The Lone Ranger’s Nominate a Hero Award: Nominate a local hero who rides for “Justice” in your community

Ahead of Disney’s new Lone Ranger film they are running a promotion for all fighters for justice to receive an advance screening of their new film prior to its July 3rd release.  Given the kind of readers who frequent Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, there are more than a few such people in Southern Ohio who deserve a ticket.

Nominate a local hero or agency who rides for Justice in your community to receive the Lone Ranger Ride for Justice Award and an advance screening of Disney’s The Lone Ranger.  Post your nominations to @LoneRanger on Twitter with the #LRRideforJustice and your city of residence, to honor your local heroes.

Pick a local hero and honor them with a nomination!  And be sure to see The Lone Ranger for the 4th of July!   Click here to read my thoughts and tradition with The Lone Ranger!


Rich Hoffman


Bill Clinton, Father of the Year: What an insult to all fathers

It is an absolutely appalling joke that Bill Clinton has been named Father of the Year by the National Father’s Day Committee.  I would consider the former president who was impeached by congress during his term, to be the anti-father compared to many of the fathers who were celebrated during the 2013 annual Father’s Day recognition ceremonies.  Clinton like the typical notion of a progressive “anti-concept” represents the undoing of fatherhood much more than a pillar of strength that most children wish for in the male portion of their parenting role-models.  Clinton is virtually everything a good person is not—so naming him “Father of the Year” is equivalent to calling the stupid family on the old Fox television Married with Children the family of the year.  Read more here:

The National Father’s Day Committee, an entity of the Father’s Day/Mother’s Day Council, each year confers Father of the Year Honors on contemporary lifestyle leaders of our culture whose lives are dedicated to family, citizenship, charity, civility, responsibility and reverence. The funds raised by our Annual Father of the Year Awards Presentation are directed to the support of worthwhile concerns affecting men, fathers, and families. The objective of our program is to enhance the meaning of Father’s Day and encourage universal observance.

Apparently the National Father’s Day Committee has no idea what a good father is, otherwise they would have never put Clinton on the list, let alone giving him such a perceived honor.  I know something about fatherhood, and I am a fantastic father.  Saying that Clinton is an exceptional father is simply an insult.  Fathers are not habitual liars, womanizing punks, or call out hits on political opponents.  They also don’t eliminate whistle blowers, or have women who are the same age as their daughters perform oral sex on them in the Oval Office.  Good fathers are the opposite of all those traits, yet the NFDC named Clinton anyway.

Back in the 90s when Married with Children was on the air, and Slick Willie was in the White House, my wife and I refused to watch that show, even though it was very popular.  We watched a few scenes of it here and there just to see if we were missing the great wave of popularity that the show garnered, but I never completed a full episode.  The show was incredibly demeaning to traditional families and helped pave the way to a lot of the terrible attitudes people have toward their families in this more contemporary age.

Of course the cat is out of the bag now as to why shows like Married with Children were made in the first place getting money while programs like Little House on the Prairie went off the air, and weren’t being invited back on traditional networks.  The progressive age was in full swing and presidents like Bill Clinton were committed to finishing the task that Woodrow Wilson started making sons as unlike their fathers as possible.  The progressive statists entered politics, founded and ran the Department of Education and immediately created curriculums that degraded traditional parenting which paved the way for audiences to desire programming like Married with Children and electing the Al Bundy of politics, Bill Clinton.  Most of America during the 90’s could not relate with the old-fashioned ideas of John Wayne westerns but rather Oliver Stone through his cocaine trips of left leaning films.  America had lost its moral compass through its public education system, and shows like Married with Children reinforced the insecurities taught to them by government schools.  Politicians like Clinton simply brought to the real world the kind of characters millions of Americans had grown familiar with in Married with Children.

It would seem that the criteria for judging Father of the Year by the NFDC is in comparing all candidates to Al Bundy from that old Fox comedy.  With that as the criteria, I am proud to not be a part of the judging process because fathers like Bill Clinton and I are on opposite ends of the earth, as apparently the morally lost souls of the NFDC committee are too.  Their award to Bill Clinton is just further evidence of how treacherously lost our society has become in identifying good from bad, and right from wrong.  Anyone who can see what is wrong with the world will quickly see what a terrible father Bill Clinton is no matter what poor little Chelsea Clinton thinks.  She’s stuck with being born to such a low-life, so she’s not the best judge of character—no fault of hers.

Next year when the NFDC decides that they want to award another Father of the Year I would suggest that they not look in the local strip joints, lobbyist back rooms, and married women’s bedrooms for the sacred honor of a father.  The first step would be to look outside the political scene of New York and Washington D.C.  There is a big world outside of those very small places, and in it are a lot of fathers who are truly great, and their families love them for it.  They are Father’s of the Year not for the fanfare, the political spot light, or the social status gained from some trivial social recognition.  They are great fathers because they truly love their children, and their families know it with the greatest honor that can be bestowed upon a man, the recognition from his family that they appreciate all that he does without a single outside soul knowing anything about it.IMAGE_617

As for my own father’s day, my wife and kids treated me to a nice day at our local amusement park of Kings Island to visit the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit with my new grandson.  They gave me as gifts a picture collage of some of our past adventures together and personal notes of fond recollection.  They also gave me the soundtrack to the new Superman movie which meant a lot to me.  As I loaded the soundtrack onto my iPod I thought of what the music was saying to me………………….and it doesn’t bring to mind images of Bill Clinton, unless of course the musical theme is that of the villain.  I doubt Chelsea thinks of Superman when she thinks of her father, the supposed Father of the Year!IMAGE_626

But my kids do.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”