Sex in Lakeland Florida: Police abuse women because statism allows them to

Just a few years ago criticizing public employees like cops, firefighters, and teachers was considered extremely taboo.  If you did it, you were called names by the statist establishment.  Prior to getting involved with the Zombies of Lakota I was like a lot of people, I suspected that bad things were going on in the world, especially government, but I didn’t know to what extent.  Once I discovered to what radical measures public employees would embark to protect their social image, I became more outraged with each passing week culminating in the writing of my most recent novel, Tail of the Dragon which is becoming something of a libertarian cult classic as it is extremely critical of public employees.  It is so much so that my editor thought a lot of the behavior described in the book was made up, when in fact I had done extensive research into the behavior of the Tennessee Highway Patrol to make sure I did not unfairly portray them in my massive car chase story.  Now, more people are starting to feel more comfortable talking about their bad experiences with public employees as the taboo is being removed—justifiably so.  As I travel around Florida quite a lot and consider it a second home, a recent outbreak of stories caught my attention involving the Lakeland police department that deserves extreme criticism.  But before diving into those events, it must first be explored why public employees are prone to corruption.

The trouble with tax payer funded jobs no matter what level they are provided is that they encourage employees to comply with rules and regulations that are not constructed by their own minds.  Public employees, most likely every one of them, hope to bring meaning to their own lives by sacrificing their efforts to social causes—like teaching, fighting fires, or doing police work.  However all those positions are often controlled by labor unions, which are driven toward liberal politics by generating revenue to support progressive social policies.  The duality of this problem informs the workers that they are simply cogs in the system and that the statism of that system is more important than their individual needs.  Young employees tend to be deeply ideological toward statism while older employees are often broken mentally by their retirements.  This leaves employees in the in-between phases—somewhere around the 7 to 15 years of employment mark–to be deeply corrupt morally, and ethically and it is this group of public employees that often get involved in the sex scandals that are raging in public schools and on police forces.  Their minds are bored as their wages are often very good, yet the contents of their jobs are not stimulating.  Cops spend a lot of time waiting for something to happen and most weeks of the year, there isn’t much to do especially in a community like Lakeland, Florida which is a direct benefactor to the Disney World boom of Orlando.  Because of the extra tourism dollars that come to Lakeland from Orlando, the cops there have nice new cars, a nice police station, and more employees on staff than they really need which of course is sold to the community as “safety.”  But the reality is that there are a lot of public employees who are paid a lot of money to not think, and to simply go with the flow of the system—put in their time and retire with a wonderful pension.  In the meantime, they look for some way to live out their individualities through acts of rebellion prior to surrendering to the statism of the systems they work for.

In Lakeland Sue Eberle, aged 37, has told officials that she had consensual and sometimes coerced sex with police officers and firefighters, and that she once was propositioned by a city worker in Lakeland. Eberle’s accounts of the liaisons were largely corroborated by her sexual partners and others within the police department, and published in a graphic, 59-page report written in an incredulous tone by the county’s top prosecutor. It said the department’s problems investigating crimes might be caused by some high-ranking officers being more interested in having sex with Eberle than doing their jobs.  In essence Sue Eberle was the victim of sexual abuse as a child so she had boundary issues apparently, and once the police department found out about it as Eberle was also a public employee, they psychologically took advantage of the woman to have frequent sex with her all over Lakeland which the entire police force including superior officers knew about.  Read more at the link below:

Eberle is married to an understanding husband who seems to really want to help her with her issues, and most of the police were married also.  Apparently in Lakeland nobody cares about such promiscuous sex.  But what is worse is the massive display of collectivism that occurred within the police department which can only be compared to a bunch of high school kids who wish to exploit the class slut to experiment sexually so they can gain experience. The Lakeland police were sharing the body of Sue Eberle without a care in the world to the impact it might have on her husband, or even their own families and they all knew that each other were involved in sexual liaisons with the woman.  The practice was so common that it was a joke within the department where even senior officials blew the behavior off as commonplace.

