someday for his concern for their lives.  For the same reasons that Saul sought to kill David, politicians like Bloomberg seek to destroy capitalism because it threatens their progressive encroachment on the lives of those they believe they rule over.  Soft drinks are symbols of capitalism and the freedom to live unhealthy lives away from the kind of teachings that “good Kings” like Mayor Bloomberg or “Queens” like Michelle Obama wish to impose on their “subjects.”  It is through entitlements that the progressive politician seeks to gain power over individual New Yorkers.  Michelle Obama is already salivating that Obamacare will have the same ability on a national level—to tamper with the lives of all Americans—for their own good, as defined by the corrupt, power-hungry ruler.

Ohio’s John Kasich is probably one of the most religious governors currently in The United States, so he knows all these bible stories.  Yet even so, he could not stop himself within two years of gaining the governor’s seat to ignore the Tea Party’s Health Care Freedom Amendment and expand Medicaid which would bring in dollars from Obamacare into Ohio and help him balance his budget under the flag of helping the poor, which he is now very concerned with since he wants four more years of Governorship in the 2014 election.  You would think that Kasich would have learned in Sunday School the corruption of King Saul when he sent his troops out to kill David because his subjects loved the valiant warrior—and former harp player.  Yet, Kasich is doing exactly what Saul did, he seeks to align himself with the corrupt and powerful so he can gain access to Obamacare money, and at the same time buy the votes of women and the working poor in Ohio so he can run for President in 2016.  Saul wanted the crown to pass on to his son when he died, so he feared that David would destroy his family line.  Kasich wishes to gain the Presidency for himself using entitlements to buy votes—and therefore gain control of all Ohioans by forcing them into Obamacare and all the rules, and costs that come with it.

Even the best politicians behave like King David, and his son Solomon.  They all have well intended ideas, and believe they are doing social good through their rule.  They all fantasize that they are Gods on Earth whether they admit it or not and are acting on behalf of the greater good.  So it quickly becomes clear why secular progressives want to destroy all signs of religion from people’s minds.  They wish to conceal the lessons learned from Bible studies and religious metaphors the world over so that the kings and queens of politics can have their chance like gamblers at a slot machine to hit the jackpot and become Gods on Earth for the first time in history.  If there is any truth to the world domination theories that come out of the Bilderberg meetings and other elitist encroachments on personal liberty it is this “God-rule” desire that is at work, the right and will of some to rule over others for a kingdom in the making with high-minded aims at eternal salvation.  It’s been done before in history and will be attempted again and again so long as mankind is on Earth or anyplace else.

All collective based policies have these root causes draped behind well-intended consequences.  All government expansion leads to people like Mayor Bloomberg wishing to control the population through gun legislation forcing people to “get along,” or soft drink bans forcing them to “stay healthy.”  People who desire to dish out “social justice” by the kings of politics think they are doing God’s work when they expand government for the good of all as they define “good.”  But what they fail 100% of the time to do is prevent the faults of their limited thinking from corrupting their intentions with fallacies plagued with deficiency.  Mayor Bloomberg may be rich, but that doesn’t’ make him “good.”  He seeks to add “goodness” to his résumé which he will present at death’s door upon admittance by forcing New Yorkers to do “good” under his rule. In this way Bloomberg like the many kings from the Bible wish to believe that they are doing God’s work.  But in reality they are only tyrants, and corrupted whores who lack understanding that it is freedom which is the highest moral premise and is the guiding light behind all spirituality.  Knowing some of these people up close and personal over the years they all come to realize that they may have entered politics with the ambition of King Solomon but they leave it under the pretense of the whore in Jericho who helped reveal the temperament of the city to the attacking Israelites.  At the end of their life politicians like Bloomberg and Kasich will simply hang a little ribbon on their doorways and hope that the afterlife is kind to them in forcing the people they ruled to cut down on their soft drinks or help the poor through wealth redistribution through Medicaid, which hopefully will pass them into the gates of heaven.  But they will be horrified to learn that they should have listened to the Founding Fathers in America all along—which is why Thomas Jefferson created his own Bible of only passages from Jesus Christ—because the Bible lessons intend to teach that power corrupts and that the truly strong walk away, and do not fall in love with their political offices.  What is truly good is when people act on their own volition and do good not because they want a more powerful office, or wish for dancing-girls to perform at their feet—but because they are truly good, and spiritually correct in embracing the freedom to live and think by learning from the lessons of history for an improved tomorrow without corrupt leaders and would-be social slavers.  The secular progressive wishes to not only hide these messages from the people they wish to rule, but from their own eyes, because to know and understand history is to have the inconvenient burden of correcting the behavior.    For Mayor Bloomberg it is far easier to just ban soft drinks.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”