Jason Easley’s Progressive Dream: “There was no Tea Party in Washington………….”

As the actions are self-evident, and crises are  unfolding, to avoid repeating myself over and over again, I wasn’t going to speak much on the topic of the large rally held in Washington D.C where Tea Party Patriots from across the country joined together to protest the IRS.  But the hilarious analysis of Jason Easley from a very left-winged progressive publication deserves exploration.  Little does young Jason know or bother to discover, but the protests were not just in Washington on that pleasant June afternoon, but all across the nation.  One rally, smaller than the one in Washington was at the office of John Boehner led by my friend Ann Becker president of the Cincinnati Tea Party, as seen in the video below, where many who couldn’t make the trip to Washington due to time constraints gathered to achieve the same intent—to get the attention of politicians who work as our public servants.

Before explaining the significance of the rally in Washington, and West Chester, have a look at what left-leaning dreamer Jason Easley had to say:

DC Tea Party Rally Bombs as Crowd For ‘Epic’ IRS Protest Rally Is Just 5,000-10,000

By: Jason Easley Jun. 19th, 2013

Moments before a tea party rally that is loaded with right-wing heroes like Glenn Beck, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Michele Bachmann was about to begin the crowd was estimated at just 5,000-10,000.

At the height of his fame, Glenn Beck drew 87,000 to DC for his Rally to Restore Honor in April 2010. The Tea Party Patriots promised that this would be the biggest tea party rally since 2009-2010, “At noon tomorrow, we are going to tell the world about how the IRS tried to crush the Tea Party movement,” organizers with the Tea Party Patriots organization said in an email to supporters, “…Thousands of volunteers will rally in the largest demonstration of Tea Party support since 2010.”

They aren’t going to even get close to Glenn Beck’s biggest crowd. The livestream host for the rally, The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, estimated the crowd to be at 5,000-10,000. I would say that may be on the high-end of things, but it could be a potentially realistic estimate for the overall crowd by the time it is all said and done.

It is a major failure for a rally that has been hyped so hard across conservative media to draw such a small crowd. For the sake of comparison, Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity in 2010 drew 250,000 to DC.

Unless there are about 90,000 people stuck in traffic, it looks like this rally won’t be the biggest tea party event since 2010.

It is rather pathetic that an event featuring Glenn Beck, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Michele Bachmann can’t draw a bigger conservative crowd. Once again, the power of the tea party has been greatly exaggerated. The rally only runs from 12-2 PM, so it is not looking good for a huge turnout. The people speaking at and attending this rally won’t believe it, but the IRS scandal has already been debunked.

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The first problem with the leftist article by young Jason is of an attendance number that is not in dispute.  Progressives are notorious for attempting to alter reality to their own liking, as their belief system is not rooted in facts, but feeling.  With that said, 87,000 people were just in the front row at the Glenn Beck rally mentioned in the text.  The real number in attendance was a quarter million people.  Progressives needing a response to the overwhelming conservative outcry responded one month later with the John Stewart rally also mentioned which did have decent numbers from bused in union members to make the crowd look as big as Glenn Beck’s rally.  But this report of the event should come as no surprise as the mode of operation for all progressives is evident in the article—pretend that something doesn’t exist which is unpleasant or a threat to their illusion of reality, then carry on as if their version of reality determined through consensus–fact.


The June 2013 Tea Party rally in Washington was able to drum up around 10,000 people in the middle of the week during the summer months.   Additional rallies occurred all across the country, yet the young progressive writer wished to ignore the impact of the rally and instead compared it to the very large and organized rallies of 2010 using that benchmark as the reference point for judgment.  He did such a thing as those combinations of facts fit the reality he was trying to build up in his mind.

Progressives are able to re-write their recollection of events at will because they practice a philosophy of anti-concepts, meaning they strip meaning away from everything so that no value can be attached to anything.  So long as the world functions in this fashion, progressivism can be advocated.  However, the world comes crashing down upon progressives when value is attached to even small things.  In the face of such value progressives lose the argument 100% of the time.  In reporting about the Tea Party rallies all across America, Jason Easley wrote what he wished to be true, not what was actually true.  This is why progressives are parasites to the human condition, and are especially untrustworthy, because they do not deal with facts of reality, but only slinky emotions based on desire.

The facts of the matter are that after three to four years of activity the Tea Party can still organize to stand against the government even after suffering through two years of IRS harassment, and an attempt by the media to completely suppress the movement.  The Tea Party is still able to show up on a whim at the Capital building lawn in the tens of thousands and protest their government while doing the same elsewhere in the country.  And the most frightening aspect of these actions are that the Tea Party, unlike the government employees who work for labor unions, such as what the IRS functions under, are not paid to be there.

The Tea Party does not pay their protestors like the progressive rallies do.  During the John Stewart rally mentioned above compared to the Glenn Beck rally, the AFL-CIO, SEIU, and many teacher unions bused in their members who were actually paid to be present.  For the Glenn Beck rally, the participants paid for the whole event out of their own pocket.  That is the big difference, and that is what terrifies the progressives.  They see vigilant activity still coming from the Tea Party after many attempts have been made to suppress them, yet they still are showing up, and they are angrier than ever.  In the face of such facts, Jason Easley could only count heads and attempt to compare apples to grapes hoping that he could alter reality just by believing that his thoughts can change reality—but they can’t.

Here is the whole rally in case you missed it:

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