Yet the abuse was not regulated to just the public employees in Lakeland where police were able to live out their individual fantasies of imposing their manhood upon a yielding female, because the target was too easy.  Some of those police officers looked for ways to turn up the heat on the civilian population.  The cause of all this sexual deviancy of course is the modern trend of confusing men who biologically are alpha males and telling them that in the context of their spouses they are supposed to be betas.  Men are told to yield to women who are convinced that they are supposed to be alpha as well.  Two alpha’s in a sexual/business relationship like marriage causes conflict which both parties avoid by living separate lives within the household sexually and emotionally.  Men who know they cannot be alpha males in their own homes will seek to create a caricature of themselves elsewhere where they can at least pretend to be strong alpha males even as they may appear to be yielding beta males socially.  Visit any gentleman club, or check the client listing of any escort service and hundreds of thousands of such men will be discovered.  For more on this read my article about Fifty Shades of Gray.  CLICK HERE. The problem is one of the most destructive trends in modern society and is exacerbated when public employees who are crippled psychologically are given power over other human beings as authority figures.

A Lakeland, Florida police officer recently asked a woman to lift up her shirt, bearing her midriff, and shake out her bra during a traffic stop that is being investigated for the “highly questionable” and “demeaning” search method, the Ledger, a Lakeland newspaper, reported.  Zoe Brugger was pulled over by Lakeland Police Officer Dustin Fetz on May 21 for driving with a broken headlight. She was then found to be driving without a valid license as well. But the Ledger reported State Attorney Investigator Mike Brown’s report saying what happened during the stop was a violation of Brugger’s constitutional rights.  It is obvious the Officer Fetz enjoyed having power over the very compliant Brugger, and her compliance fed the ego of the officers prompting them like drug addicts to pursue more investigation to get their mental, and sexual fix.  Read more at the link below:

It is obvious that Lakeland, Florida has too many police officers as there isn’t much to do but to have sex with other employees, and harass citizens during routine traffic stops.  The cause of the corruption was government convincing the voters of Lakeland that for their own safety they needed to hire a large police force that they didn’t need to feed off tax dollars so that they could harass the tax payers with authority given to them by the state.  Because the police jobs were created to fulfill the desires of statism and not logical need, the positions were filled by employees that are dangerous psychologically and given authority over the innocent by means that violate individual rights.  The acts of sex that have been discovered in Lakeland are rampant in virtually every community.  I know a lot of cops, and have known many more in communities from West Virginia to the upper counties of Ohio and the stories of what has happened in Lakeland can be found in nearly every policing district to some extent.  Lakeland is not the exception, but the general rule.  Anytime there are state employees that are given authority over others, abuses are found.

My anger at this statist system of thought is the underlining theme of my novel Tail of the Dragon.  For those who share that anger, I would suggest reading it and enjoying with great fanfare the act of rebellion that reading that book represents against the statism of our modern age which values beta men who would rather cry over spilt milk, than to show any level of grit in the face of danger.   The sexual deviancy of the police in Lakeland is endemic of the type of people who are attracted to public sector jobs, and those types of people should not be given authority over others.  So long as it continues abuses will continue.  The dialogue that is currently present is only touching the tip of an iceberg as these corruptions have persisted over many years.  Only now are people beginning to admit that they do not enjoy trading their individual sanctity for security.  However, there are more than ever due to social breakdowns, people like Sue Eberle who might appear as a perfectly rational human being at the grocery store, but has within her mind open doors imposed upon her as a child by trusted family members who taught her that open coercive sex is the norm.  Those people vote, and in a democracy since they have no moral barriers against statist behavior do not see the fallacy of their involvement.  They vote for every school levy, every fire levy, and every police levy because they believe that their society will be safe if those employees are present when exactly the opposite is true.  Society is safer when public employees are reduced and statism is kept out of communities allowing individuality to reign as the ruling factor over the tyranny of the power-hungry public employees who have been given authority to act out their deepest, darkest fantasies while being paid by the tax payer to be social deviants all in the name of justice.

Sue Eberle is not alone…………………….

Rich Hoffman

“Justice Comes with the Crack of a Whip!”