The Hutchinson Effect: Anti-gravity, clean energy, and government cover-up

To the second-hander, the typical government bureaucrat, the strike driven unionized school teacher, the political whores of K-Street, the Black Friday line slut, the pro-tax legislator, the latte sipping prostitutes with diamond rings the size of car tires and asses to match, they believe that all science is produced through the institutional process—from government being aligned with colleges to produce the science of our day.  However, as proven in the fabulous book Forbidden Archeology, our modern age has found extensive evidence of a cover-up by these same institutions so to avoid the evidence that mankind has lived on earth for millions of years, instead of just thousands.  The reason is that colleges have received large infusions of federal grant money to study “things” and when contrary evidence arises to their conclusions, that evidence is suppressed in order to preserve the legacy of the previous conclusions.  That is why cover-ups occur in a mixed economy where government controls the education process, the economy, and the people in it with a blob like mentality of collective welfare.  The belief is that if the evidence is suppressed and nobody sees the results, that reality can be suppressed in favor of the desired out-come—at least the desire of the second-handers.  For instance, the typical levy addict tries to pass a school levy over and over again ignoring all the previous failures—such as at the Little Miami school district which tried 9 times to convince voters to approve a tax on themselves.  After the 9th time, voters got tired and stopped voting and the increase won by a very small margin.  The public school then felt that the “majority had spoken.”  The evidence that the majority had spoken against the tax eight previous times was lost to the desire of the second-handers to obtain higher taxes—so the evidence was ignored—even covered up by the media.  That is just a small sample of how major cover-ups occur—and why.  And in our modern age there is no greater cover-up than the one against The Hutchinson Effect.

The Huchinson Effect is a science of behavior that was discovered through experiments continuing the work of Tesla who was directly up against Edison and financier J.P. Morgan during the age of electrical discovery.  Morgan outspent Tesla and Westinghouse, and in the end, Edison’s inferior electrical discoveries were endorsed by the U.S. Government because of Morgan’s vast influence over them at the time—as they were second-handers at the back of the train of thought and had made their investments of infrastructure into Edison.  So they suppressed Tesla to preserve their investments as a government into a new science.  This was uncovered yet again when John Hutchinson ran across Tesla’s old experiments duplicating their effects which yielded decisive evidence of anti-gravity technology.  What follows comes directly off John Hutchinson’s web-site which is linked at the conclusion of this brief explanation.  The cover-up of The Hutchinson Effect is so vast that even edits to Wikipedia are removed and authors apparently banned.  The discovery by John Hutchinson continuing Tesla’s work has major ramifications on the modern world which would totally change the way human beings do just about everything—and the investments into the current way of doing things, the way second-handers make their livings at the back of the train would be in jeopardy.  Millions of unionized federal and electrical workers would have to change the way they do everything in their lives—and they don’t want that—so a cover-up of epic proportions has ensued.  What the cover-up by many institutions has attempted to do is prevent the world from learning about The Hutchinson Effect—but it’s too late.  Too many people already know about it, and I intend to make sure many more people learn of it.  The Hutchinson Effect has many solutions which beg for a pure capitalism form of government to help usher it into our daily lives—as opposed to the statist top down management of the typical bureaucrat and their legions of second-handers intent to protect their livelihoods from the imposition of epic scientific change.   Now, here is The Hutchinson Effect for your reading pleasure.

The Hutchison Effect — An Explanation

by Mark A. Solis

People often ask, “What exactly is the Hutchison Effect?” This brief essay is an attempt to answer that question to the satisfaction of the majority.

First of all, the Hutchison Effect is a collection of phenomena which were discovered accidentally by John Hutchison during attempts to study the longitudinal waves of Tesla back in 1979.  In other words, the Hutchison Effect is not simply a singular effect.  It is many.

The Hutchison Effect occurs as the result of radio wave interferences in a zone of spatial volume encompassed by high voltage sources, usually a Van de Graff generator, and two or more Tesla coils.

The effects produced include levitation of heavy objects, fusion of dissimilar materials such as metal and wood (exactly as portrayed in the movie, “The Philadelphia Experiment”), the anomalous heating of metals without burning adjacent material, spontaneous fracturing of metals (which separate by sliding in a sideways fashion), and both temporary and permanent changes in the crystalline structure and physical properties of metals.

