The Fuzzy Math of Lakota’s Zombies: Short-sighted public workers destroy communities

The Zombies of Lakota are back with more fuzzy math that only a brain-dead caricature of flesh-eating cannibalism could justify.  Lakota as a school district has lost 1,454 students since the 2009-2010 school year is looking to raise taxes on all residents by about $192 annually per $100,000 home.  That means most homes in the Lakota district will pay $400 dollars more a year over and above what they pay now while many business owners will see an increase of up to $10,000 more a year on properties valued at around $5 million, which is quite common.  When the Zombies of Lakota say that the tax increases are marginally small, they do not take into account such large figures, but simply assume that the good nature of local residents will be gullible enough to pay just a bit more in taxes to overcome their internal management deficiencies.

The Zombies of Lakota know that they have a teacher contract that is up in June of 2014 and they need the money to pay for long promised raises for their current employees.  Also, Lakota due to the declining enrollment of nearly 1,500 students has lost $5,700 in state funding for each of those students.  Yet to explain it all away to the community they have stated that their November 5.5 mill continuous levy they wish to add to the current 33.5 mills of effective millage will give them $13.8 million of additional revenue to invest $13.5 million into a multi-year technology upgrade, $6.3 million in upgraded security including seven additional security personnel, and an extra $2.8 million in programming each year.  The math is something only a brain-dead zombie could make sense of, because anybody with a brain can clearly see the scam for what it is.

Lakota is looking over the next 5 to 7 years of reducing their student population back to nearly the level it was when I went to school there, well before there were two high schools and nearly 20 elementary schools.  Many of those schools in the near future will have to be closed due to a lack of students to fill them, likely a third, possibly half of them.  The costs for young families with school aged children to move into the Liberty Twp/West Chester area is just too high, leaving only mature empty-nesters able to afford homes with an average price of over $200K.  Yet to the north of Lakota in the neighboring district of Monroe 111 students who participated in open enrollment last year are being turned away because the school is too full.  Monroe stated that they do not have enough teachers or buildings to accommodate everyone.  Monroe property values are lower than those in Lakota, so more starter families are picking Monroe and other communities to the north of Lakota to buy homes, where taxes are not yet too high, and average home values are still between $100K and $200K.  Years ago when the communities of Princeton, Springdale, and Evendale were collapsing on themselves due to high taxation, Lakota enjoyed the spillover effect as new families moved north to avoid the inflated home prices and high taxes.  Now it is Lakota that has the high taxes, the inflation and a desperate need for better social management.

Lakota should be looking to cut massive amounts of their staff in recognition of their business climate, but like blood thirsty zombies, they only look for more hides off the backs of tax payers to pay for their mismanagement.  By seeking a tax increase Lakota hopes to avoid the difficult decision of massive lay-offs, which must happen and the closure of a percentage of their 22 school buildings so they can consolidate resources.  Instead of making hard decisions administrators are considering to hire security staff and cameras on buildings that will soon be empty shells.  The Zombies of Lakota will continue to cry for more periods of learning going from 6 back to 7 and bringing back music and art along with early literacy in kindergarten through third grade, elements to education that should have never been cut to start with.  The intention ahead of the cuts were to extort the community to pass school levies, and it didn’t work, so like mindless zombies the administrators are retreating from their previous position as their enrollment has dropped, and people are voting with their feet.  Students are enrolling where the property is cheaper and the taxes are less.  But those home owners move to Monroe so they can at least be near the kind of businesses that are in Lakota which are valued at $5 million per property.  Many of the strip malls around Lakota are set at around that value.  For the property owners to absorb the cost of the tax increase they will have to pass the rates off onto their tenets which would be around $2000 a year for each business.  That means the little corner coffee shop, pizza place, Chinese restaurant, hair cut specialist, even the nail salons will have to pay $2000 more a year above the high cost that they currently pay.  Monroe residents enjoy driving south to participate in these wonderful benefits to the economy, but they return home to Monroe where the costs are cheaper to live.  In Lakota this is why Tri-County used to be so popular as residents would drive south to enjoy the businesses there.  But as public transportation began to bus in more residents from Section 8 communities Lakota and Mason shoppers showed a desire to stay in their communities which sparked a building boom for business.  The result is that the once thriving Tri-County Mall is now bankrupt.

This kind of mindless management is what is expected from the Zombies of Lakota who are simply copying the mindless behavior of the zombies of Princeton, the Zombies of Finnytown, the Zombies of Wyoming, and the Zombies of Evendale from years past who all thought that they could endlessly pursue tax increases to the sum of their perpetual survival only to find that all they succeeded in doing was creating a society of zombies all trying to consume each other rather than being productive.

The Zombies of Lakota are the single greatest threat to a thriving community, they consume the true value of a district in favor of immediate gratification so to avoid the hard decisions of real management.  At Lakota, unlike the other communities mentioned from the past, the value of the community is still high before declining enrollment has hit the schools making the solution easy for everyone to see.  Lakota must lay off their employees and districts like Monroe, Middletown, and Franklin may have to pick them up, but Lakota cannot keep its staff at its current levels.  Everyone with a brain can see the situation clearly, except of course the drooling zombies who seen nothing but consumption on their immediate horizons.  That is why a No vote in the November election is so important.  It will help the rest of the community learn who the zombies are and who they aren’t.  A NO vote of course means that a person is a rational thinking human being.  A YES vote means that the voter is simply a slithering thoughtless zombie that is trying to destroy the Lakota district with short-sightedness, and blood thirsty tax consumption.  The math for the Zombies of Lakota tells a story that is not good for their kind, yet they ignore it anyway, to their own detriment. If Lakota is to succeed into the future, the zombies must be defeated, and to do that, a NO vote at the ballot box is ever more important than it has ever been.  The value of the community depends on it.

Rich Hoffman

“Justice Comes with the Crack of a Whip!”