The Wonders of Jeff Bezos: How the FFA and other federal agencies hold back the world

What I enjoy most about playing the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO game online is that the environment is so vibrant.  There are interesting robots co-existing with many life forms freely, flying drone droids, and interstellar flight between planets that a player can embark on.  The worlds and their options are full of cool new technology, and wonderful concepts that point to the kind of world we could have in America under open capitalism.  As I watched the Sunday news over this past weekend displaying the pro Street Car people in Cincinnati struggling to keep that old technology of public transport viable, I couldn’t help but think how ignorant, and backward it was.  Street cars were the premier form of transportation when few people had personal cars, and electricity had just been invented—at the start of the progressive era.  For progressives, the Street Car is the symbol of their movement’s beginnings, and the love of that era resides exclusively in such sentimentally.  Nearly at the same time that the nightly news was running the Cincinnati Street Car story CEO Jeff Bezos from was dropping a bomb on 60 Minutes showing the future of package delivery, a personal drone that can deliver packages directly to the doorstep of a residence with the simple click of a button.

Bezos is correct when he stated to 60 Minutes that the biggest hindrance to the new delivery service is not technology, but the government through the FFA.  It will be the government which will hold back Amazon’s newest innovation, not the process of innovation itself.  But this is an old story.  The government wants street cars which take them back to the start of their political power—the progressive era of Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.  Government could have never created the kind of delivery system that Jeff Bezos did.  If not for Bezos the United Postal Service would still be hand sorting most of their mail the old fashion way paid for by a stamp.  Because of Bezos I can order just about any book I desire ever printed in the world and have it delivered to my doorstep within two days—and that is a tremendous gift.

Most of the purchases I make regarding entertainment come from  I prefer to see the packages arrive on my door step as opposed to the pain in the ass of driving to get things at an actual store.  I love brick and mortar stores, but when it comes to making a purchase, I rarely ever buy something from an actual store.  It is purchased on because of the options they offer, reliability of service, and the convenience of the whole process.  With this new proposal of Amazon Prime Air if I need something that has in their inventory, especially business related items like toner cartridges, circuit boards, or even ram memory, I could click on the Prime Air delivery method and have that item delivered to my place of business within 30 minutes and that is a huge.  That is less time than it takes to drive to Staples and back if an IT type of situation arises during the business day.

Of course those in government don’t understand why anybody would want to be in such a hurry.  They think people should wait a few more hours to ride a street car as opposed to driving a car, that flying by air should take two hours of prep time before the flight because of the TSA for “safety,” and that the old postage service ran by the government should continue to be subsidized when UPS and FedEx are so much better—and more reliable.  Government doesn’t care about speed because their paychecks don’t depend on it.  Government wages are stolen from tax payers often against their will—so there won’t be much sympathy from the FFA over Amazon’s new proposal.  Look for the warning videos coming out by the government admonitions about the Amazon bots running into little children and cutting them into thousands of pieces, or drones falling out of the sky and damaging property–the federal government does not want Amazon shipping packages in such an innovative fashion.  Individual employees working for government of course will, but the general philosophy of government does not.

For twenty years I have been swearing by Paul Moller’s M400 Skycar which does exactly the same thing as the Amazon Drones, except they haul people instead of packages.  Moller is about 70 years ahead of himself as society has not been ready for his invention.  It will take years of science fiction–video games, novels, television entertainment and an older generation of old foggies who want stupid street cars and concrete highways to die off so that inventions like personal flying transportation can mature into the main stream.  CLICK TO REVIEW.  That’s why I play video games instead of spending my spare time in the real world—because the real world is too slow for me.  I don’t want the restrictions of what the FFA offers, or anything else coming out of government.  The propellers on the Amazon drones are only as dangerous as the little toy helicopters that kids can fly inside a house and could hit a human being at full speed and have no impact on their skin.  But the FFA will surely use the exposed propellers as an area of concern hindering Amazon’s implementation of their plan.

The one variable in this whole endeavor is Jeff Bezos himself.  I’m a fan to say the least.  He is the kind of person who carries the world on his back in the classic Atlas way.  He is an innovator and a wonderful example of a generally good person.  He’s charitable on his own accord, and he’s a capitalist—he’s a class act and the kind of person every American should strive to be.  He is smart to not attack the government directly.  He handled the 60 Minute interview wonderfully placing his ideals out to the public in the way that Walt Disney used to—with epic fashion.  I enjoy 60 Minutes as a group of good reporters who do generally honest work, but I don’t normally watch them as I’m usually too busy.  But after the epic Bronco game versus Kansas City, I gave it a chance because of the Bezos story, and I’m glad I did.  It might have been one of the most important news broadcasts I will see in my life time because of what such a revelation means.

Folks, I have told you here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom about cures for cancer, I have told you about regenerative growth for tissue, I have told you about all 11 dimensions known to physics, and the potential of personal air transportation on a larger scale, and now here are these Amazon Drones, a reality today only hindered by government regulation.  I have told you as recently as two days ago about the potential of Zero-point energy—which means free electricity for everyone—everywhere.  I have told you about the benefits of Thorium power and a host of many other topics.  I have also railed against public education, colleges, and politics with a fury because it is those things which stand in the way of mankind having the kind of inventions that Bezos is proposing.  Government is not trying to help society, it is killing it.  Bezos can’t say such things because he’s a billionaire and the IRS and many other regulatory agencies would crack down on faster than lightning during a summer storm if he did.   The way people like Bezos keep the looters at bay is to put money in their pockets and shut them up—which is a dirty little secret nobody wants to discuss in the light of day.

Meanwhile, as I wait for all the progressive looters of government to die off, and or run out of money—I’ll just continue playing The Old Republic where I can have all those things right now in a fantasy environment online.  When I play those games I don’t have to wait for the FFA to decide after 10 years of deliberation that the Bezos concept for Amazon is “safe” enough, because by then the propeller technology they are using today will be outdated in favor of something else—something even more reliable—like anti-gravity demonstrated through The Hutchinson Effect.  My anger at government is that they are just too damn stupid, and too limited in their thinking.  They are slow, lazy, and have the intellect of infants without the initiative to learn.   They are slugs to innovation and keep the world from being what it could be as decided by the free market. led by Jeff Bezos is one of the most successful companies in the world and is a creation of American ingenuity.  It wasn’t invented in Russia, China, Japan, or any country in Europe.  It is the by-product of innovation, capital, and will-power that rose to influence quicker than government knew how to stop it—or rob it blind.  Because of who they are, and what they represent to every human being on planet earth, and their political neutrality, they have the best chance of getting their drone program through the FFA.  The Amazon Drones are the gateway to the future, and it was delivered to America’s doorstep on 60 Minutes to the eyes of the entire world.  Soon, with a lot of effort behind Bezos and many millions of dollars of money thrown at stuffy politicians and government looters, Bezos has the best shot at making something actually happen which is very, very exciting.  But what he is doing for now is something that a country functioning from pure capitalism would have already had twenty years ago, and something that the FFA will surely hold up for another ten—for no other reason but their own stupidity.

Rich Hoffman