The levitation of heavy objects by the Hutchison Effect is not—repeat not—the result of simple electrostatic or electromagnetic levitation.  Claims that these forces alone can explain the phenomenon are patently ridiculous, and easily disproved by merely trying to use such methods to duplicate what the Hutchison Effect has achieved, which has been well documented both on film and videotape, and has been witnessed many times by numerous credentialed scientists and engineers. Challengers should note that their apparatus must be limited to the use of 75 Watts of power from a 120 Volt AC outlet, as that is all that is used by Hutchison’s apparatus to levitate a 60-pound cannon ball.

The fusion of dissimilar materials, which is exceedingly remarkable, indicates clearly that the Hutchison Effect has a powerful influence on Van der Waals forces.  In a striking and baffling contradiction, dissimilar substances can simply “come together,” yet the individual substances do not dissociate.  A block of wood can simply “sink into” a metal bar, yet neither the metal bar nor the block of wood come apart.  Also, there is no evidence of displacement, such as would occur if, for example, one were to sink a stone into a bowl of water.

The anomalous heating of metal without any evidence of burning or scorching of the adjacent materials (usually wood) is a clear indication that possibly the nature of heat may not be completely understood.  This has far-reaching implications for thermodynamics, which hinges entirely on the presumption of such knowledge.  It should be noted that the entirety of thermodynamics is represented by the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is insignificant in a context of 0 Hz to infinite Hz.  The anomalous heating exhibited by the Hutchison Effect shows plainly that we have much to learn, especially where thermodynamics and electromagnetism meet.

The spontaneous fracturing of metals, as occurs with the Hutchison Effect, is unique for two reasons: (1) there is no evidence of an “external force” causing the fracturing, and (2) the method by which the metal separates involves a sliding motion in a sideways direction, horizontally.  The metal simply comes apart.

Some temporary changes in the crystalline structure and physical properties of metals are somewhat reminiscent of the “spoon bending” of Uri Geller, except that there is no one near the metal samples when the changes take place.  One video shows a spoon flapping up and down like a limp rag in a stiff breeze. In the case of permanent changes, a metal bar will be hard at one end, like steel, and soft at the other end, like powdered lead.  Again, this is evidence of strong influence on Van der Waals forces.

The radio wave interferences involved in producing these effects are produced from as many as four and five different radio sources, all operating at low power.  However, the zone in which the interferences take place is stressed by hundreds of kilovolts.

It is surmised by some researchers that what Hutchison has done is tap into the Zero Point Energy.  This energy gets its name from the fact that it is evidenced by oscillations at zero degrees Kelvin, where supposedly all activity in an atom ceases.  The energy is associated with the spontaneous emission and annihilation of electrons and positrons coming from what is called “the quantum vacuum.”  The density of the energy contained in the quantum vacuum is estimated by some at ten to the thirteenth Joules per cubic centimeter, which is reportedly sufficient to boil off the Earth’s oceans in a matter of moments.

Given access to such energies, it is small wonder that the Hutchison Effect produces such bizarre phenomena.  At the present time, the phenomena are difficult to reproduce with any regularity.  The focus for the future, then, is first to increase the frequency of occurence of the effects, then to achieve some degree of precision in their control.

The work is continuing at this time.  Before long, we shall see what progress can be made.

Shreveport, Louisiana February 16, 1999

Copyright (c) 1999 by Mark A. Solis

Discoveries do not come out of large institutions under collective enterprise.  Most major discoveries of scientific origin including the Internet, the Atomic Bomb, missions into space, or even aviation were driven from the mind of solitary individuals.  Second-handers helped these bright minds get the information to the public—but such inventions were not created by institutions in partnership with government to bring about new technology.  The Wright Brothers when they invented flight in Dayton, Ohio did not do so at the University of Dayton, they did it from their bicycle shop under rather crude conditions.  The aviation industry in all its incantations really hasn’t changed beyond the basic concepts of weight, lift, yaw, and drag invented by The Wright Brothers in a dirty shop that had nothing to do with airplanes.

