Ben Swann’s Bold New Endeavor: “Liberty is Rising Truth in Media”

I didn’t know that Ben Swann had left Channel 19 officially until I emailed him the other day regarding some info on the IRS scandal in Cincinnati. The email had bounced back and I was reminded that Swann was now on the next stage of his journalistic adventure, an endeavor that he fully expects to change the world with.  For those who do not yet know, Swan is starting his own investigative journalism endeavor that is quite ambitious, and incredibly bold.  But who would expect less from the co-anchor of Fox News 19 in Cincinnati who became internationally famous with his Reality Check expositions which featured hard reporting of very controversial material.  Swann is raising money for his new endeavor which looks to prove a nightmare for government statists all over the world and is something to get excited about.  To date, Swann has raised $140,000 of his intended goal of $1,250,000.  I would encourage you dear reader to contribute something if you have it to Swann’s endeavor.  A preview of what he has in mind can be seen below.  Under the flag of this pioneering effort, Ben Swann has an opportunity to bring much-needed offense to the liberty movement that will save a lot of money down the road for everyone, so the investment is well worth the cost.  Have a look.

When I first started doing this Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom site, very few people were doing any looking into why statist policies were corroding virtually every aspect of our modern government.  But just a few years later, there are several individuals and groups that have formed which are changing the way the news is reported, and giving people who have been forced to live behind the veil of foggy recollection, to expose what is hidden behind that fog.  My friend Matt Clark comes to mind from Michigan, a young budding radio personality who I think will be the next Glenn Beck in a few years time.  The Blaze has jumped on the scene under Glenn Beck where my friend Doc Thompson is now changing radio broadcasting forever with an all internet radio show that bypasses FCC regulation allowing the truth to be truly seen without government censorship applied through strong arming tactics and audits.  And now Ben Swann has given up a career as a very good journalist and news anchor that would no doubt lead him to many millions of dollars as a television personality to start his own thing to be run his own way—no editor to mold his stories to FCC sensibilities, and no advertisers to boycott his entire station if he doesn’t play by collective rules of political behavior.  Instead, Ben Swann has elected to pursue truth, justice, and the American way the way every American should, through private enterprise and personal initiative.  Swan is going to be his own boss, and do things his way, and his way is the libertarianism of a new generation that is deeply inspired by former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Ben Swann is not going for money, fame, or power; he is trying to fix the country with a sincerity that is unique, and deeply needed.  I sincerely support, and hope that Ben Swann is successful with his enterprising endeavor.  If he is, it would help bring about the kind of world that I am fighting for, one that centers on individual responsibility, focuses on freedom, runs a republic government through fiscal responsibility, and stays out of the individual lives of all Americans.  His success is my success in that if he gains the ability to do what he wants to do with his Liberty is Rising Truth in Media Project, then the fight my readers here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom have been fighting for over three years gets a whole lot easier, and expands in ways that have not yet been possible.

Where Ben Swann has an advantage is that he has been a media insider who has not been corrupted, or compromised at a very youthful stage in his career.  Many freedom fighters discover through trial and error that the poor methods of their past do not add up to a good future.  When the moment of crises arrives, they repent, change their ways, and grab on to some political leader like Ron Paul and follow his message toward their personal salvation.  Swann however never appears to have fallen from any kind of grace in his life, and instead has started with a position of strength that he never lost.  This gives him a powerful advantage in the world of the media as an independent reporter who is functioning from the raw ambition of an unconquered spirit.  With his Truth in Media endeavor, political movers and shakers won’t be able to call up his boss to complain that Swann’s hard-hitting reporting is upsetting the “applecart” or that his coverage of public school funding is “harming the children” meaning advertisers focusing their marketing to children on a given network cannot be manipulated into reeling in a journalist in pursuit of the truth.  Swann will be free to hit hard in his reporting, and with his already successful background in journalism, will position himself to be a major force in revolutionizing the news industry.

In my ideal world, I would like to see all progressive news outlets fail under conservative competition and the Overton Window of American politics move to a new spot where the Alex Jones types on InfoWars represent the far-right in politics, Ben Swann represents the “middle” and Glen Beck represents the left.  Everything to the left of Beck would not have a market in America because nobody would be paying any attention to them.  Progressive news outlets would be forced to return to European politics where their diatribes originated from.  Those progressive networks have only succeeded in the absence of competition in the same way that public education has only called themselves successful by holding a monopoly on the process.  But it all starts with a dream, and then the dream must be followed with action.  Thus far, Ben Swann has taken that action and he is well on his way to meeting his $1,250,000 target amount that will launch him into the journey that will bring the world a scenario close to the one I’ve outlined above.  And that is a reality that is worth dreaming about.

If you’d like to help Ben Swann with his new endeavor, you can see more about it at the link below along with a demo show of his proposed Truth in Media enterprise.

For those like me who miss Ben Swann from Channel 19 you can visit his website at:

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