Sex, Sex, and More Sex at Lakota: Classroom romance by Robert Supinger




For the second time in a month allegations that a Lakota West High School teacher conducted improper contact with a student surfaced.  The Enquirer deserves credit for the story as they reviewed the personnel records of Lakota and discovered Robert E. Supinger, a former long-term substitute teacher at the Butler County high school had allegedly kissed a student and took her to meet his parents while he was employed by the Lakota school district.

Read more about this story at the link below:


The important thing to understand about this case is the date of the offense.  Lakota did not reveal the details which were happening in parallel to the George Merk case.  The impropriety occurred during the 2011/2012 school year and was finally resolved in December of 2012 by the Ohio Department of Education.  The Merk offenses occurred during March of 2012 right after the much publicized cuts to the staff in February of 2012 because of the failed levy in 2011. 


It appears that the teaching culture at the Lakota school system is one of excessive sexual preoccupation.  The amount of sexually related offenses is not a coincidence, but comes from the day-to-day management of their occupational affairs.  As Robert E. Supinger was only 25 years old, he was still nearly a decade older than the girl he was parading around to his parents as an employee of the Lakota school system, which shows extremely bad judgment.  That begs the question of why Supinger was teaching high school level kids, and who made that decision.  Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for Supinger to learn the teaching profession as a substitute in the middle schools where the children are much younger?  Wouldn’t it make sense to have teachers who are “older” instructing high school aged children?


It can be speculated forever why so many public school teachers seem to be obsessed with sex involving their students.  Yet the worst part of this case is that Lakota has had two sexually related scandals which they attempted to conceal, and were only revealed because The Enquirer did some digging to discover the information.  It should be clear now why Lakota cut a deal with No Lakota Levy to delay a school levy attempt in 2012.  When Channel 19 called me to do a story in June of 2012 I thought the timing was odd and Lakota seemed awfully eager to make such a deal.  Now the timing makes more sense.  Robert Supinger had just gotten into trouble with inappropriate conduct with one of his students and the district wanted to put time and distance between them and their next levy attempt once the Ohio Department of Education had finished their investigations.  Lakota had two sex scandals happen close together and they wanted to suppress the story.  If The Enquirer had not dug through the public records, the tax paying public would have no knowledge of these offenses and parents would have absolutely no idea what kinds of employees Lakota was employing.  They’d be forced to take the school’s word for it, which is of course is misleading 100% of the time.


Parents assume when they send their children to school  that the teachers aren’t going to attempt to engage in sex with the children no matter what the age of the teachers.  Teachers are supposed to “teach” not “date” the students.  Lakota stated regarding Robert Supinger that they had terminated the employee immediately, yet they didn’t publish the results in the flowery newsletter that the school sends home with the kids advertising the need for more money for those same teachers.  When I went to Homearama this year and browsed through the booth that Lakota had set up at the home building show the school did not reveal how their human resources team had taken evasive action to discharge sexual predators from their classrooms in order to protect the children of the “community.”  If The Enquirer had not dug through the public records the public wouldn’t have any idea that Robert Supinger had even been disciplined for anything.  The case would have been swept under the rug like so many other stories that are related to public education.


The question is obvious—how many teachers at Lakota are engaged in sexual enterprises with the students of their classrooms?  And how many such stories are being suppressed by the public relations machine the Lakota administration spends so much tax money on?   The answer is becoming known little by little as diligent reporters discover what many disheartened parents have attempted to break open for years, that Lakota may be a good school with an excellent rating, it may have a good football team, and may actually prepare students for a life in college.  But that preparation may not be academic.  It would appear by the behavior of Lakota schools that their teachers are overly sexual in their focus and intent to prepare students for the next college party, instead of a competitive workplace that expects good conduct and at least the illusion of sexual restraint.  Lakota acts as though their management conduct is acceptable and maybe it is for the Zombies of Lakota who vote continuously for school levies to pay for teachers who simply want to seduce tax payer’s children with flights of fantasy in their classrooms.  But for me, and many other people who are voting NO on the upcoming fall school levy, these employees are not worth the money.  If we wanted this kind of behavior at Lakota we’d simply recruit the teachers from a whore house.  

Rich Hoffman

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‘Ender’s Game’ Book Review: Finally reading a book my nephew advocated for over a decade

Two of my earliest writing influences were Sol Stein whom I took a direct computer class with in the early days of the internet in the mid 1990s and the Science Fiction writer Linda Nagata.  Both writers helped me work on the craft of writing leading to The Symposium of Justice in 2004 and Tail of the Dragon in 2012.  During that time with Linda where she lived in Hawaii and I in Ohio I would mail her copies of my work in hard copy form back then—she’d mark them up and send them back with comments.  That went on for a while and at the end I had digested so much science fiction that I felt it had spilled over into my own writing interests.  I read all the books she recommended which tended to be Hugo and Nebula award winners and I read religiously the “Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy” so that I could take her advice and similar career path toward the realm of writing.  To learn science fiction and fantasy writing better I read a book she recommended called Hatrack River by Orson Scott Card and soon felt I was drowning in the genre.  As much as I enjoyed those types of works, my interest was in politics and philosophy to a much greater extent than I had imagined, and I found myself trying to go into a different direction than what Linda did.  I had to find my own path through the forest, and I wanted nothing to do with the paved road that she had taken which required winning Nebula and Hugo awards.  The more I thought about it, the less I was interested in appeasing a panel of judges who oversaw those award panels.

