The Danger of Public Education: My ‘Letter to the Editor’ about government schools

During the late fall of 2011 into the winter of 2012 WLW radio was speaking to me about becoming their on-air “education correspondent” for all topics that involved public education.  The role would be similar to how they currently use Mike Allen for legal issues or Nathan Bachrach on financial discussions.  While I was honored they showed such an interest in me deep down inside my feelings about public education had deteriorated considerably from my experiences.  I went from thinking that education was just out-of-control financially—to something that was socially dangerous for American culture.  I did not think I could provide neutral commentary on the topic during radio programs.  I had developed a hatred for public education that only solidified as the first months of 2012 emerged culminating with a meeting by the Lakota School Board which I chronicled in an article titled, “The Day Lakota Died.”  I had learned in my dealings with education professionals over a 5-6 year period that wisdom was not the objective of public schools.  They were simply indoctrination centers driven by government for the sinister purpose of advocating social collectivism.  When Lakota Superintendent Mantia uttered during the last levy campaign that the money was needed to carry children into a 21st century “global” economy she was revealing the same strategy discussed recently by David Barton on The Glenn Beck Program seen in the video below.  Public education as it was discovered by Barton in Texas, and copied by virtually every public school that takes federal money, is fulfilling a far left agenda driven by government bureaucrats for the aim of government expansion under a socialist ideology that has been decades in the making.  What public schools were essentially doing in the modern era was the same type of thing that was done under Lenin in Petrograd during the 1920s, and I was not happy about it.  The Soviet takeover of public education was chronicled by Ayn Rand in her near autobiography titled We The Living, so the strategies happening at Lakota were not unique to our modern age.  They have happened before, so the signs are now easy to see.  I had to change my position on public education from just a tax reformer to someone who could speak against the practice.  Being a correspondent on WLW radio would only pull me in deeper to the education tyranny, when the opposite direction was what I needed to pursue.

What David Barton revealed in that video should alarm every single parent with a child who is school age.  It should alarm every tax payer because it is property taxes from virtually every American that funds this terrible evil.  What Barton discussed is not isolated to public schools in Texas, New York or some far-away land like California, but it is present in hometown U.S.A. in schools like Lakota.  The evidence is in comments like Mantia’s “global education.”  It has been the strategy of radical education professionals for years to steer society in a far left-winged direction, and they have been using our schools to do it.  It is clear now upon looking at the last couple of generations of youth coming out of these schools what the attack against America has been.  The evidence is obvious, young people have been taught to be progressive, to vote for people like Barack Obama, to support entitlement programs, abortion, and revisionist history, and it is destroying our country by changing the electorate and their voting priorities.

I have said the same kind of things that David Barton reported for more than three decades now.  While my own kids were going to public school I was always at odds with what they were learning and I sometimes spent entire Saturday afternoons speaking to them and their friends teaching real history instead of the revisionist crap they were learning in school.  In the back of my mind I was hoping that I was wrong, but I knew I wasn’t.  Instead, the situation was far, far worse than I was even willing to admit.

When it comes to education discussions, I am aware that most of society is not willing to face up to these truths………yet, so I try to be considerate of  their beliefs when speaking and writing for public forums, as I was in the below Letter to the Editor which came out in a recent Pulse Journal.   My public school of Lakota has spent thousands of dollars prepping the community for another levy attempt in the upcoming 2013 elections and has ignored some of the most essential facts regarding the demographic necessity for tax increases.  So I wrote my “letter” to remind them of their ignored facts, and to let them know that there would be tax increase resistance when they made their attempt.  The people involved on the other side of the issue are not stupid—they are simply foot soldiers trained to execute the objectives of public education as outlined in the 1958 book The Naked Communist.  CLICK TO REVIEW AND PREPARED TO BE SHOCKED AT THE LIST YOU’LL SEE THERE.  Public education is attempting to do two things designed with the implementation of the Department of Education in Washington in 1979—to gain control of the minds of children and steer them away from the traditions of their parents so that they would look to government as the authority in their lives. The D.O.E. plan of attack is to pay for the offensive off the backs of property values so that private ownership is attacked.  Such a thing may be hard to believe, but the mountains of documented evidence can be seen in video testimony by CLICKING HERE.  In hind-sight the strategy is quite clear, and I hinted at such revelations in my letter displayed below:

Combined with the Lakota Superintendent’s articles here in the Journal, the “Community Conversations” program, along with a few pro Levy speeches, and I can’t help but feel that I’m watching a football game where the home team is losing 45 to 0 yet the cheerleaders are still on the sideline with their pom poms in hand completely oblivious to the events happening on the field of play still reciting the “cheers” they learned in practice.

