How to Stop Racism: Who cares what Eric Holder says?

Who cares what Eric Holder said about the George Zimmerman acquittal or Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law?  Isn’t Holder a criminal?  Isn’t he guilty of deaths from his own actions, and destruction of individual rights performed on a mass scale?   If Holder were not the top cop of the United States Government wouldn’t he find himself in jail for the same types of crimes he accuses others of?   Of course a criminal is going to wish that “Stand Your Ground” laws were obsolete, so that their crimes can be committed against others more easily.  So his comments have no merit as he should be the one on trial, not George Zimmerman, who already had his day in court.  But Holder’s foolish comments were not the most ridiculous comments that came forth in the wake of the Zimmerman murder trial in Sanford, Florida.  The dumbest comments of all came from those crying for an end to racism in America upon the Zimmerman acquittal.  Out of all the news outlets and commentators who make millions upon millions of dollars giving statements and providing opinions no one has delivered a way to rid America of racism when the accusations have been so extreme once Zimmerman was found not guilty.  So I will provide the answer where others have failed.

The way to end racism is to stop using skin color as a weapon to advance collective causes and level the playing field for all individuals by allowing merit to determine all benefits in society.  When any collective group demands “equality” they are asking for thuggish democracy to take away resources from someone and give to another so that all can have equal value.  This allows people of low value to make themselves appear to have a higher value by lowering the value of others through legalized theft (income redistribution).  People of low value may have such a status because they made bad decision in life—such as drinking too much, smoking marijuana so that they cannot hold good paying jobs that require drug tests, or having children where there is not a responsible male in a household to help provide family structure.  People who do dumb things in their lives often seek the protection of social collectivism to hide their crimes and the only way vacant personalities can find value where they have squandered it away is to take it away from someone else.

Racism has given such collective groups the illusion of value.  By seeking equality they really mean “wealth redistribution.”  This is why such groups who advocate racial inequality always fail to identify the value of human beings as a criterion for equality.  Rather the true meaning of equality is to allow all races, all sexes, all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds of all people to have equal access to success.  Racial groups wish to stack the odds of success in their favor with democratic force through collectivism rather than individual merit.  This is why racism advocates for more power and so-called “equality” do not support political candidates like Herman Cain, or Dr. Ben Carson.  In the racism debate men who have achieved success based on individual merit no matter what their skin color are always overlooked, because the goal of the equal rights movement is not equal access to success, as men like Carson and Cain represent, but in the ability to level the economic playing field of society by cutting down the high spots and filling the low spots with displaced value.

To end racism tomorrow, all society would need to do would be to recognize the value of merit.  Those who work to achieve good merit in their lives would all have equal access to value, while those who chose not to work in such a way would find themselves lacking.   If the entire world functioned from a desire to be good ethically, morally, socially—good in every respect of the  word, there would be no racism because there would be no advantage of one gang of thugs over another.  No group would have dominance over any other, as they would all be irrelevant.  After all, isn’t it the desire of the black groups to take power from the perceived, “white man” or the “white supremacists” to take power from the “one world order” or the women from the men, or the men from the women, or the children from their parents, or the public sector worker from the private—all the mentioned are aspects of society that are lacking individual merit and seek their value in the safety of collectivism.  That is where the trouble begins and ends.  The way to end racism is to judge others on individual merit, not by any group affiliation.  When the incentive to gang rule is removed, the issue of racism will be put to rest.

In the wake of the Zimmerman verdict, gangs took to the streets at all political levels to exploit the tragic death for their own social positions, using democratic imposition to force rules on society that is ultimately designed to rob value from once social sector to provide another what it’s missing.  The behavior is as stupid as a village of hunters and gathers fighting over the watering hole of an animal both are hunting, or a bunch of foolish Europeans fighting over one version of religion over another.   Collective groups are the source of the trouble because they seek to hide individual merit behind their social blanket allowing poor behavior and decisions to be supplemented by the value of others in their group.   In every case, such as the would-be criminal Eric Holder, or the members of the Black Panthers, or any of the radical demonstrators who took to the streets to vandalize property like a bunch of malcontents when Zimmerman was found not guilty—the demand is not for justice of a slain kid, the demand is for an improvement in social status without the work of actually earning it.  Behind the actions of the hoards who are declaring “equality” are drug addicts, womanizers, jobless buffoons, welfare recipients, child molesters, victims of the molested, and a whole host of characters who are lacking personal value for one reason or the other and find it is much easier to steal value from others to fill themselves than actually doing the work of being good people of good merit.  That is what racism is all about, and why it will never go away so long as groups of any kind are given sway over other groups in a perpetual battle for value that is unearned.

Rich Hoffman

“Justice Comes with the Crack of a Whip!”

9 thoughts on “How to Stop Racism: Who cares what Eric Holder says?

  1. yes, yes and more yes–what really struck me was that the people decrying this verdict were some of the same people jumping up and down with joy when OJ was aquitted. Pot-kettle anyone?


      1. Seriously, yes you hit a nerve with your post tonite. Of course there is yet another scandal…. Sinners are rewarded at Lakota…….do tell!!


  2. I hate to jump the shark on an important essay.
    I read the comments last night and was hoping I’d have better composure post sandman. Turns out when my feet hit the floor today I was madder than ever. I’m chomping at the bit to read tonights post. Recently I’ve had to let shit roll off my back knowing the score. Blatant rape of taxpayers to prop up predators is the line in the sand! I could barely finish the article. It’s sooooo in your face fuck you I couldn’t believe it. The self proclaimed communists that are giving this a pass is typical and more conditioning of the parents to accept anything. Paying for it and accepting their bullshit is straight up frogs in a pot. I pray hard the community does not turn a blind eye and sends a clear message that red diapers will not be tolerated or forced upon West Chester Ohio.

    Time to get dirty TKR.


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