At the same time all this was going on one of my nephews whom spent a great deal of his childhood in my care was urging me heavily to read Orson Scott Card’s treasured Ender’s Game series starting of course with the first book, aptly named.  He declared to me that Ender’s Game was the best book he had ever read and that I would love it.  I had no doubt that he was correct, but I knew Orson  Scott Card from Hatrack River and wasn’t crazy about combining alternate history and fantasy together in that book.  But worse than that Orson Scott Card reminded me of Linda as he was a winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards which was a path I had decided not to take.  So I told my nephew that I would read the novel when I got around to it.

It took around 15 years but upon hearing that Harrison Ford was staring in the upcoming 2013 movie version of Ender’s Game I thought I should finally get around to reading the book before I saw the film.  I had written a few novels of my own and had picked a rather difficult path through the forest on a road of my own making that was well established, so I could easily now put behind me my reservations about letting those early writing influences contaminate my thoughts with their strong presence.  I bought the novel on my way to Florida to begin reading at the beach while on vacation, but more pressingly I wanted my nephew who lives near our vacation destination to know that I was physically reading the book after promising him I would for over a decade.

I started reading the book toward the end of my vacation and it took me a bit to get passed the much studied writing techniques that were so familiar to me from my writing instruction with Linda.  But after I let myself get into the story and drop away all the rules of plot, paragraph structure, and character development, I found myself enjoying the novel the way my nephew knew I would.  As many who follow me daily on my blog know I have put a major emphasis on the failures of societies that become philosophically committed to collectivism, especially lately.  The reason is that many of the modern political problems that defame the world currently have their root cause in social collectivism.  Once I learned that collectivism was the villain of our age I have been able to apply it to virtually every problem not because once learned the mind sees it everywhere by default, but because it is the cause of most human problems.  Ender’s Game is essentially about two societies that are colliding, an insect oriented species that uses collectivism as a military weapon to destroy their enemies and a society on earth that has attempted to duplicate the methods of the insect species to beat them.  Ironically, only one very promising student in world history figured out a strategy that would give earth a chance to destroy the alien threat and that is the young child Ender Wiggin trained from a 6-year-old boy to become a general of the International Fleet against their interstellar enemy.

The novel explored themes of sacrifice, honor, and individual integrity in ways that were more philosophy than science fiction.  Upon closing the book I felt I had read a remarkable story from Orson Scott Card which explains why there are 14 books in the series written from 1985 to 2013.  Now I understand why they are so popular.  If I had read them back when my nephew had first mentioned Ender’s Game I might have saved myself a lot of headache in working out my own explorations into the folly’s of collectivism.  Orson Scott Card certainly did a wonderful job of arriving at many very interesting conclusions that are without question deeply inspired from the Cold War of the Reagan years.

If the movie comes close to how excellent the novel was it should be quite a treat during the Holiday Season of 2013.  I’m glad that my nephew was so persistent in trying to get my attention with the novel because it was well worth my time.  My July has been an unusually busy month, so it took me a few weeks to get through it not because the pacing was slow, but rather I took my time to absorb it like a fine wine, which is exactly what I thought as I closed the book.  I had thought about many of the problems presented in Ender’s Game from much more terrestrial angles, so it was a real pleasure to read them in the context of a heavy science fiction story that has much more to offer any serious reader than just spontaneous entertainment.  Ender’s Game is an important work for our times that belongs right alongside Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon.

Rich Hoffman

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Northwest Schools Thank Voters for School Levy: Oral sex and pot smoking at a teacher’s home

It may seem unfair to public schools to measure the behavior of their teachers off so many cases of bad conduct.  But they bring the scrutiny on themselves.  Every couple of years most public schools constantly ask for tax increases promising that by spending the extra money communities will make themselves stronger by being able to employee better teachers.  Then school districts hire public relations staff at tax payer expense to spin the school’s position in favor of maintaining high public approval so that levies can be passed when schools desire the money.  So when bad things happen which cannot be controlled by media handlers, the tax payers have a right to know, and to cast their disapproval in the direction of public education.  That is what has just happened in the Northwest School District.

A grand jury indicted science teacher 36-year-old Julie Hautzenroeder on two counts of sexual battery.  According to court documents, Hautzenroeder engaged in oral sex with one boy and intercourse with another between April 26 and May 15 of 2013.  Both teens were students at the school, and one boy was a 10th-grader.  Parents who know the teen said the case also involved marijuana smoking,  Hautzenroeder was escorted from the school in early May and placed on leave before the end of the school year.  She had been employed by Northwest Schools since July 2006.

