The Intent Behind Amnesty: Why enemies of America want open borders

As I was doing research for my novel Tail of the Dragon I was shocked to learn that a major public relations firm that was heavily utilized in New York City had been owned by a British organization.  Since the dangers of public relations are one of the themes in my novel, I wrote about it in the context of the story, but in the process, my editors had removed the direct references during subsequent revisions of the draft.  For obvious reasons, my publishing company did not want to anger a public relations firm that is so instrumental in shaping the way Americans view the world around them, which I can’t blame.  But during the process, I learned first-hand how media is censored quietly with implied threats instead of direct ones, and how truths are suppressed while fluffy dialogue is used to propagate complete falsehoods.  Such is the true story of treachery that is centered on the very real issue of amnesty for current illegal immigrants in The United States.  There are many wealthy forces in the world who have spent a lot of money on public relations promotion to advocate why it is important for America to give illegal immigrants a fighting chance at freedom, as those same forces do everything they can to undermine American freedom by replacing the Constitution with a new document created by The United Nations.  These powerful forces support a borderless world where no country is any better than another, as all nations on the face of planet earth would be equal in every way that equality is measured.  What those forces do not say is that their method of government would be socialism/communism and that rich nations like America would be made to be poor nations like Uganda, and that the immigration policy they advocate is designed strategically to overwhelm America to the point that it is suffering from the same problem as the rest of the world which is described in the following video.  Watch closely:

Those globalist oriented European elite, who have seduced the wealthy of The United States with a kind of country club desire to be among their own kind, have mistakenly designated themselves as the equalizers of justice, in bringing to the world such equality as displayed in the video above.  Their failure is one of philosophy as they deeply wish to hold down the human race by maintaining their grip on power.  This is why these capitalists who made their wealth with free enterprise advocate government that is socialist in nature.  They want their country club to remain intact with people they understand, and wish to exclude competition to their accepted order.  However, it is their policy of socialism that has given all those indicated nations such abysmal poverty and living conditions not much better than a common insect.  So to purify their crime, but still maintain their elite status, they hope to destroy America so that no place on earth can stand against their socialist supported governments.

If you’ve ever witnessed a group of politicians meeting one another in a private setting, the ass-kissing and back slapping that permeates is ridiculous.  But at the core of the strange ritualistic behavior is the deepest, darkest desire of the human mind—an infantile desire to be accepted by one’s peers.  This is how evil is conducted in politics, and this is how a handful of wealthy donors can control the political process from top to bottom. When a politician takes money from a donor, they are like a common whore who sells their body and mind to the donor, and forgo their private action in exchange.  In this way Barack Obama is no better than a common whore on K-Street and neither is John Boehner.  In countries where socialism functions fully, it is unmistakable that the poverty level of all those countries is the ones that are the most governmentally restrictive.

In capitalist countries the poor are even rich by the standards of the Ugandas, or the Chinas.  The poor in capitalist countries are poor because of their failure to participate in capitalism.  They are poor because they allow socialism into their lives.   Socialism and political systems rooted in any form of collectivism produces financially poor people.  Countries that embrace capitalism are much wealthier; in fact the degree to which they are rich depends on the level of capitalism present in their society.  More capitalism, the wealthier the social culture.  Less capitalism the, the poorer.

But the advocates of amnesty in America–the wealthy donors who contribute fortunes of their money to political candidates too stupid to know any better believing they will gain votes from illegal immigrants if they provide amnesty, support socialism among governments so to maintain their exclusivity to wealth.  They do feel bad that their method of government creates poor people, so they rationalize their sin by making such a condition “equal” across the world.  They hope that God in whatever form they worship will see their actions as noble, buying their way into the heaven of their choice with global sacrifice.  They spend vast fortunes on public relation firms convincing Americans that illegal immigration, amnesty, and socialism are good for them.  For an example of how this is done, investigate the review of the recent Superman movie Man of Steel from the Empire Online.

“There is dramatic tension to be wrung from this: not only is he (Superman) an illegal immigrant, he’s a man-sized weapon of mass destruction. Of course the US government will distrust him.”

Notice how the immigration issue ended up in a movie review for a summer blockbuster? You can read the whole review at the link below:

The immigration issue is placed on the mind of virtually everyone with such methods, especially newspaper reviewers and other progressive think-tanks with their hand in the entertainment industry.  The thoughts were placed there by public relations professionals who received the thoughts from clients–the wealthy radicals who want global socialism.  This is how amnesty appears to politicians as a good thing when in fact it is a Trojan Horse for global socialism advocated by a wealthy elite terrified of competition from their betters.

People have been battered into apathy though constant public relations with a monotonous insistence on insane propositions – that a valuable country like America should have an open border, and that anybody who wishes could enter the country and sign up for its entitlement programs.  Those same public relation firms paid for by the same wealthy elitists also wish the world to believe that entitlement programs can be supplied to an infinite amount of people for an infinite amount of time—which of course is false.  What the public relation firms never ask, or seek is the real meaning behind the message—global collapse of capitalism so that socialism, misery, and a world of equally poor inhabitants can permeate the modern age removing competitors from the international market using government to preserve financial empires while at the same time appealing to God almighty in bringing equality to an impoverished world they created through a philosophy of sacrifice.  Impoverished citizens make wonderful subjects willing to kneel before the gods of religion and politics—or so such evil is always justified.

The solution to the world’s problems would not be to destroy America so that the poor will have brothers and sisters to share their misery on the North American continent, but to spread the message of America to those countries so that they too could have wealth, by giving them the joy of capitalism.  If the do-gooders of the world really wanted to rid the world of poverty, they would expand capitalism and abandon socialism.  Upon such an action by the governments of the current impoverished nations, whose citizens make less than $2 dollars a day, poverty would be defeated if capitalism was practiced, instead of tyrannical control and micromanaging of their citizens.  Instead public relations firms—because they are paid like whores to do so—are advocates for more poverty, more control by the wealthy elite shielding them from unwanted competition, and the attack of the only free country on earth which happens to be the premier destination of all who hope to have a life of some worth.  The public relations companies are paid to convince Americans to give up their worth so that it will cease to be a destination of desire.  And part of that removal of worth is by taking away the value of border control, so that no such borders exist leaving value to be determined by chaos.

It may now be obvious why the reference to public relation firms in my novel were removed during the editing process.  I was able to accomplish the same thing without naming the names once the final draft went to print.  But a window to how the process worked at many different levels was available to me.  Knowing that much, it is easy to conclude then what is behind the amnesty for current illegal immigrants.  The action is not one of justice, fairness, or even hope that such people will become productive voters within the American system.  The goal is collapse of America by those who hate the country and pay homage to their European ancestors of the past who tried to destroy the freest nation on earth with guns, tanks, and politics.  Instead, the new attackers of America are using bankruptcy backed by political socialism to destroy their greatest competition on the world stage with a secret desire to keep everyone dirt poor, and hopeless so that the destitute masses will chastise themselves to sacrifice themselves to their wealthy masters.

Rich Hoffman

“Justice Comes With The Crack of a Whip!”