Messages of Doom and Communism from Protect Ohio Middle Class: The pot calling the kettle black

They are either completely stupid or openly deceitful but the new group most vocally standing against Workplace Freedom in Ohio is attempting to convince voters that the right-to-work movement is driven by communist interest.  Now, if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!   The group called Protect Ohio Middle Class is putting up billboards along Ohio highways with the title Workplace Freedom accompanied by the hammer and sickle from communist Soviet propaganda to place in the minds of the mushy middle class and ill-informed that Workplace Freedom is a communist sentiment.  THAT IS HILARIOUS.

That just goes to show how manically deceitful these radicals of progressive policy are willing to embark to preserve their corrosive achievements.  With that said, there is no special interest behind my desire to pursue Workplace Freedom in Ohio.  I have never taken nor will I ever take money to write an article favoring Workplace Freedom.  I support it because it’s the right thing to do in Ohio and unlike the collective endeavors of the typical union worker who believe in the ridiculous concept of “all for one and one for all” nonsense, I think for myself.  I don’t wait for a memo from some union leader to tell me how to think, how to vote, or what union revised history states.  So I know the real story behind the unions in America, and they are not organizations dedicated to capitalism or freedom.  They were created by communism for the aims of soft socialist introduction of governing to mass populations through union membership.   Unions are not products of the free market, and their existence is a threat to freedom in America.

The union apologists will utter that they have a right to “collectively bargain,” that they are entitled to sit across the table from management as a collective unit of force and demand higher wages, and if they don’t get them then “striking” is the next option—which means work stoppage until the unions get what they want.  However, striking is unproductive, and if work is not being done, then productivity is not creating wealth—therefore nobody makes any money.  This union type mentality in America has crushed the car companies, steel mills, and a multitude of other businesses as frequent strikes have destroyed productivity forcing manufactures to produce in countries or states where such threats are not legal.  In forced work states like Ohio, a company has no protection against a strike but to yield and increase wages whether or not it can afford to or not.

The union argument framed in the mind of Karl Marx is that the bourgeois always has enough money to “share” with the “worker” and that money will be taken by force if needed.  Unions therefore developed the strike as the way to extract that money.  In the private sector this has bankrupted many companies.  In the public sector such as teachers, firefighters and police officers it has caused budget breaking deficits and tax increases.  All this is the plan of global communists who stand against private property, and ownership of any kind.  In this communist mindset which came to America through labor unions they changed the name of the bourgeois class to simply naming them “the rich,” and the proletariat class have now become called the “middle class.”

“Middle Class” is a derogatory term intended to suppress a heard of mindless human beings under the collective rule of communism.  The creation of the middle class in America by labor unions is to advance the concept of the proletariat as defined by Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.  Union groups like the one mentioned above in Protect Ohio Middle Class knows that if Ohio becomes a right-to-work state as Indiana and Michigan now are, that they will lose the communist push to spread the efforts of the proletariat toward the progressive aims of global socialism/communism.  Ironically, in the video above this group mentioned communist China as one of the countries where there are no unions—yet they ignore that the proletariat there had long been defeated by the communist push coming out of the biggest union in the world at the time, the Soviet Union.  The future of Ohio and of The United States is in what happened to the Soviet Union under union membership, and it can be seen in any community that once had strong union presences in companies that are no longer there.  Their arguments in favor of unions are typically as follows with my rebuttal in blue.  (If you are a union member reading this, the word “rebuttal” does not have anything to do with butts, asses, anal orifices, or any semblance of passing gas.  It is a term used to offer the other side of a debate.)

On Union Membership…(as found on the Protect Ohio Middle Class website)

  • Since 1935, Congress has guaranteed the rights of workers to collectively bargain, and since 1947 has protected the rights of workers to refrain from union membership if they choose.  What the unions don’t say is that Congress passed this law under what was known as the “Red Decade” where influence from the Soviet Union was heavily affecting policy in America during the Great Depression.  The pressure to cave under communist influence was intense, and this is how collective bargaining began in America.  When it comes to forced membership, it means that teachers, auto workers, steel workers, etcetera must be in a union or not take the job.  It’s their choice if they want to work in a union job or not—which really isn’t a choice.  It’s deceptive marketing of the union product.
  • Unionized employees are 19% more likely to have employer-provided health coverage than non-union employees.  True, and because of the crushing costs of health coverage many employers under union rule have elected to go out of business.  In Southern Ohio drive through towns like Middletown, Hamilton, Norwood, Dayton — anywhere where large union manufactures have dominated and empty buildings will be seen everywhere.  Those empty buildings are no longer providing health insurance—at all. 
  • Unionized employees are 25% more likely to have an employer-sponsored pension than non-union employees.  Again, this is why companies go out of business.  Not all employees are “good” and employers are forced due to the unions to compensate all employees “equally.”  This is a stupid idea that only communists would construct.  The value of one worker over another is completely ignored in union shops and this strategy kills competitive enterprise one way or the other bankrupting businesses, or forcing tax increases in public sector endeavors.   

