The Education Bubble: Lakota schools leads the way to American collapse of learning

One of the greatest collapses that is headed for American culture is the education bubble, which I would argue burst a long time ago, but is just now being felt by the general population.  Every time I hear the nonsensical statements by my home public school of Lakota demand more money for a teaching profession that is antiquated at best, to provide results for students in their future college endeavors, I think of how sadly blind they are to the conditions of our day.  Colleges are too expensive; the professors charge too much money for teaching children left-leaning political views.  The skills children learn in college are nearly worthless to producing a positive GDP in The United States and with a tuition growth of over 7% a year; the funding model has become impossibly too expensive as it has outpaced the general consumer index that rests just over 3%.  For every parent who has spent their life savings on a child to go to college, they have wasted their money.  They have been scammed by progressive thieves’ intent to reshape American culture from self-reliance, to one of dependency, and they have charged our society into debt to fund our own demise.  An entire generation of children who believed the great college lie that has been advocated by public education institutions to justify their ever-increasing taxes on property values has sold America a car without an engine.  It looked good on the outside, but will take nobody anywhere, except down a hill.  College graduates in 2013 are leaving their schools with debt in the six figures and unable to find jobs that will help them pay back their massive debts.  The problem is articulated well in the below video.  Watch and take plenty of notes.  This information is critical.

Not only are young college graduates from age thirty-five to twenty-five leaving college with six figure debt, they are discovering that they cannot make enough money to buy a home because they cannot find jobs that will pay them anywhere close to a value that would allow them to do both, pay their college loans, and pay for a mortgage.  That means that financing a car is out of the question.  It means that yearly vacations are not a possibility.  It also means that getting married and having kids is the last thing on their mind, as their only means of survival is to hopefully live with their parents until some of their college debt is paid off.  If those same young graduates have to spend $500 to $1000 a month on an apartment, then home buying will be out of the question for them, as they will never crawl out from under the massive pile of debt placed upon their heads by their parents who advocated the Great Society of Lyndon Johnston.  That society turned out to be just another failed progressive experiment, and the debts are coming due on our current college aged graduates.

Recently the government school in my town, Lakota, announced that they were going to try for yet another tax increase even though they are experiencing declining enrollment.  The number one reason that Lakota has for asking for more money is due to the new teachers’ union contract that is coming up in 2014.  In the education field public schools all across America like Lakota are on an unsustainable path of finance.  They have no idea how to pay for their extraordinary teacher wage rates of over $60K per year.  They simply ask for more taxes every couple of years as collective bargaining laws prevent proper management of those rates of pay.  Colleges have been doing the exact same thing, but instead of hitting the tax payers for more money with property levy increases, they have simply raised tuition rates each year by 7% or more.  The cause of the increases is not new buildings, more text books, or better technology, but the impact of having too much staff that makes over six figures per year.  Kind-hearted suburban parents have been conned into saving $50,000 to $100,000 over a 20-year period to basically flush it down the toilet on over-paid liberal teachers who attempt to teach everything those same parents spent a lifetime teaching their children.  Those poor children who do not drop out of college as they quickly discover that higher education is not going to take them where they wanted to go, enter the job market unable to participate in adult society as they are so saddled with debt that the concept of having children, or grandchildren is simply out of the question.  And those who do have children have absolutely no way to save money to pay for college for their grown children.  There is no way they could do what their parents did and save money for twenty years to flush down the toilet on their own offspring once they’ve grown.  These poor saps will still be paying their student loans which are sometimes bigger than their home mortgages.

If educators were so smart, then why can’t they see that the money they are consuming today will not be there tomorrow?  After all, doesn’t it make logical sense?  Well, again looking at the Lakota school system which has for years shown a distinct arrogance toward finance, as though their personal desires and wishes could overcome reality, currently they are asking for a tax increase of an additional $168 annually per $100,000 of home when their student enrollment has dropped 9% since 2010 and is projected to decline at the same rate for the next decade.  That kind of math is why all public schools are failing, whether they are in Lebanon, Forest Hills, Fairfield, or any government school in the nation.  They are all failing because they do not apply value to their employees treating them all with equal pay, which is not tied to results. This mentality has carried over to college professors who see themselves as more important than public education teachers, so their pay is noticeably higher.  At Lakota the average teacher pay is over $63K per year which provides some perspective on why college tuition rates are so enormously high.  The education bubble has expanded just as discussed in the video above, to the point where it has burst leaving everyone with a gooey slime behind to clean up.

There is no way to save the system at this point.  Public education is just as complicit as the colleges in the matter of the mammoth scam performed against the tax paying public.  Both are concoctions of large government sadism as it was devised by command of the Department of Education.  They are the result of failed policies, failed philosophy, and failed politics.  The money wasted on property taxes by the same tax payers who have saved up fortunes to send their children to college have been hit from two directions and there is no savings left for them to spend anywhere.  When Medicaid and Social Security run out of money in 2026 and their children are filing massive bankruptcy for homes they can’t pay for because they can’t pay off their college debts, the parents won’t even be able to turn to their kids for help.  Nobody will have any money…………that is except the teachers who have all retired at age 55 with the vast fortunes they’ve looted from the tax payers.

The bubble has already burst, and the system has already collapsed.  The people who don’t yet want to admit it are the members of the teaching profession who are 5 to 10 years away from that glory day of retirement, and the absent-minded parents who want free education for their children because they either lack the self-esteem to teach their own kids, or the financial horsepower to send them to private schools that do a far better job than the government does.  Everyone else is dealing with the tragic reality of such a terribly failed system that was concocted by such half-baked minds.  For those poor debt-ridden college students who cannot find a job to pay for their educational studies in women’s peer groups, or green-house conductivity, the best jobs they could hope to enter are those that put food on the table for their grandparents, whom they most likely hardly ever met–the plumbers, the car manufacturers, the electricians, and the warehouse workers.  The best thing a prospective worker could do is to work at something that actually has value, and produces something, instead of another worthless benchwarmer sitting in another cubical in a leased building that will rise and fall in business prospects within a 10 year time.  A society cannot be successful in this fashion, and that is what colleges and public schools have been instructing our society and charging a fortune for the service which has collapsed on itself in our present time.

Rich Hoffman

“Justice Comes with the Crack of a Whip’!”