Read more of the story that Karin Johnston broke at Channel 5 broke:

Sex, or sexual misconduct by teachers at this point is well-known and appears to be normal in public education.  Just a few short weeks ago Lakota had a case that finally became known to the public after a year of debate.  Lakota West High School math teacher George C. Merk was placed on a 45 day license suspension beginning over the summer months because he had inappropriate sexually related text messages with his students.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  It is no surprise that Julie Hautzenroeder desired to use her position of authority to fulfill sexual fantasies with her students using marijuana smoking and various degrees of sex.  These teachers know that unless they do something really outrageous and get caught doing it; their teacher’s union will protect them so they don’t worry too much about behaving in a positive fashion.  In the case of Merk he was suspended over the summer when teachers were off anyway–so much for punishment.  With Hautzenroeder it took a grand jury for the teacher to be removed from the job as she had been on paid leave since the scandal first broke on May 15.  It literally takes getting caught red-handed with massive evidence to lose a job as a teacher because the unions are so strong.  There is simply no telling how much of this sex is going on as the behavior appears to be rampant—which is why schools require public relations staff to control the scandals from public scrutiny.

But here’s the worst of it.  It was only November of 2012 that the same school district Julie worked for was going for a 4.95-mill five year emergency operating levy to generate $7.3 million annually.  During the levy campaign the school declared to the community that the tax payers were paying for quality schools that would bring quality to their community—the same nonsense that is uttered in every public school district.  But what is never discussed is that a majority of the money raised was going directly to teacher salary.  When the levy was passed, the superintended posted the following on their Facebook page celebrating their win at the ballot box.

A note from the NWLSD Superintendent:

We won! Or more accurately, congratulations- you
won! This victory was all about our community members taking a stand and saying:
We not do want any more cuts.
We want to maintain the wide array of
outstanding programs that we offer to our students.

We want our students and staff to be able to
work together without fearing the loss of programs and jobs.
We want our community to be proud of the
programs that can offer in our schools.

I am sure that a lot more will said about this levy victory,
but for today we only need to do two things. First, we need to thank all the staff, students, parents, community members and businesses who helped pass the levy…… then we need to celebrate- this was a decisive victory for our community, our students and our staff.

Have a great day- I know I will.

Rick Glatfelter

Within five months of that election victory Rick Glatfelter had one of his employees bringing students to her home for oral sex, standard sex, and pot smoking.  Glatfelter obviously had no control of the school employees off the Colerain property yet the arrangements were made at his school by his employee with students he was responsible for and he obviously has failed to maintain a high standard of conduct that the community he proclaimed to represent can be proud of.  Without question the superintendent will declare that he did what he could with Julie Hautzenroeder as the union had his hands tied.  As soon as he could he removed her from class, but the damage had already been done.  The events leading up to the sex at her house, the in-class flirting, the whispers from the other teachers, the gossip of the other students were not acted upon because the union has management’s hands tied into inaction.

All management at public schools can do is throw more money at teachers like Julie Hautzenroeder and hope that everyone behaves.  If somebody gets caught, then public relations specialists can bail out the district as Lakota attempted to do with the Merk case which finally came out a year too late.  In all reality nothing will happen to Merk—he’ll be teaching at the start of the 2013/2014 school year in spite of his bad behavior and without question Hautzenroder thought she’d skate along with the same disregard for her job that showed incredible arrogance and disrespect for her employers, the tax payers of Northwest Schools.  Her way of thanking the voters for approving the recent school levy was to sleep with their children and get stoned.

With the reckless attitude displayed in public schools by the employees at all levels, it is amazing that they have the audacity to even use such language as “quality,” “community,” and “excellence” when describing the services they offer to the community.  Any gutter trash of a human being can do what Julie Hautzenroeder did.  But the public schools have no way of removing such parasites off their payroll once they are hired leaving the question to ask, why didn’t Rick Glatfelter say as much during the levy attempt of 2012?  Well, the answer is that he was hired for one thing at Northwest Schools, and that was to pass a tax increase, which he did.  That was why he was able to sleep well that night of the election.  Most superintendents in Ohio are former teachers themselves and they know of many situations like the Julie Hautzenroeder case.  Their job is to run cover for the unions to protect their former profession from public scrutiny while finding new ways to wrestle from the community the money needed to pay the outrageous wages demanded by collective bargaining contracts.  At the time Julie lost her job she was making right around $50,000 a year only working at the district since 2006.  With payroll so high and the union so strong the only management that Glatfelter could perform is to throw more money into the community pot so that the teachers good and bad alike could pillage from it like ravenous wolves upon the taste of blood.  Once the money was secured, and the teachers could relax a bit on their public image campaigns during the levy periods, they were back at doing what they enjoyed doing best—surrendering their sexual urges to logic in drug induced indictments against the community that employs them with a secret smile on their faces daring anybody to confront their illicit behavior which is much more known than anybody will dare admit.

Rich Hoffman

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2013 Annie Oakley Western Showcase: A new hope for America

IMAGE_700I appreciate all the offers to visit with various groups who read here often, but impossibly time cannot be split to occupy more than one place at a time.  My summer has been an excessively busy one, especially July which began in Central Florida and ended in Greenville, Ohio at the Annual Annie Oakley Festival of 2013.  At the Fairlawn this year the crowd at the back of the room was larger as more children from our group of Wild West practitioners were coming of age, and were sitting at the tables with their parents.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW LAST YEAR.  Many of my opinions about politics, education and life in general come from spending over a decade with my Wild West friends who are the closest thing to knowing the real Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill that there is in the world.  There is typically more talent at the back of the room at the Fairlawn Steak House each year during the last weekend of July at the climax of the Annie Oakley festivities than entire cities produce. There are artists, authors, musicians, knife throwers, professional Wild West acts, master whip handlers, photographers, World Record holders, television producers, newspaper journalists, magicians, and comedy actors who all converge that one time of year to visit the steak house as the sun runs for night in the land that God blessed, with Darke Country, Ohio where American flags are as common as farm houses painted white.  Click the videos below to witness some of the key events.  This year I put up entire sections of unedited video of the contests so that people who might consider coming next year can see exactly how things were done.