On “Workplace Freedom” states vs. free-bargaining states…

    • The average annual pay for workers is 14.1% higher in free-bargaining states than “Workplace Freedom” statesThis is because the value of worker pay is artificially too high, as market forces cannot be driven down through union coercion.
    • The average employee in a “Workplace Freedom” state takes home over $5,000 less per year than their counterparts in free-bargaining statesThis is the same as the topic above; the extra $5,000 on average comes out of the true value of the business in question.  Over time the extra amount is like a slow bleed of blood out of a body.  The body will die when the blood runs out if the body cannot manufacture new blood to replace the lost blood as quick as it runs out the body will die.  This is why businesses die.  Their profits cannot overcome their legacy costs and other aspects of running a business. 
  • Workers in free-bargaining states are 4.5% more likely to have health coverage and a pension than workers in “Workplace Freedom” statesUnions are so good at saying the same thing over and over again to make something sound better through repetition.  Health coverage is the decision of a company.  If they can afford it, they will provide such coverage which is an incentive to get the best workers.  The problem with communism is that ALL workers are treated equally, so there is no attempt to figure out if one worker is better than another, so everybody gets great benefits.  This is like a football team trying to put the best team on a field of play without ever trying to figure out who the best players are.  Good companies who are profitable and desire the best employees will offer health coverage.  Those who can’t afford the coverage will simply cash in and abandon a business because the operating costs are too great. 
  • Due to the inability to negotiate for workplace standards, construction industry fatalities are 40% higher in “Workplace Freedom” states than free-bargaining statesYet another faulty claim.  States with Workplace Freedom have more economic activity meaning that their rates of occurrences are higher because people are actually working.  So of course they have more accidents.  A full building with employees working in them will have more accidents than buildings that are sitting empty because the unions sucked the life out of the business.    
  • Most of the states with the highest unemployment rates in the country are “Workplace Freedom” states.  Many states that have accepted Workplace Freedom have to recover their faltering economies due to union activity in the past – such as Michigan and Indiana.  Michigan has the tragic situation of absorbing the cost of Detroit which has been decimated by unions.  Their decision to move their state toward a right-to-work status is due to their need to recover from their cancerous labor unions.  Their high unemployment was caused by the unions and poor economic activity from companies not wanting to deal with the threat of union workforces. 
  • Workers in “Workplace Freedom” states make less money, have fewer benefits, and suffer more on-the-job fatalities than workers in free-bargaining states.  This again is the way unions repeat over and over and over and over and over and over again the same thing over and over and over and over and over saying the same thing again and again and again and again like mindless drones hoping that voters are too stupid to see through their charade.  The value of a worker is determined by the employer.  The employee sells their services and the employer decides if they wish to purchase.  Unions take away the idea of value from one employee to another which is why they always fail.  Unions are a communist idea rooted in collectivism and does not work anywhere in the world. 

I could go on and on forever arguing against unions but needless to say, the organization called Protect Ohio Middle Class is a wolf pretending to be dressed in sheep’s clothing.  Unions are communist ideas and every union worker who rides a Harley Davidson with an American flag on their riding vests are hypocrites because they do not know the history of their unions.  Their unions are working against the American capitalist system, which is the blood of the economy that made The United States the most powerful country in the world.  Unions came from Europe and have destroyed everything they have touched.  It is because of unions that states like Ohio are seeking to free themselves from them with Workplace Freedom.

The Protect Ohio Middle Class group has been deceitful in attempting to label Workplace Freedom as a communist idea.  They count on voters to be just as “educated” as they are, which is equivalent to most 2-year-olds.  Just as ridiculous is the idea that the push for Workplace Freedom is driven by “special interest.”  It’s as stupid of a statement as the idea that the Tea Party would support anything resembling a communist idea.  Workplace Freedom is being driven by logic and understanding of what market forces are needed for Ohio to have a thriving economy, not one supported by federal Medicaid dollars, Teacher unions demanding more federal money to fulfill inflated labor contracts to teach progressive education to innocent children, or money from FEMA every time a shingle blows off the roof of a homeowner by a springtime tornado.  Government has not shown a will to do the right thing, so Workplace Freedom is a citizen initiative driven by logical, well-informed people.  The perceived villains of the proletariat – the infamous bourgeois are not behind Workplace Freedom in Ohio.  Workplace Freedom is the creation of people who really want jobs in Ohio, and not lip service from a governor who has been consumed by a pussyopolis.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”