Much to their dismay, the “Levy Addicts” who are pounding the drums for another tax increase this year and are attempting to soften the resistance with new strategies, the score up on the board is not in their favor.  Lakota as a district is about to see an influx of income from the Liberty Way Development, the Carriage Hill Development, and the continued growth of the Union Center corridor.  All the tax revenue coming in from these activities will be more than the previous year.  Combine that trend with the 10 year projection of declining student enrollment due to the number of homes in Lakota without children increasing–balancing the budget without a tax increase should be easy.

The old mantra that education is for the “kids” is old and worn out.  Nobody believes it any more just like nobody believes the home team is going to win when the score is so lopsided yet the cheerleaders are still on the sideline saying the same mindless drivel that they have the entire game.  What the levy supporters want with tax increases is simply a glorified community babysitting service.  What I have learned about public education these last couple of years does not lend credence to any kind of education quality even for so-called great schools like Lakota.  For the 18,000 people who have turned down these levies over the years for multiple reasons, we have no choice but to support the product now, which is currently too expensive.  It is simply unfathomable to ask for more, especially when the score is so lopsided—in spite of the mindless cheers.

The progressive left has been successful in labeling anyone critical of their strategies as “crazy,” so few challenge their aims.  The situation at Lakota is that there is plenty of money coming into the school and they could avoid tax increases against the community due to the declining enrollment.  But this upsets the “Levy Addicts” tremendously as they unconsciously are working to achieve the aims of The Naked Communist.    I say unconsciously because I doubt Karen Mantia at Lakota and her minions of latte sippers have ever read that book, or know of the 45 strategic points articulated there.  They simply want the federal money to pay for their progressive labor contracts, and they will do whatever the federal government tells them to do to get the money.  This is why they are implementing Common Core practices and other Agenda 21 strategies without knowing anything specifically about those government programs.  They are simply the non-thinking pawns that the radical progressive left uses to achieve their manipulative aims.  So when dealing with my community at large I avoid using the world shattering language that is behind the truth, because most people just cannot accept that reality.  They are not prepared to understand what David Barton is presenting.

David Barton is more correct than even he has been willing to admit.  Public education is dangerous, and is the most corrosive element to modern America.  The proof is all around us and is easy to see.  The American family has been destroyed by public education, morality in America has been destroyed by public education, religion has been destroyed by public education, the economy has been destroyed by public education, political understanding has been destroyed by public education, the understanding of history has been destroyed by public education, individuality which is uniquely an American trait has been destroyed by public education and I could go on and on.  Yet this isn’t the worst of it, there are ideas in federal education think tanks disguised behind good tidings to bring America far more dangers, which is the intent behind Common Core.

Knowing all these things, it would have been impossible for me to continue speaking on WLW the way I had been from 2010 to 2012.  With each month that passed in my investigation the evidence added up to support the accusations shown above and it has caused me great outrage that I cannot contain.  No American child should attend a public school as they are designed today.  It’s not to say that I do not support education.  Personally, I think young people and adults are severally lacking in their educations, but public education is NOT the way to get it.  Public education is simply government propaganda and is treacherous.  It needs to be spoken about as a public menace, instead of the savior that many wish it to be.  If public education is allowed to continue brain washing children into a “global” marketplace the way that superintendents like Lakota’s Mantia wishes, it is at the expense of American sovereignty.  Public education wants to destroy the values of young people so that students embrace larger government, and the evidence can clearly be seen in recent election results.  The system has to be stopped and reborn.  Competition must be injected and the government monopoly of education destroyed, so that children’s minds can be preserved—because public education is about destroying minds, not improving them.  The fact is a grim reality, but is an unquestioned result of the propaganda driven progressives, and their fanatical desire to destroy traditional American values in favor of “global collectivism.”

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”