IMAGE_703The group is amazing, so of course the children that are produced by such people are noticeably more bright-eyed, happy and willing to learn anything they can from the adults.  Like any tight-nit group everyone is kind to each other’s children who directly benefit by having access to so many unique personalities to teach them.  This is particularly the case with the children of Kirk and Melodie Bass whose children radiate a brilliance that is put out in most kids by the time they are seven years old by more conventional parents.  They are lucky to have parents who spend so much effort making their children’s lives unique as one of the only remaining knife throwing acts in the country with Bass Blades.

My whip making friend David Crain was back again with his wife and little girl who started off the bull whip speed and accuracy competition this year, which really took some guts exhibiting a confidence that was unusual and only comes from parents who deeply care.  David made special whips for my grandson which were given to him upon his birth.  David’s little girl was hitting targets out of her daddy’s hand as a 5-year-old and now she started the speed and accuracy competition against the best whip crackers in the world with the exception of a couple of people who couldn’t come out due to paying gigs elsewhere in the country.IMAGE_705

Chris Camp was able to take a much needed break from his world tour across Asia, Greece and all places in between where he travels extensively with his family as clearly one of the best bull whip acts there is.  Chris has been on America’s Got Talent, The Tonight Show and many other venues and is a multi World Record breaker for most whip cracks in a minute.  Because Camp is so highly sought after his family travels with him and performs in the acts.  His children are privately tutored as being in a fixed public school would be impossible.  They must learn math and English on the shores of the Mediterranean and the busy streets of Hong Kong so that they can travel with the family business as “The Whip Crackin’ Dare Devils.”   CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON CHRIS CAMP.  If my schedule has been busy lately Chris will far surpass that.  He told me that he came to Annie Oakley this year as a vacation because he was booked solid for the next two months.  By the videos here you can see what he considers a vacation.  It was Camp who taught me the trick I used in A Whip Trick to Save America.  Chris has since turned up the heat to improve upon that by cracking a single poker dice into a glass cup by removing a playing card.  Watch this.

Lash Luke was back too, and his act was more polished after another year of diligent work as his entire family came to Darke County to cheer him on from Alabama.  At dinner he had the wonderful opportunity to sit across from Chris Camp and hear stories that will ultimately become his fate as the next generation of whip cracker.  Last year the little girl who was the official Miss Annie Oakley for the city of Greenville was after Luke knowing a good thing when she saw it.  IMAGE_701But since last year, the long distance between them geographically made a relationship nearly impossible and she found a new romantic interest.  But she wasn’t fooling anybody as she came back again and like one of Luke’s first groupies hung out in the back of the spectator stands waiting for the show to be over so she could speak to her old flame once again.  Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and there is still a fire in her eyes that burns for Luke.  But what young woman wouldn’t like a young man who can play music with bull whips and crack poker dice off of the top of his own head with them.  As I told Luke after the evening shows that we were heading over to the Fairlawn to eat, I could see in her eyes the carefully concealed truth that she would be a part of his life for many years.

Years ago Gery Deer who produces the whole Annie Oakley Western Showcase, singing, playing the piano for the group The Brothers and Company, doing whip acts, performing magic with his friend Professor Karns, all while doing production work for Channel 2, freelance writing, and various other activities gave my wife a special bull whip pendent that she wore at this event.IMAGE_695  It’s a very unique item that only Gery has been able to provide from the only indoor bull whip instruction studio in existence in Jamestown, Ohio.  IMAGE_697Gery gave it to my wife while we were producing one of our various projects together.  The bull whip for all of us represents creative power and is the source of our focus which is the reason for the pendent.  The bull whip is all that’s left of an era in classic American art and we hold to it ruthlessly.

In the competitions I missed a cup during the Speed and Accuracy portion which put me in second place behind Chris Camp who won that event.  I did better on the Speed Switch and Bull Whip fast draw.  The key to these kinds of things is to actually slow down and not get ahead of yourself which I was able to do once I settled into the events.  With Lash Luke’s third place timing on the Speed and Accuracy I suspect that he will really be pushing for first place next year along with a host of young talent that is up and coming including a young man from North Carolina who came to the Western Showcase with his mother.  This year he sat in the audience and watched after receiving a couple of brand new stock whips from David Crain, but in the near future he will likely be out there with Luke ushering in a new generation.

