Why Gun Clips Should Be Unlimited: The true intentions behind gun control

Below is the first of several public service announcements MB Studio Productions is producing to demonstrate who gun laws really affect and why they don’t work.  The video is well made, and accurate.  It creates a scenario where two scum bags decide to raid a random home because it looked like a viable target.  The home owner detects the threat, and opens fire once the first assailant enters the home.  I have been on both sides of that type of scenario and can confirm that it is very close to the re-creation.  Every pin-headed politician who does not understand why a home owner needs a gun with multiple round clips, or firearms that are military designations in their performance, they are naively foolish in not understanding the kind of evil that pushes the behavior of criminal activity.  I know evil very well and the scene produced by MB Studio reminds me of several friends I’ve had in the past who fear nothing, have no care for the lives they wreck and a completely absent sense of right and wrong.  It is from those kinds of people who the Second Amendment is designed to protect our property from the forced confiscation of wealth and dignity.

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Progressives in their war against goodness have decided that a fully government managed society is the only one they desire.  They do not care if individual lives are wrecked by criminal behavior because they regard the individual as a necessary sacrifice for the greater good of society.  They see such home invasion robberies shown in the dramatization as “collateral damage” to their progressive cause.  Progressives do not like private property, so they certainly don’t support a Second Amendment to protect it.  Rather, they support the type of managed society that calls the police and the meat wagons to clean up the dead bodies.  Progressives only care when they find themselves the victims of crime, but calculate the odds of such a thing happening are as frequent as being struck by lightning.  So they are happy to “sacrifice” the Second Amendment for their version of the “greater good”.

It is because of the vile, statist progressive that home invasion laws favor the criminal to begin with.  In the case of the video shown, the home owner fired first, which would have caused him trouble in court later as aggressive county prosecutors looking to make names for themselves justifying eight years of college attempt to prosecute home owners to advance their government sector jobs with progressive ass-kissing—which makes great headlines in progressively owned newspapers—who love government schools, large police departments, massive fire departments, and more government bureaucracy on every city block.  Anything that advances big government ideas are supported by the progressive even if the man defending his family with a firearm by blasting criminals who enter his home goes to jail for murder.  Progressives do not care if the father is thrown in jail as the children can be raised by their government schools and the wife can be placed on government assistance.  If she cannot afford to keep the home provided by her marriage to her husband, then she can move to government housing, as all statists know that under Agenda 21, that is the eventual goal anyway.  For the woman who loses her husband to years in jail for defending their home, she will simply see those days sooner than later—as all members of society will join her under progressive plans.  In this way, the tax payer supported prosecutor sides with the criminals and is the enemy of the homeowner.

Progressives see all property as everyone elses, so the laws which have been shaped in our modern society reflect this trend.  A home invader cannot be simply shot on site as they may not be armed.  They may only want food and water and these things are entitled to all human beings under the version of reality that the progressive functions under.  The progressive thinks in essentially the same fashion that the communists of the Soviet Union once believed, or the people of current China.  The greater good is more important than individual life—this is how progressives can support abortion causes and the occasional death of home invasion victims, because they know that reckless sex makes more women desire government assistance and crime expands a community’s desire for more police—all of which are activities that grow government workers.  If individual lives are ruined in the process, the progressive does not care.

The way the world should work is that such bandits as shown in the video above should be eliminated before they ever enter the property parameters.  The laws the way they are currently written protect criminals from the homeowner so they care nothing to knock on a door at any hour of the day and demand to use a phone, or seek shelter for some emergency.  Once a bad guy is on the front porch, conflict favors him and the homeowner is at a disadvantage.  The home owner should have the right to eliminate a threat just for being on their property—which would discourage bad guys from even making the attempt.  For those who have never known pure evil, they can claim ignorance—which is the way the progressive functions with everything in their life.  They intentionally strive to be stupid so they can have plausible deniability.  This method doesn’t just work with President Obama and his IRS—who are massive progressive government advocates, but with just little details in everyday life, like who is going to pick up the child from soccer practice, and what day is trash night—as one spouse may not enjoy the tasks and seek evasion to keep them out of the activity.  If one does not wish to take out the trash, they can simply say they forgot which day it was, because they had plausible deniability beforehand.  If a progressive wants to end private property, individual rights, and expand government support of Homeland Security, the FBI, or the local police, then they will attack the Second Amendment so that citizens need government for safety.  Their supposed intentions toward justice are simple plausible deniability schemes to expand government.

The greatest fault of the progressive is in their commitment to intelligentsia for solving all social problems with a version of civilization that is built upon evasive ignorance.  As society is “bigger” than any one individual the society gets the attention and any number of individuals are to be sacrificed for the “greater good.”  In this way the progressive feels they are nearly a religious cult against the individual whims of gun owners who desire to selfishly protect their properties which have no value to the progressive.  The progressive believes that they can manage all aspects of human life from food supply, sex, and intellectual stimulation—and that once they are in every part of a human life, then all human beings can be “managed.”  Progressives believe the criminal in the video above is equal to the homeowner, so they do not pick sides, and do not care who kills who in the grand scheme of things.  But they will side with the criminal by restricting the home owner with laws so that the crime can advance their progressive causes for more police, more government dependence, and the ever-present fear of the unknown.  In the grand reality of our modern-day, the criminal is more valuable to the progressive than the responsible home owner because the criminal advances progressive politics, where the homeowner does not.  The gun takes away the fear that progressives need to advance their statist government philosophies.

Progressives are just as dangerous as the criminals in the video.  They both wish to impose themselves upon individual lives.  The criminal is simply the foot soldier of the progressive politician—allowing the politician to have deniability while the dirty deeds are done by the criminal.  The progressive hopes to have a certain percentage of the population that is hooked on drugs, or working for the criminal element, because it gives government something to do, and a reason to expand.  If there is peace, and if the home owner can simply end all threats to their home and families with a gun, then the progressive is at a loss, which is what they fear most.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”