Matt Mayer Speaking at the West Chester Tea Party: How to remove John Kasich from office and why

51ENkmLjHZL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_SX240_SY320_CR,0,0,240,320_SH20_OU01_It only takes about 350,000 voters to knock Governor Kasich out of the running for a 2014 re-election which is information that state Republicans do not want anybody to know.  Kasich ran for office as a Tea Party governor and he has failed, mainly because he does not support Right-to-Work in Ohio and is attempting to expand Medicaid so that his budget can gain federal money allocated from Obamacare.  Kasich as a Republican governor might as well be Barack Obama as they are both big government politicians who wish to expand entitlement programs in favor of advancing their political careers.   That is what the Tea Party is now beginning to say about Governor Kasich.  The case against Kasich and the true reality behind Ohio health has best been articulated by Matt Mayer who is the author of the new book Taxpayers Don’t Stand A Chance.  He is also President of Opportunity Ohio, and a Tea Party supporter along with his right-hand-man Chris Littleton.  Both men are extremely active in Columbus politics and have the inside track on policy.  In the videos below, they accurately establish that under Kasich Ohio is no better off than if Ted Strickland were still governor, or if Barack Obama was Governor.  Matt and Chris spoke to the West Chester Tea Party in the following videos “packed” with information.

Republicans are terrified of the Tea Party position because they don’t want to lose having a Republican as governor.  For them, they win if they retain their elected seats.  Ideologically, almost all politicians think the same way.  They are universally devoid of principles and only want to do what they have to in order to keep their offices.  They will lie, cheat and steal to retain their seats, so Republicans pull together as a collective to defeat Democrats so that in mass they can keep their elected offices.  At the end of the day Kasich is absolutely no different from Barack Obama because both will do whatever they have to in order to win re-election.  They function from a lack of personal conviction.  In Kasich’s case, he is the leader of the Republican Party in Ohio by default, so as a collective unit, other Republican Senators and Representatives get in line behind Kasich’s strategy, and for the most part everyone sticks to the same story.  For the Tea Party, who simply wants fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets, if the Republicans aren’t giving them those things, then the politicians have failed to do what they were elected to do.

Many of those politicians will call people like Matt and Chris “extremists” and radical “right-wingers.”  They will do everything they can to discredit the efforts of any Tea Party patriots so that the greatest threat to their parasitic existences can be eliminated.    Matt Mayer is President of Provisum Strategies where he provides strategic and tactical political policy advice to public and private-sector clients.  Mayer also serves as a Visiting Fellow with The Heritage Foundation, America’s top think tank, where he writes and speaks on national security issues.  He is also a Research Fellow at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs.  Mayer’s first book, Homeland Security and Federalism: Protecting America from Outside the Beltway argued for reversing the federalization of homeland security by returning power to the states and localities.  I could go on and on about Matt Mayer, in fact his “about the author” section of his book goes on for two pages of experience at both the federal and state level positions.  He is the recipient of the ABA-BNA Excellence in Labor & Employment Law Award and has given testimony to the U.S. Congress, Texas House and Senate, the Ohio House and Senate, appeared on Fox News, C-Span and on and on.  When it comes to politics, Matt is a genius and his friend Chris Littleton seen in the next video is equal in many ways.  The information that Chris will provide below is stunning, and one of the best kept secrets in politics.

For most political insiders and industry brick builders, their first thoughts about people like Matt or Chris is that if they are so brilliant—such extraordinary minds–then why aren’t they running the Republican Party instead of Karl Rove.  Why are they wasting their time giving free speeches and traveling all over the state and country without any prospect of “profit?”  As Matt finished his speech above and Chris began I watched Mayer leave.  After giving me a wave goodbye he stepped out into the cold March evening and started up an average looking weathered car to drive off to his next speech.  At the end of the day he’d drive back to his home in Dublin, Ohio putting hundreds of additional miles on his car promoting a book that he is donating 100% of the proceeds to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library.  Chris could tell almost the same type of story.  I have spent many evenings speaking with Chris and can attest to his sincerity.  Chris or Matt could make millions of dollars exploiting the system the way Kasich is doing currently along with hundreds of other state Reps, Senators, and their ornamental lapdogs—but they don’t.  Both men know so much about politics that they could be rich beyond measure if they chose to, but instead they speak at events like the West Chester Tea Party and write books for free, because they simply want to educate society.   They do what they do because they are good people who care with all their heart and souls about the world around them.

Kasich in the quiet of his office when all the other politicians have left his ear would probably wish he could be either Matt Mayer or Chris Littleton.   It takes a strong man to have the knowledge to crush enemies and exploit their toil for all the gold one can carry away in their pockets, yet avoid doing so.  Most politicians exploit every opportunity to their advantage.   But to walk away from the temptations of exploitive wealth and do what’s right is reserved for only the best men.  The reason people like Matt and Chris are so outraged at Governor Kasich isn’t because they think ill will of him.  They are outraged because they have not sold their souls to political life and still have their ideas intact.  They have not compromised their beliefs in favor of a political career as Kasich has, so they earned the ability to be critical of those who have.  The Tea Party they speak to, and through with books like Taxpayers Don’t Stand A Chance also have the right to be critical of John Kasich and his Republican stooges.  Republicans along with Democrats have lied, stolen, and manipulated to keep their offices, so it goes without saying that the punishment for them should be to lose those offices even if it costs Ohio the loss of Republican seats.  Those Republican seats are worthless if the politicians who sit in them behave like progressives, or standard Democrats.  It is not the obligation of Ohioans to turn their gazes the other way while John Kasich earns his chance to run for President of The United States by delivering to Ohio an entitlement expansion of Medicaid that will crush the state economically 10 years into the future.  The responsible thing to do is to identify the behavior as a failure even if it is painful, because the right thing to do is often not easy, or free of pain.

As I watched Matt drive away from the speech out of the parking lot, it was not in a new Mercedes, a BMW, or any other luxury vehicle.  It was just a normal car driven by a dad of three children and husband to a wife waiting for him in Dublin.  If he was just a bit less ethical, he would be a millionaire, who would have garages full of luxury cars and his children would never have to worry about where their money would come from next.  But the difference between Matt Mayer and Governor Kasich is that Matt knows that if he doesn’t fight to keep things under control today, that there won’t be a Ohio, or a United States for his children to live in tomorrow.  So Matt does what’s right and difficult, while politicians like Kasich just make short-sighted deals for a future that they are helping to destroy.  That is why the Tea Party is contemplating how and why to remove John Kasich from office.  It only takes 350,000 votes in a primary to yank him and his dreams of a presidency from contention.  Such a thing is a suitable punishment for trying to expand Medicaid in Ohio then standing in the way of Workplace Freedom when the surrounding states are pulling ahead rapidly toward a future that will soon be out of reach.  When Kasich says that he believes it is a sin to not expand Medicaid as he did in the video above he is simply exploiting the poor to purchase his own redemption using tax money to satisfy his warped reality.  It is not compassionate to steal money from others to give to the so-called needy.  It is called theft.  That is why there are thoughts to hit Kasich where it hurts most.  There must be justice for the direction Kasich has chosen to lead Ohio, and until there is punishment, politicians will never do the right thing.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”