And that is what pleases me most.  As Gery and I finished up our meals the kids were running around the Fairlawn enjoying themselves immensely.  In that dining room were most of the people the kids cared about, and they enjoyed the stimulating environment provided by these excessively creative individuals.  The children were unhindered by the kind of social norms most children have to contend with, and it showed clearly.  In the past I’ve reported about my trips to Annie Oakley with reverence for the “old days” dying in a dimly lit future but in the eyes of the young I saw new generations rising to the challenge to keep the Wild West Arts of America’s past from disappearing into a void of modern scrutiny.  I saw at the Fairlawn in 2013 the start of a new generation that holds the hope of America in their hands, and am confident that the task will not be fruitless.

Rich Hoffman

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The Secret of Ho Chi Minh: What Obama neglected to reveal

When it was time to leave, President of Vietnam Trương Tấn Sang, reportedly offered Obama a gift as the American President was visiting recently — a copy of a letter sent by Ho Chi Minh to Harry Truman.  Obama stated “we discussed the fact that Ho Chi Minh was actually inspired by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the words of Thomas Jefferson. Ho Chi Minh talked about his interest in cooperation with the United States.  President Sang indicated that even if it’s 67 years later, it’s good that we’re still making progress.”  I have told some of this story before.  Review by Clicking Here.  Of course Obama neglected to tell the rest of the story which he no doubt already knew but used this conversation with Sang to attempt to quell the newly fueled Tea Party movement which has gained momentum in the wake of the many Obama scandals with an obvious attempt to misdirect the current offensive.  Read more at the source article at The Blaze.

In 1911, working as the cook’s helper on a ship, Nguyễn Ái Quốc (later known as Ho Chi Man) traveled to the United States. From 1912–13, he lived in New York (Harlem) and Boston, where he worked as a baker at the Parker House Hotel. Among a series of menial jobs, he claimed to have worked for a wealthy family in Brooklyn between 1917–18, and for General Motors as a line manager. It is believed that, while in the United States, he made contact with Korean nationalists, an experience that developed his political outlook.[7]  As a young man Nguyễn had a problem, he wanted to get the French colonies out of his homeland of Vietnam and he wanted to learn from America by taking on odd jobs so he could perform the task.  The French had colonized Vietnam in much the way that England had occupied America so the future communist leader of Vietnam wanted to learn how to remove them using America as his revolutionary model.

At various points between 1913 and 1919, Nguyễn lived in West Ealing, and later in Crouch End, Hornsey. He reportedly worked as either a chef or dish washer [reports vary] at the Drayton Court Hotel in West Ealing.[8] It is claimed that Nguyễn trained as a pastry chef under Auguste Escoffier at the Carlton Hotel in the Haymarket, Westminster, but there is no evidence to support this.[7][9] However, the wall of New Zealand House, home of the New Zealand High Commission, which now stands on the site of the Carlton Hotel, displays a blue plaque, stating that Nguyễn worked there in 1913 as a waiter. Nguyễn was also employed as a pastry boy on the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry route in 1913.[10]  He was quite an adventurer stopping at nothing to learn all he could about the West so he could free his country from French occupation.

From 1919–23, while living in France, Nguyễn began to approach the political path, through his friend and Socialist Party of France comrade Marcel Cachin. Nguyễn claimed to have arrived in Paris from London in 1917, but the French police only had documents of his arrival in June 1919.[7] He joined in a group of Vietnamese nationalists in Paris whose leaders were Phan Chu Trinh and Phan Văn Trường, bearing a new name Nguyễn Ái Quốc (“Nguyễn the Patriot”). But before he contacted any of the radical socialists in France he attempted to gain audience with Woodrow Wilson during the Treaty of Versailles seeking help and advice from The United States as they divided up the world forming The League of Nations.  Much to Nguyễn’s distress, Wilson wanted nothing to do with meeting anybody from Vietnam or going against the wishes of his French host, so Nguyễn was abandoned and left to seek political advice elsewhere which is how he came into contact with socialists which he had also met in the streets of Harlem in The United States as the progressive era was coming into full swing.  Nguyễn naturally must have thought that socialism was the future of America as they spoke so highly of it during his visits, so he pursued that path as a way to free his nation from French occupation.   Citing the language and the spirit of the U.S. Declaration of Independence,  Nguyễn, had expected U.S. President Woodrow Wilson to help remove the French colonial rule from Vietnam and ensure the formation of a new, nationalist government. The future ruler had no idea that Wilson was trying to undo the Constitution, not preserve it with his own academic overthrow.  Since he was unable to obtain consideration at Versailles, the failure further radicalized Nguyễn, making him a symbol of the anti-colonial movement at home in Vietnam.[12]  That is the part of the story Obama conveniently left out in his meeting with President of Vietnam Trương Tấn Sang.

