The Pathetic Effort of Lakota Schools: To understand why, read ‘The Naked Communist’

I don’t even take the Lakota School System serious any more.  Since January of this year, a group of residents, teachers, students, administrators and school board members have been working together to form a strategic plan that will help guide the future of the Lakota Local School District.  The result of this so-called first phase, which covers the strategic areas and goals identified by the mentioned “group,” is now available for the Lakota community’s review and comment, before the board considers adoption of the recommended plan next Monday, June 24.  You can see that plan for yourself at the link below, but let me save you some time.  The intent of the whole “phase one” strategy is listed on page four, after all the flowery details in the preceding pages.  Lakota, after  all the discussion we’ve engaged in and the millions upon millions of dollars in salary that has been spent on these people, have come up with a brilliant strategy………… simply ask for more money.  Here are “their” words.   They want to “transition Lakota to an organization with sustainable resources and funding to achieve its goals and mission.”  They want to “build a financial plan that merits continued public investment and will sustain the mission.”  They want to “develop a resource plan that will help sustain the mission.” Then they want to “communicate the financial status to increase understanding and support.”  In short what that means is they want to find a way to pass more school levies then find a way to use the West Chester Community Foundation to get a few business owners to turn the other way and cough while they raise taxes on their properties, putting pressure on other businesses to do the same with peer pressure.  Lakota hasn’t learned a thing.

If it were me and I had given Lakota schools a business assignment to provide a financial sustainability analysis of their future needs and they got together in a group of the mentioned patrons from January 2013 after spending thousands upon thousands of dollars in 2012 and 2013 on the “Community Conversations” program, and 5 months later presented me with that PDF file in a presentation, I would have fired every single person who worked on it.  The work they presented is an insult to the intelligence of anyone reading it.  It is a scam at best, and then to write “draft” in the background of the document attempting to make the gibberish look more important is just rubbing salt into a wound cut open by such a ridiculously camouflaged levy request.  They might as well have said, phase one, we want to find a way to ask for more money.  Phase two, we intended to propose another tax increase trying to make it look like we did a whole lot of thinking before putting the issue on the ballot.  And Phase three, we spend the money we get from the tax increase on new union contracts which are up in the summer of 2014 for renewal.

I am convinced now more than ever that all government services from schools to the police and EMS services are designed by statist supports for aims that were constructed by the 1958 book, The Naked Communist.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  That is the only reasonable conclusion one can make when the end game to a parade of never ending tax requests are made by government organizations is analyzed.  Just in my local area alone, the below tax increase requests are listed for the August and November elections of 2013.  Many of these communities just passed similar taxes just a few years ago, so there is no plan on how to sustainably grow a community.  There is no care given when one branch of government such as police and fire services ask for property tax money for their needs then a few months later a school asks for another levy on the same property tax.  They are all government yet they all want to be treated individually as they do not share their funding.  For instance if public education operated with a surplus, they would never think to share the money with police and fire services.  They simply give their unions pay increases then ask for more money.  The police and fire fighting unions do the same, but they all take money from the same pot…….property ownership.

Issues filed for August 6, 2013 Special Election

Filing deadline is May 8, 2013

1 Deerfield Twp Replacement & Increase 4.0 mills, Police & EMS continuing period of time.

2 Franklin City School District Additional 7.92 mills, Current expenses continuing period of


3 Lebanon City School District Renewal 2.0 mills, Permanent Improvement 5 yrs.

Issues filed for November 5, 2013 General Election

Filing deadline is August 7, 2013 4:00 pm

Lebanon City Additional 7.0 mills, Fire & Ambulance 5 yrs.  Franklin Public Library Additional 1.0 mill, current expenses continuing period of time. Washington Twp Additional 3.0 mills, Fire & EMS continuing period of time.

The only thing that makes sense when viewing the public behavior of these government workers is that they are paid so well that they don’t question the statist strategy that they inherited from the “feds” but are simply doing their jobs.  Those jobs were designed by radicals in the far away land of Washington with the intentions against America that were outlined in The Naked Communist. There simply is not another explanation for the lunacy that government services continue to offer as reasonable justifications for their absurd fiscal policies.  At some point in time property ownership gets taxed to a saturation point, and then it’s over.  Government buys up the defaulted properties through government backed loans, and a free society is nudged into a statist one with the corrosive, incremental votes of a naive public.

I wish I could say that the latest drivel coming from my home district of Lakota was a surprise, but it’s not.  They are like virtually every public school in America.  They were designed by statists in the Department of Education to destroy property ownership by tricking Americans to vote their rights away through the free babysitting service that is public education.  The employees involved if they worked for any competent employer would be fired on the spot for presenting such ridiculous justifications for their ineptness.  The people who put together that document for the Phase One development of levy request at Lakota are in denial on two fronts.  First is the real intent of public education which they don’t want to consider since they are so well paid as government workers.  Two, that a community will be willing to always support an institution of learning that has no control over its finances—no control over the collective bargaining agreement with its union.  They expect that taxes can always go up and that there is no limit.  That is the essence of what their Phase One presentation defines as their objectives after a lot of money was spent formulating it, and time consumed which can never be redeemed.  For those reasons, I would terminate all employees involved and turn the document over to some first graders, who could surely do a better job.  If that is all the highly paid administrators can come up with at Lakota for dealing with their financial situation, our community could do no worse, because the proposal of Phase One is simply pathetic.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”