The difference between Tesla’s electrical experiments which were far superior to Edison’s was that J.P. Morgan was behind Edison, and sought to crush the competition to protect his investment into Edison, which still continues to this very day.  Second-handers hope to suppress The Hutchinson Effect long enough for John Hutchinson to die off and all these current generations of people who know of his work so that a college can loot the information 50 or 60 years from now once history has forgotten who brought the technology into reality.  Then the second-handers of science will attempt to pass the discoveries off on their own hoping nobody knows that it was Tesla, then John Hutchinson who perfected the science way back in 1979!

Under free-market capitalism, John Hutchinson would be a millionaire honored as one of the greatest minds in human history—on par with Leonardo de Vinci, Albert Einstein, or Isaac Newton.   Instead, he is the subject of ridicule and controversy as the governments of the world try to pick his brain from a distance as he lives in a common home through eccentric means of relative obscurity.  Every human being in the world could have floating cars.  Large weights that would typically need forklifts and overhead cranes would be eliminated as anti-gravity could just float large objects around during construction and transportation.  Unique materials that have totally different physical properties could be bound together to produce unusual composites unknown to any other generation of human being—and the information is right in front of us—it is the second-handers which seek to prevent it to protect their own legacy of lies and manipulation over a long period of time.  To the second-handler, the protection of their institutions is more important than floating vehicles or any other by-product of The Hutchinson Effect which would be a natural result of such a radical discovery.  The discovery has already been made—the technology is already there.  It just lacks acceptance by the second-handers who are trained by their institutions to not trust anything done in a barn, or by an individual, or produced under the banner of profit-making capitalism.  The secret of what they really fear is that they know that nothing institutions actually produce amount to anything if individuals like Hutchinson are not the wind that blows the sails of discovery, and that illusion is the reason for the cover-ups at every level of our “civilized” society.

If you doubt dear reader what I have just said consider what has just happened in our current time under the Obama administration.  While writing this article at 3 AM in the morning, I went to the restroom and turned on a light—the light came on after a brief pause as it’s one of those new “environmentally friendly” bulbs—and it takes a moment for them to heat up to full brightness. Just four short years ago at the same time in the morning doing the same thing, I would turn on the light, and it would come on to full brightness without any hesitation.  It is government policy built on voodoo science which is driving this ignorance called global warming, and “clean energy.”  Going down the road of government evolution by two hundred under years under such a mentality it is conceivable that the light bulb may even be un-invented in favor of candles—to preserve “Mother Earth.”  The light bulb is devolving in the year 2013—it is less than it was in 2009 as the evidence presented itself to me at 3 AM in the morning to the slow warm up of the bulb to light my way in the darkness.  Yet the hypocrisy of the government and the second-handers who run it is obvious when The Hutchinson Effect is understood.  What could be more “eco-friendly” than anti-gravity.  Think of how fast trains could move without friction, or automobiles, or freight—or anything!  Think of how elevators could function at a fraction of the physical energy it takes to moves an up and down a skyscraper, or a hotel—and those are all direct implications of The Hutchinson Effect.  Then look at what the government has done to the simple light bulb and the pattern is obvious.  The Huchinson Effect gives mankind more freedom, and the governments of the world want less—and that’s ultimately what it all comes down to.  The second-handers want to believe that it is they who run the world, that it is they who invent everything, that it is they who make all the important decisions.  But in actuality, all they really do is steal from people like John Huchinson, and Tesla, and the Wright Brothers to build their institutional legacies off the backs of geniuses who were ahead of the curve long before the second-handers even knew they were even moving toward one.

Rich Hoffman


One thought on “The Hutchinson Effect: Anti-gravity, clean energy, and government cover-up

  1. Yes, this stuff works, yes, it is suppressed.
    J.P. Morgan couldn’t put a meter on free energy so Tesla got blacklisted.
    When are people going to wake up and realize that the thing called United States is actually a private corporation.
    Obviously the people who control it (not voters, dont be silly,I mean the owners) want to maintain their century plus old monopolies in oil, coal, gas, electric generation.
    “United States Corp” (registered trade mark) incorporated 1872 is a big business monopoly. Why would anyone be surprised that they silence their competition by any means necessary?
    Wake up.
    This beast is not your friend.


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