In 1920, as a representative in the Congress of Tours of Socialist Party of France, Quốc voted for the Third International and became a founding member of the Parti Communiste Français (FCP). Taking a position in the Colonial Committee of PCF, he tried to attract his comrades’ attention towards people in French colonies including Indochina, but his efforts were often unsuccessful. In this period he learned to write journal articles and short stories as well as running his Vietnamese nationalist group. In May 1922, Nguyễn wrote an article for a French magazine criticizing the use of English words by French sportswriters.[13] The article implores Prime Minister Raymond Poincaré to outlaw such Franglais as le manager, le round and le knock-out. While living in Paris, he reportedly had a relationship with a dressmaker named Marie Brière.[13]

The rest is history and within four decades The United State found itself attempting to defend their French ally in a war that was started because the Vietnamese people wanted independence from colonial rule in their country.  Nobody had listened to General Claire Chennault after World War II regarding the spread of communism across China so the mismanagement of the American government through many errors had placed themselves in a Catch 22 with Vietnam.  If they abandoned the French, they would have had to admit their mistake during the Treaty of Versailles and allowed the spread of communism across the entire Asian continent, funded by the Russians—America’s Cold War enemy.  All Ho Chi Minh wanted was to do to the French what America had done to the English in their own revolution.  Yet the help and support of freedom wasn’t there—instead, Ho Chi Minh ran into the statist progressive Woodrow Wilson who did not care about the individual rights of the Vietnamese, only the expansion of European dominance, which was the result of the Treaty of Versailles.  Wilson had been bitten by the seduction of communism that was flowing through-out the world because of Karl Marx, leaving Ho Chi Minh to seek refuge from with the communists in Europe.  Either way, revolutionaries by design only had communism to form their thoughts which was the strategy of communist expansion during the progressive era.

Obama hoped that nobody would know anything about the real story of Ho Chi Minh so that he could deconstruct the resistance to communism most Americans have due to the rhetoric of the Cold War.  Nothing politicians do at the level of Obama is an accident, and the meeting with modern Vietnamese leaders highlighting the similarities between communist led Ho Chi Minh and the Founding Fathers is a deliberate attack on the beliefs of most modern Americans who have little knowledge of history, particularly of the Vietnam War.  But the story is not that Ho Chi Minh was a communist who learned his behavior from the Founding Fathers, but was a revolutionary who was inspired by America—and even sought our help, but was turned away and miss managed by Woodrow Wilson at a crucial time in world history.  Ho Chi Minh was ultimately a creation of Woodrow Wilson and the failure of the progressives—which is not the truth that Obama will tell under any circumstances—even though he knows better.  Like most modern politicians with statist tendencies, they will lie and manipulate any fact to achieve their ends, and in the case of Ho Chi Minh, this is exactly what President Obama was trying to do.

Rich Hoffman

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Being Proud of American Exceptionalism: Understanding what a “neocon” is and isn’t

After the interview I did with Matt Clark featuring the life of Walt Disney and more specifically, American Exceptionalism there was of course some upset listeners, as there always is.  Listen to that broadcast by CLICKING HERE.  The term “American Excepitonalism” tends to set off tempers from the type of people who have been taught their entire lives that America should follow the trends of the rest of the world and not proudly proclaim the wonderful attributes that have come out of the freest country in the world–such as capitalism, human rights, individual freedom, and a quality of life that is unmatched anywhere.  Americans on the world stage have been told by virtually every government that as one of the youngest countries they need to respect their elders and yield to the social philosophies of older cultures and disregard their own.  This kind of mentality inspired Barack Obama upon his presidential election to go on his famous bowing around the world tour apologizing to the countries of Europe and elsewhere for American arrogance that had been displayed over the last couple of centuries.  Americans were told by progressive activists that The United States was not a good country and that we should all be paralyzed by guilt for the slavery that caused the Civil War, and that somehow all the good things in America were to be erased due to civil rights violations.

Well, the types of people who utter such nonsense are the enemies of America.  They forget that America willingly freed its slaves, which the King of England had started in the colonies, and under the American Constitution, slavery was abolished—a move that happened nowhere else in the world.  To this very day there is still slavery in Africa, all through the Middle-East and spanning along the northern shores of the Indian Ocean.  Women’s rights in the same region are equally appalling.  Only in America were such rights granted to women without destroying the economy.  Capitalism gave men, women, and children options that exist no place else anywhere in the world and freedom for all races, shapes and sizes of people more equally than any other country—so what is there to apologize for?

Americans have been taught by their government that The United States gained everything it achieved by consuming too many resources, and stepping on the rights of others across the world.  Such claims are equivalent to jealous classmates who swear that America cheated because they cannot fathom how it accomplished such wonderful attributes competitively.  It is in those types of people who find the term “American Exceptionalism” an offensive term, and it was those who were angry at Matt and me for even discussing it on his radio show.  After the broadcast there was a comment from a guy named Ben Cowan who said:

(American Exceptionalism) “a neocon made up term.  American experience is the real name, the founders were never arrogant or braggadocios about this country.”

