The Zombies of Lakota: Voting NO on tax increases to turn a nightmare into a dream

Lakota has projected declining student enrollment for the next 7 years and the $20 million that has been cut out of the budget over the last 3 years reflects the roughly 9% enrollment decline that has occurred at Lakota over that span.  Yet, the school board is pursuing a tax increase anyway in spite of the downward demand for their services and is ignoring all the economic facts of reality.  To sell the levy this time around in 2013 the administrators are using tested buzz words like “security” and “technology” as a way to justify their excessive spending, but there is something more sinister behind the ploy that I have just now identified.  I have called the levy supporters at Lakota everything from “looters” to “prostitutes” because of their desire to steal money from the community with coercive tax increases but neither of those definitions properly captures the cannibalistic nature of the Lakota levy addicts.  Calling them “latte sipping prostitutes” was actually a compliment compared to the actual reality.  A prostitute makes a conscious decision to sell themselves in exchange for something—but these modern levy supporters at Lakota seem to not even have that much conscious thought about the matter.  With the announcement of this 2013 levy, that leaves only one option for the nature of the levy supporters.  They are simply mindless zombies addicted to the financial resources of the Liberty Township and West Chester communities and like their movie counterparts who roam about half dead looking to suck the life out of any human being that crosses their path, these Lakota Zombies wish to do the same but on a massive scale attacking businesses, and property values to feed their unfathomable appetites for destruction.

The Zombies of Lakota are mindless drones who march about without a thought in their minds and simply repeat slogans created for them by the organized labor force to gather up enough funds to feed their democratic politicians.  The slogans are designed to make them appear like everyone else in the community so that they can get close enough to suck the life out of another taxpaying victim.  They utter phrases like “it’s all for the children,” “schools are operating efficiently,” and “technology is needed to teach children in a global marketplace.”  But the real intention is to get close enough to voters so that they can suck the life out of them through taxation for mindless teacher contracts that only feed more mindless political drones in Columbus through lobby power, a lobby that will place more tax paying victims upon an altar to be consumed by the Zombies of Public Education.

There simply isn’t any other explanation for the type of people who are not cognizant to the facts of reality.  Zombies move about like normal human beings, yet they don’t ever seem conscious of any mode of living beyond the mindless consumption of others to sustain themselves, and this is what the Zombies of Lakota are doing.  They have been told how to balance their budget by people who are good at such things, and they have ignored all the advice.  In the case of Lakota in 2013 they need to have major labor reductions to deal with the reduced enrollment, but the Zombies of Lakota only know to consume.  Talking to them is like speaking to a zombie that just looks blankly at you and drools not hearing a word that is spoken unless it involves the consumption of tax dollars.  Then they grunt and get excited at the prospect of higher taxes the way movie zombies crave blood.

The Zombies of Lakota feature an endless parade of drones that speak absent-mindedly in support of higher taxes to feed their spawns.  With each new levy there have been new zombies to take up the argument constructed for them by organized labor to justify the community sacrifice of their wealth for the construction of more zombies perpetuating an endless cycle of Obama voters and environmental wackos that are produced by modern public education.  They say the same thing year after year, levy after levy, even when the conditions have changed.  It is incomprehensible to them to consider proper budget management by means of wage reductions, employee reductions, or by actually using technology to save on labor overhead.  Instead they simply utter their slogans and grunt for higher taxes.

In the movies zombies are usually defeated easily in the daylight hours and can be easily outmaneuvered as they lack independent thought.  They are only dangerous if you let them get too close and get caught in one of their traps.  The Zombies of Lakota are defeated by presenting the facts to them which makes them shrivel up in pain like a demon that has had Holy Water thrown upon their foreheads.  Facts destroy the Zombies of Lakota, facts like their need to lay off workers in the years to come instead of paying the staff they have currently for a job that isn’t needed do to the declining enrollment.  But the traps the zombies set are in their campaign slogans where they attempt to appeal to the rational and sane by exploiting children for their endless desire for consumption.

The Zombies of Lakota can appear to look the same way as any sane voter who will typically vote NO on all tax increases.  They can look like normal people by dressing like them, walking like them, and even smelling like them…………..but they aren’t normal.  The dead giveaway is when the zombies declare that the district has done all it can, and that children are suffering as a result.  If a persona says something to that effect, they are a Zombie of Lakota, and they are looking to suck the life out of you without a care for your well-being.  They are mindless automatons unable to think outside of their own hunger for tax revenue.

This fall of 2013 when Halloween howls haunted fantasies into the chilled night air the Zombies of Lakota will be out in full force looking to pass a tax increase on voters for the November ballot.  They will hit the streets walking from door to door attempting to consume more victims, they will be out in full force at football games, at grocery stores, on street corners attempting to suck the life of the people who live in the district with no thought of what comes on the day after, but their never-ending hunger for more…….more……..and more tax money.  The Zombies of Lakota are coming, and they are looking for victims.  The ways to beat them is to Vote No on the upcoming levy and send them back to the places where dreams become nightmares.  A failure to do so will only make more of them until sooner or later the world will be filled with the Zombies of Lakota who are parasites to everything that is good and profitable.

Rich Hoffman

“Justice Comes with the Crack of a Whip!”

6 thoughts on “The Zombies of Lakota: Voting NO on tax increases to turn a nightmare into a dream

  1. Oh Rich, so glad to read the “cease-fire” is off. Bob is ready, willing and able to hop in the car and come lend support:):)


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