Northwest Schools Thank Voters for School Levy: Oral sex and pot smoking at a teacher’s home

It may seem unfair to public schools to measure the behavior of their teachers off so many cases of bad conduct.  But they bring the scrutiny on themselves.  Every couple of years most public schools constantly ask for tax increases promising that by spending the extra money communities will make themselves stronger by being able to employee better teachers.  Then school districts hire public relations staff at tax payer expense to spin the school’s position in favor of maintaining high public approval so that levies can be passed when schools desire the money.  So when bad things happen which cannot be controlled by media handlers, the tax payers have a right to know, and to cast their disapproval in the direction of public education.  That is what has just happened in the Northwest School District.

A grand jury indicted science teacher 36-year-old Julie Hautzenroeder on two counts of sexual battery.  According to court documents, Hautzenroeder engaged in oral sex with one boy and intercourse with another between April 26 and May 15 of 2013.  Both teens were students at the school, and one boy was a 10th-grader.  Parents who know the teen said the case also involved marijuana smoking,  Hautzenroeder was escorted from the school in early May and placed on leave before the end of the school year.  She had been employed by Northwest Schools since July 2006.

Read more of the story that Karin Johnston broke at Channel 5 broke:

Sex, or sexual misconduct by teachers at this point is well-known and appears to be normal in public education.  Just a few short weeks ago Lakota had a case that finally became known to the public after a year of debate.  Lakota West High School math teacher George C. Merk was placed on a 45 day license suspension beginning over the summer months because he had inappropriate sexually related text messages with his students.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  It is no surprise that Julie Hautzenroeder desired to use her position of authority to fulfill sexual fantasies with her students using marijuana smoking and various degrees of sex.  These teachers know that unless they do something really outrageous and get caught doing it; their teacher’s union will protect them so they don’t worry too much about behaving in a positive fashion.  In the case of Merk he was suspended over the summer when teachers were off anyway–so much for punishment.  With Hautzenroeder it took a grand jury for the teacher to be removed from the job as she had been on paid leave since the scandal first broke on May 15.  It literally takes getting caught red-handed with massive evidence to lose a job as a teacher because the unions are so strong.  There is simply no telling how much of this sex is going on as the behavior appears to be rampant—which is why schools require public relations staff to control the scandals from public scrutiny.

But here’s the worst of it.  It was only November of 2012 that the same school district Julie worked for was going for a 4.95-mill five year emergency operating levy to generate $7.3 million annually.  During the levy campaign the school declared to the community that the tax payers were paying for quality schools that would bring quality to their community—the same nonsense that is uttered in every public school district.  But what is never discussed is that a majority of the money raised was going directly to teacher salary.  When the levy was passed, the superintended posted the following on their Facebook page celebrating their win at the ballot box.

A note from the NWLSD Superintendent:

We won! Or more accurately, congratulations- you
won! This victory was all about our community members taking a stand and saying:
We not do want any more cuts.
We want to maintain the wide array of
outstanding programs that we offer to our students.

We want our students and staff to be able to
work together without fearing the loss of programs and jobs.
We want our community to be proud of the
programs that can offer in our schools.

I am sure that a lot more will said about this levy victory,
but for today we only need to do two things. First, we need to thank all the staff, students, parents, community members and businesses who helped pass the levy…… then we need to celebrate- this was a decisive victory for our community, our students and our staff.

Have a great day- I know I will.

Rick Glatfelter

Within five months of that election victory Rick Glatfelter had one of his employees bringing students to her home for oral sex, standard sex, and pot smoking.  Glatfelter obviously had no control of the school employees off the Colerain property yet the arrangements were made at his school by his employee with students he was responsible for and he obviously has failed to maintain a high standard of conduct that the community he proclaimed to represent can be proud of.  Without question the superintendent will declare that he did what he could with Julie Hautzenroeder as the union had his hands tied.  As soon as he could he removed her from class, but the damage had already been done.  The events leading up to the sex at her house, the in-class flirting, the whispers from the other teachers, the gossip of the other students were not acted upon because the union has management’s hands tied into inaction.

All management at public schools can do is throw more money at teachers like Julie Hautzenroeder and hope that everyone behaves.  If somebody gets caught, then public relations specialists can bail out the district as Lakota attempted to do with the Merk case which finally came out a year too late.  In all reality nothing will happen to Merk—he’ll be teaching at the start of the 2013/2014 school year in spite of his bad behavior and without question Hautzenroder thought she’d skate along with the same disregard for her job that showed incredible arrogance and disrespect for her employers, the tax payers of Northwest Schools.  Her way of thanking the voters for approving the recent school levy was to sleep with their children and get stoned.

With the reckless attitude displayed in public schools by the employees at all levels, it is amazing that they have the audacity to even use such language as “quality,” “community,” and “excellence” when describing the services they offer to the community.  Any gutter trash of a human being can do what Julie Hautzenroeder did.  But the public schools have no way of removing such parasites off their payroll once they are hired leaving the question to ask, why didn’t Rick Glatfelter say as much during the levy attempt of 2012?  Well, the answer is that he was hired for one thing at Northwest Schools, and that was to pass a tax increase, which he did.  That was why he was able to sleep well that night of the election.  Most superintendents in Ohio are former teachers themselves and they know of many situations like the Julie Hautzenroeder case.  Their job is to run cover for the unions to protect their former profession from public scrutiny while finding new ways to wrestle from the community the money needed to pay the outrageous wages demanded by collective bargaining contracts.  At the time Julie lost her job she was making right around $50,000 a year only working at the district since 2006.  With payroll so high and the union so strong the only management that Glatfelter could perform is to throw more money into the community pot so that the teachers good and bad alike could pillage from it like ravenous wolves upon the taste of blood.  Once the money was secured, and the teachers could relax a bit on their public image campaigns during the levy periods, they were back at doing what they enjoyed doing best—surrendering their sexual urges to logic in drug induced indictments against the community that employs them with a secret smile on their faces daring anybody to confront their illicit behavior which is much more known than anybody will dare admit.

Rich Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “Northwest Schools Thank Voters for School Levy: Oral sex and pot smoking at a teacher’s home

  1. It is not only known, it is part of the curriculum. Read “From Crayons to Condoms” and get informed. Ask your district for the health curriculum from K – 12. See what your children are learning in Kindergarten. Most of us had no idea what homosexuals did. Many of us just thought they were excentric. I know of many teachers that people just thought were old maids or “unmarried men.” We didn’t think any further than that. Now anything goes. When teachers discuss actual sex acts in class – one can only imagine the hormones screaming in teenagers. The government has an explicit agenda to destroy the Christian values of this nation. Marriage, family and moral values is the glue that holds this nation together. When you destroy the morals of our country, when you teach our children that there is no right or wrong, when you tell children (and I assume show them) about all sorts of deviant sexual behavior without telling them the awful side diseases and psychological damage that ensues from promiscuity – then you can expect Sodom and Gomorrah to arrive sooner than later. I do have a federal sixth grade sex ed curriculum in my possession that is totally destructive and totally out of line, but who cares about the children. It is all about greed and power and the destruction of our Republic. Remember “they” promised to take us from within through the children. A well known Chicago Communist said he learned about the Communist philosophy from speakers in the park across the street from his elementary school. He is also a mentor of our president.

    Look up Keven Jennings. He is supposed to be the Czar of Safe Schools. He is also an advocate of NAMBLA. Google it. Get shocked. Get active. Your children are at risk.


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