–Ben CowanScreen shot 2013-07-22 at 8.47.54 AM

Matt’s response to Ben I thought was very kind, and as a radio personality he gets those types of comments all the time—and his answers are usually very diplomatic.  However, in this case I’d like to answer Ben in my own way as the terms he used in his comment deserve scrutiny.  A Neocon by definition is a conservative who supposedly disliked the social freedom of the 1960s. A neoconservative equals someone who became conservative as a reaction to the social freedom of the 1960s and 1970s.  The term braggadocios are considered empty boasting and swaggering self-aggrandizement.  Since I fully support the term “American Exceptionalism” then this means that by Ben’s comment that I am a neocon that is practicing braggadocios—and that I shouldn’t do so because the Founding Fathers didn’t perform the behavior.  But Ben is wrong and here’s why.  The Founding Fathers at the start of the American Experiment of 1776 did not boast because their philosophical theories were unproven at the time.  However, in 2013 the aspects of their philosophy that worked can be seen in the many attributes described at the beginning of this article.  The benefits to capitalism and the American Experience produced a unique type of person that had only been contemplated by philosopher fantasies prior to The Declaration of Independence.   Unlike 1773 to 1782 there is now a history to show how such a small country was able to have such a major impact on the world without having kings or queens to take the credit for such productive output.  Life in virtually every facet is better in America because of the philosophy of personal independence that is much larger than the “American Experience.”  The type of person that is produced under such a system of government is what is meant by “American Exceptionalism.”  The example that Matt and I discussed was Walt Disney, a man who could have only been produced under the American style of government focused on self-reliance, creative enterprise, and a focus on the greater good by impacting the individual at the level of their imagination.  The proof of American Exceptionalism is in the track record of success by individuals in America directly compared to individuals in other countries, such as China, India, Spain, Russia or anywhere else.  No country has produced individuals like Walt Disney so Uncle Walt is an example of American Exceptionalism, the same kind of exceptionalism that invented airplanes, electricity, and the telephone.  The same county that walked on the moon and set the standard for space flight, is the same country where even the poor are comparatively wealthy when compared to the villages of Africa, India, and Southeast Asia.  That is something to be proud of which must be termed American Excpetionalism.

When those who find such terms inconvenient or even uncomfortably true based on their personal philosophies, try to refute such truthful statements as to point out American Exceptionalism they must use an anti-concept to attempt to remove such definitions so that there is no standard to measure against the failures of other belief systems.  This is what Ben Cowen did when he attempted to put Matt and me on the defensive with name calling such as neocon and braggadocios.  The automatic reaction might be to say, “No we’re not,” then spend the rest of the conversation attempting to prove that we are not neocons or braggadocios.  While it’s true that I find the social freedoms of the 1960s and 1970s despicable it is not enough to call my thoughts those of a neocon which somehow refers my beliefs into the realm of radicalism.  In the interview with Matt, we had spent one hour talking about Walt Disney and our love of a period well before the 1960s that we relish.  That period would be called “classic American” not a neocon.  The radicalism is only in reference to the severe psychological differences that are the result of the destructive period referenced during the Hippie Era.  People who use the neocon term are those who fear losing the social gains made during the 1960s which violate the type of classic America I honor.  The only radicalism present is the accepted period of the 1960s version of America as opposed to the 1920s when Presidents like Calvin Coolidge were burning the midnight oil doing America’s business and Walt Disney was trying to get his company off the ground.

As for being a braggadocios, I say why not?  When an NFL player scores a touchdown, they celebrate, when a basketball player hits a deep three pointer, or slam dunks over an opposing player, they celebrate.  When a NASCAR driver wins a race they do burn outs in the middle of the track to celebrate their victory.  So why would Americans not brag about the cultural aspects of their society that they know are superior, such as the aviation industry, the computer industry, and the entertainment culture.  Look how many literary works are produced in The United States compared to other countries.  No other country comes close to The United States in thinking production and that is something to celebrate. Of those thinkers nobody took the business of thought to the level of Walt Disney who is an example of American Exceptionalism.  It is OK to pump our fists in the air as Americans and be proud of what we are.  It is disgraceful to apologize for being too good and American has been.  Its time to stop that, the Founding Fathers didn’t brag about their good fortune at the time because they weren’t sure the experiment would work.  But now we do know and its time to stop pandering to the type of people represented by Ben Cowan.  They are free to think what they want, but not free to dictate our actions with name calling.  It’s time to call them names, like apologists, wimps, detriments to the human race and a number of other things I can think of right off-hand that are not fit to write down.   But it’s not acceptable to just take what the hippies, the progressive loons; the America haters declare is the new line in the sand of social value.  That line has been drawn way too far to the left and its about time to move it radically back to where it should have been all along, in an era represented best by the finest example of American Exceptionalism that is universally known to the entire world – Walt Disney.  For anyone who wishes to argue against American Exceptionalism point to an example anywhere in the world of a similar personality born under the flag of socialism, communism, or any form of statism.  I am confident that there isn’t one, and nobody reading this will succeed in providing a single example and that is ultimately what people like Ben Cowan are angry at.  Calling us neocons, which coming from them is like being awarded a badge of honor, declares that they hate our social position, painting on my face a smile from ear to ear.  Ben………..I am braggadocios about this country.  So you better get used to it.

Rich Hoffman

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Little Nada Al-Ahdal: Escaping from arranged marriage to act like a proud American

An 11-year-old girl apparently from Yemen made an impassioned online plea for her parents to stop pressuring her into an arranged marriage which gained international attention.  In the video, brown-eyed Nada Al-Ahdal chastised her parents whom she called “criminal” and said she would rather die than be married off and throw her life away at such a young age.  For many Americans, the idea of arranged marriage is a radically foreign concept.  In America, the typical marriage arrangement is one of choice where two individuals pick one another for a shared life.  However, in many countries, even to this very day, marriages are arranged with the belief that the sacrifice of a bride to a well-connected groom is acceptable so that a family can prosper through the marriage.  Daughters are often traded away into marriages to perceptively strong families so that collectively the whole family will rise in public stature.

The idiocy of this belief may seem remote in The United States, but it is closer to home than many believe.  As England produced from the Royal Vagina a new baby, the world clamored to the news like mosquitoes in an early summer evening after a heavy rain.  Just for being born to a member of the Royal family, a future King of England was born.  The future King did nothing to earn the merit, yet the people of England chose to believe that there was something special about the Royal blood flowing through the new-born baby who has done nothing to earn such a social role.  There are many thousands of Englishmen who are far more qualified to be King of England based on merit, yet a baby born of Kate Middleton was given the title because of the family he was born in.

When parents attempt to arrange the marriage of their children, they are attempting to create social alliances that will benefit them in the economic world through politics and status.  The individual desires of the marriage party are of a secondary concern.  Young women in many cultures throughout the world are expected to marry spouses chosen by someone besides themselves.  In the case of this young 11-year-old Yemen girl, she only wanted the opportunity to be a little girl.  She does not want to be a wife.  She does not want to be the bed partner of a perfect stranger who can do by law whatever he pleases to her body any time he wishes.  Yet her parents were willing to trade her away in an arranged marriage so that they could earn through her life improvements to theirs.

People, who think like this, even in The United States, are the type of people who become progressives.   They are collectivists who believe that the sum of the social whole is greater than any individual.  The parents of Nada Al-Ahdal believe that the little girl’s life is subservient to their needs as a family.  The situation with this family is more obvious than the American socialite who tries to get their daughters married to some perceived powerful person like a doctor, a lawyer, or a politician because of the influence of pull that the arrangement will provide.  These mentalities have their origin in Europe and are of the same type who camped out for weeks in London to witness the birth of a Royal Prince.  The willingness to believe that a family has more merit over other families just because society has said so is the kind of belief that drives a statist society.   The belief that value is something that some people are born with as opposed to others is to not understand what gives people value—but to assume that it is granted by chance, political pull, or even heredity.  Arranged marriages, belief in Royal blood, or astrologers who believe the character of a child is shaped by the position of the sun, moon and stars in the heavenly sky are the cheerleaders of statism.  The hidden epitaphs of this statist behavior is a fear of taking responsibility for their lives, and instead are happy to throw their lives away on chance so that some mystical powers beyond their knowledge are responsible for the misery they issue to their existence.

For any Englishman to behold beyond tabloid amusement the realization that an unproven baby is qualified to be King of a nation is to shrug responsibility away from their lives and surrender their very souls to the state.  For a family to wish away their 11-year-old daughter in exchange for some alliance with another family is to shrug away their responsibility as individuals to bring fortune to themselves by their own merit.  Their actions are the same as the head-hunters of New Guinea who believed that by eating their enemies, they could gain power over their rivals.

In America these goofy ideas of arranged marriages and worshiping kings was rejected by the Declaration of Independence.  Collectivism in all forms was rejected.  In Europe the Troubadours  from France in the 13th Century were among the first people in the world to reject this collectivist notion of arranged relationships and their evolution became the norm in America.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE.  The behavior of families in Yemen who have no value for the lives of individual women, even children who are only 11 years old, is a pre-evolution social behavior that belongs in the camp ground of a Neanderthal.  And the behavior of England who collectively chanted behind their facades of socialism for the birth of their future king, they are only a step outside that same campfire as they yearn to elect a village chief to instruct them of their life’s direction.  The reason that America is the greatest country on earth is because it has a tradition of appreciating merit, and merit is obtained through individuality, which is nurtured by embracing such factors in their relationships.  In America the family traditionally is designed to invoke individual growth in their children.  In collectivist societies, the children exist to serve the collective family—who is just a microcosm of society at large.  The individuality is removed, and sacrifice is the dominate belief.

Little Nada Al-Ahdal from Yemen is only guilty of wanting to be a little girl who has the same opportunities as any American girl has—the right to marry whom she pleases, and perhaps raise a child of that union to be a king if they chose to be.  There is a reason that women in Yemen commit suicide when they realize they hate the husbands that their families have arranged for them, their country gives them no way out of the imprisonment. Nada is in the context of her culture a remarkable young woman.  When I hear her speak I think of Jasmine from the Disney film Aladdin and it would not surprise me if the little girl did not have a someone special in her life who showed her that great American classic so to inspire her to live like Jasmine and deny an arranged marriage so that she would be free to pursue the man of her dreams.  It took guts for little Nada to make such a bold proclamation to the public and I respect her for it. 

I would say that 11-year-old Nada Al-Ahdal is no longer a little girl from Yemen, but has taken the bold steps into becoming an American and claiming her life for her own right.  It is the American concept of individual recognition that she seeks, and because of her social refusal, she deserves it as she speaks for a countless horde of unfortunate young women who find themselves arranged in marriage by a social structure that sees them as needed sacrifice for the gods of benefit to rain upon an ignorant society.  Any society that believes such arranged marriages are a positive practice for their citizens is clearly functioning from ignorance, and thank goodness that within such seas of corrupt fools there are bold young women like Nada who are more like Americans living in the country of Yemen than most Americans living in New York City who are behaving like Yemenites.

Rich Hoffman

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